Link to Fox news story

We’ve gotten several requests for the link to the follow up piece by Suzanne Stratford at Fox 8 Cleveland. I’ve attached it below for anyone who’s interested.,0,1190900.story


2 Responses to “Link to Fox news story”

  1. Doby Says:

    I saw the interview which was short. That same day I ordered the book from Barnes and Nobel. The evening of the day it arrived I started reading it and couldn’t put it down until I finished. I got a little choked up and tears in my eyes reading the last two chapters. After reading this book one can’t be too skeptical about reincarnation. The Leiningers impress me as good parents and approached the subject objectively.
    Tonight by chance I heard a two hour interview with the Leiningers on Coast To Coast AM radio. The interview was great.
    The part of the book I found most interesting is Mrs Leininger telling about James conversation with her about he chose the Leiningers for his parents and where they were when he chose them. He described a pink hotel in Hawaii. She had to think a minute or two and then remembered they had gone there on vacation.

  2. Jeramy Says:

    “We’ve had a lot of hotels and resorts asking for the i – Hotels 360 flatscreen panel even though we’ve only installed a handful at a few national test sites,” adds Bart
    Wilson. The Snappy Abutment is available for all Nobel Biocare implant systems, Nobel –
    Replace, Br. Other fun options on Oahu for children and adults, include Kualoa Ranch.

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