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Dear Friends,

All of your comments are so heartwarming, and for each of you who have shared your own personal experiences with Past Life Memories, I want you to know how profoundly touched I am because I know the journey you have been on. If you purchased your copy of Soul Survivor through or Barnes and, please post a review and share your own thoughts and experiences. Keep checking back for updates and more amazing stories from people who have encountered this amazing phenomenon.

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  1. Kenneth Ryan Says:

    This book took me for quite a flight!! After the first three chapters I threw it in the trash. Quite frankly, I was tired of reading what the mother was “going through”, having watched many single, working mothers survive so much more. It was my thoughts of Bruce and his stubborn attitude that caused me to fish the book from the trash!
    Of course I was interested in the child, after all, HE is the reason for the book! Without the mother and the child there is still no REAL story. It’s the father who makes the book! This guy deserves so much admiration. Without the doubting Thomas, Sherlock Holmes or The Inspector, mysteries are never solved. They are instead, just good stories, fiction or fantasy.
    Bruce hasn’t sold me (or himself) on reincarnation, but I have come up pretty short in the “yeah, but……” department. One tiny little statement still bothers me though. I am not comfortable with the comment of the bible not referring to reincarnation. I have therefore taken it upon myself to seek help in this matter. I consider myself fortunate to belong to a multi denominational church. I plan on asking members of the congregation to delve into this. There are a number of theologians among them.

    • Bruce Leininger Says:

      Ah, fellow skeptic. As you develop info on reincarnation please let me know what you find that is Bible based – not just opinion but verse that addresses or seems to address reincarnation. Your skeptical nature fits me.

      • Mary Jo Scal Says:

        Dear Bruce,

        Before I begin, I should probably tell you- I’d didn’t read the post of June 13th, but the date is the most important date of my life.

        My brother, Tommy age 18, died on June 13th, 1970. He died in a summer house my parents bought furnished. Over the coach where he died there was a religious statue. Although we were Catholic (Irish-Catholics) we didn’t recognize the statue. My mother brought it to the priest house. The priest told her it is a statue of St. Anthony. My mother asked about St. Anthony’s feast day, which is June 13th. What are the odds?

        For a long time that gave me great comfort. Nowadays, I have little comfort at all. That is why I read your book.

        Sometime in the late 1980’s I watched a Shirley McClain movie that introduced the theme of re-incarnation. Watching the film, something remarkable happened to me. My mind went into FAST FORWARD. It went CLICK, CLICK, and CLICK. All of a sudden re-incarnation made complete sense to me. It wasn’t something I took on faith; rather something I knew to be true.

        I started reading all I could get my hands on the subject, from Edgar Caycee to Benjamin Franklin. I was thrilled, I thought I had it all figured out. The world was my classroom, I was here to perfect my soul, to become Christ-like, and I thought I was well on my way.

        Some years before, my son Tommy, age 2-3, said to my husband and I, “Craig (his best friend) wanted you and Daddy, but I got you and Daddy.” We never forgot this. I’m sure that now he wished Craig had gotten us.

        I believed fervently in you reap what you sow Well if that is the case, and I still can’t come up with a more likely explaination of why we are here, I (and much more importantly, my son, Tommy) must be guilty of many prior transgressions (crimes).

        You mentioned Faith Healing. You said you witnessed cures. I don’t disbelieve anything.

        While I was patting myself on the back for having figured out the universe, my son was being sexually abused, in our home, by a baby-sitter, obviously hired by me. While I was praying for the well-being of other families I knew, my family (my son, my husband, and myself) was being destroyed by an evil I couldn’t conceive of. One that I brought into our house.

        This happened when my son was 8. He is now 27. He has had a very bad time. Last year he started to have hallucinations and delusions that he was being raped and it was on the internet and everywhere he went he could hear people calling him a fairy.

        He has been to many, many doctors. If anything he is getting worse.

        If you know of a legitimate faith healer, and I can get Tommy to agree (which I think would not be difficult) I will travel where I need to, do what I have to do.

        I know you and your wife understand. I’ll never be able to rest until my son finds peace of mind.

        Any help you can give me will be very greatly appreciated.

        God Bless You.

        Mary Jo

  2. Deidre Knight Says:

    I didn’t see a contact form on the website, but wanted to let you know that I’m really enjoying this book, and getting so much out of reading it. As a Christian, this is a topic that I have wrestled with, all the more because my own hubby and I haven’t always agreed. Thanks for sharing such a personal story and best wishes with the book’s publication! Deidre Knight

  3. John Lewis Says:

    I just wanted to say that I enjoyed the book….I started reading it and found that I was still up at 5am reading it till finished.
    There is a lot that I can relate to in your familys situation, as I as a child
    was in the same situation as James. But as it was the 1960’s my parents took the hope he grows out of it approach, instead of looking into it as
    Bruce and Andrea did. Its widely acknowledged withen my family that the first thing I had to do anytime we moved, was to dig a foxhole.
    The nightmares of how I passed was ever present, as well as drawing pictures of war, and having knowledge of things that small children arent taught.
    Little James is very lucky, to have the both of you as parents to help him
    work it all out.
    I turn 47 this year, and while I may never at this point know what my name was, I have no doubt as to what I was and what happened to me.
    It has shaped what kind of person I am in this life. As well as how I look at the world.

    Best Regards to you all.

    • Bruce Leininger Says:

      Thanks for your feedback. Getting all the answers to God’s or life’s mysteries is a daunting task. Insofar as our book is concerned Faith is still a major component of the equation.
      Nurture your spirit – God provided a gift of eternal life. Don’t squander it.

  4. Debra Jeffries Says:

    I just finished reading Soul Survivor and want to thank you for writing it. I also want to thank JL above. Four years ago my husband suffered a stroke and then developed a severe pneumonia. When he developed difficulty breathing and appeared to be panicking I authorized the doctors to put him on a ventilator, even though I knew he did not like the idea. His neurological condition did not improve, although his pneumonia did. After a few days he was removed from the ventilator and died peacefully a few days later. When I saw the look of panic on his face while he was having trouble breathing I was convinced that if he died in a panic it would affect him in the future. For four years I have thought I did the right thing, now I am convinced that I did. Again, thank you.

  5. Lynette Says:

    Dear Andrea and Bruce,

    I hope you will contact me personally. I have an 11 year old son who has also had past life experiences. He saw your son’s story on Yahoo News and said, “I have to talk with him!” We ordered your book and my son could hardly wait for it to arrive. He tore open the box and started reading immediately. I haven’t read it yet, but my son has yelled out things like, “Hey Mom! He was born on Good Friday 1998!” My son was born on Palm Sunday 1998. “Mom! He flew a Corsair!” My son’s bedroom ceiling has model airplanes hanging all over it, including, yes a Corsair. I am not sure what it all means, but I’m keeping an open mind. My son said it is the best book he has ever read (he enjoys reading factual books not fiction) and says he is going to keep the book forever. I’m going to borrow the book from his room tonight so I can start reading it, but my son feels so deeply about this I thought I would go ahead and send you a quick note. I think he feels quite a bond with James.

  6. Lynette Says:

    Hi Andrea and Bruce,
    My first post is above.
    My son asked me this morning why his book was on my desk – was I reading it? I told him yes, I wanted to know why he was so intrigued and also just exactly what he was reading. He asked me if I would email the parents of the boy in the book and I told him, “Honey, I already did.” He was content with that. Last night I went to bed at 1:00am after reading half of it. My heart was pounding and I couldn’t sleep so I woke up my husband to talk about it. We talked about it again in the morning. Now it is 2:30 am Monday morning, I just finished your book. I had to finish it. There are lots of similarities, and also differences, but I feel there is a connection. Andrea, you and I are the same age and I was a professional ice skater. I also had a difficult pregnancy and my son started telling his “stories” at 18 mo. I would like to speak to you, if only because we have gone through something similar. I am sure you are both very busy with the book launch, but when you have time please feel free to contact me.
    My son has a few stories but the majority of his stories take place in Brazil. I saw the mention of Espirito Santo and when I googled it my heart flipped. He absolutely loves planes, and wants to become an aeronautical engineer. His favorite place to go is the Flight Museum, and we love the Blue Angels too. They fly over our house every summer. I have more details to share with you, but it’s too long for this venue, and I am a tired mama who needs to get to bed!
    Kind regards,

  7. Lynette Says:

    It’s Lynette again. My mind was a blur when I went to bed last night, still not sure about the Brazil connection. I didn’t wake my husband last night to discuss and I woke up after he went to work. My son asked how far I got in the book and I told him I had finished it. He was dressed and ready to go build a tree house with my parents out at their mountain property. My Dad arrived with a Navy sweatshirt on and Navy cap (he is a retired Commander). My son had your book in his hand. My Dad asked about it. I started to explain in brief snipets. My mom smiiling and nodding, my dad looking uncomfortable.(My parents know about the Brazil stories). When I got to Espirito Santo, my Dad explained that THAT Espirito Santo is in the Philippines and yes, Corsairs were flown from there. So, while I thought that I was seeing a closing loop for my son’s story last night, now I do not. My son feels like he knows your son, but I don’t think we will ever know. So, perhaps disconnected stories, but similar…my brain is confused and muddled. I’m sure if anyone understands how I feel it is you two.
    I’m tearful and emotional as I write this now, I’m not sure why. I know there are many mysteries in life we don’t understand, but seeking for deeper meaning, finding answers and solving problems is part of my nature.
    I think you are lucky (blessed) to have pieces of a puzzle that fit nicely together, and you did a super job researching. I appreciate the effort and the time you have taken to put the puzzle together. My son’s puzzle pieces are still pieces, and while I would like to see his puzzle completed, perhaps your son’s story, while disconnected from my son’s story, is actually helping me to see the much “bigger picture” – the connection we all have – that Espirito Santo, the “Holy Spirit”, that is in all of us.
    Oh boy, my head hurts! Thank you for writing your book about your special boy. It has touched me in many ways and very deeply.
    Kind regards,
    P.S. My son is “color blind”- he has a red/green deficiency. He was bummed a bit that he won’t be able to fly jets, but will be able to fly float planes. But he is even more interested in designing aircraft. My son has “designed” many planes, but his plan/dream is to design unmanned aircraft -“drones” he calls them – so the pilots can stay out of harms way.
    I ask him to please design things for peace.

    • Lauren Delsack Says:

      Dear Lynette,

      I just finished reposting to Andrea to thank her for confirming James Huston’s birth data when I came upon your posts listed above (please see my posts below). When I read your statements and a connection to Brazil, I almost fell off my chair. I live in Brazil and have been very involved in researching reincarnation cases. Please contact me at as I may be your ‘link’ with Brazil!

    • Bruce Leininger Says:

      Your posts are fascinating. The Brazilian Airforce flew Corsairs that were surplus in the 1950’s andinto the early 1960’s.

  8. jerry Says:

    i am not a believer or disbeliever of reincarnation. i would like to know why it took 53 years for james to be reborn. is that usual or after death are you reborn sooner- and how could james have chosen his parents. that seems a little far-fetched

    • andrealeininger Says:

      Jerry, I have no idea why 53 years passed between James Huston’s death and when our son was born. In the case studies I’ve read from other books, I have not been noticed a time frame in which these events seem to occur. Carol Bowman, the author of Children’s Past Lives, began her research after her son experienced recall of a past life, and he remembered being killed in the Civil War, over 100 years ealier. As far as what James said about choosing us, we simply wrote what James told us when he was 3 years old. There is no way to research that this is what actually occured – his making the decision to return to earth and be reborn to us specifically – but it is a fact that he told that to my husband while we were cleaning up the yard from hurricane Lili. We wrote this book to tell the story about an amazing experience we had as a family, and how we dealt with it. We are not trying to convince people to believe in reincarnation, and we have no explanation for how or why this happened. We just feel blessed that in telling our story it has brought closure, peace, and hope to many families. For me what happened is simply another one of God’s miracles.

    • Mary C Says:

      Just saw your post on the blog regarding Soul Survivor. Did you read the book?
      Anyway as a long time pagan, I can assure you that it is belief and seems to be the theme of many who have past life experiences that the interval between lives is At The Least 50 years. It is often much longer.
      It is also a belief that we have some say over our next lives, so the idea of James being able to pick his parents is not at all incredible to those who accept the idea of reincarnation and understand its workings. Many who believe in multiple lives also believe that there are certain ‘groups of souls’ who reincarnate within a certain proximity to each other and that sometimes these are parents in one life, children or siblings in the next, etc.

    • Bruce Leininger Says:


      The whole story is far-fetched. I lived it and still have a hard time processing what happened.

  9. gene poitras Says:

    ive been listening to george nooreys program on the radio,710 keel radio here in shreveport,la.coast to coast is the name of the program.i did not think reincarnation was even posible,but now i think it might going to check the book store for this book. thanks george for letting us know about this remarkable little boy

  10. Chosen by Grace Says:

    You should read this:

    and then this:

    No, it’s not spam.

  11. Mike Says:

    Heard your story last night on Coast To Coast radio. Fantastic! I myself feel I had a past life. I think I was killed on the shores of Normandy during the invasion on D-day. I was born in 1952. I have always had a fascination for anything to do with WWII. I’ve had dreams over and over of climbing out of the of the boats as the ran aground on the beach and facing an unforgiving rain of bullets and bombs. Over and over of trying to get to the beachhead. I’ve always wanted to go to visit Normandy. Perhaps one day I will be able to. Thank you for your wonderful story about James. He’s a special little guy.

    • Bruce Leininger Says:

      Thanks for the positive feedback. I have no reason to doubt your experience. You should travel to the Normany landing area. It may provide clues and closure for you.

  12. Kent Hoyle Says:

    One of the most intriguing stories I have heard. Coming from a Lutheran background, it rocks the foundations of my belief system. Then I heard you have a similar religious background. Puzzling, curious, gnawing thoughts rapidly spinning in my mind, could it be…….? Thanks for sharing this. I have ordered the book from Amazon. Can’t wait to read it. You guys were great on last night. I didn’t get to hear young James, I missed that part. I heard of this young man awhile back and was pleased to have caught the program. I hope you are able to contact Lynette, I can feel her need to share with you.

    • Bruce Leininger Says:

      I appreciate what you mean by rocking the foundations of your belief. It shook us to our very core. One thing for sure. We do not know how God works or Why God does things. We only know that Salvation comes from the Lord through sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

      I really look forward to your feedback and insight you may offer that is based upon your belief system.

      • wilson Says:

        Bruce, Sounds like its just a fanciful detective story to you. Have you not learned nothing from your experience? Someones interpretation of events 2000 years ago is more convincing that what you have in front of you?Do you think your son made this all up? How can you only know this about salvation. Maybe Jesus really died to show us that we are spiritual beings and we do not die…just shed one body for another like a new suit as we journey back to God enlightening our way with knowledge gained from successive lives. wilson

  13. Lorielle Says:


    It was a pleasure listening to you on Coast To Coast AM last night. I had seen the ABC Prime Time segment, and heard you on other programs. I am a believer in reincarnation. When I was a pre-teen, I would awaken from a nightmare and run screaming into my grandmother’s bedroom with the vague memory of someone beheading me. In third grade, we were asked to draw pictures for an art show, and I drew a picture of a “Hall of Mirrors” with a black and white checkerboard type floor. Many years later, I saw a book about the Palace of Versailles and was stunned to see the exact “Hall of Mirrors” I drew as an African-American child on the South side of Chicago. I am not saying I was Marie Antoinette (lol), but maybe someone who had met the same unfortunate end that she did in 18th Century France. In high school, I was so fluent in Beginner’s French, that when I dropped the class, the teacher begged my mother to send me back! Your son James’ story really intrigued me because my cousin, James, lost his life on the USS Indianapolis during WW II, at the age of 19. I often wonder if he, too, returned to the earth plane as someone else. As a Christian, I believe, because all things being equal, surely God would not give some people life times of 100 years and others die as a child or as a baby. Each soul has its own path on its journey back to God, and may live many lives to complete the Great Work!

    • Bruce Leininger Says:


      You memory absolutely knocks me out. Your observation at the end of the message is one of the most provocative observations I have every read.

  14. Mark Merrell Says:

    I heard the show on Coast to Coast AM last night and was moved deeply. I proudly served as a tower air traffic controller on the USS America CV-66 from 1986 to 1990. Parts of the interview or show were chilling. Thank you for allowing this story to air and sharing your journey. Please continue and maybe do another show on coast to coast as your son will grow and reveal new developments in the story. God Bless.

  15. Maria Says:

    I just heard you last night on C2C. Looking at the pics of your son I want to tell you he is crazy cute! This is a mindblowing story and I’m so happy he has two open-minded and accepting parents. Imagine if he had not. There would be no one at all for him to talk to. It’s lovely he was able to meet James’s sister and pilot friend. Can’t wait to read the book! Much happiness to your sweet family. Keep us informed, please!

    • Bruce Leininger Says:

      James is crazy cute. We are lucky to have him. Knowing he picked us makes us feel special.

  16. Lee Says:

    Thank you, I loved your videos and will definitely purchase the Soul Survivor (great name by the way).

    What your son has experienced is obviously true. Some will agree, most will not understand, and some will seek to deny or discredit it. Stay the course and God speed.

    As a teenager I often found myself thinking about life and feeling very confused about death. The thought of having just one life, that this is it, that once I am dead that it is all over made me very worried and upset.

    When my cousin was 4 he told everyone that he had a sister, although he didn’t have one in this lifetime. Everyone laughed and assured him that he didn’t. He was upset by this. I spoke to him about his sister, he told me about her and I thanked him for telling me. I was profoundly interested in this and needed to find the truth for myself.

    I took a course in Scientology and the first words I read were “you are an immortal spiritual being.” Immortal – not subject to death. This simple line has answered so many of my questions and continues to create stability in my life.

    There is a great video called “You” if you are interested

  17. Jeremy Says:

    Andrea & Bruce,

    I heard your interview with Darla Shine a couple of weeks ago. Instead of turning the station and laughing the subject matter off I became enthralled with your story. My hair on my arms was standing up on end.

    Last Sunday I was at Borders and bought myself a Father’s Day present, your book. I flew right through it, kudos to Ken Gross for his terrific writing. Also kudos to you and Bruce for your meticulous research and while not only telling James story, you honored the “greatest generation” by telling their story. I was amazed at how unabashedly they accepted what James was going through.

    Anyway, my prayers go out to your family and I hope James Huston Jr. is at peace now in Heaven. Thanks for sharing your story.

  18. Mary C Says:

    I have not quite finished the book, but I have been a firm believer in reincarnation for many years. I am a former Catholic, however, so I understand Bruce’s wrestling with this whole idea.
    My husband devoured (his word) your book in one day. I don’t think he had ever thought about reincarnation one way or the other. Neither us nor our child have ever had previous life experiences. However, we have a 9 month old grandson and my husband and I are going to keep an eye out for him! We are also going to have the parents read this book!
    Kudos on a wonderfully written story. It is time the Western world came to appreciate the idea that those in the East have known for hundreds of thousands of years…this life we live is Not the only one.

    • Bruce Leininger Says:

      I hope the book provokes each person to examine their belief system and their spiritual journey. My view on this is that my decisions and actions based upon my faith become more not less important. Same is true of how I embrace God and the Salvation of eternal life that is offered to each of us.

      This is a gift and it should not be squandered.

  19. grant Says:

    An amazing story. I have heard fifty years is about the timeframe for reincarnation.

  20. ghost-marine Says:

    After hearing the recent radio interview with Mr. Leininger on Coast To Coast AM, I bought the book soul survivor, which I just finished reading. It is a terrific book to read; funny, sad, poignant, and above all else, a fitting tribute to men who fought and died in a war that happened after the war to end all wars, especially for both people named James. My sincerest hope is that Ensign Huston, James Leininger, and everyone else involved with this labor of love, find continued peace and happiness. Thanks to the Leininger family and all else involved for having the courage to seek the truth, to believe in what some people call fantastic or unbelievable, and to tell the story of an incredible journey. May you rest in peace Ensign Huston, you are honored and remembered.

    • Bruce Leininger Says:

      One of the blessings of this journey is the blessing of rememberance. The 21 men who served in and died while attached to NATOMA BAY will never be forgotten.

      The blessing of healing is also evident in the families who finally learned of what happened to their beloved family members.

  21. Kent Hoyle Says:

    Ok, I just finished the book. Thanks so much for sharing. I was in the Navy, and appreciate anything I can read on our history. Bruce, you did a wonderful work gathering all the info and putting it all together. So many things evolved from your quest. I see nothing but good from it. I know it is a difficult experience. Andrea, thank you for your relentless spirit. Through this journey your family traveled, so much closure and peace appears to have come from it. If there is no such thing as reincarnation, the facts on this incident alone are astounding. And I leave with this note, I believe there IS something on the other side.
    Thanks guys! Please tell James a little Navy guy from the former Dallas Naval Air Station says hi!

  22. Lauren Delsack Says:

    Dear Andrea and Bruce,

    Thank you so much for sharing your story. I just finished listening to your interview on Coast to Coast AM where Bruce stated that James Huston was born “in October, 1922.” However I had researched his birthdate as October 22, 1923 which correlates with his death at age 21 on March 3, 1945. Could you please clarify that James Huston was born on October 22, 1923 in South Bend, Indiana.

    Again thank you so much for having the courage and determination to share your son’s experiences with the world!

    • andrealeininger Says:

      Hi Lauren!

      James Huston’s birthdate is October 22, 1923 in South Bend, IN. Bruce obviously misspoke in the interview – 1:00 till 4:00 in the morning is not our most impressive time of day!! LOL! I hope this helps!


      • Lauren Delsack Says:

        Dear Andrea,

        Thank you so much for your reply confirming James Huston’s birth data. I am a professional astrologer and for the past 3 years have been researching reincarnation cases from the work of Dr. Ian Stevenson, Tucker, Semkiw, Finkelstein and others. If you could share your son’s time of birth, it would be most welcome. It was a wonderful interview and kudos to your family for staying up so late! I can be reached at

  23. Roy Williams Says:

    Dear Ones: What a story! Although the book started slowly for me (I put it down at first) after chapter nine there was literally no stopping, except to wipe my eyes, or laugh at loud with joy. I have made it my July staff recommendation at the Barnes & Noble (Marina del Rey, CA) I work at.
    There’s more to say, but not now. Now is the time for James’ story to be read and pondered. I just wanted to tell you how moving it is and to thank you for keeping an open mind, and just possibly opening the minds of others to the wonders that are around and within us. Blessed be, Roy

    • andrealeininger Says:

      How Lovely! Thank you so much for your wonderful comments, and for recommending the book. I sure hope other Barnes and Noble stores will follow suit! You be blessed as well, and enjoy this wonderful 4th of July as we celebrate not just our Independance, but all the men and women who have fought, served and given their lives to make America the greatest country in the world.
      In Faith,

  24. Charlene Fitzgerald Says:

    Dear Leininger Family,

    I am reading the book as I write this I cannot put it down. Thank you for sharing your son’ journey. James is a amazing child. I work with children teaching toddlers and preschoolers/ and their is one think I know children are honest and and pure in thought. I was also raised a Catholic having many questions on reincarnation. I have always had a affinity for India being drawn to it’s culture and it’s religions belief.your book has given me a desire to explore more. My child who is 14 has come to the conclusion of reincarnation on her own. Certain thoughts and comments lead me to believe that she has been here before. I am happy for James that he found peace in his life he has given us a gift of knowledge. Thank you .

    • Bruce Leininger Says:


      We appreciate your supportive words. Children are honest and pure in thought until they are taught not to be. Our book helps answer questions but it still requires faith to accept the journey that each spirit is one. Nurture your spirit – the journey is eternal. It is God’s Blessing.


  25. Paul Moresi III Says:

    Wow, what a great story and an easy-to-read book. I’ve been a WW II aviation fan since the fifth grade, so it was extra special to me. It would make a compelling movie. Good luck to all three of you from Abbeville. Paul M

  26. harry Says:

    The work of Andrea, Bruce and James is extremely important. They are to be commended and helped with our support. Read the book and recommend it to others. Let “The Father” do the rest. Here is a paper on “reincarnation” that has helped me. I started to research it to prove it wrong. Two years later, I accepted reincarnation as a truth – it answered so many questions. Being Catholic, it was a difficult decision to make – even some of the Saints believed it to be a truth. Search with an open mind and you will find your answers.


    • Bruce Leininger Says:


      Thanks for the feedback and guidance. Our Christian faith is filled with riddles that require faith to move us toward God and the salvation that is offered. I look forward to reading the paper you reference.


  27. Siobhan Bailey Says:

    Dear James, Andrea & Bruce,

    I listened to your story on coast to coast – great story – I believe every word of it and congrats on taking care of your boy and supporting him. I too have lived other lives and in fact my daughter is my mother reincarnated – it’s all pretty wild. But there is a lot more to the universive then meets the naked eye.

    Many Blessings to you all,

    we just moved to Gulfport – maybe one day we might all meet up and share stories.

  28. rarebear45 Says:

    Dear Bruce, Andrea and James 3:

    I came across your book, and I am still in the process of reading it. I just finished the chapter about Bruce heading for San Diego. I am thoroughly enjoying this book.

    I have always been fascinated with this subject and have no hesitations about believing in it, …just a shame I can’t remember my own. I hope to find a book or some kind of assistance in researching my own past lives – any suggestions? As a left turn, I at least began the process of my own family tree, holy schmoly, it possibly explains a lot of who I am … and why.

    Regarding your book, I find it curious that certain paragraphs, from head to toe, my body explodes in goose-bumps. I look forward to reading on, and I’ll be in touch. I think every one of you folks are terrific & courageous. Thank you for writing this book-


    p.s. Rarebear is my favorite race craft at the Reno Air Races. It is a WWII Grumman F8F Bearcat. Oh the sound this plane makes rippin’ around the pylons… not to mention all the P51s. I almost cry.

  29. Kevin Says:

    Bruce, Andrea, James,

    Thank you for the great book.
    I found this book on line at the Edgar Cayce Website and had to read it.

    My first interest in the book was the cover. I just happen to love flying and learning about planes. Mostly general aviation single engine Cessna’s. I hope James is still intersted in learning how to fly. Maybe I should say continuing to fly. This email is good for one free ride in my C150 if you ever make it out to Central California.

    Reincarnation? If matter can neither be created or destroyed why should the Spirt. I appreciated both Bruce’s throughness and Andrea’s intuitve
    acceptance. I believe reincarnation is possible, but I have no recollections of my own.

    Best of Luck to you,


  30. Lee T. Stoddard Says:

    I bought this book thiking I could put my doubts to rest about my own experiences, and cold not.
    It only gave more positive affermations of what I was scared to find out.
    Too many people involved, and too many correlating facts to dispute as well as too much evidence to show a hoax.
    My grandmother came to me the night she past away to tell me she had to leave so I knew it before my grandfather told m the next day. I was with my aunt when she died and just before people came infr the wake, I was alone with her and asked for a sign that the things she had told m before her pasingwas true about the otherside. A large blue flame surrounded by pure white light appeared ontop her casket and I knew she had answered me.
    This book is a must read of 2009. You may not like the stories of WW2, but you will be riveted to finish this book asap, as I did in two days, and I hate to read.
    Two other experiences that happened to me in th past that defied expanation until now. This story will put almost any doubt you may have to rest.
    The best money I ever spent to find answers for questions I could not ask in te past.

  31. hooplamedia Says:

    Hello– I couldn’t locate a media room on the site, so I thought I would try my luck here! I have a blog and radio show called Soul Lab and I would like to submit an interview request. I interview authors, experts, etc. focusing on personal development, spirituality, culture, books, arts, etc. Please feel free to check me out at and contact me at Thank you! -Jennifer Hill Robenalt

  32. cathycathy Says:

    Andrea, I just finished your book, Soul Survivor. I have always been on the fence with this issue. It kind of creeped me out. Like, I would think, if re-incarnation IS real, then my son, ( as I look at him ) really isn’t my son?? But after I have read this, I must say, I DO believe, although it still creeps me out. Page 158 is what really got me…. the part about him meeting his friends when he got to heaven..It really brought a teat to my eye….


  33. Lee T. Stoddard Says:

    My best friend used to be hypoglycemic, and we would call her having an eppisode falling out & wold have t call an ambulance.
    I used to joke with her that the paramedics will have to how up at he funeral and she said just you wait.
    well as I was spending time with her early before the funeral the funeral director had an asthma attack and hi wife told meto go tothefront door and direct the paramedics to where they were.
    When thy arrived I help open the door and pointed into the room for them to go to and saw Adrian’s casket in the other room and it hit me;
    when have you ever seen an ambulance and paramedics at a funeral home with lights flashing.
    I got a wam feeling like someone ele was in the hallway with me but I was alone and when I said to myself, “well Adai – you got me, didn’t you?” there was a feeling on my shoulder like a hand was on it ad I felt a strange sensation I cannot explain.
    Soul Survivor has cleared up many questions and opened up a whole new wa of thinking that makes things much more clear now and even makes what I believe seem more believable as well.
    I have recomended thi book to 27 people now and will continue because I had a calming clear understanding and eveything fell into place.
    I now I said before this is a must read book of 2009, but it may be because the deturminaion that Bruce had to debunk the whole idea made it so detailed and believable becase Bruce ended up not being able to say I told you so but incorporate this experience into his Christian beliefs and come out with a better understanding of it and himself.
    Just get the book, read it, draw your own conclusions, no matter what you believe it will burn off the foggyness about everything.

  34. j Says:

    Am blessed by resding Ken Gross’ retelling of how two American parents have listened to and weighed carefully an extraordinary story.

    In my opinion, the soul which was “James II” moved on to the heavenly reward, and the soul which is “James III” is the result of that heavenly attainment and reward. The soul of James II is of the spirit of that one, and the spirit of that one has extraordinary memory-awareness in its new soul-iniitiative. As Saint Francis of Assisi taught reincarnation in the public square, this was the essence of his teaching on this point: the Spirit of God ordains new soul-initiatives for each Son and Daughter of God, child of the Light, through the attained spiritual awareness of that one.

    The closest authors I’ve read who discuss this general process include Free and Wilcock, “The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?”, Ian Stevenson, M.D., “Children Who Remember Previous Lives,” Jim Tucker, M.D., “Life before Life,” Helen Greaves, “Testimony of Light,” Ann Ree Colton, “Men in White Apparel,” O. M. Aivanhov, “Education Begins before Birth,” and Mark Prophet, “The Masters and Their Retreats.”

    Kudos to the grandmother for providing Carol Bowman’s healing wisdom. It is well said that the “last enemy that shall be overcome is death.”

  35. Gayle T. Zajicek Says:

    I read somewhere that Reincarnation was the norm in the early Church’s teachings, prior to the first century! I believe they stopped so the Religous leaders could have more control over the masses, like fear and damnation.
    Anyway, I read the book, Soul Survivor, in one setting and I’m a
    believer. Thanks for all your efforts and sharing your families story with us.

  36. FBS Says:

    I fell asleep with my radio on to wake up in the middle of the interview on Coast to Coast. The next day I requested this book from my library noticing that none of the libraries in my county had it just yet. It was on order in another town. I read the book, could not put it down (even at work). Bruce and his tireless efforts brought peace to many while trying to bring peace to his own troubled mind.
    I find myself having many unanswered questions after reading this book. I would have liked to read about the type of conversation James3 had with Jack Larson other than recognizing who he was. The same goes for his 80 year old sister. I would like to know word for word what they said to each other on the phone regarding their parents and the other sister and other family matters. When everyone sat down to dinner at the reunion and the other veterans were talking and exchanging stories did James3 contribute or did he just observe. I understand how James3 was a child and he could not be bombarded with questions. He had to speak when he was ready and be gently coaxed into giving information. What about now that he is a little older? Can we get more answers about Heaven and what happened there that he was on a mission to find good parents on our earthly plane so he could reincarnate? What does James (though he is still young) dream of doing when he becomes an adult?

  37. Virginia Says:

    I was raised strict a Catholic and up until my 30s I was a faithful follower. However, some events in my life began to make me question what I had been taught. I have read numerous books and watch every program I can find on the subjects of religion, reincarnation, and spiritual energies. I feel strongly that there are documents in the Vatican archives that would blow the doors off religion as we know it today and that is why no one is allowed to see them.

    There are certain periods in time, certain parts of history that I feel a real connection to. I jokingly say that this life is hell and we keep getting sent back until we do it right.

    After reading the book “Many Lives, Many Master”s, I began to think it wasn’t such a joke. I had seen the Leininger’s when they first appeared with Chris Cuomo. I happened to be browsing the New Age section of the local B&N yesterday when I came across their book “Soul Survivor”. I purchased it and couldn’t put it down. I started reading it in the parking lot and finished it this morning.

    For many reasons I believe all that young James has experienced and applaud his parents, in particular his father, for verifying all that he was saying. They could have just as easily written it off as some type of psychotic behavior, taken him to a child shrink who would have eventually prescribed drugs.

    Thank you for sharing your story and I hope that science will begin to seriously study and develop methods for verifying spiritual extistance. It could hold answers to many of the worlds problems.

    • Natalia Portalatin Says:

      Hello I read your comment that you write about Catholic religion and others thing… I know you have a lot of questions about life, You can read Allan Kardec’s books to understand some of your thoughts, like The books of spirits, the books of mediums, genesis, look for it on google their free and Brian Weiss is a great one… have a great day!!!

  38. Ralph Hile Says:

    I loved Soul Survivor! I was especially moved by the story of James 3’s interactions with his sister “Annie” on the telephone.

    For the past 39 years, I have been practicing meditation. For the first four years or so I was following in the path of Ramakrishna and then Transcendental Meditation (Maharishi Mahesh Yogi) and now a sort of melding of the two, but primarily following Ramakrishna.

    In June of 1995, towards the tail end of my exclusively TM phase, I received information in an intuition at the end of one meditation session. I learned that a Battenfeld was in my “lineage;” that I would find him mentioned in the WWII Memorial Campanile at the University of Kansas (which I had attended in the ’60s); that he had apparently died in a single-engined Navy plane.

    I live in the Kansas City area, about 40 miles from the Lawrence, KS campus of KU. I visited the campus soon thereafter, but the Campanile was closed for repairs until about a year after this intuition was received. When I finally was able to access the Campanile, there on the wall was inscribed, among others, the name of Jesse Raymond Battenfeld. Now Battenfeld is a well-known name at KU, but I knew nothing about him or his family except that a few buildings on campus are named for Battenfelds.

    I assumed that J.R. Battenfeld had been a Navy fighter pilot in WWII, but I did a little research of his case (nothing like Bruce and Andrea’s amazing researches, of course).

    According to a print-out faxed to me by the KU Medical Center in Kansas City, KS:

    Lieutenant J.R. Battenfeld, USNR Medical Corps, was killed in the line of duty on February 15, 1945.

    Battenfeld was the Flight Surgeon for Air Group 51 serving aboard the USS San Jacinto, CVL30, attached to the fast carriers in the Pacific Theater from May, 1944 through November, 1944. Among the many Navy pilots under his care was former President George Bush whose TBM Avenger was shot down on Semptember 2, 1944, near the island of Chichi Jima 600 miles south of Tokyo, Japan. Bush was rescued by the submarine USS Finback and returned to the San Jacinto.

    Battenfeld and Air Group 51 were awaiting orders to return to the fast carriers in the Pacific. He perished when the Navy SBD Dauntless in which he was a passenger went down in the Cascade Mountains north of Seattle, Washington.

    So Battenfeld did die in a single-engine Navy plane, but in a dive bomber that apparently ran out of fuel over the Cascades (I noticed that the Douglas Dauntless is mentioned in Soul Survivor, and then, too, the “match” of Chichi Jima). Notably, I was born in November of 1943, some 15 months before the death of J.R. Battenfeld. People have told me that such an occurrence is not entirely unheard of. I think reincarnation is possibly rarely, if ever, a linear one-for-one progression anyway.

    I too had death terrors in nightmares at a tender age. Mine weren’t anything specific, just that I was being compelled to enter a black tunnel going down into the earth while loved ones mourned my departure. I would invariably wake up screaming inside the tunnel. I too, when young, had a fascination with flying, but never really pursued it.

    Battenfeld’s crash site was exhumed a couple of years ago and remains putatively identified as his have been re-interred in the family plot at a cemetery in Kansas City, MO. I have placed flowers on his grave for the last two Memorial Days.

    Well, best wishes to all the Leinegers (Scogginses too).

  39. HurleyBurleyGirl Says:

    Dear Andrea and Bruce,

    Your book was recommened to me by a good friend and I bought it and read it in one day! I loved it. What an amazing gift you have shared with all of us. Thank you.

  40. Ashley Says:

    Hello Andrea & Bruce,

    I just finished your book! My Mom told me I had to read it. I really enjoyed James’ story, and didn’t find it unbelievable at all. I suppose I’m like Andrea–I just accept that there are some things beyond our comprehension. I just have one question. I know you spent a lot of time on the Natoma Bay casualties–very respectful–but I was wondering if you are still pursuing the Natoma Bay book. I would love to see all that research laid out–I am thoroughly impressed by how much data you were able to dig up.

    All the best to both of you–and James!

  41. Natalia Portalatin Says:

    Hello, this is Natalia from Puerto Rico right now I’m reading the book and I think it’s a great one. It’s obvious that Jame’s memories are from a past life. Everyone have past lifes, its only that we don’t remember it in this one, some people do, but others don’t. Persons who remembers past lives are mediums. I know that you wrote on the book that you are a person who believes in God and a religion one. But, this do have nothing to do with religion, what are saying your son its true… and I invite you to know and understand better why your son are having this experiences because in his life he is going to develop other things, I recommend you to read Allan Kardec’s books like The book of mediums and other, with this literature you can understand the situation that your are having through, you can also read Brian Weiss. I am very happy that people like you get to know to the world that things like this happens. Right now I am enjoying the book, and I wish you a very happy life together, because all in the world has its reasons, Bless James and his family…

  42. Janis Keller Says:

    I just read the book and it left me in tears. I believe in reincarnation. I also believe in the spirit world because I saw a spirit with my own eyes when I was a teen.

    Another reason that this hit home with me is that my uncle Richard Dugas was in the 40th Bomb Group in WW2 and was a tail gunner with the B-29 plane called the Deacon’s Disciples 2 and it had a fire in the engine (B-29’s were famous for that) and everyone except one man drowned and was never found on the way to Nagoya on May 14, 1945. Since most of my family has passed away, I am doing my own research into his life. I am finding so much on the internet and it is tremendously rewarding. Thanks for the idea!

  43. Atli Steinn Says:

    Dear Bruce and Andrea

    I just read about your son in newspapers here in Iceland. I just want to tell you how truly remarkable thing his case is and what it can teach us. I hope it is not to frightening for the boy. I will definitely purchase your book. Best regards (Andrea, my parents studied at the University of Michigan 1969 – 1973).

    Atli, Iceland

  44. Edric B Filho Says:

    A great and deeply moving story. I only hope that little James does not suffer from that publicizing in the future: as a freshman cadet/midshipman in USAF Academy/Naval Academy he’d certainly would be target of many pranks for that…

    As a Navy Captain, Ret., I would certainly keep those facts within the family.



    • Bruce Leininger Says:


      Your point is well taken. When, and if, James steps into that arena he will be well prepared.

      Pranks are pranks. But the prank will be on the prankster. He is no shrinking violet.

      GO NAVY.


  45. Russ Smith Says:

    Bruce and Adrea….While on a layover, I was browsing around Barns and Noble where I ran across you book….I read it cover to cover…..fascinating story… struck a cord with me in that I’ve been obsessed with aircraft since I was two….born in 1953, I began flying at age 13, now a long time professional pilot. While in my thirties I had a recurring dream of being shot up and crashing in the water, watching the cockpit fill with water, seeing my injuries and saying out loud, without fear and full of curiosity “well I guess that’s it”. While my dream doesn’t recall what type of airplane it was, my knowledge of aircraft knows it was a P-51….I just wish I could remember as much detail from that life as James does. Somehow I felt from the beginning that this was not a dream, but a memory….I’m excited to hear that I’m not the only one….would be happy to share career advise with James. Interesting coincidence that I live in the same town as Jack Larsen

    • Bruce Leininger Says:


      Glad you enjoyed our book.

      Your experience is certainly not unique. This happens more often then one thinks. The intimate part of the experience makes it hard to explain to others. We are glad our story has brought you some relief.


  46. thompson Says:

    to the authors,
    although i initially read this book due to it’s intriguing subject-reincarnation- , i ended up fascinated with the time,effort and gentle caring given to the families of the natoma bay. your 3 years of outstanding research [and expense] produced solace and comfort to many a family member of these brave soldiers. i salute you both on this prodigious journey and may God bless your beautiful family.

    • Bruce Leininger Says:


      Healing has taken place for many becaus eof our book and effort to honor each man who was lost. The families we found had to go through some pain one more time, but the closure our work offered had a healing effect that touched our lives. It has been a deep privilege to have done this. Humbling.


  47. Robert tate Says:

    What an incredible book! Normally I would not read something like this, but seeing as how the Corsair is my favorite plane, and you had one on the book cover, well, I looked at it, glanced at a few pages and was hooked. Bought it, brought it home and did not put it down till I finished it.
    Thanks Andrea, Bruce and James for sharing your journey with the world. While I do have my own Christian beliefs, this story has brought me a great feeling of peace, and I don’t know why; maybe it’s because James showed us there really IS something else to come after this life.

  48. Amy Ward Says:

    Bruce and Andrea –
    I was quite impressed with all your research and the careful way that you handled the situation with your young son. I literally laughed out loud when I read what Andrea’s sister said to make light of the nightmares “I see dead people”!
    Anyway, I finished the book in one day and, coincidently, today is Veteran’s Day…what a way to remember those fallen in combat! My dad was so interested and intrigued that he recommended this book to me. We NEVER read the same things, it was nice to share with him 🙂
    My family is Christian, and I almost felt as if I was doing “something wrong” even entertaining the fact that reincarnation is real. It’s just a mystery of the universe that cannot be explained.
    I was a skeptic, but reading this book, I cannot help but beleive. It is an incredible story! I have always been afraid of death and the unknown. Your book left me with a comforting feeling.
    Thank you for writing the book, I put it down about 5 minutes ago and rushed to my desk to look up your website.
    Take care and may God bless your wonderful family.

    Amy Ward
    Kansas City, MO

    • Bruce Leininger Says:


      My research resulted in the exact opposite result that I had hoped to receive from my effort.

      Along the way each straw horse I set up was unceremoniously blown away.

      In the process of failing miserably something amazing happened as the story unfolded in front of us. I am eternally grateful for having the opportunity to have this story unfurl in front of me.

      Thanks for your comments – God has blessed us and we are fortunate.

      Don’t limit your spirit to the conclusions of those before you. We naturally tend to dismiss what we do not understand.

      God bless you and your family as well.


  49. Chip Barnes Says:

    I am a member of the ARE (Cayce Foundation) in Virginia Beach and hated to miss the seminar at which you spoke. I finished the book and, already a firm believer in reincarnation, still marveled at the details that James could recall. I had my first past-life regression by Barbara Lane in 2007 after almost 40 years of accumulated “hmmmm” occurrences, all wrapped together. After getting models of combatant ships and warplanes (most from WW2) at age 4, I would arrange the ships in formation that was mysterious to my dad (no military background). Upon seeing Victory at Sea series for the first time since his own childhood, he suddenly realized that the still and video aerial shots mirrored my setup on the floor of my room. When I guided him through the Japanese Zekes and Rufes (floatplane version of the Zeke) attacking the ships, it was always specific about the dive-bombing and about some of them crashing into ships (Kamikazes starting in 1944) as well as the US fighters on CAP (Combat Air Patrol) directed out to stop them.

    At 6 just prior to first grade, I read a Bantam war book on Midway…then reread it three more times. Whereas James had the recall often available to his conscious mind (and subconscious via the nightmares), I would read books out of a curious interest in WW2 aviation in the Pacific. After reading about Midway, I declared that I wanted to fly Navy; not sure my parents took that as a serious, lasting choice, but I have been in the Navy for 19 years…only this time flying in land-based P-3 Orions as a Naval Flight Officer. When I did a tour on the USS HARRY S TRUMAN, it was a familiar feeling to be “back” albeit aboard a ship ~25% larger than an ESSEX-class CV (like the YORKTOWN and LEXINGTON). During the summers of 1979 and 1980, my Boy Scout troop would spend a Saturday night on the YORKTOWN in forward berthing immediately aft of the forecastle. After the guests left/ship closed for the day, I took friends on explorations of areas not on the tour route, always telling them where we would come out (forward in Hangar Bay 1, starboard catwalk by the catapult, etc.), always knowing where we were…yet not realizing at ages 10 and 11 any significance.

    Other things through the years, like watching the show Baa Baa Black Sheep (lots of Corsair footage) and watching any documentary footage/read any books I could get my hands on, were just par for the course. In 2003, I received Microsoft’s Combat Simulator 2, about WW2 in the Pacific. I noticed two things over the rest of the winter about playing that game. First, I didn’t play it like a game at all. I started (Quick Combat selection) with me leading six aircraft (always chose Corsairs over Hellcats and Wildcats) versus a wave at a time of six Japanese fighters (or sometimes, mixed fighters and bombers). If a Corsair was shot down, there was no replacement. I noticed that instead of shooting down the nearest aircraft for a quicker/higher score, I would bypass Japanese fighters to race miles away to another Corsair with a Japanese fighter on its tail…just my initial reaction to a call for help. I also noted with some wonderment at the impact it had on me when I could not get there in time to save the other Corsair. Also, I began to notice that I was literally sweating through my shirt despite letting my house temperature come down to around 60F in the winter. I realized that there must be something here coming up from the past.

    My regression brought out my initial flight training in Virginia and getting pilot wings in 1939. Getting transferred to Hawaii that summer, I attempted to bring my girlfriend with me from Philadelphia, though she followed her father’s guidance as gospel and reluctantly would not come. I have found her again as a squadron mate of mine from a few years ago (we have been friends since the squadron) and even had, simultaneously, the dream recall of our goodbye in Philadelphia (complete with identical dream sequence and details). I recalled being pulled from a squadron at NAS Kaneohe (VF-906??? Info is not in front of me) to augment VF-3 after Coral Sea, under the famous LCDR Jimmy Thach. I recalled putting our gear hastily aboard the first YORKTOWN (CV-5, only in Pearl for 72 hours for repairs) and wondering how that battered tub of a ship could survive more battle. I recalled flying out to the YORKTOWN as it sailed for Midway and the accident where we lost a pilot; this is one of those relatively menial occurrences that is not in history books and I had no clue as to its reality. In Midway, the books all talk of the Japanese fighters being at low level due to the initial strikes by Midway-based, then carrier-based torpedo bombers, so I doubted the correctness of being one of 6 VF-3 fighters from YORKTOWN (where were the rest???) and getting jumped from ABOVE. I stated that my plane was all shot up and that I thought I knew how to get back but would have liked to have a wingman, then moving to waking up in a sick bay with other flyers from YORKTOWN, but not aboard it. Being in the Navy, I was able to peruse the official squadron records. Sure enough, six VF-3 Wildcats were jumped from above and my aircraft returned solo to YORKTOWN, though was waved off to HORNET due to incoming Japanese aircraft. As for the lost pilot flying out to YORKTOWN, the records showed that my original Executive Officer (XO) was the last plane to board but had engine failure and didn’t have quite enough speed to make the deck, exploding when contacting the rounddown (aft edge of the flight deck). I don’t know whether I flew Wildcats, Hellcats or Corsairs later, but I was a relatively old-timer (in my early 20s) who tried to keep the new guys alive on missions. I was attempting to rescue one with a Japanese fighter on his tail while dodging one on my tail. First I was shot down and crashlanded on an island below, then watched another Corsair go down, feeling a sense of utter failure. Injured from the crash, I was soon found by the searching Japanese troops and repeatedly bayonetted to death, somewhere from late 1943 to mid-1945. I am in search of these details (squadron) which would point me to the aircraft type, the base, the island, and the date of the mission.

    I relish that James was able to have such vivid recall, though sympathetic
    with all of you on the nightmares. It will be interesting to see if, after the healing at Futami-ko, whether his interests or hobbies remain tied in some regard to that experience or diverge. I volunteer at Military Aviation Museum in Virginia Beach, VA as a tour guide/docent and, during flight ops, as an aircraft director on the flight line. It is like going back to a comforting, familiar time (obviously pre-death) period and a great way to talk to veterans. I even told a pair of gentlemen about squadron dislikes of the F4F-4 Wildcat introduced to squadrons at Midway (two more guns but no additional ammo) and how many squadrons quietly only loaded the four original guns to have ammo for a longer time (until the later Wildcats made by Eastern Aircraft of General Motors went back to four guns only). The older gentleman asked how I knew that; he had flown Wildcats and I had to simply say that I must have heard it somewhere.

    I hope to go to the islands in the Solomons, Marianas, perhaps Iwo Jima at some point, though most of the “battlefields” are on/beneath the waves. I probably didn’t know James Huston (by sheer odds), but it is good to know of another who was out there as well. I would be happy to talk with you or James if there is interest (feel free to respond by e-mail); otherwise, thanks for writing this wonderful book which takes the impossibility away from reincarnation.

    **For Bruce: As to reincarnation in the Bible, it is in many places. Some have been explained in other ways, like being “born again”; though interpreted as a spiritual experience, it’s actually a very literal thing that is, as often as needed, part of the spiritual journey for each of us. What cannot be explained away is a passage in one of the Gospels (maybe John?) in which someone asks if a man is [an Old Testament prophet, I believe Elisha]. Instead of saying no as in a case of mistaken identity, the response is [paraphrased] “Yes, but you know him now as John the Baptist.” That is perhaps the most blatant phrase about reincarnation I can think of. If you have read any of the Edgar Cayce readings, you’ll see that religion and reincarnation are not contrary; the human influence has taken reincarnation out of the scriptures since the early Church within the first four centuries after Christ’s crucifixion. More and more people, through stories like yours and similar ones from India or their own experiences, are coming to see that it is reality. Kudos to you for all your efforts, research, and open-mindedness in dealing with the information from your tireless research, and for your courage to come forward with it even while providing help and closure to other families. Best to all three of you and to the wide open world of options for James as he decides what to do with this life.

    Chip Barnes
    Suffolk, VA

  50. Kely silva Says:

    Andrea,Bruce e James. Como seu livro mim fez feliz,lagrimas correram dos meus olhos em todo momento da leitura, fui presenteada com o livro “A volta”,por um grande amigo que meses depois partiu….amo a leitura e creio veimente na reencarnação todos que mim conhecem sabem deste meu amor a leitura e sempre os livros foi meus melhores presentes. Sou brasileira, e infelismente não compreendo o inglês. Queria de alguma forma lhes passarem a minha emoção pela sua história,resolvi então escrever-lhes este depoimento e espero do fundo de meu coração que vocês posam ler esta escrita. Obrigada! Obrigada! Não tenho muitas condições financeiras para comprar livros, 90% dos que tenho são presentes de grandes amigos que sabemmeu amor pela leitura, ou trabalhos que faço em troca de algum exemplar. Adoraria receber uma resposta de vocês ou um autográfo, por isso vou deixar-lhes meu orkut: e meu Msn: estes são meus contatos da internet. Mais quero deixar também meu endereço residêncial: Rua 88 Quadra 66 Bloco 03 Apt. 207 Maranguape 1, Cidade: Paulista- Pernambuco- Brasil. Por favor mim respondam, eu seria a pessoa mais feliz do mundo. Muito obrigada. Abraços a todos, e mim descupem a incistência mais esta foi aúnica maneira que encontrei de tentar contato com vocês. Beijos! Carinhosamente: Kely Silva

  51. Shannon Robertson Says:

    My husband bought this book for me on July 4,2011. He is always looking for info on WWII. I opened the book and couldn’t put it down. I read it in one day. I can honestly say that your book has given me a new outlook on life. I was very close with my maternal grandmother and when she died I was not there. (I was in route from another state). After the funeral, as I was alone in my mothers room, putting away the outfit I had worn that day, I was overcome by the overwhelming odor of incense. (My grandmother was Catholic and one of the rituals is to cross the incense burner over the casket to send the soul to heaven.) It was very fleeting, but sort of blew past me and was gone. I had an incredible calm come over me. To this day I believe she came to say goodbye to me. I should say that at first I thought it was in my hair or on the clothing but I never smelled it again. i told my mother and aunts about it and they believe the same thing. I am grateful for your family telling this story and that you were able to help your son as well all the other families that were able to find closure. Sometimes there are things that are just too hard to believe, but there has to be something bigger. I hope you are all doing well and James knows that he has experienced a truly wonderful gift. Thank you again! (my husband gets to read it now)
    Shannon Robertson

  52. Rick Stierwalt Says:

    I’ve read your book and found it to be the best book I’ve ever read about reincarnation, and I’ve read over 20 books on the subject during the last 40 years. You need to get you topic into “TED Talks” and share it with thousands more. I would like you to really try to get this done, the world needs to hear your story. – Rick Stierwalt

  53. James Webster Says:

    I first came across this case through the media in August 2009.
    As I read the reports and listened to discussions etc. I had a strong feeling and impression that it had been seriously and mistakenly misconstrued – it appeared in fact to be a desperate situation requiring the help of a ‘spirit rescue’ group/circle.

    James Hudson (the pilot) had been experiencing a horrific situation in his burning plane when he passed over into the etheric realm/condition. He probably had not been aware that he had gone anywhere or had actually physically died. This happened in 1945 WWII.

    James Leininger was 2 years of age when the nightmares started May 1st 2000. A period of 55 years forward in earth time. JH could have been stranded (earthbound) in a timeless state close to earth for that period.

    When JL started having the disturbed nights (nightmares) and his behavioural pattern obvious, causing concern, would have been the time to have contacted an experienced spirit rescue group/circle. The problem could well have been sorted out preventing so much suffering, confusion and mishandling.

    It would appear that JH became attached to the two year JL and believed that he had somehow reincarnated. A case of intrusion with obsession and possession taking place presenting the hallmarks of a mistaken impression of reincarnation …… JL was receiving or picking up, like a medium, this invasive action and full impact of JH and was even encouraged to believe that he was actually JH.

    Hopefully by now James Hudson will have released himself from the physical tie and aura of young James Leininger and realised what had really happened to him and been taken by loved ones and guides to his rightful spiritual home where he will be reunited with his own family and friends, and will meet up again with his sister Anne on passing over. James Leininger will continue to develop as his true independent self on the earthplane with his own family and friends. The ‘Siamese Twins’, kind of situation, will have been parted.

    I am a freethinker and not a member of any church or religion or religious organisation. Now in my seventies I have always been personally aware of psychic and mediumistic sensitivity and have received plenty of personal evidence for proof that we all survive this earth life and progress in the finer spiritual worlds. I have written two books (see Amazon) and have a website.

    I would very much like to be in touch with the Leininger family and the Hudson family and would be pleased to discuss this with other bloggers too.

    • Lee Stoddard Says:

      I respectfully disagree with your comments on the way this situation was handled.
      Who is to say that things happened just the way they should in order for the piolet to say goodby to his sister, or get the closure that was needed to finish the unfinished, As for the reincarnation or not, I don’t think anyone has enough experience and proof to say which is which.
      With due respect it seems to me that there were many more people invloved and that maybee the sons father needed to learn to believe in things he thought not possible.
      There has been many people affected by the way this was handled and mostly for the posative in my opinion. (JUST my opinion).
      The result had a very posative outcome, and put a soul at rest after a sudden and tragic death, so it would seem to me that more people were to learn about this evidence than would have if some ghost savor service would have stepped in.
      I am not trying to step on anyone nor am I saying that anyone is wrong. I just think that events happen for a reason, good or bad, and this event has brought light to a dark subject in a posative way.
      I do respect you your opinion and can see your side of things.
      I am just glad that I had the chance to follow the journey and have some more light shed on my personal experiences.
      It would also seem to me that promoting your books by commenting on the way this was handled could be thought of as personal gain by riding coat tails. No disrespect to you, Just stating an observation.
      So wheather it was the right way or the wrong way to do things, who is to say.
      The enlightenment that the way this was handled has had no permanent adverse reaction on anyone.
      So once again I thank the family for giving me the chance to learn from and share their story with them.

  54. Claire Baker Says:

    My dad was on the Natoma Bay when she was kamikazed. He survived the attack. He was on the Lexington when it went down. He was at Pearl Harbor on Dec.7. I have the horseshoe. I wear it when I need strength. Years ago I told a story about my son, Max, on Coast to Coast. Art Bell might remember it, it was a long story. Would like to hear from you. Will get your book. What is going on here?

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