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For Those of you Interested in Astrology…

July 26, 2009

This reading was done by Trish MacGregor comparing the 2 James’s:

James Leininger


6:00 PM

San Mateo, CA

             James’s birth chart is extremely focused. Six out of ten planets are located in two houses – the 6th – symbolic of daily health and work – and the 7th, symbolic of partnerships, one on one relationships. His Aries sun makes him intrepid – a real trailblazer, a pioneer. I think part of this has come through already, given his past-life memories. There’s a certain fearlessness about him. He also has Mars (aggression, survival instinct), Saturn (karma, rules physical reality), and Mercury (Communication) also in Aries, all in the 7th house. This is a kid who speaks what he thinks and doesn’t hold back. He knows what he knows, if you understand what I mean.

             Then there’s a much softer side to him that comes through because he has two planets in Pisces, in his 6th house, and his south node in Pisces, in the 6th as well. I’ll explain the nodes in a second. Pisces is a gentle, imaginative sign. Very intuitive. With Jupiter (expansion, success) there, his work will always broaden his horizons. It’s going to be important that he loves what he does in life; it will have a direct influence on his daily health. The happier he is, the healthier he will be. With Venus in Pisces in the 6th, he has a wonderful imagination that can be used for virtually anything he enjoys. Venus and Jupiter in Pisces may be part of what helped him to verbalize and capture his past-life memories.

             The sharpness of the planets in Aries are also further softened by his Libra moon and Libra rising. The Libra moon makes him a diplomat, a mediator, eager to live within an atmosphere of harmony and peace. With the Libra rising tossed in here, he could face challenges as he gets older when it comes to balancing his needs against the needs of people around him. Considering all your planets in Libra, Carol, I’m pretty sure you know what I mean here. 

            Even without James I’s time of birth, there are some startling comparisons between the charts, which I’ll get into in a second. In astrology, each sign has an opposite sign, and the two form a kind of fulcrum of archetypal energy. Take Aries and Libra, for instance.  Where Aries is an independent trailblazer, Libra is a people-oriented mediator. Where Aries can be blunt and restless, Libra is diplomatic and more patient. Aries is about me, Libra is about we.  

The Planets 

            I erected a noon chart for James I. Even without his time of birth, the planets for that day don’t change – except for the moon, the fastest moving body, which I address under point 1.           

  1. James I was a Libra sun; James II has a Libra moon and rising.

 In astrology, the sun represents the ego, the archetype of the personality. The moon represents the inner self – the inner, intuitive, emotional world.  The rising sign is the portal to a chart, the way others see us. We don’t know what James I rising was. But James I dealt with the Libra archetype in the external world and James II chose to live the Libra archetype internally. This is right in line with one of the components I would expect to see in a comparison of past-life charts.

 Another interesting component: Even though we don’t know James I’s exact birth time it’s possible that he had an Aries moon; James II has an Aries sun.  The noon chart for James I shows a 6 degree Aries moon. If he was born between midnight and 1 AM, his moon would be Pisces. At any other time on his birthdate, his moon is in Aries. So, once again, it looks like we could have a repetition of a pattern – the archetype of the outer self becomes the archetype of the inner self.  

  1. Another interesting parallel. Saturn, which is known as the planet of “karma,” rules the physical laws by which we live. It rules structures. It’s a task master. James I had Saturn in Libra; James II has Saturn in Aries. Again, Aries and Libra are opposing signs, each providing qualities that the other lacks.

 1. A fourth repetition of the Aries/Libra patterns happens with Mars. James I had Mars in Libra; James II has it in Aries.

 1. And again this pattern is repeated with Mercury, the planet of communication. James I: Mercury in Libra; James II, Mercury in Aries.


Five repetitions of the same pattern concerning Aries & Libra. That’s astounding. But that isn’t the whole story.

  (Note from Andrea – I don’t know if this means anything astrologically, but Bruce and I found this repetition of the Aries and Libra pattern very interesting because Bruce is a Libra, and I’m an Aries)

The Nodes

             In astrology, the nodes of the moon are believed to provide information into past lives. In Vedic astrology (Indian, hindu), the nodes are considered to be as important as the moon and the sun signs.

 North Node: the direction we should strive to move toward in this life to achieve our creative and spiritual potential. It’s the unknown, but like the call of the wild. Our souls yearn to evolve in the direction of the north node. Conversely, the South Node symbolizes our comfort zone, the collection of attributes and habits laid down in past lives. What we have mastered, which is why it’s comforting.

  I frankly  expected to see James I and James II have nodes that were opposite, just as we’ve seen with the Aries/Libra stuff above. To my complete shock, they both have a North Node in Virgo, and a South Node in Pisces. I’ll explain the specifics in a moment. Understand, that even without James I’s birth time, the nodes on a given day don’t change, like the moon can. So here’s the second part of the shocker: they are not only in the same sign, but fall within two degrees of each other. James I; 8 degrees Virgo and Pisces, James II 10 degrees Virgo, Pisces. My take on this is that since James I dies at a young age, he wasn’t able to complete what he came in to do. So the soul chose to repeat the nodal pattern.

 The interpretation of the north node in Virgo, in the 12th house is intriguing. First, the 12th house is what is hidden, our personal unconscious, and when the NN is in that house, we must work to make conscious what is buried. The Virgo Node Node is concerned with details, perfectionism. Virgo may not always have the big picture, but Virgo can see all the trees in the woods. Virgo seeks to make things practical and efficient.

 The Pisces South Node in the 6th house suggests that at some point in James II’s soul history, he may have been a healer, a mystic, a spiritual figure of some kind. He feels very comfortable with his imagination, his intuition and instincts, his dreams.


             In astrology, every sign is given an element. Aries is fire, Libra air; Taurus is earth, Scorpio water; Gemini is air, Sagittarius is fire…and so on through the signs. What’s especially interesting about these two charts in terms of elements of the planets (not the nodes, but the Sun, moon, Mercury etc) is that both chart have no earth planets.  Some astrologer believe that when a chart lacks an element, it means the soul has mastered that element in other lives; other astrologers believe that missing element is something the soul needs to develop. My sense is the first theory. I figure the soul knows what’s it doing and if it needs to develop an element, then that element would be prevalent in a chart.


             This planet is known to expand and broaden everything it touches. It’s symbolic of our worldview, our belief system, our successes, our luck. James I had his Jupiter in Scorpio, a water sign. It indicates that he had great instincts, strong intuitive leanings.  James II has his Jupiter in Pisces, another water sign. Scorpio is passionate and often bullheaded; Pisces is softer, gentler, more flexible emotionally. Scorpio gets even, Pisces goes with the flow.

 These are just the elements of the charts that leap out at me. There are probably more, but thank you for sharing this information. It’s fascinating and gives me, as an astrologer, a lot of food for thought.