For Those of you Interested in Astrology…

This reading was done by Trish MacGregor comparing the 2 James’s:

James Leininger


6:00 PM

San Mateo, CA

             James’s birth chart is extremely focused. Six out of ten planets are located in two houses – the 6th – symbolic of daily health and work – and the 7th, symbolic of partnerships, one on one relationships. His Aries sun makes him intrepid – a real trailblazer, a pioneer. I think part of this has come through already, given his past-life memories. There’s a certain fearlessness about him. He also has Mars (aggression, survival instinct), Saturn (karma, rules physical reality), and Mercury (Communication) also in Aries, all in the 7th house. This is a kid who speaks what he thinks and doesn’t hold back. He knows what he knows, if you understand what I mean.

             Then there’s a much softer side to him that comes through because he has two planets in Pisces, in his 6th house, and his south node in Pisces, in the 6th as well. I’ll explain the nodes in a second. Pisces is a gentle, imaginative sign. Very intuitive. With Jupiter (expansion, success) there, his work will always broaden his horizons. It’s going to be important that he loves what he does in life; it will have a direct influence on his daily health. The happier he is, the healthier he will be. With Venus in Pisces in the 6th, he has a wonderful imagination that can be used for virtually anything he enjoys. Venus and Jupiter in Pisces may be part of what helped him to verbalize and capture his past-life memories.

             The sharpness of the planets in Aries are also further softened by his Libra moon and Libra rising. The Libra moon makes him a diplomat, a mediator, eager to live within an atmosphere of harmony and peace. With the Libra rising tossed in here, he could face challenges as he gets older when it comes to balancing his needs against the needs of people around him. Considering all your planets in Libra, Carol, I’m pretty sure you know what I mean here. 

            Even without James I’s time of birth, there are some startling comparisons between the charts, which I’ll get into in a second. In astrology, each sign has an opposite sign, and the two form a kind of fulcrum of archetypal energy. Take Aries and Libra, for instance.  Where Aries is an independent trailblazer, Libra is a people-oriented mediator. Where Aries can be blunt and restless, Libra is diplomatic and more patient. Aries is about me, Libra is about we.  

The Planets 

            I erected a noon chart for James I. Even without his time of birth, the planets for that day don’t change – except for the moon, the fastest moving body, which I address under point 1.           

  1. James I was a Libra sun; James II has a Libra moon and rising.

 In astrology, the sun represents the ego, the archetype of the personality. The moon represents the inner self – the inner, intuitive, emotional world.  The rising sign is the portal to a chart, the way others see us. We don’t know what James I rising was. But James I dealt with the Libra archetype in the external world and James II chose to live the Libra archetype internally. This is right in line with one of the components I would expect to see in a comparison of past-life charts.

 Another interesting component: Even though we don’t know James I’s exact birth time it’s possible that he had an Aries moon; James II has an Aries sun.  The noon chart for James I shows a 6 degree Aries moon. If he was born between midnight and 1 AM, his moon would be Pisces. At any other time on his birthdate, his moon is in Aries. So, once again, it looks like we could have a repetition of a pattern – the archetype of the outer self becomes the archetype of the inner self.  

  1. Another interesting parallel. Saturn, which is known as the planet of “karma,” rules the physical laws by which we live. It rules structures. It’s a task master. James I had Saturn in Libra; James II has Saturn in Aries. Again, Aries and Libra are opposing signs, each providing qualities that the other lacks.

 1. A fourth repetition of the Aries/Libra patterns happens with Mars. James I had Mars in Libra; James II has it in Aries.

 1. And again this pattern is repeated with Mercury, the planet of communication. James I: Mercury in Libra; James II, Mercury in Aries.


Five repetitions of the same pattern concerning Aries & Libra. That’s astounding. But that isn’t the whole story.

  (Note from Andrea – I don’t know if this means anything astrologically, but Bruce and I found this repetition of the Aries and Libra pattern very interesting because Bruce is a Libra, and I’m an Aries)

The Nodes

             In astrology, the nodes of the moon are believed to provide information into past lives. In Vedic astrology (Indian, hindu), the nodes are considered to be as important as the moon and the sun signs.

 North Node: the direction we should strive to move toward in this life to achieve our creative and spiritual potential. It’s the unknown, but like the call of the wild. Our souls yearn to evolve in the direction of the north node. Conversely, the South Node symbolizes our comfort zone, the collection of attributes and habits laid down in past lives. What we have mastered, which is why it’s comforting.

  I frankly  expected to see James I and James II have nodes that were opposite, just as we’ve seen with the Aries/Libra stuff above. To my complete shock, they both have a North Node in Virgo, and a South Node in Pisces. I’ll explain the specifics in a moment. Understand, that even without James I’s birth time, the nodes on a given day don’t change, like the moon can. So here’s the second part of the shocker: they are not only in the same sign, but fall within two degrees of each other. James I; 8 degrees Virgo and Pisces, James II 10 degrees Virgo, Pisces. My take on this is that since James I dies at a young age, he wasn’t able to complete what he came in to do. So the soul chose to repeat the nodal pattern.

 The interpretation of the north node in Virgo, in the 12th house is intriguing. First, the 12th house is what is hidden, our personal unconscious, and when the NN is in that house, we must work to make conscious what is buried. The Virgo Node Node is concerned with details, perfectionism. Virgo may not always have the big picture, but Virgo can see all the trees in the woods. Virgo seeks to make things practical and efficient.

 The Pisces South Node in the 6th house suggests that at some point in James II’s soul history, he may have been a healer, a mystic, a spiritual figure of some kind. He feels very comfortable with his imagination, his intuition and instincts, his dreams.


             In astrology, every sign is given an element. Aries is fire, Libra air; Taurus is earth, Scorpio water; Gemini is air, Sagittarius is fire…and so on through the signs. What’s especially interesting about these two charts in terms of elements of the planets (not the nodes, but the Sun, moon, Mercury etc) is that both chart have no earth planets.  Some astrologer believe that when a chart lacks an element, it means the soul has mastered that element in other lives; other astrologers believe that missing element is something the soul needs to develop. My sense is the first theory. I figure the soul knows what’s it doing and if it needs to develop an element, then that element would be prevalent in a chart.


             This planet is known to expand and broaden everything it touches. It’s symbolic of our worldview, our belief system, our successes, our luck. James I had his Jupiter in Scorpio, a water sign. It indicates that he had great instincts, strong intuitive leanings.  James II has his Jupiter in Pisces, another water sign. Scorpio is passionate and often bullheaded; Pisces is softer, gentler, more flexible emotionally. Scorpio gets even, Pisces goes with the flow.

 These are just the elements of the charts that leap out at me. There are probably more, but thank you for sharing this information. It’s fascinating and gives me, as an astrologer, a lot of food for thought.


25 Responses to “For Those of you Interested in Astrology…”

  1. Alan Schoenfeld Says:

    Maybe I missed it but I did not notice James I birthdate/birthplace. Are you able to provide that for me? Vedic Astrology works a little different that Western Astrology. I love and am fascinated by this story and I couldn’t put the book down. From a Vedic Astrology perpective I would be extremely curious to see James I & II chart connections.

    Alan Schoenfeld

  2. Trish MacGregor Says:

    Andrea, thanks for posting the reading I did. You may be interested in our blog on synchronicity:

    Trish MacGregor

  3. mmurtas Says:

    Hello Abdrea, Bruce and James.
    I’m from Brazil, and I’ve just read your book, wich is name “A Volta” here in Brazil
    Althoug I’m only 22, I’ve always been Agnostic, and by that I mean that I’d need proofs to believe in god and in pasts lifes. And your book is fabulous to make me at least think about new possibilities. Very interesting and touching situation. Congratulations for the strength to make this history public. I’m now writing about the book on my Blog – in portugueese – about this fabulous book.
    Best wishes for your family.

    Márcio Murta Silva

    • Bruce Leininger Says:

      I applaud your honesty. Encountering the unknown is frightening. The strength of your honesty about your search for the truth of eternal life is your challenge.

      Our story offers evidence of the eternal life of the human spirit. Pursue your challenge to think out and search for the personal answers you need.

      Please understand I believe God created us. The journey is yours.

      Our sincerest wishes for your spiritual development.

      Bruce Leininger

  4. Nostrilthomas Says:

    Bruce and Andrea

    I have not yet read the book but I heard your interview on Coasttocoast by George Nory and it was very inspiring and affirms my beliefs that reincarnation is real. I do plan on eventually reading the book. On a comical note the topic of reincarnation occasionally comes on one of the debate boards I post on and I decided to throw a totally different spin on the topic by starting a thread called Do You Believe Diareincarnation?. People who saw the thread topic assumed it was going to be something very deep but instead I wrote that it means someone suffering 12 hours of diarrhea after having one of those Carnation instant breakfast drinks. LOL.

    Finally I want to thank you very much more sharing your story.


  5. Luca Says:

    Hi Bruce,
    My name is Luca, i am 7 years old and i am envolved with II world war airplanes. I Have a lot of them in my badroom. My grandfather was a pilot of B-25,after the war. My father just read to me Soul Survivor and i loved. I lived in Rio de janeiro, Brazil, my mothers name is Andrea too. I would like to invite James to come and be my guest, and i want to keep in contact with him. Love Luca

    • Bruce Leininger Says:

      WWII airplanes are really neat. We are glad you have some of them. James has about 15 of them hanging from his bedroom ceiling.

      The B-25 is a really cool plane.

      We are glad you enjoyed our book. If you want to talk to james his email address is

      We are privileged to have the invitation to visit you. If we ever get to Brazil we will happily visit with you.

      Sorry that it has taken so long to get back in touch with you.


  6. F. P. Dorchak Says:

    I just finished reading your book, and am deeply moved by it. Thanks to everyone who had a part in creating this book. Thanks for looking it unflinchingly in the eyes and pursuing it! I posted a blog about it.

  7. Bianca Richa Says:

    Hello, Bruce and Andrea!
    I’m from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and your book was released here in my country 2 weeks ago.
    I read it in about 6 hours, non-stop, because of the astonishing revelations you did about your gorgeous son, James.
    I always believed in past lives, but never seen something like this. I needed something to give me guarantees that REALLY exist reencarnation.
    I want to congratulate you both for your persistence to find out what was really happening to your son.
    Probably, your book will be a best-seller here in Brazil!
    My father is a catholic man, and do not believe in spirits, reencarnation, and those things that Bruce use not to believe before James’s revelations. Now, I told him about the book and how impressed I was, and he is finally looking forward to read it soon!
    I really believe that James is an angel. Have lots os questions to him, and how – the most impressive thing to me, that made me cry when he said to Bruce that he has chosen Bruce to be his father – James saw you both on Hawaii when Andrea was pregnant of him!
    I wish I could talk to you all someday!
    I loved your story!

    Come out to see Brazil!
    Say James he has a fan in Rio de Janeiro!

    • Bruce Leininger Says:


      Please accept our apology to the delay in responding to you and are happy that you enjoyed our book.

      It was a special effort and, based uopn your response along with many others, it has reached out to your spirit.

      James is a special child and we are fortunate to have him. He is truly a gift from God.

      You are free to communicate with us. My e-mail is We are also found on facebook.

      James is flattered that you are a fan of his in Rio de Janeiro

      Love to you as well,

      Bruce Leininger

  8. Citizen Deux Says:

    There have been a number of post hoc analysis of this child. What is your take on them?


    • Bruce Leininger Says:


      My take on the input posted and received so far is that each person has been affected by the book in different ways. Some good, some bad, and some undecided. The journey is theirs as is the destination they reach. I am not a making anyone believe in a particular thing. The choices remain theirs. if the book hjelps them along the way then that is great.

      Personally, this is a gift from GOD and I feel truly blessed eventhough the pursuit of the answers scared the crap out of me.

      The experiences we shared with readers is what happened.

      While my extreme skepticism about the phenomena described in the book has evaporated I remain amazed at what happened. It is difficult for me to believe the full impact that the story has had on readers.

      We know what happened – but the effort to truly comprehend the impact on us is still happening.

      This is true for readers who take the story seriously.

      Bruce Leininger

  9. Tor Hershman Says:

    BTW: Did you know that “Amazing Grace” was written
    by a slave trader?


  10. passing through... Says:

    I was making the same associations today. I heard the coast to coast radio today on youtube. Your son is an aries and James 2 was a Libra… Andrea, I had a feeling you were a fire sign. I was thinking Leo and for some reason, I thought Bruce was an Aquarius…

    • andrealeininger Says:

      Hi this is Andrea. Actually, I am an Aries (April 17) and Bruce is a Libra (October 7). How crazy is that??

  11. angelhelper Says:

    Dear Andrea,
    I’m trying to reach you and your husband regarding an interview. Could you please contact me at Thanks so much.
    Linda Lawson

  12. Jenica Cory Says:

    Bruce and Andrea,
    My comment has nothing to do with the astrology post, but I wanted to get in touch with you and this blog is the only way in which I found to do so. I have an interesting little story related to your story and a question for you.

    Sometime during 2004 I watched the news story about your son on 20/20 or Dateline or whichever of those news programs aired your story. I remember I missed the first portion of the program and wished that I could have seen it all. After watching the program, I found the story to be so interesting that I told other people about it. Now my husband and I watch those programs all the time and although the stories are always interesting, we have never felt so intrigued to tell others about the stories.

    Well, time went on, the story was forgotten unless something related came up in conversation. We bought an old home in South Bend, IN and spent a little bit of time at the library doing research on the history of our house. Then that was put in a folder and slightly forgotten as we had thought we had found out as much as we were going to find out about our home’s past owners.

    A couple of months later, while my husband was working, I was home alone flipping through the channels and by chance came across a rerun of the same show I had seen the year before about your son. I can remember thinking ‘oh, great, now I can see the beginning, plus watch the whole thing again’, which I was excited about.

    I’m not sure which detail caught my attention first. Whether it was that James was born in South Bend or that his father was an author/editor or that his parents’ names were McCready and Darryl Huston, I don’t know, but I did get goosebumps as I started to make the connection with our house. I looked at our research and sure enough, the Huston family lived in our house from 1927-1933; a portion of James’s childhood.

    I just wanted to share this connection with you and have wanted to do so for several years (since 2005 when I saw the episode in which I made the connection to our house). I have always thought that it was so strange that I took such an interest to your story in the first place, then saw the episode again after learning the history of our house to connect the dots!

    The one question I had for you is if Ann is still living. We would love to send her a letter telling her about the house and to see if she had any old pictures of the house or from the house. If she is no longer living, does she have any children that we could contact?

    If you could reply via my email address, I would really appreciate it. I have just learned of your book and can’t wait to read it!

    Jenica Cory

    • andrealeininger Says:

      Oh my gosh, Jenica, I got goosebumps when I read your story! How amazing! I should be used to this kind of thing by now, but obviously not. Very very cool, indeed. I will contact you via your Yahoo address; you’ll get an email from bayoubelle. Anne is still alive and living in California and doing quite well for a lady in her 90’s! Thanks so much for contacting us, and I hope you enjoy the book!

  13. robin Says:


    No, James M Huston was born in 1923…not 1922.
    (The astrologer used the correct year so the reading is still valid.)

    – Robin

  14. Susan Bellord Says:

    I bought Soul Survivor because I read about it and when my son got it for me I was blown away because in many ways what your James Leininger was saying reminded me of what I had experienced in my childhood. I kept dreaming that I was being strangled on a beach looking at the moon – the tide was out and I could actually feel the rippled sand beneath my feet then a pair of hands went around my throat and strangled me. I also cannot watch sinking ships because I come out in goosebumps. I am convinced that I have been reborn possibly two or three times!! But my granddaughter who is only 20 months has just started screaming each night and being very distressed and shouting No, No, No……I am almost certain that she has picked up the psychic side of our family and my poor son is distraught because he just can’t calm her down. I have sent him the Soul Survivor link because I think it may help him to understand that Amber may have been reincarnated. He says she just keeps looking at the door and shouting No, NO, No…..She was born 22nd April 2009. I always said she was an ‘old soul’ and I think I might be right.

  15. de urresti Says:

    dear andrea bruce and other american peapole who are on this blog
    : first,i want to describe my love for planes and gliders,birds
    since 2 years old like James . and my search for the light afther all….great responses became after finishing school years in the :
    Saint germain reading the book:unveiled mysteries,
    and after,:Magic presence.and made differents aplications in regular interval ,and i want to say that your book give to me great rejoycing;
    I love you .I ‘ll try to sand you some pictures from me in south w of France . if you pass by Chicago or other big city please,, ,visit :the” I am “reading-book in the IAM temple

  16. landahoy2013 Says:

    Dear Andrea and Bruce
    When my daughter showed me your interview and the incredible details concerning your son James, I felt compelled to write to you in connection with my past experiences. In 1981, my wife Lina and I travelled to the United States for the purpose of visiting many WW2 5th Air Force veterans, as well as to deposit with your Archives an alphabetical listing of men from the 5th Air Force who lost their lives in Papua New Guinea. At that time I was the curator of the war museum in Port Moresby and was working closely with the US Army with their MIA program. The list I had prepared was the first attempt to record the names of those who made the supreme sacrifice specifically in Papua New Guinea.
    As we approached the United States mainland on 20 August 1981, I had this incredible feeling that I was “coming home” despite me having been born and raised in Australia! This feeling soon past as we prepared for landing at LAX.
    Eight months later, through a series of coincidences, I was able to get the US Army team into the crash-site of a B-24 from which the remains of the 22 crew and passengers were later successfully recovered. This success was due in part to a feeling I had that an aircraft was lying in that vicinity, and secondly, when the villagers brought out some relics I was able to decipher a series of numbers that they had written on a piece of the aircraft’s fabric. These numbers meant nothing to the Army personnel, so they handed it to me. I also could not make anything of it, until a voice told me to reverse the numbers, and that is how B-24D 42-41081 was found. (Susan Sheehan wrote a book on this event, “A Missing Plane”.)
    Here comes the unusual part – this aircraft disappeared on 22 March 1944 – I was born on 30 December 1944. Note the time frame!
    If you have the opportunity, please write to my email address as I have a number of other unusual events that lead to a previous existence.
    Kind regards

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