Larry King Live Dec. 22, 2009!

Tune in to Larry King Live tonight for a very interesting discussion on Reincarnation and Near Death Experiences. We have a brief appearance on the show, but during the taping it was clear that it was going to be a really good show! Check it out!


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  1. fpdorchak Says:

    Missed it on TV, but caught in on the CNN website: Great segment!

  2. Alexandra Says:

    Watched this show. We were disappointed that you were not given a chance to follow up regarding Jack Larson. We ordered your book.

    • Bruce Leininger Says:


      Please let us know what you feel about the book once you have finished reading it.


      • Mark Says:

        I just read your book and am wondering about a few things. In good literature, every detail has a purpose, but I’m a bit confused about the purpose of some of the details in your book. For instance, why is it important for the world to know Andrea’s exact weight and weight fluctuation? If anything, those details might alienate a huge percentage of readers and also make Andrea appear shallow. Also, why is it important to know that Bruce and Andrea’s basic monthly bills totaled $7,000? They seem to enjoy a higher middle class life, even after calculating the child support, in which case many of Andrea’s “concerns” transform into complaining. If this kind of specificity somehow contributed to the momentum of James’ story, I could understand. Instead, this unfiltered writing reduces Andrea and Bruce to caricatures instead of making them real people. And they are cliche, negative caricatures at that.

      • andrealeininger Says:

        Hey Mark,
        I understand what you’re saying. Somewhere earlier in the blog I broke down what the writing process was like; I’ll try to dig back and find what I posted. At any rate, any questions you have about why those elements were determined to be necessary would have to be addressed to our writer, Ken Gross, our Agent at Writer’s House, Al Zuckerman, and our Editor, Natalie Kaire. Bruce, Ken, and I came up with a timeline for the book, and every day Ken gave Bruce and I a topic to write about (example: tell me about James’s first nightmare) and Bruce and I would each write our experiences and send them to Ken. Ken then combined our two versions into a third party narration. Each day Ken would send us his adaptation and we would begin our daily tug of war over what we liked, what we hated, what was wrong, why certain details were pertinent, etc. Believe me, there were many fights and many compromises. Bruce and I have never written a book, yet we very much felt that James’s story needed to be told. Our literary agent felt that while we both had decent writing skills, we didn’t have a solid foundation in crafting our story into a narrative. That’s why he brought Ken Gross into the picture. We feel Ken did a wonderful job combining both Bruce’s and my separate experiences with our son into one cohesive tale. And really, I’m a girl! Do you think I would really want all those intimate details about me made public? I did not feel they were necessary and fought against them, but each and every one of those things were challenged by Bruce and I, yet our agent, writer and publisher felt that they should be retained as part of the character development. We won some battles, we lost some battles, but ultimately we had to put our faith in people who have years of experience in this and trust their judgement. My weight is certainly something I did NOT plan on discussing in the book, but hopefully women who read it will be able to relate to struggling to keep themselves in shape after motherhood. And I know we argued back and forth over the neccessity of putting our monthly finances out there – I remember that fight with some clarity! Perhaps considering our writer, agent and publisher determined these intimate details were important, they should have included that Bruce’s child support and alimony totaled $3,000 a month. I think the biggest thing I learned while going through this process is that writing a book is truely a collaborative process, and that in order to tell your story, you have to give up a lot of control and trust the people guiding you. I hope in spite of your well founded criticism that you gained something in reading James’s story. Thanks so much for your feedback.


  3. Alexandra Says:

    PS. I’d be interested in the process of getting your book published. If you would be willing to share, please contact me at chezsven AT Thanks!

    • Bruce Leininger Says:


      Publishing a book.

      1) You have to have a) subject, b) enough subject matter to assemble a book, and c), willingness to perserver.

      2) Write a proposal – which is a substantial summary of the book that demonstrates 1) a and b. Your proposal should have at least two chapters that you have written. The proposal will be at least 40 pages including the chapters.

      3) You either solicit publishers directly or find an agent to represent you. If you have a compelling subject and your proposal is well written and demonstrates that you have something that a publisher likes or an agent will work with then you have a shot at them making the investmetn in time and money necessary to have it published.

      4) If 3 fails then you can self-publish. I have received several self published books written by various people who were passionate about what they wanted to say and did it themselves.


  4. Bruce Leininger Says:

    Glad yo enjoyed it.

    • Wilma J Vermilyer Says:

      I hope this reaqches Bruce Leininger. I saw the utube clips about your son. Also read Soul Survivor.
      I can relate to your christian background. I went through similar searches for answers concerning reincarnation and Christianity and found my answers by reading ONLY the teachings of Jesus in the gospels. When reading this separate from all other teachings in the Bible, it became quite clear that Jesus not only says NOTHING against reincarnation, but actually supports the idea in many ways. I would like to suggest doing the same. I think his teachings will look completely different to you as well when you don’t try to make what he taught, work with the rest of the Bible.

      • Bruce Leininger Says:


        Because of debate concerning reincarnation that our book as fueled I have gone back and have been carefully reading the new testament. I have yet to find anything “outlawing” reincarnation.

        Please understand that I am not trying to prove anything and still am working to develop a full understanding about what we experienced with our son James.

        For Christians, like me, salvation is what we chase. The New Testament gives us THE WAY to attain that “Salvation”.

        Jesus tells us to carefully examine the ‘fruit that the tree bears”. Our book helps carry people further down the road of their search for answers in their quest for Salvation. That, in my opinion, is a good fruit.

        At the end of the day my Faith in Jesus and the embrace in which He holds me is the Blessing.

        James’ journey is what happened. It remains unexplainable except for one scenario.

        Our spirits, as imbued in each of us, as a gift from our Creator – GOD – have eternal life. James has indicated that this eternal journey does indeed happen.

        How it happens or why is happened is the enigma wrapped in side a mystery that still requires the same Faith I had prior to this experience. If anything, it has enriched my Faith.

        Some bloggers have suggested that I cannot believe in reincarnation and remain a Christian. That is humorous at best. For crying out loud even the Jews could not agree on resurrection.

        “For the Sadducces say that there is no resurrection, nor an angel, nor a spirit, but the Pharisees acknowledge them all.” Acts 23:8.

        Does this mean, for the Jew, that one who does or does not believe in the resurrection is not a Jew? NO! They looked for the same answer that we do in the Messiah who they missed when they rejected Jesus.

        I was THE SKEPTIC and remain so – but now my skepticism has turned on those who categorically reject the scenario that my son James represents.

        I enjoy the skeptic and am glad they are out there with me. Blind faith in Jesus is the only blind faith I believe; everything else is subject to scrutiny as far as I am concerned.

        The debate is a healthy one and should remain so. It is how we learn and move the ball ahead. It is my belief that once everyone thinks the same way then no one is doing much thinking.

        Hope this made sense to you. Thanks for your sincere support.


  5. Aftrbrnr Says:

    Hi Bruce, as usual there are objections of your story as a result of the debate on CNN.

    I don’t know if you’ve seen these before or have any comments on them.

    • Bruce Leininger Says:


      First, I like your handle.

      Second, Bshistorian has been taken care of months ago. He surfaced in the UK, and it is apparent he had not read the book.

      Anyone who thinks writing books makes one rich has never written and published a book.

      The forum by Randi – no sweat. Once again, he is invited to my house to examine the mountain of material I had to wade through to ferret out this mystery.

      The book is a inear tale. The journey to answers was not linear. I’ll give him the pile and six months to see how far he can get with the pile.


  6. Renato Bini Says:

    I think you can obtain a logical and Christian explanation about reincarnation if you take a look on

    I hope it can help all of you to get a serious aknowledge about whoo we are, where we are from and where we are going to.

    Friendly, from Brazil,

    Renato Bini

    • Bruce Leininger Says:


      Thanks for your post. Our family experience has has a profound effect on me.

      There are some things that defy logic – The things our son James said and did are among those things that defy logic. I spent three and one half years trying to discover a logical explanation for what he said and did. I failed.

      Simply – James had a past life and our book provides a chronicle of that past life.

      Now that I believe this I am thankful to my God for the eternity in front of me.

      Bruce Leininger

  7. Jen Says:

    Yesterday my sister and I were talking about whether or not my niece is an “old soul” and if she really is “looking at angels” when she all of a sudden stares intently at nothing. We believe in the soul living on after death but were both unsure about reincarnation. I just happened to come across this book today. I read the whole thing. I am so glad you shared your story, it confirmed our suspicions that reincarnation is real too. I’m blown away by this story and hope that many skeptics read it. Thank you for going through all that you went through so that this story could be told and James II could be properly put to rest. I hope that James III is doing well!

    • Bruce Leininger Says:


      Glad to hear from you. “Reincarnation” as a word does not adequately describe this phenomena. In many ways it interferes with how people process all this.

      The important thing to to know is that each of us possess a spirit on an eternal journey – whether it be you, your sister, niece or me.

      The most important thing, in my opinion, is to arrange your life in such a way as to embrace that journey and seek a higher plane of spiritual action. What do I mean by that? Your life should be arranged in such a way as to live in ways that embraces the Salvation that God provides to each us us through free will. To live your life acting in ways that help others move along their path to the Salvation offered.

      Whether you not you accept what I am saying is up to you. Each of us, to some degree, live a life of ministry. How we act – what we say has an impact on those around us.

      I am not worried by skeptics – James III is great and his spirit continues on the journey that we are a part of. We love him and are blessed that he chose us as parents.

      All the very best to you. Nurture your spirit – it is on an eternal journey – God Bless.


  8. Lorenzo Berner Says:

    Outstanding writing. I thank you posting that. I ask you accept my apology for my less good English talking, I am from Portugal and English is sort of new to me.

    • Bruce Leininger Says:


      Thanks for the complement. Ken Gross is a very talented man who helped us immensely and we are fortunate that he overcame his skepticism to help us tell our story.

      Your English is much better than my Portuguese – I know nothing about your language.

      Bless you.


  9. Daniela Says:

    Dear Bruce, Andrea, James and Ken Gross
    I’m Brazilian, I live in São Paulo and I read a book Soul Survivor in last weekend and I was impressed with history because since I was a child I’m scared of noises amateur radio, aircraft and especially police sirens. And I always had dreams with me running from the Police, but why? Also when I was a kid I used to talk alone, everyone thought I was crazy.
    My parents took me to mental examinations and nothing was noted by doctors. In other words, I was not crazy as they said.
    In 2001 I found a spiritual center (Perseverança) here in Sao Paulo and I got to go at it. I did the course of mediums and learned to control these paranormal powers. After that I changed my life and I had one last dream with the police. In this dream I saw clearly, I was a Jewish child, I was in a mansion hidden behind the window and saw the street the army of Hitler marching, I ran and hid in the basement. I love the idea of shelter, you protect yourself by hiding, so the history of the book impressed me. The James is not the only one who died in the war and back to Earth. There should be more and more of James died in the war and now reborn.
    After this dream, I never had those dreams.
    For in this life I’m great-granddaughter of German. I love love my grandma, she looks like the Hither’s wife, she’s blond and she has blue eyes and I love her so much.
    I apologize for my bad English, but I would like to tell you my story.
    I’m a university’s teacher and webdeveloper (computer programmer for web) and I promise to translate my site if you want to know about me, my site is Thanks
    PS: The Spiritist Center (Perseverança: Perseverance) is the largest in the world, every day it gets 5000 people to attend and lectures.

  10. Mary Says:

    I wonder if you’ve heard about the new TV show “PAST LIFE” coming to Fox in Feb. Seems like the world maybe ready for a paradigm shift. I wish you health and happiness! Thank you for sharing your story. I loved the book!

    • Bruce Leininger Says:


      We will watch for it. In so far a a paradigm shift is concerned – I agree with you. May you enjoy the same health and happiness.

      Glad you enjoyed our book. Am working on number book 2.


  11. giovanni Says:

    Dear Soul Survivor
    Reincarnation is not a matter of misticism or astrology. It´s a natural and universal Law. Ancient wisemen of India, Persia, Greece, Egypt known, learn, study and teach this Law to “special people”. First Cristians also know the Reincarnation Law. Due political reazons in the Constantinople Council, in 553 AD, Reincarnation Law was removed from Jesus´s teachings – deforming the Cristianism. Today, Rozacrucians and Spiritism (encoded by Allan Kardec in the 18th century) know pretty well this Law.
    Some Spiritists researchers in Brazil are making comparisons between the FINGERPRINTS of the died people and theirs actual body (the body that are useing today).
    Do you know if the FINGERPRINTS of James Huston Jr. and the kid James Leininger have the same figure – or prints?
    Looking forward to hear from you soon,
    I remain.
    Best Regards.

    • Bruce Leininger Says:


      I know of no way to obtain James Huston’s finger print. that waould be aa fascinating comparison.

      I am reading two works by Alan Kardec that your fellow countrymen have sent me.

      We will gladly keep up the correspondence with you. My e-mail is and I am also found on Facebook


  12. Paul Christoffersen Says:

    Dear Bruce, Andrea & James:

    I facilitate the running of the ‘Spiritual Free Thought Study Group’ which for the past seven years has devoted quite a lot of time to the subject of reincarnation. I was so pleased to have heard about James’ story when I saw you all featured on the Larry King show. Our study group doesn’t have a website but we are on Facebook under our full name. I have included the various video clips of James’ story under the ‘Links’ section for others to learn from and enjoy. We will be doing more very soon on the subject of reincarnation and I have recommended your book to the everyone.

    Question: (Re:The Japanese film documentary on James) Is that available to view perhaps with English subtitles? Just curious.

    Warmest regards to all of you.

    Paul & Charlene Christoffersen

    P.S. If you’re ever up in the Edmonton, Alberta area you have an open invitation to speak at the study group.

    • Bruce Leininger Says:

      Paul and Charlene.

      We will happily visit you in Edmonton if the occasion ever arises that we travel there.

      I have spent time in the tar sands on a project almost 30 years ago. Have been through Yellow Head Pass and have spent time at lake Louise. You live in beautiful country.

      FYI, I will be a featured speaker kicking off the Edgar Cayce A.R.E. convention in Virginia Beach on 19 February. I did a preview at one of their regional meeting last weekend that went exceedingly well. ARE will tape the presentation and publish it. It contains much that was not covered in our book that you might find useful.

      Thanks for your enthusiastic support.


  13. Pat DeWees Says:

    I happened upon this book while waiting for my grandaughter’s girl scout meeting to end at the local library. I don’t exactly know what made me pick this book out of the others on the shelf, but I am so glad I did. What a great story. For years I have been struggling with the life after death (reincarnation) issue. I want to tell you that I just sobbed after reading the last page of this book. I felt that I had some answers. Thank you for writing this book.

    • Bruce Leininger Says:


      The story is told as it happened. The events at Chichi Jima were emotionally telling and left no doubt in our minds that something special occurred there. We are glad to hear that the book has helped you.

      I have posted a poem I wrote about it on the blog. But here it is again for you.


      A sentinel of peace greeted us as we sailed into Futami Ko.
      A heavenly paradise strikes our senses.
      The world has passed by this Eden.
      James, Andrea, Sachi, Keishi, Jun, Takao and me.
      We are among the lucky few to witness such beauty.

      Except for a brief period of war
      In the eons of time that have passed
      Chichi Jima has been a place of pristine peace.
      It remains so.
      To be here in is to be in a dream.
      Gazing upon Welcome Rock in the early morning light;
      My eyes tell me this is no dream.

      Near this sentinel we honored James M. Huston, Jr.
      He rests for eternity in these pristine waters.
      It was here on 3 March 1945 that his spirit was liberated.
      Welcome Rock now marks a gate to Heaven.

      The spirit Huston first carried to this place has returned with my son.
      Courageously, James laid flowers on these waters.
      A boy of eight years then stood erect and saluted.
      In a steady voice he saluted as he spoke.
      “Jim Huston, I will never forget you.”

      We will never forget what we saw and heard.
      We witnessed a spirit carrying on through eternity.
      We are blessed to witness this miracle.
      God has delivered this eternal gift to each of us.

      Bruce Leininger
      Futami Ko, Chichi Jima
      5 September 2006

  14. Bruce Leininger Says:


    Andrea has been thorough in her feedback. Hope it is sufficient for you.


  15. Hubbardianen Says:

    Now I’ve read the book and I liked it. I feel the skeptics only solution is to claim it’s a conspiracy with all you guys involved.

    Since I’m a Swede I found it interesting with some Swedish connections: Adolph, Alma and Ruben Goranson. All of these three names are older names and are not used that much anymore in Sweden. I would say Alma and Ruben are very unusual nowadays. Adolph usually spells Adolf and the last name spells Göranson (o with two dots) in Sweden and is pronounced Jöranson. (J as in Jake and ö as in fonetic œ̞ː)

    Anyway, really interesting story with lots of details, too many to just explain away. The book has firmly made me believe even more in reincarnation to the point that I basically believe in it (combined with Ian Stevenson’s work and all the Scientology past life confirmations).

    The only slightly skeptical issue is that it was a great coincidence that Bruce just happened to buy a book about Iwo Jima and James had been there.

    By the way, that part of the story where the TV-crew was at your house and the TV turned on in the other room was almost too good to be true. 😉

    Anyway, great book and the best thing is that you are so open about it, trying to contribute to the subject with skepticism yourselves and with OPEN EYES.

  16. Jennifer Coghlan Says:

    Bruce & Andrea, I just finished your book. I am awe-struck, inspired, hopeful and mystified. I have been searching for the spiritual side to life over the past few years and am just beginning to look more into astrological charts. They are amazing. I wonder if we could all find our past life bodies with the same tools that were used to compare your James and James Huston’s life chart? My friend that tuned me into astrology really made me see life in a different way. I am a Christian. I talked to her about my daughter’s terminal illness and why would God do this to me? She matter of fact told me, God didn’t do this to you, Rebecca CHOSE you. Rebecca (my daughter who was also born in 1998) chose to have a terminal illness and she chose to come into this life with you to teach you and to learn from you. When I read that part in the book where James chose you, I was overcome with emotion. It is a miracle. Bless the both of you. Do you have a page for updates about James? How this affects him as he lives and learns.

  17. Dan Allen Says:

    I first came across this story on the internet from a short news program video clip. Purchased the book six months later. I’ve since forwarded the video clip to family and friends. It is something difficult to discuss with most people. An acquaintance of mine put it best: Life is much more intriguing than what we imagine.

  18. Hubbardianen Says:

    I know that this subject has briefly been discussed and is somewhat controversy, but do you have any future plans regarding diving down and checking out the aircraft of the pilot James?

  19. Carmen Silvia Neves Says:

    Dear Andrea and Bruce:

    I am a brazilian professor at the University of Londrina (North of Parana State) in the area of Agronomy. I am also a spiritist (i.e., I believe in reincarnation). Your book is so interesting because it shows evidences so important that even the people who don’t believe start to think about the possibility of reincarnation.

    I don’t know if you already know the teachings of the doctrine of the spirits, compilied by Allan Kardec. In these teachings it can be seen that the idea of reincarnation is not in conflict with Christianity. There are five basic books by Kardec and other people on this blog have already indicated reading these books to you.

    In Brazil there are many other books that follow spiritism, and the most important were psychographed by Chico Xavier. The book I strongly recommend to you is a translation in English of “Nosso Lar” (“The astral city”) and its spiritual writer is called Andre Luiz. In it you can find many explanations about what happened to James, why he “has chosen” you, why he found Leon, Billy and Walter in heaven…

    It is placed below the introduction of version in English, so you have an idea of its content:

    The e-book can be found at (choose “Livros Gratis” and then “Livros em Inglês” and “The astral city”)

    “André Luiz – Astral City”

    News from the afterlife reach us since time immemorial. They teach us, alert us and give us solace. From Saul consulting the dead Samuel (Samuel 28:1) on the direction of Israel, to the disciples in Galilee (Matthew 28:16-28:20) visited by the Master after crucifixion. From Peter freed from prison by an angel of the Lord (Acts 12:1-12:10) to the
    voices which guided Joan D´arc for the salvation of France. Messages on the state of the human spirit after death often remains hidden in these news.
    Messages translated into the proper language and customs of their times speak us about heavens and hells, where human beings find themselves and the results of their actions. These are more or less happy resorts according to the spiritual state of their inhabitants. In many instances they are covered with poetry, as in Dante´s Divine Comedy, or hidden under the symbols of the great mystics.
    Even recently, at a time of positivist science, the flux of news did not stop. On the contrary, starting in 1848 it has grown increasingly, finding elucidation in the gigantic effort of analysis and compilation carried out by Allan Kardec. Starting with “The Spirit´s Book” (1857) they continued through “Posthumous Works” (1890), strongly intertwined by the ‘Revue Spirite’ (1858-1859). “To be born, to died, to be born again and always move forward” – the several plans of human existence are unveiled, each one endowed with its proper aim within the great work of evolution.
    Spiritism, the set of teachings contained in Kardequian works, has organized and spread the interchange of news among incarnate and discarnate. Groups were established in several countries. In the Brazilian lands however a propitious environment for good mediumnistic work and practical application of the Spiritist postulates was found. Bezerra de Menezes, Caibar Schutel, Eurípedes Barsanulfo and many others vividly spread the “Good news”, that actually death does not exist, that we
    found ourselves under transitory study in this material world, that opportunities of work and improvement abound in the “many Father´s mansions”…
    In a continuously changing world, in which the domain of matter takes place and the human inner universe remains unknown, materialism seems little by little to triumph over all the spiritual conquests, reducing to pious myths all the religious creeds.
    In this world, Spiritism stands up straight, marching forward in the enlightenment of people. At the very moment when man find himself far from God, a masterpiece shows him his supreme target, shaping forever the behavior of future generations.
    “Nosso Lar” (or “The Astral City” in the present English version) appeared on Earth in 1943 through the mediumship of Francisco Xavier and edited by the Brazilian Spiritist Federation (FEB). The book tells us the odyssey of a recently departed physician who introduces himself under the pen name “André Luiz” (see forewords by Emmanuel and J Haddad). The author discloses a spiritual society, a colony of work located in the
    vicinity of the Earth surface, where one finds the happy of sad results of one acts after reaching “the other side” of life. Far from abstractions or purely philosophical argumentation, André Luiz speaks about the actual reality of imperfect spirits still alive, working and preparing themselves for the next life’s struggles.
    “Nosso Lar” is an evolving society, much similar to the terrestrial one. It displays many patterns of the Brazilian society at the time, forecasting other ones that would arise in the following years. Using a comparison, “Nosso Lar” is a kind of spiritualized Rio de Janeiro or, more exactly, Rio is a material “Nosso Lar” in so far as many of its inhabitants come from this spiritual colony.
    Putting aside the Brazilian feature of the colony, “Nosso Lar” is an universal example. Wherever the human spirit goes after death, be it a spiritual colony of an English speaking country or a spiritual town in ancient India, it always meets itself, carrying its conquests or past mistakes, beloved affections or inner enemies. In one word, it goes to a place with which it has strong affinities. And then, perhaps under
    different customs or dressings, the spirit finds a reality much similar to the one revealed by André Luiz.
    So we strongly recommend to all our dear friends the reading of this work. We also hope that it can consolidate the certainty in the afterlife and in the maxim “without charity there is no salvation” as it did to many Brazilian fellows. We remark that just after the edition of this book, as if reinforcing a practical teaching by Bezerra de Menezes,
    Brazil saw the appearance of many Spiritist groups attached to the ideal of social and spiritual assistance works. In this way, Spiritism became one of the leading schools of thought in Brazil. Thanks to this book, we find today assistance works everywhere, no matter how small the Spiritist group.
    Finally, we would like to recall one of the strongest messages of this book:
    “work appears when the worker is ready”. Let us be in the service of our beloved sisters and brothers, that God will open the closed gates, placing us at the exact position where required hands lack.
    Carlos A Iglesia Bernardo, GEAE editor. October 15th 2000.

  20. Hubbardianen Says:

    Bruce and Andrea,

    Have you investigated if your family are related somehow to James Huston. If you have some kind of genetic heritage from James Huston creating these memory images in your son? Memory by DNA of some sort?

    I believe your son has been reincarnated, but it would be interesting to just definitely rule out that possible explanation.

  21. David Firth Says:

    Great story! I’ve believed in reincarnation since the 1970’s. I would say this is the biggest reincarnation story in our western culture since “Bridey Murphy” in the 1950’s. (Ian Stevenson began his research right after the Bridey Murphy story came out.) But your story had many more details that were verified beyond doubt. Has James met Hannah yet? She lives there in Lafayette and is about his age. She was on the A&E series “Psychic Kids” back in December ’09 or Jan ’10. The show features kids who are gifted with psychic abilities but are afraid of their abilities and need mentoring. Some of the kids also talk about their past life memories. Her episode was Season 2, Episode 4. You can watch it on the A&E website or on YouTube. If you are able to meet her, ask her to tell you about Jordan. She may be able to give you and James new information. Good luck.

  22. Luis Manuel Araujo Says:

    Olá Família Leininger! Sou Luís Manuel Araújo, sou brasileiro e moro no Brasil. Me desculpem por escrever esta mensagem em português, pois ainda não domino o idioma de vocês.

    Acabei de ler o livro sobre o garoto James 3 “em português”, estou muito impressionado com tudo que li. Mas nada é novidade para mim, pois minha religião é o espiritismo e tenho um pouco de conhecimento na área. De qualquer forma fiquei muito emocionado com a história que considero linda. Mas este caso é tão surpreendente, que nunca antes vi algo assim. O James 3 é um anjo. Veio para a terra trazer a certeza sobre a imortalidade da alma.

    Um abraço, de um admirador desta família que mora tão longe de mim.

  23. Tracy Baker Says:

    I saw your story on Primetime and it only re-affirmed what I already believe. I was wondering if you all have ever checked in or researched Quantum Physics. While that Paranormal “expert” was so quick to shoot your story down based on his belief of science, it was evident that he has never done research on Quantum Physics either. Basically in the 1920’s Albert Eistein and Neils Bohr proved that at the core of all atoms, EVERYTHING is made of particles of energy. They were also able to prove that this energy is not only intelligent but eternal as well and underneath all this stuff we see – all this matter – is a huge ocean of this energy that we are all a part of and that when the energy contained in our atoms is released at the time of death, it returns back to this infinite intelligent sea of energy (which I believe to be God or Heaven) and because this energy is intelligent we ALWAYS have the choice to come back here if we so choose (free will). Quantum Physics isn’t just more of the same spiritual, religious “fluff” we have all been conditioned to believe without proof over the course of our lives, it is a real science that was first discovered over eighty years ago. So, your story doesn’t surpirse me a bit. Like I said it only backs up what I’ve have discovered over the course of the last two months. Considering your experience with James, maybe you should do your own research on it. It may help you gain more insight into what is going on. I promise, what you will find will completely blow your mind!!
    TL Baker

    • DAVID FIRTH Says:

      Tracy, there is a reincarnation discussion group on Yahoo. Go to Yahoo Groups and look for *the_sensible_reincarnationist*. It’s very good.

  24. Ken Haskin Says:

    Dear Bruce, Andrea, and James,

    Thank you for telling your story in your book. My family recently lost a wonderful young man, Daniel Siegal, at the age of 22. Our family has found comfort in reading about Buddhist reincarnation for many years and so the confirmation in “Soul Survivor” is helpful in our healing.

    We are a bunch of thinkers and skeptics so when, a few years ago in 2004, I came across the subject of M Theory in physics I had a talk with my father. This branch of physics seemed to confirm reincarnation but I needed my father as a sounding board to see if this idea made sense. He studied just about everything under the sun. When I told him about the new theory and how it was backed by experimentation he was open to the conversation. After a few minutes of discussion during a Philadelphia Eagles game, dad being an avid fan, my father came to the conclusion that hard science was indeed beginning to prove Buddhist beliefs. I was shocked as he had been an atheist all of his life. I forgot about the conversation and we went on to watch the game.

    Years later when my father passed away my Cousin Everett Siegal, my Uncles son, asked me what my father had told his father when he died. This came up at my fathers funeral dinner. I asked him what he meant and Everette (Daniels’s father) told me that my dad had given him a comforting way to understand his imminent death. I put two and two together and realized that my father had told him about our conversation on particle physics. My Uncle was an engineer and would only listen to hard facts. He had helped with submarine design and worked on Aircraft Carrier catapult systems along with many other types of hardware. I knew this was what my father had talked about and that he too must have had a strong conviction to share it on my Uncle’s death bed. It was the only way they could talk about death–in the logic of physics. What is interesting here is that science made them skeptics but they indeed now had proof and therefore belief.

    Our family now began research on the whole subject of rebirth when one month after my father passed Daniel fell ill at Yale University. He was diagnosed with a rare brain tumor and no one knew what it was or how to deal with it. The tumor was so rare that the NIH got involved and I was scared that they would name the disease after Dan. This made it seem unstoppable.

    Dan was the kind of kid who was a fighter and when the Cancer went into remission he went back to Yale and took all the exams he had missed during chemo and radiation therapy. He had the top scores in all of his classes.

    Unfortunately the tumor returned and took his life this past Thanksgiving. We miss him very much and have been trying to cope with his loss. About a week ago I saw a documentary on your family’s experience and was captivated. When I was a child I was a fanatic for WWII airplanes and probably should have been a pilot. I would always draw pictures and build models of planes. My father took me to see the Blue Angels, like you did with James, when I was growing up. Your story got me hooked because I already knew about the history of the Corsair and so I got what James was talking about when he described the quirks of the gull winged F4-U. I might have passed the story by if it had not been for the details that hit me right between the eyes.

    As I said we just lost Daniel a few months ago so learning of your story was a wonderful strike of providence. I just finished the book and wanted to thank you for all your hard work and willingness to share it. My family will be helped in our healing thanks to your kindness. Also, as a person who cares about our WWII vets I want to thank you for honoring them too. My father served in the Air Force and my Uncle was a 2 star Air force General so your work honors them as well.


    Ken Haskin, RA

    • DAVID FIRTH Says:

      Hi. Ken. You should also read Carol Bowman’s books “Children’s Past Lives” and “Return from Heaven.” Carol is the one who advised the Leininger’s to ask James open-ended questions and write down everything he was saying. Without Carol Bowman there would have been no “Soul Survivor” story.

  25. Miriam Says:

    Fascinating story, I had just written a book about past life astrology and Holocaust reincarnation. I hope you get a chance to check it out, as I think you will be fascinated with it. Thanks for doing the work that you do, again it is a fascinating story.

  26. DC Says:

    Dear Andrea and Bruce: Thanks so much for the book. I have it in print and as MP3s on CD. Just finished the nine hours of audio tonight listened to during several car trips. Besides the obvious excellent and amazing information about James 3, I think it’s so cool you have spotlighted the lives and accomplishments, the journeys, of the companions and family of James 2. You have given them a place in history not only for their benefit but for ours. Also, I like Bruce’s answer to a question about reincarnation on this blog. Reminds me of when Dr. John Lerma of San Antonio asked a little boy (who was similar to James in some ways) whether reincarnation is true or not. The little boy (who was dying but enjoyed ready access to the help and friendship of several entities he referred to as angels) replied: “The possibilities are endless.” I thought his non-yes-or-no answer was intriguing.

  27. Jack C. Nixon III Says:

    Dear James:

    It is with the greatest respect and the utmost awe that I write to you today. Having Googled words about the paranormal recently. Seeing your story, briefly on And reading your parent’s book a few days ago. I have found a comfort and an insight that I have been looking for for many years.

    I too have had experiences similar to yours. With two dramatic evenings. One twenty-three years ago. The other reoccurrance last year. And the rest being much subtler than what you experienced in your toddler’s bed. I am based in the Christian faith. And was very much like your father. Highly educated, skeptical, and methodical in my concern for the truth.

    The funny thing was. The experiences were combined in both you and your father. It was like having your father experience what you were going through. It was very very strange.

    Another truth is that I am interested in your story, and writing, for selfish reasons. Your story may, someday, help me and my story. It is a self-interest that I have for my own plight.

    For the world to read, see, and sympathize with your experience. There might be some sympathy for what I have experienced.

    I can imagine there have been others with similar stories, who have written to you. All one can do is listen. And empathize with an open heart. I know you and your parents have gone through a full range of positive and negative reactions over the years. And the metaphysical kooks who have contacted you. Fortunately or unfortunately, “strange” people, animals, and plants come with the territory of discovering new lands and new waters. Like Christopher Columbus, Ferdinand Magellan, or Lewis and Clark. With Thomas Jefferson being presented a Prairie Dog for the first time. When the expedition sent back small animals they found on the Great Plains.

    The only thing that maters is that you and your parents sail a true course. And recall and relate your truth to the world as you know it. As you feel it.

    For that is the best we can do while we are here on earth. And to be patient. And to be as brave in telling it as James Houston Jr. was fighting for our country. And for our freedom.

    It may be a heavy burden as you grow older. If it isn’t already. But in some way or another, many are burdened with special gifts that, hopeful, can be shared with the world. That is learning about who we are. And taking on the responsibility of who we are. And growing up.

    That responsibility, and that generosity. That sacrifice. Might be to help the world move forward. To help lead us down the path to that ultimate goal of being one with God.

    I always love to watch the movie “Amadeus.” And the movie’s view of the special, unexplainable gifts God sometimes springs upon our divine minds (Because our human minds are, in fact, divine.). My given talent was and is being a fine artist. A painter. And my ability to see in special ways, that education developed. Like the education little Mozart, and his older sister received from their gifted father.

    And the happiness his soothing music brings to so many, now. Hundreds of years later. Or Thomas Edison and his hard work. And his gift of the light bulb. And so many thousands more.

    I see a number of men, including Jack Larsen, have passed away. It concerns me that every day. Without those men to help verify your story. A highly polished production for general release to the public becomes less and less substantial. I am a big fan of National Public Radio and National Public Television. I have learned many wonderful things over the years while working on my art. One program is called Secrets Of The Dead. The other is NOVA. Both PBS productions.

    I wondered last night if programs like that might be of interest to your parents? Or, if nothing else. Make the Public Broadcasting System aware of your presence before all the men of the Natoma Bay are gone.

    While watching an excellent program about the roots of Judaism. I thought about approaching them myself. But I did not want to make a move before contacting you and your parents. And truthfully, I am so busy with my small business. I barely have the time. And I would have to make the time. Which is very difficult right now.

    Please thank your parents, for me, in sharing and taking the risk of putting your story out. If there is anything I can do for you to help get your story out. I would be happy to do what I can.


    Jack C. Nixon III

  28. Jim Harrison Says:

    Thanks for the wonderful book and for continuing to tell James’ and your family’s story. Our church men’s group recently had a discussion of reincarnation, including “Soul Survivor”, plus viewing the clips on your web site. We were all impressed that Jame’s experience has strengthened your faith. One question, if you don’t mind. I recall that James mentioned that he had picked you two to be his parents. Do you kind folks have any more information, or discussions with James, about this? Any inkling as to how, why, etc. James did this? Many thanks, and Peace be with you.

  29. Jerry Barnes Says:

    I am a Scientologist, we accept and acknowledge past lives. I will be holding a discussion on past lives at one of our future monthly metaphysical group meetings where I live. I have about four of the videos of your story that was televised, I will us them and some out of body experiences as well. We believe there are three parts to “Man”, body, mind and spirit. The spirit is immortal. The spirit and mind are bound together which answers the question of why we can recall past lives. I truly enjoyed you book. You have to be commended for your tireless research and for your care and nurturing of James through this and not invalidating what he knew to be true.

  30. fpdorchak Says:

    Dear Leininger Family:

    Back in late 2009, I had a “weird WWII B-17 tail gunner” experience that culminated in my writing up a short story. I’ve detailed it out in several blog posts that can be found, starting with my most recent (July 15, 2011): . In getting this short story out there, the lady, Madelon Rose Logue, who runs a newsletter, Black Sheep, and is publishing “Tail Gunner,” asked me about Soul Survivor. So, now I’m going to post a link to your site in the above post’s Comments section. I’m also sending Madelon my two posts about Soul Survivor–which includes comments from Bruce to my Oct 3, 2009 post.

    I hope the family is doing well, and thanks–again–for giving us all your story! As I’m mentioned in the past, I have followed this story for YEARS.

  31. corbenic Says:

    Dear Bruce and Andrea Leininger

    I have been following you since the Soul Survivor book came out. I guess by now the dust has settled.

    Just wanted to know how successful your book was, and if it has changed how people view reincarnation.

    Also, how is James coping with his fame of being a former reincarnated pilot. how has that impacted him now he is older?

    Best regards

    Alex Jones

  32. Susan Bauer Says:

    Bruce – thank you for the Welcome Rock Poem included in the blog in Jan. 2010, your last post. I copied and pasted the poem into a Word document so I can print it off and include it with two gifts of your and Andrea’s book. In an act I best describe as a “God Wink”, I named it in my files as “James Leininger-Huston, Jr.” and when I saved it, alphabetically it is right above another document I had saved called “JapanOkinawaBlueZoneHealthyPoints.doc”. One book will be for my father, a long-time airplane enthusiast who was not “able” to go to war because at the time, he was not eligible due to a heart murmur. I gathered as I grew up that he felt a sense of patriotism and was disappointed he was unable to serve his country. His loss = Our gain. The second book will be for my father-in-law, a little younger than my father, who did serve in the Korean War. He ended up on the technical side of things restoring and painting aircraft which inspired him, upon his return, to work in car body work, finally leading him to his 40-year profession as the Norm of Norm’s Body shop. The family is very proud of his military service and has due respect for his toughness over the years. Your poem and research leading up to it lends itself to the true meaning of inspiration. You, Andrea, & James are so lucky to know what your life’s work really is…not only to raise just a special boy, but to enlighten the families of Natoma Bay…what a gift you gave all of them through yours and Andrea’s tireless research…with no small sacrifice to your own family. It makes me wonder about my own sources for inspiration…being a mom, a dancer/choreographer, volunteer, and contributor to the family income. It also makes me wonder why I decided to read your book after many years since I saw your piece on ABC…it always stuck with me…having been a lover of spiritual things and movies of time travel such as Somewhere in Time about Mackinac Island, Michigan (my homestate). Anyway, does it inspire me to look into my own “past life” or just inspire me to keep listening to the little confirming God Winks along my life’s path ??
    Bruce & Andrea – Thanks for writing the book, it obviously has struck a nerve with me to the point of taking the time to write you. Since you haven’t posted on this blog for awhile I assume Life is just marching on for you as you continue to raise James, who I already know will be a fine adult going along the path he chooses. With parents as loving as you, he can’t go wrong. May you always find peace in knowing that the story was told.
    James – You are now around 13. I have raised two very active boys (which was a challenge considering I grew up in a family of four girls !!) and have encouraged them to follow their hearts and talents wherever they turned. I wish only the best for you during these teenage years and maybe the celebrity is too much and your family has backed off from that. Obviously they are doing what’s best for you (to the best of their ability) so never forget that. I pray for a safe and happy future for you.

  33. Paulo Says:

    Hello Andrea e Bruce.
    I’m from Brazil and I read your book – awesome.
    I’d like to make some contact so that I can send you some archives that might insterest you.
    I hope James is great!

    Thanks for attention,


  34. Ken Harris Says:

    I just read your book “Soul survivor” I couldn’t put it down it was awesome.
    I love to read about WW-2 and have about 200 books on the subject .
    Thank you for all your hard work there doing what you did for all our veterans from WW-2.
    Ken Harris
    Modesto ,Ca.

  35. Miriam Lopes Says:

    Hello Bruce and Andrea …
    How are you and James?

    I just read your book here in Brazil, and really is a wonderful and exciting story. Interested me so much that I could not stop reading. I strongly believe in reincarnation, I believe that the spirit is eternal and I think that nothing happens by chance in our life. Surely James did not choose you as parents to chance. Surely he knew that would help you in some way. You fight and cleared everyone, friends and family before their past trajectory, the family sought clarification that e did not find James and also helped to overcome and follow their journey in life today.
    Thanks for sharing these facts with us. Surely you and we all learned something good with the moving story of James.

    Big hug to you all!!

    Miriam Lopes

  36. Brian Says:

    On page 248, it is started that “Bobbi” join the group for dinner? Who is Bobbi? I don’t recall.



  37. Patty Says:

    The 1940 Census will not be available for access until April of this year 2012!! The book was written in 2009. Bogus facts

    • andrealeininger Says:

      Hi Patty,

      Thank you for your comment. You are correct about the census date. The statement you are referencing is actually a typo. It should have stated the 1930 census. When you write a book, dozen of people get their hands on it and make changes, request re-writes, and want things added or deleted. There are also errors that are inevitably made when the book is typeset. When Bruce and I did our final edit of the book, we found about 300 typos and errors; This being one of them. In the final printing we discovered about 75 of our edits were not actually corrected. They have been fixed now, but unless the book goes into another printing, the errors will remain. If you want to look up the actual record yourself, search for the 1930 census for McCreedy J and Daryl Huston in Pennsylvania. You will find the same record I found. Sorry for the confusion!


  38. Simeon Jankov Says:

    Dear Andrea, Bruce and James,
    I have heard about your story two years ago and I recently found your book, so I’m starting reading it. It is a great story and of course, one of the strongest cases of reincarnation type. I have two further questions: Did you have some contacts with Dr Ian Stevenson while he was still alive, and is James’ sister from the past life still alive? I suppose that their reunion after almost 60 years was something wonderful.
    Best regards,
    Simeon Jankov, Skopje, Macedonia, Europe.

  39. Jaedreth Says:

    Hello. My name is Jason M. Collins. First of all I’d like to remind you that the Roman Catholic Church removed the Doctrine of Reimbodiment from the bible, else all Christians would believe in Reincarnation today. Second, a book that is not in the Bible, the Gospel of Philip, says: “Master, does reincarnation exist?” Jesus replies, “If reincarnation did not exist, the End of Days would have already come.” So while Reincarnation is not part of the teachings of modern Christianity, the belief in Reincarnation is not un-Christian.

    Second, when your son said, “I knew you’d be good parents when I picked you”, he is remembering being *in* the Afterlife, because we do indeed chose our parents, our life mission, etc. before incarnating.

    Now, normally the mind, soul and spirit imprint on the Afterlife, and leave all memory of previous lives in the Afterlife, thus people are incarnated without any memory of having incarnations. Some people get faint glimpses of past lives later in their lives. Adults who ‘remember’ lots of detail about a past life are generally either making stuff up or remembering someone else’s past life because they were in the afterlife watching at the time. Past life memory operates on the same principles as all psychic information: the more you know about who, what, when, where, why and how, the less you know about the others.

    However, small children remembering lots of detail, that’s odd. This is because reality is designed to prevent such memories in newly incarnated people. So the only force that can override the ‘safety systems’ in place in reality is The Fates, which means that your son remembers being James Houston because he is meant to.

    I hope this gives you some understanding and peace.

    Jason M. Collins

  40. iam he Says:

    If it was my kid. I would have framed it for him as a bad dream… and certainly would not have put any reality on it.

    this entire story seems crazy and abusive to the little boy.

    and so many idiots out there now saying this “proves” reincarnation..

    crazy thoughts circulating through the culture…. poor mental hygene… not good for our culture.

  41. Bradford Says:

    James, Andrea, and Bruce-

    Thank you so much for your book and the courage in telling the story of James’ reincarnation.

    Like many others, I couldn’t put the book down. Bruce, I commend you on your tenaciousness, scepticism and work ethic in investigating this mystery. You made a believer out of me.

    To you all here’s a question-at any point during this whole journey, did you feel led? Like something was trying to guide you?

    Furthermore, is it possible part of the reason James picked Bruce for his father was to investigate, write this book, and bring this message to the world (and to doubters everywhere?)

    Could that be part of your family’s purpose in this life?

    Thanks for it all, and please, don’t pay attention to the naysayers. For where they’re at in their own growth, they’re right in their mind. After all, if even Bruce was convinced through all his hard work, couldn’t everyone eventually come around?

    God bless the Leninger Family- Bruce, Andrea, and James!

    With love,


  42. David Says:

    Now that James is 14, has he seen the movie “Patton”? Does he know who Gen. Patton was? Patton believed in reincarnation. I know James would like to join the military someday, but he should also understand that he is famous and will be for the rest of his life.

  43. Alex Jones Says:

    Bruce, Andrea and James, you have no idea how important and inspiring your story is to me. I mention you so many times as I speak about reincarnation. You are the most authentic and down to earth of reincarnation stories I have come across, your honesty and your integrity is as important to your story as the hard evidence that you have provided to the world on reincarnation.

  44. Masumi Says:

    Dear Bruce and Andrea, I first watched James’s story in Japanese TV show and I was very much interested.Then I found that there is a book so purchased and read in just few days. It is amazing story and touched my heart especially when he went to Japan and let his “former life” go.I can only imagin how hard it was for James to go to a country where he got shot and see Japanese people who used to be his “enemy” as his host.

    The story ends after the Japan visit but I would love to know how his memory faded. Did he stop talking about his former memory all of sudden? Does he still call Anne as Annie?

  45. Zack Cohn Says:

    Dear Bruce, Andrea, & James,
    I first want to thank you for your time and dedication to bring to light the amazing history of the War Heroes that served during World War 11 and the battle that took place at Chichi-Jima. Though I know your intentions were to try and understand what your son was going through, it turned out to be a healing event whereby those that fought with James during the war were profoundly and positively affected by your story and were able to get some closure after all these years. You also successfully brought to light other War Heroes that seemed to be missing from the memorial plaques and that is just so amazing to hear. Your story was breathtaking and really changed my life in a profound way. I was raised as a Catholic but have been so fascinated with other Religious beliefs and also New Age ideas. I always kept an open mind to the spiritual unknown because I felt there was never anything to lose. This book has provided me solace as I know for certain that we are spiritual beings having human experiences. Also the fact that James was greeted by his War buddies in Heaven also makes me thrilled that Heaven is a reality as well as reincarnation. I still get the chills to think that when James was able to locate you prior to entering this world, he knew you would be great parents for him. I believe he selected you because he saw that you had a nurturing and supportive nature and that this would be crucial for him during the early years. That is, you were able to solve the mystery of the nightmares and bring peace to his life and at the same time preserve his past life as James M. Huston Jr. Also more importantly you have provided so much evidence to convince a large populace that reincarnation is a reality. I really hope this book becomes a movie because it will only shed more light and bring forth more information for those that have not heard or read your story. I found myself in tears reading these pages and it shook me to the core. Thanks for sharing it with the World. James, who I believe is 15 know mentioned that he wanted to be a pilot like James Huston Jr. Does he still have that desire and is he still uncovering his past to this day? Your response is greatly appreciated and I hope your family is happy and healthy. Please give my best to James 3.

    Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.


  46. Audir Martins Says:

    I congratulate you for the courage to publish this real story.

    I emphasize that Spiritism codified by Allan Kardec, explains in detail what happens to us after death of the physical body and this case is fully explained when studying this doctrine.

    I would like to mention, the reincarnation was fully accepted by chatolics until the year 553.

    At that time the Roman Empire was divided in two, that the capitals were Roma and Constantinopla, the governor at east side (Constantinopla) was Terturiano that got married with Teodora. She had a frivolous life, she left a brothel before she get maried with him. She became the empress who administered the empire. She created several problems for the Vatican. Before she dies in the year 548, she asked her husband Terturiano to become heretical the doctrine of reincarnation, because she did not want to go back to rescue the mistakes he had made. She was so horor her past that tells the story she sent to kill 500 prostitutes of the brothel she went to there was no inheritance.
    The husband who was in love with her in the year 547 demanded that the Pope went to Constantinople and there made the second council of Constantinople that was not unanimous. This council began in 552 and was up to 558. In the year 553 the theory of reincarnation was put on votation, with the threat of those who vote in favor being killed, that won 3-2.
    Just to remember Jesus talk about the reencarnation several times, but I would like to mention the described in John 3:1-12

    Best Regards.

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