Lafayette, LA Book Signing!

We are very happy to announce we will be having a book signing event in Lafayette, LA at the Barnes and Noble Bookstore located at 5705 Johnston Street. This event will take place on Saturday, June 20th from 2:00 – 5:00. We hope all of our friends, co-workers and students will be able to come and support us here in our home town! See you all there!


21 Responses to “Lafayette, LA Book Signing!”

  1. Steve Says:

    Congratulations on the book. May it sell heavily. One point re: a comment on the home page… James does not harbor the soul of a WW II Vet, he IS that WW II Vet. We do not HAVE a soul, like some tagalong alien entity, we ARE our souls, and we are immortal. It is important that James understands this. He is not a freak, it is merely unusual that he should have a level of recall worthy of a Buddhist master. Check out the Keanu Reeves movie Little Buddha. Welcome back, Navy.

  2. ian Says:

    Just read Dianetics, it will help make a lot more sense of your sons situation.

  3. Theresa Says:


    I ran across your story in the news. I am an archivist with the National Personnel Records Center in St. Louis Missouri. I was just wondering if you have looked into obtaining a copy of James M. Huston Jr.’s military personnel file. You can request them through the National Archives website or, if you’d like, you may contact me at

    Thank you,
    Theresa Fitzgerald

    Archivist, National Archives and Records Administration

  4. Thomas Wolke Says:

    I found the book “Soul Survivor” and started reading it. Since reincarnation is one of my interests and the story was so compelling, I sat and read continually until I finished the book. Then I got up, walked over to the computer and brought up AOL. What was the very first thing I saw? A blurb advertising a clip of the Leininger’s on ABC. Synchronicity? I was floored. I remember hearing about the story a few years ago and thought it was no longer being told on tv or other mass media. Strange. Anyway, the book was very informative and if I weren’t already convinced of reincarnation (I do hypnotic past-life regressions), this book would convince me.

  5. Rob Says:

    I just came across this story and am very interested because I know that I am affected by a similar situation of my own. Is there an e-mail that I could contact the Leininger’s at in order to discuss a few issues?


    • andrealeininger Says:

      If you post on this blog, it goes directly to our e-mail, so please feel free to send us a message detailing your own personal story. There is a page on this blog called “Tell me about your own child’s story” where people are posting about thier own and their children’s personal experiences. If you have an account to share, please write it their so others can read it as well.

      • Aleia Says:

        Hi Andrea
        I just finished reading Soul Survivor – I couldn’t put it down until I finished it. I grew up not believing in either God, or Reincarnation, but because of the things that have happened in my life, including past life memories, I now believe in both.
        I was so amazed by your son’s story and I wanted to somehow write to you – it’s not often that you hear of someone able to trace back to who they were. You may be interested to know of another example of this in the book “Across Time and Death” by Jenny Cockell – Fireside books (Simon & Schuster) 1993, which tells the true story of a woman who found her children from her previous life.

        Personally I have been having past life memories of Auschwitz for the last 16 years. In one Art Therapy session I drew the number that they tattooed on my arm. Although I had not planned to research this, I ended up coming across records that proved to me that the number was real. More than that, I discovered that I was completely correct in my knowing of which year the number was given out, what time of year it was given, the fact that it was given to woman in Auschwitz, and I was correct in knowing which country she came from. All of these verifications plus many more, which I wont go into, convinced me that I was not imagining things.

        I am very grateful that you published your son’s story – and Bruce I salute you for your determination to investigate all the evidence – it reminds me of my own skepticism, and doubting that I went through for a long time – but I think that as more stories are published, then maybe fewer people will have to struggle so much with wondering what is happening to them or their children.

        God Bless you and your son

  6. F. P. Dorchak Says:

    Ockham’s razor, Mr. Gross, not to belittle your position nor beliefs. I feel for your dichotomy, I do, but sometimes the best answer is the most obvious. I have a physics degree and work in the technical field, yet I firmly believe in reincarnation. At a very young age, I also began to draw about what I feel was a past life (see my write-up at I applaud all of you (Mr. Gross, Mr. and Mrs. Leininger, James), and your openness to explore and help in bringing this story to a wider audience. To your courage to face this head on, to research it, and NOT simply brush it under a rug and forever lose it under the heading “make-believe friends.” I look forward to reading your book!

  7. Bruce Leininger Says:


    Sorry for the extreme delay in responding to you. We have experienced a wrm reception of our book. Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment.
    For me this has been a life changing experience that has compelled me to become much more interested in this phenomena. Your story is compelling as well. Having the courage to face the unknown is what it takes to get to the bottom of what we have experienced.

    Thanks once again.


  8. Kathleen Says:

    Andrea and Bruce,

    Just finished reading your book. I thought it was wonderful. I am glad that Bruce came to find that his faith and reincarnation could co-exist. This also happened to me. I thought the truth had to be just one or the other, but now I see that they are intricately connected.

    I believe that we are eternal souls, and our experiences on earth are simply periods of learning. And like the many grades in school that we have to keep going back for, it takes a variety of experiences before we are wise enough to “graduate.” Well, that is my way of thinking of it, at least.

    I am so happy to add your book to my ever-growing library on this subject. May health and happiness go with you and your family.

  9. Howard T. Says:

    I just bought and read “Soul Survivor” and it really got me pondering… I know that a Council in 771 AD removed reincarnation from the church’s dogma.. but only because the current Roman Emperor directed it.

    I wonder if the Eastern religions included reincarnation because they were more aware than we of past life memory happenings… Spirits wandering around looking for a new home is a bit of a scary concept though. It makes you wonder about possessions, haunting, witching, etc.. Would a baby who isn’t home to a searching soul then develop into a new soul?

    I wonder if James ever displayed knowledge of adult skills or knowledge he would have had? (like
    reading, writing, swimming, etc.)

    Did he ever mention anything about happenings in Heaven, meeting other souls who wanted to send back messages to loved ones, or anything like that?

    I wonder also if he might be aware of other spirits who are nearby?

    It seems to me that some research should be done with new babies to see if an adult mind is lurking… A baby that would know his left hand from his right could tell us he was aware. There may be more aware babies than we ever suspected, but never thought to ask them?

    It’s an inspirational book! I’m glad I read it.

  10. tom mascotto Says:

    Dear Bruce & Andrea;

    I have just finished listening to your audio book ‘Soul Survivor’. Fantastic! Thank you for publishing it.

    all the best

  11. Angie Odom Says:

    I actually only came upon the book several months ago and did not pick it up to read it until last week. I could not put it down, I live in Lafayette and remember Hurricane Lilli, the reason I mention this is because the day you were at Lowe’s so was my younger brother. He was in line to purchase wood for my new home. He left us too soon, before his time. It was Dec. 2003, I miss him and my husband and I have both seen him in our home. I believe since he left too early with a young wife and child he is in our home to remind us to tell his story to his young child and to let us know he is here protecting me as he always did just like for Hurricane Lilli. I am still in shock that you and he were there at the same time.

    Thank you for telling your story.
    Keep faith God sends us angels everyday, we only need to listen.

  12. Jacquie Fajans Says:

    Bruce—Hello, I was just at the Edgar cayce Center in Va beach the weekend you spoke which was the 21st of Sept 2012.I missed your lecture,so i bought Soul Survivor as i signed up for the conference to hear you speak. I couldn’t put the book down. Thank you and your wife so much for writing it and having the courage to share it with the world.
    I also want to honor both of you as parents/As your son James said that he picked you becuse he knew you would honor the life of James Houston thru him. God Bless you All and Thank You again
    namaste,Jacquie Fajans

  13. Christena Says:

    Hey there! I’ve been followinng your blog for
    a long time now and finally got the bravery to go ahead and give you a
    shout out from Humble Tx! Just wanted to tell
    you keep uup the fantastic work!

  14. bobrich18 Says:

    Bruce and Andrea, I didn’t see any contact information, so am using this comment. Please check out my books at and/or

    You may be interested in a review swap with my “Ascending Spiral.”

    I am sure you’re aware of the work of Ian Stevenson, Jim Tucker etc. Your son is not alone.


  15. Steve Novak Says:

    I don’t need to read the book. I also have a similar story. My grandparents hated the idea that I told stories of being a pilot in Hawaii, although I was 3yrs old. It creeped my father (who was an F4U pilot in Korea) out. I don’t remember too much about it now but I do remember specific things.I know the name of a person in the life I spoke of. I remember the house i shared in Hawaii. I saw an expose on James years ago it was comforting.

  16. Rick Gombar Says:

    Hello Bruce, I see it’s been over 3 years since the last posting, so I hope you receive my note. After reading your story, I wondered if you ever thought of comparing your DNA with your sisters.

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