Ghost Inside My Child


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  1. akwugm Says:

    Thank you for sending me these video images on James, Cade, & Carson’s experinces. I am still at a loss as to the best way of replying to you. May be I will send you a detailed msg tomorrow or some time soon about my thoughts and feelings about this.

    Right now I just want to let you know I have watched James story 10-20 years ago when Charles Gibson was narrating your and his story on ABC and when the video was first on YouTube, so I am no stranger to your and James trial and triumph, if I may call it that. I also been to your blog / web site about your book that you wrote detailing James story.

    Right now let me give you 3 links to my web site, a web site thats dedicated to preserving the memory and continuing the research of Addison Brown 1922-2000 of Portland Oregon. Addison taught me how to drive back in the late 60’s when he was working as a printer in the duplicating office at Reed College in Portland Oregon where I was a undergraduate student. It was then and in the subsequent years that I became familiar with his pioneering research in Human Understood Reincarnation + Resurrecting the Dead Research. I wrote computer programs for him which predict and forecast for would be mothers the best time to give birth so that the child would be gifted and have high human potential. Some of these charts are on my website the link to which I am listing below. It was Addison’s wish & hope to discover any similarity of the deceased / passed away person’s horoscope based on his or her time of birth, AND the thus reincarnated child / person’s
    birth chart so that mothers can look 9 months ahead and see whether given the prevailing planetary weather or aspects, the ‘Soul’ of the previously existing person or entity as Edgar Casey put it, can be downloaded to use a computer term, or re-acquired by the new born baby as part of a Natural Child birth.

    It was Addison’s belief that the human brain broadcasts minute bio-electro magnetic signals which resonates and super-imposed on (forgot the name here) magneto sphere surrounding the earth. Its now been discovered that they are both resonating at 8 Hz. This sphere of electromagnetic energy surround earth ‘carries’ the signal generated by the human brain much as a radio or tv signal is imprinted or ‘imposed’ on its carrier wave or frequency, thus allowing it to travel far away distances such as to the moon / mars and even to the edge of the solar system.

    This sphere is modulated by the planets such as Mercury Venus and Mars…. together with the sun & the Moon and if we can figure out the ‘frequency ‘ which should be the distorted shaped of this resonating cavity surrounding the earth : -compressed or stretch out by the planets then a would be mother will be able to again ‘download’ or allow a previous “Soul” to enter a new born baby’s body when he or she takes his or her 1st breath.

    so much for now. Hope I didn’t bore you to death so to speak : ) I would love to continue this line of communication and research if the feeling is mutual. Until our next msg i wish you good Health, Happiness and Success inb this coming year 2014.


    Alan K Wu
    Calgary Alberta
    (B.A. Reed college 1972
    Portland, Oregon)

  2. akwugm Says:

    Hi there :-

    Thats a very interesting & moving story / account of your son James endeavor and what he went thru.

    i tried to answer your call but got a msg back from WordPress saying they cant find my email msg which i sent to you. So i posted my reply on your blog in the comments section. Unfortunately its now under moderation. If only they knew how hard and for how long a time we have tried to contact each other.

    so i am emailing again to let you know to check with WordPress regarding comments vuewers might have left with you so thatvall iur efforts will not have beeb in vain.


    Alan K Wu Calgary, Alberta

  3. fpdorchak Says:

    Incredible video, thanks for posting. It’s great to see new experiences being discussed. I posted, based on this post of yours:

    As always, thanks for sharing, and it’s great to see James is doing well and is well adjusted! More people need to see that experiencing even traumatic reincarnational memories won’t destroy one’s child! Bruce and Andrea—you both did an outstanding job in raising James!

  4. akwugm Says:

    Hi there :-

    After i replied to your blog by way of the comments field i realized i forgot to put the 3 links in. They r the links i was talking about in my first msg / reply to you.

    so i went back and re entered them. This time the entire msg / comments disappeared, not even under moderation. I wonder should i re send them to you by email, or should i try entering them in the comments field one more tine? ?

    I think the emphasisys should not be on whose story is 1st or true or even right, that would be misplaced understanding. The emphasisys shoukd be how we can join forces and combine our resources whether it be spiritual, material or scientific, so that we can get the job done and purposely reincarnate (give a departed soul a new body to live in as a life sustaining vehicle) and resurrect someone by joining a departed soul with another body and start another Life Cycle or Period over again. Thus ushering in, as the Bible said, the 1st Resurrection.

    Thank you for your understanding and tokerance of my msg. I hooe i didnt inadvertently offended anyone or any faith.


    Alan K Wu Calgary, Alberta

  5. akwugm Says:

    Ps please forgive all my typos and / or spelling mistakes. I am 65 thus tear and have glaocoma. Plus i am typing on a small tablet and its prone to generate typing mistakes : (

  6. Rick Gombar Says:

    After reading Soul Survivor, I became curious as to whether or not anyone has compared the boy’s DNA with his sisters. Can you imagine what the implications would be if they matched? l would to know.

  7. Rob Kell Says:

    Hi Alan,

    I am very interested in your research as I have studied some of the Cayce materials as well.

    Please email me @ if you would like to explore similar topics further.


  8. Alex Jones Says:

    It is great to see further case studies of reincarnation. It irritates me that such documentaries need to dramatise with spooky music and imagery.

    I always say that all things are a part of nature, so is reincarnation. Nature is beautiful, though it too has its ugly side, but everything in nature is sacred including the cycle of life-death.

    Science deals with the visible side of nature, and reincarnation offers the challenge that since it is on the invisible side of nature, how can one proceed to measure and determine it?

    I believe that everything reincarnates, thus it is “normal”, but there is a quirk in the process resulting from traumatic events that memories carry over to a new life, which for many people become a major disability to their progress in their new life.

    I have been reading at the moment a book called The Little Prince, by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, himself an aviator who died in mysterious circumstances during an air mission in 1944.

  9. James Says:

    ‘Soul Survivor’ – The Book and The Case.
    ‘Soul Survivor’  –  The Reincarnation of a World War II Fighter Pilot set  the pace for what was to become a seemingly perfect example to support the case for reincarnation and to prove ‘past lives’. Those following the doctrine and those desperate to have a case to quote which would prove the theory and be impossible to rebuke, were ecstatic as it became very clear from the International media coverage following the publication of the book.
    As soon as I heard about the ‘Soul Survivor’ case, in August 2009, and started following the news reports, articles, discussions and videos and then obtaining and reading the book, I knew what this really was and what it certainly was not! My heart sank realising that the hell and torment which the two principal characters, James Leininger the child and son of Bruce and Andrea Leininger , and James Huston the American fighter pilot together with their families, were put through to endure, could have been prevented if only the right knowledgeable and understanding people had been there to advise and take charge of the situation in the beginning when the problem first started. An experienced ‘spirit rescue team’ could have nipped it in the bud and communicated with the pilot James Huston to persuade him to realise and understand what had happened to him and set him free from his earthbound and attached condition. The overshadowing and obsession of the child was giving him the false belief that he had reincarnated into the body of James L. At the same time young James L was encouraged to believe that he was the reincarnation of the pilot James H. A total error!

    Reincarnation is a myth and a false theory. James L is now doing fine with his family on earth – James H is freed in his new spiritual home.
    The reincarnation illusion is caused by discarnate spirits overshadowing and attaching to those on earth in a physical body.

  10. Clara Dunne Says:

    Hi, just finished the book “Soul Survivor”. It has left me in tears, I truly believe in reincarnation as well and this story has really moved me. God Bless James and to you both for the support you have given him. Truly remarkable story.

  11. Eric Smith Says:

    I wanted to take a moment and thank all of you for having the courage to live through and write about your amazing journey. My seventy something year old father in-law recently lost his four year battle with brain cancer. He was an amazing man with great intelligence who struggled with the process of dying. After reading your book, he was able finally find the tangible proof that he so desperately was looking for his entire life and could not find it until reading your book. Your book provided him and our entire family with a great sense of assurance that his journey was not ending with his death, rather it was just beginning. Because of your courage, millions of people will also be helped by your journey. Good luck in everything that you do James. Congratulations on earning your Eagle Scout badge too, what a great achievement!

  12. James Says:

    Clara and Eric you are both obviously convinced reincarnationists and somehow get satisfaction from your belief in the doctrine?
    I was also a believer up to about 40 years ago and then discovered, or rather was led to the truth- thank God!

    I was sorry to hear of the suffering your dear father in-law endured before his passing but he will be in his heavenly home, united with loved ones and no fear of having to return again to this lowly, horrendous, material and non-progressive earthplane.

    The profound spiritual teachers inform us that there is no reincarnation and those in the spirit world have no experience of it.
    I am nearly eighty and look forward to meeting up again with my loved ones and friends who wait to greet me. I do not expect to be told that they have reincarnated back to earth and become somebody else! You surely don’t really believe that do you Clara and Eric? It is an insult to our loving creator! It is regression not progression of the immortal soul.

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