Fox News 8 Cleveland Interview

In 2005, Suzanne Stratford at Fox News Cleveland taped and aired a two-part interview about our story. Due to the positive feedback and continued interest in it, she asked if we would like to do an update. The updated story aired on Monday, May 18th. You can go to to see this segment for yourself.


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4 Responses to “Fox News 8 Cleveland Interview”

  1. Deborah Says:

    Thank You for posting this!

  2. geneci terezinha Says:

    adorei esse livro. e acredito em reencarnação. voces são lindos e batalhadores, adoraria conhecelos mas não tenho condições.muito obrigada por voces existir e transmitir ao mundo esta realidade. abçossss GENECI. BRASIL. RIO GRANDE DO SUL. CIDADE DE CACHOEIRINHA GRANDE PORTO ALEGRE CAPITAL DO RS. RUA DR. PRUDENTE DE MARAES, 154.

  3. Frank Shaffer Says:

    My name is Frank.
    I am a Canadian residing in British Columbia, Canada.
    I was walking through a library and suddenly your book
    caught my eye. somehow it just leapt out at me.

    I have a previous life memory that I am currently sorting out
    and have found your child’s story a great comfort to me.
    My dreams have gotten so vivid with answers that it is unmistakable.

    Your Husbands efforts I feel has done all the foot work to eliminate
    what doubt I did have.

    I thank you from the centre of my being … and truly appreciate
    your efforts. May your Family have peace for the remainder of
    its journey however long that may be.

    with Joy,



    Dear Bruce, Andrea and James:

    Thank you so much for fulfilling the promise of writing the book I have just read. It is remarkable and we are all in a debt of gratitude, because it gives evidence to humanity of a new perspective of life.

    I am a Bishop of the Liberal Catholic Church, and got the impression that you would like to know that transmigration of the soul, reincarnation or metempsychosis were acceptable in Christianity till the Second Constantinople Council in the 5th of May , 553. If you like the theme, I would suggest you to read the doctrines of father Origen (Alexandria, 185 – Tyre, 253), “the greatest teacher of the Church after the apostles” according to Jerome, particularly ORIGEN. De Principiis. [org. SMITH, Peter. On The First Principles. Gloucester, MA, USA, {Harper & Row}, 1973, p. xxiii, p. xxxvii, p. 41, p. 72-4, p. 145, p. 325), that I bought at

    It should be clear that not all Christians followed the doctrines of pre-existence of the soul, its possible transmigration till the Universal Salvation or apokatastasis, according to I Cor. XV: 28 “That God may be all in all” [as well as John XVII: 21]. Fr. Origen said: “That the life of spirits will be the same as it formerly was, when they had not yet descended or fallen, so that the beginning is the same as the end, and the end is the measure of the beginning.” (op. cit. p. 250)

    The origenists sustained his doctrines with freedom in the Roman Catholic Church for three centuries till the Second Constantinople Council, arbitrarily called by the emperor Justinian, who exiled the Pope St. Silverius, who died in such exile by starvation, and nominated Pope Vigilius: “Pleading illness, Vigilius asked for time before deciding…The pope notified them that he would not attend the Council…”(DAVIS, Leo Donal, S.J. The First Seven Ecumenical Councils. Collegeville, MN, USA, The Liturgical Press, 1990. p. 241)

    It seems that there is a possibility of coming back from purgatory before reach heaven (see the case of Elijah returning as John the Baptist, according to Mathew XI: 13-15: “For all the prophets and the law prophesied until John. And if ye will receive it, this is Elijah, which was for to come. He that hath ears to hear, let him hear.”

    I hope this could be useful particularly to Bruce, as a tribute of gratitude to you.

    At your disposal,
    Thank you once more for all,
    Faithfully yours,

    + Ricardo Lindemann

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