Fox and Friends Appearance

We are pleased to tell you we’ve been invited to appear on the Fox network on their “Fox and Friends” morning show, which will air live on Thursday morning at 6:50. We have also been asked to appear on several radio talk shows, and will keep you updated on appearances as we receive invitations.


11 Responses to “Fox and Friends Appearance”

  1. laurenmt Says:

    I saw the segment on Fox and Friends this morning and went to search the internet for the story. I have always been skeptical about past lives but James’ story is sure making a believer out of me. Incredible! Thank you for sharing your story and help us rethink what we know or don’t know about God’s mysterious plan for all of us.

    • Bruce Leininger Says:

      I appreciate your best wishes. James confronted me with a real dilemma. His facts clashed with my belief system – as a Christian I was taught this does not happen. Well – IT HAPPENED. God does have a plan for us. We believe this book to be an opportunity for people to examine their beliefs – contemplate their journey through eternity – then act in ways that prepares them for it.

      • ancientjedi Says:


        The universe has its own unique law, and Jesus was busy correcting Jewish religion not teaching cosmology.

        These all means that the fact of Universe take precedence over any religion or believe.

  2. Dawn white Says:

    Wow, I have always been a believer in Reincarnation even though I’m a Christian. I had wondered if you had done your Geneaology and found a connection between your son James and James Huston? There might be a small link between your families, even if was 100 or 200 years ago.

    • andrealeininger Says:


      My husband and I have each done our family genealogies going back to the 1700’s, and have not found a link to the Huston family. The only connection in this regard is that the Huston family had roots in Pennsylvania and New York, and my husband’s family has roots in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. So they are all Yankees! LOL! My family roots are in Mississppi, Alabama, and Michigan.

    • Bruce Leininger Says:


      Andrea is correct about our family genealogy. the location of my family in PA is in the northeast portion of the state near Reading/Pottsville. The Huston family was located in the western part ofthe state near Johnstown. The distance apart is 200+ miles across a daunting mountain range. It would have been facinating to have heard that from James, but he found us in Hawaii. The mystery of this is still baffling to me – but the facts are the facts.

      As you read the book it flows from one incident to another but the journey was infuriating and frustrating because it kept sending us in many different directions – kind of like puttnig a cross-word puzzle together without referring to the photo on the box. I had no idea what I would find or where I would find it.

      We appreciate your comments and support for our story.

  3. Isa Says:

    Bruce and Andrea,

    A friend of mine sent me a link to one of your TV appearances and like so many others, I was deeply moved. James’ story is important and I am glad you chose to write soul survivor so that others can experience it. I agree with you that this story enhances one’s spiritual beliefs rather than detracts from them. And I believed every word.

    I picked up the book and read it last night. I found Bruce’s relentless journey to seek out the facts very compelling. And I was brought to tears several times, especially when James came full circle when he arrived at the site of the plane crash.

    After reading the book, I couldn’t help but think this would make a wonderful film that would bring James’ story to even more people — many of whom with similar past life experiences to share. If you are interested in exploring such a possibility, please let me know. I know some great people in the business that could make such a thing happen.

    • ancientjedi Says:

      all I know that I was a british soldier after WW II. what that be any good to you ?

      contact me perhaps we can do something big.

  4. midah Says:

    I get emotional about and can sing the lyrics of WWII songs. I was born after WWII. My feeling is I was in a bunker when I died.

  5. KD Vaughn Says:

    I cna’t wait until I buy yur book! My husband came home today, after hearing about Soul, & we just finished reading the whole site. My Dad was in WWII, served 3 yr’s fighting in the Pacific, He passed away in May of 2007, knowing my Dad he would of loved reading yur book. Thanks for writing such a beautiful book, & like I said I will be purchasing it tommorw. God Bless You & Your Family, Karen D. Vaughn, Mesa, Arizona

  6. Marcy Hoffmann Says:

    I just finished reading your book and I must say I was astounded. I hold no formal religious beliefs, except that I believe there is a God. However, that makes no difference as I read with complete belief about your son. There is just no other explanation. What i would like to know is if he has experienced any other “recollections” since the book was printed. If so, I would be most interested in hearing about them. I would also like to know what James wants to be when he grows up?

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