“Confessions of a Skeptic”

“Confessions of a Skeptic”

By Ken Gross


            How shall I put this? I do not believe in reincarnation. Not in this lifetime. I think Fitzgerald got it right; there are no second acts. One day I will die and that will be that.

Thus stands like a rock my unflinching opinion on the subject.

So, when my agent – who believes in everything except me – asked me to write a book about reincarnation, I, said, “Sure.”

            Why pick a hard-core skeptic, a journalist, (for God’s sake!), a Cassandra marinated in the smoky cynicism of H.L. Mencken to write a book about something as gauzy and hopeful as faith. It would be like turning the rationalist fox (no relation to the irrational media Fox) loose in the paranormal henhouse?

            Obviously, he needed a doubting Thomas, a disbeliever, a cranky cynic to demonstrate that the fix wasn’t in. Who better to vouch for the integrity of Disneyworld than a certified grouch?

            And then there’s this interesting other question: why would I take such a job?

The answer is simple. I don’t know. I do like to look into forbidden rooms, I watch Hannity (just to scream at the set), I poke at a sore tooth. I once told Ed Koch how I thought he was doing; (he didn’t appreciate the opinion, but as I always say, don’t ask and I won’t tell.)

            Who should ghost the book? Bridey Murphy? Some gullible slave to the outré opinions of the occult?

No, me, a reliable nay-sayer. I saw my duty and backward into the past I marched.

There was, of course, a catch. In order to do this book, I would have to sort of “pass over,” in a manner of speaking. That is, the child who is the subject of this book lived in Lafayette, Louisiana – the Deep South – a part of the country in which I have had more than one near-death experience.

In 1971, when I was a reporter for Newsday on Long Island, I rode with Charlie Evers (the brother of the slain NAACP civil rights leader, Medgar Evers,) as he campaigned for governor of Mississippi. We rode all over the Mississippi Delta and as we drove across the exposed highway, I heard the sound of bullets whizzing past our windshield. Snipers in the trees. Charlie kept a loaded pistol on the seat of the car in case we got a flat. A spare tire in that part of Mississippi in the early ‘70’s was not enough.

So that’s how I remembered the south. With fear and disbelief.

*                                        *                                     *

But this was 2007 and James Leininger lived in the quiet coastal plain of Louisiana – a town called Lafayette. There were no Obama posters, but there were storefront poker palaces and fast-food stretches and a decent hotel. (At one chicken restaurant, as I waited in line for lunch, the manager loudly fired the entire staff, then came out and asked if anyone on the line wanted a job. I went to find a McDonald’s.)

*                                                *                                    *

Bruce and Andrea Leininger were a handsome couple. Not unsophisticated. She had been a ballet dancer in New York and he studied political science at Columbia University under Zbigniew Brzezinski. Now he was working in human relations in the oil industry.

When I got down there, and we started to work on the book, they did not have a clear idea of how this story unfolded – just that something miraculous had taken place to their son James under their roof. It was a painful and awkward process – putting it all together, getting the sequences right, checking out the details, finding the right structure. Together, we drew up timelines and made charts and put it down on paper:

In the year 2000, when James had just turned two, he began to shout in his sleep – not always coherent – but it seemed to be about a World War II pilot killed in the battle of Iwo Jima. At first, it was just a kid having nightmares. But slowly, over a period of time, the child, James Leininger, began to deliver incredible accurate details, speak coherently, add uncanny facts – minutiae about the pilot – James Huston – his life and history. The information he divulged was of such breadth and diversity that it became impossible to dismiss, and even now, even as I still do not believe in reincarnation, I have no reasonable explanation for that unwinding story.

I’ve heard people say, oh, he must have been coached, or influenced by watching TV. But this was a child in his diapers, still sucking on a bottle. How could he be coached to know the flight characteristics of World War II era fighter planes? How could he know the names of the ships and the sailors who had taken part in a certain battle at a certain time?  

James Leininger had been examined and tested by Carol Bowman, an authority on the subject of children who have supposedly experienced “past lives. She vouched for his authenticity. James had already appeared on television (a media vetting that has popular, if not scientific standing), and was recognized by the paranormal community as the most authentic case of an American “past life”. Children experiencing “Past Lives” is a well-established (albeit controversial) field of paranormal studies. Several universities have departments devoted solely to its study.

It was always Bruce’s intention to debunk his son’s story. He was an evangelical Christian and thought that proof of reincarnation would damage his faith – one life, one soul, everlasting. Andrea accepted her son’s claims and didn’t attach any particular religious significance to the whole thing. But Bruce was dogged. Over time, he found that there was an annual reunion of members of the ship that his son had named as his own in his sleep. If he could prove that there were no Corsairs (the plane that James insisted he had flown in the war), he would have made his case that the story was not true and his faith was safe. Bruce began to attend the reunions of surviving crew members of Natoma Bay – an escort carrier that took part in the battle. He gathered up facts, all confirming the data fed by his son James, all also confirming that there were no Corsairs on Natoma Bay. He held onto that discrepancy as a holy chalice.

But something odd happened. During the course of his quest to debunk the story, Andrea tracked down the families of the dead crew members and eventually found James Huston’s sister, Ann. The sister had never had any contact with the ship or with the reunions. Still, she was curious about James Leininger, and, finally, sympathetic to his claims to be her brother. She was old and it was hard for her to travel from California, however, so she sent a batch of photographs of her brother taken during the war. And in a couple of the photographs, there was James Huston standing in front of a Corsair.

 There were other odd things – when she sent James Leininger a drawing that her mother made of James Huston – the child asked where was the other picture? The other picture – buried up in the attic for sixty years – was a drawing of Ann. Her mother had made two drawings when they were children. How could James Leininger have known that? Ann was stunned. No one knew about that other picture. Except her dead brother.

*                                                 *                                                 *

As I say, I don’t believe in reincarnation. I hardly believe in carnation.. I am a secular, rationalist skeptic. But I have no reasonable explanation for James Leininger/Huston.

(“SOUL SURVIVOR: The Reincarnation of a World War II Fighter Pilot” by Bruce and Andrea Leininger with Ken Gross will be published by Grand Central Publishing in June of 2009.)


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  1. SmartLX Says:

    You’re going to want to read this. It has some information from different sources which you might not have seen before.


  2. Jill Xeokwe Says:

    I have just finished “Soul Survivor”. I’m a beleiver and have been for a couple of years now. Thank you for this story! It’s nice to see this kind of thing from our neck of the woods.

    • Bruce Leininger Says:

      We appreciate you. Thanks for your support.

    • warrenscottfentress Says:

      i before e, except AFTER c. Please, English isn’t that difficult, although the rules are inconsistent. A simple spell check makes your comment much easier to read. Thank you.

      PS, I know in my heart that James story is true, because the EVIDENCE tells us so. Not to mention the Dali Lama and others who connect with their previous lives, there are excellent documentaries about NDE’s that prove human consciousness (the spirit, soul, etc.) transcends the brain. Thus, the soul CAN survive death, and thus, re-inhabit another body. I don’t claim to know how it works, but I have faith it does.

  3. Anne Butler Hall, Ph.D. Says:

    You should take your skeptic, judgmental Yankee self to Virginia Beach and go through the Edgar Cayce files at the Association for Research and Enlightenment. I was able to verify numerous family associations/medicalconditions/stories, etc. which are documented there. The past life ones were especially intriguing!
    PS-Maybe you’ll even find a warped, decaying Obama poster lying around to make you feel safe and secure in the scary South!

    • Bruce Leininger Says:


      Edgar Casey is good. But I love Ken Gross – as a skeptic Ken tempered us. We know this story touched him and he loves our son. My hope is that Ken absorbs this and moves in the direction his spirit takes him.
      I’m a transplanted Yankee in the south OMG!!! It’s cool 🙂

  4. Ron Says:

    I quote Sherlock Holmes; (paraphrasing) When all other explanations are disproved the facts and explanations left MUST be the truth.
    Observe the eyes of the two individuals James and James. With the same expression, and approximate age and you will see they are very close to being the same. Because this face feature is the one closest in each reincarnation. for more info on reincarnation you may want to investigate the Billy Meier Case. http://www.billymeier.com

    • Bruce Leininger Says:

      I am with you brother.

    • Warren Peace Says:

      As I recall, Billy Meier is the Swiss ‘Pleiades UFO Beamship hoaxer’. As much as I want to believe in re-incarnation (and your story is the best case I’ve seen next to the Dali Lama’s), don’t you think by associating with a known hoaxer (says his wife), you lose a little credibility?

      Interestingly, I wrote a song about re-incarnation, where I was a P39 Aircobra pilot who got sot down…

      God bless us all – we’re going to need it
      Warren Peace

      • warren peace Says:

        I have reconsidered my feelings about Meier. He likely hoaxed some shots, due to ego issues, burt I have since witnessed an extra-terrestrial aerial vehicle, so I KNOW they are here. I have since done hundreds of hours of research, and now believe that MOST eyewitness accounts are probably true.

  5. Sujatha Says:

    I thought your sons reincarnation is very interesting. I also watched your appearance on ABC network. I have spoken with hundreds of children who have reincarnated. I am not sure, if you know buddhism have a well descriptive information about reincarnation.

    Try and talk to buddhist monk to get information. There are plenty of information in sri lanka about this. I am sure you must be respecting all the religions, specially after James previos fait wasn’t unknown. I really wish JAmes and all of you luck!!!!!!

    • Bruce Leininger Says:


      There is a unifying spirit to this world. Just like Einstein’s unified theory. We all have more in common than those things that make us different.

      I have some awareness of Buddhism and it intrigues me.

      Thanks for your support.


  6. Linda Strickland Says:

    I remember watching the story on T.V. when James was first interviewed at about two years of age. I was happy to see the update video and hear of the book. I am also a Christian, but this is the most convincing story I have heard to date. I also noticed the facial similarities. As I looked at the photos of your son and of James Huston, I felt I was indeed looking into the eyes of the same individual. There must be some very important unfinished task that Mr. Huston needed to complete. I am sure we will see it unfold with time.
    Thank you for sharing your story with everyone.

  7. JoAnn Chernikovich Says:

    I am wondering how you came to name him James I think that is unnerving in it’s self.. How did you choose that name? That has to be part of the story.

    • James' Aunt GJ Says:

      James Madison Leininger was named after his paternal Great Great Great Grandfather, James Madison Scoggin who fought for the Confederacy in The War Between The States.

    • andrealeininger Says:

      Shortly after Bruce and I were married, I began working on my family genealogy. I discovered my Great Great Grandfather had served for the Confederacy in the Civil War, and was captured during the battle of Mobile Bay and help prisoner till the end of the was on Ship Island. My GG Grandfather’s name was James Madison Scoggin, and that is who James is named after.

      • Kathy Says:

        I first learned of James’ story through my sister who is married to Andrea’s cousin Jim…how fun and neat it was to read a book that spoke of their GG Grandfather – and the Scoggin clan. A truly amazing story – and a great book – great tribute to all who served with James Huston. Thank you for telling the story.

      • A. Clark Scoggin Says:

        My G Gfather was James Madison Scoggin
        as well and was a Confederate soldier and
        is buried in Ellisville, MS. Could we be

      • andrealeininger Says:

        Hey Clark,

        Yes, we are cousins! My father was Gerald Travis Scoggin, Grandfather Was Travis Leon Scoggin, and my Great Grandfather was Joseph Clark Scoggin. Which of James Madison’s sons are you descended from?


  8. GayLynne Says:

    There is no such thing as reincarnation. Your child was and likely still is a sensitive. Most likely he is also highly intelligent. When a child is small if he is bothered by earth bound spirits they transpose the spirit to themselves. Most likely the earthbound spirit was drawn to your son because he had the same first name and resembled his child self. We all have dopplegangers. This earthbound spirit had unfinished business and used your son to finish it. Many earthbound spirits are people who died violent unexpected deaths. In the bible it says be not attached to things of this earth. Folks that have had near death experiences have recalled seeing souls attached to this earth trying to talk to loved ones or engaging in behaviors that they were never able to give up. As your child grows older these prophetic dreams most likely have almost ceased. These gifts are often lost has a child matures. I would check the EMF reading in your home also. High EMFs can be responsible for increased sensitivities. It’s nothing to be afraid of and nothing to alter your Christian beliefs. It is appointed man once to die. There’s a great book called Return from Tomorrow by MD George G Ritchie that illustrates what I am speaking with regards to earthbound spirits. If your sons dreams have gone, it may be the man has crossed over. Again nothing to be afraid.

    • Deborah Says:

      The history of reincarnation is very interesting. Before anyone assumes that an “earthbound spirit” is the reason a child has memories, looking into the work of historians and ancient documents is important.

      Carol Bowman’s first book “Children’s Past Lives” has a whole chapter titled “Dogma Bites Man.” You can read it here –


    • andrealeininger Says:

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts on what James could have been experiencing. We did take that option into consideration when we were going through this with James, especially since James had an imaginary friend for a few years named “Billy”. He also named a GI Joe doll “Billy”. But James also had memories of going to heaven and choosing to return. So I finally concluded that the had been reincarnated and was not haunted or channeling an earthbound spirit. That is, however, my own personal conclusion. In telling our story, we knew that there would be others who did not believe in reincarnation – as my husband didn’t, and that everyone would have their own pet theories on what actually occured. It’s all part of what makes this so interesting for us! Thanks again.

    • Lori Says:

      It is interesting to me how this individual can make a blanket statement such as this and then go on to “explain” your son’s reality!!! We could make the case that there is no such thing as an earthbound spirit and certainly no dopplegangers. And many individuals here have cited numerous sources, including the bible, of reincarnation.

      Allow enlightenment to invite you to open your mind to greater universal possibilities, GayLynne.

      Although I have not yet had a chance to read the book, I know that I will. I applaud you, Bruce, Andrea, and James to have the courage of spirit to tenaciously research copious material and journey to locales of import to provide the extraordinary story for us all and risk ridicule and disbelief; we know there will always be the skeptics.

      Kudos, much success and well wishes to you all- you have my admiration along with many others here on the blog.

    • Warren Peace Says:

      Your conviction that there is no reincarnation is a bit Judeo-Christian-affixed; What about the Dali Lama’s? And the millions of Hindi and other Indian people who do not believe in Jesus, but do believe in reincarnation? If you think they are condemned to a hell, then Ms. Lynne, you misunderstand the teachings of Jesus. But your idea that he might be picking up data from the holistic cosmic consciousness is possible, although no more believable than reincarnation.

      For myself, the math that supports our cosmos demands infinity, and one of infinity’s effects is eternity. What is the purpose of this universe (or multiverse, or God-mind-eternity/ consciousness machine, or whatever it is)? To express the infinite; to fulfill every probability; to keep the Godhead amused through eternity. We are all actors in the cosmic soap opera, which never truly ends (although it might get cancelled from time to time, it returns in syndication).

      Something eternal can have no beginning, which is difficult for humans to understand; likewise is the idea of the binary spiral Ouroboros (which the Chinese discovered 5000 years ago, and iconified in the yin-yang symbol). The universe was never created; it has always existed (which is nearly the same thing as creating something from nothing – but this is where I believe Genesis got it wrong – ‘In the beginning, … and then God said “let there be light”‘ – so, in other words, God existed before the Earth, of course – I am equating the cosmos, and the nothing beyond it with God); The mysteries of this Earth will keep us guessing far longer than the planet will allow us to exist here at the current rate we are killing it.

      Reincarnation may or may not be real, but is that any more at issue than an immortal soul? As a ‘sensitive’ myself, I have had too many curious synchronicities to believe in the material-only world; that being said, no matter how hard I pray, meditate, or contemplate, I cannot affect the ‘higher planes’ (or dimensions, etc.), but sometimes they do affect me. If we remain skeptical, and keep asking questions, doing research, and applying the scientific method as new technologies and theories come to light, we may as yet find an answer. But as to the reason for our lives, perhaps there is no point to any of it, but if upon my death I am locked in heaven for the rest of eternity, at least I came, I saw, I questioned, I loved, and lost. You can catch me Tuesday’s at 8 on the Well of Souls channel.

    • warrenscottfentress Says:


      The conviction with which you claim “there is no reincarnation” makes you sound fatuous, because unless you are a higher realm being yourself (angel, etc..), then how can you KNOW? You can’t. The FACTS (Evidence, Data, etc) are beginning to prove reincarnation DOES in fact exist (i.e., statistics are showing a correlation). NDE’s (Near Death Experiences) have proven the mind (=consciousness=soul?) is independent of the brain, and ones’ sense of “being-ness” (not the ego? Perhaps the energy of thought identity, spiritual intelligence, …?) can live separate and distinct from the body. Thus, the brain (& body) is a “container for the soul”, as many of our spiritual texts seem to agree on. And now, science has begun to verify this, which is truly exciting!

      And instead of quoting arcane pseudo-religious works with outlying theories, shouldn’t it be the truth that you really searching for? And science is our best tool with which to find the truth, because it seeks answers which:
      – are repeatable
      – hold up to scrutiny
      – can be modeled mathematically (the “language of God”, if ever there was)
      – can evolve over time as new data comes to light, as some truths are dynamic (at least, our understanding of them are).

      In your scenario, your description actually sounds like possession. Why is that function possible, yet reincarnation not? This makes no real sense to me, because the mechanics seem similar. Although a possessed person’s mind is either being ‘invaded’ by the other identity’s spirit, or is choosing to act as a medium. But this is where your theory falls apart. A new soul, with no life experience, is able to channel a displaced spirit? I don’t think ‘God’ would allow such a ‘function’, because there would be too many innocent babies being victimized. Plus, there is less evidence of this – reincarnation has thousands of cases or more, while it is also true there are a lot of possession cases, maybe they BOTH occur (and perhaps in ways we don’t yet fully understand).

      Regardless, there are lots of features to metaphysical phenomenon. I don’t claim to have the answers, but I can tell you that whatever we think about it, it will likely be stranger than we imagine, and than we CAN imagine.

  9. Thynn Says:

    I have not read the book yet but I did look at the abc interview and the video. I have heard and read many rebirth stories in Burma where I was born but James’ recollection is the most detailed and mind boggling. As Buddhists we believer in kamma (same as karma) and rebirth and the imprint of past lives are carried along with what we call the stream of consciousness which traverses from life time to life time enlessly. In this stream of conciousness the kammic imprint is the imprint of past existences which can manifest as predispositions, talents, traits, mannerisms and of course memories too. Your story of James accoording to Buddhist teachings is very credible and probable.

    ONe thing that strikes me is that there is a 60 yr interval between the death of James II and James III. Most probably James II could have had a previous rebirth in between these two life times and it also seems James’ memories were being carried through to the 2nd rebirth which is the current lifetime. I have read a story of a young Burmese nun in Burma who remembered not just one but two previous lifetime and it was in significant details like James’ too. I will try to post the story later on.

    Also in the teachngs the moment of death determines the next life or future lives. This seems to bear out the terrible night mares of James at 2 yr old. His nightmares probably were memories of moments just before his death in that burning airplane. Those moments are extremely potent according to the teachings especially when there is extreme emotions like terror or anger. But I am also very happy James has taken human rebirth in a fine Christian family like yours and I applaud your approach of meticulously researching and finding out the truth instead of trying to admonish the child and smother his story and memories. It could have done him more harm than good.

    I am profoundly touched and admire your wisdom and compaasion for taking your son to Japan to the crash site where he was able to
    have closure with that horrible part of his past life and he can more on in this new life without the baggage. What a wonderful ending !
    Thank you so much for sharing your story even though you knew you can be ridiculed and criticised and so on.

    As a Buddhist of coure I am gratified because it validates the teachings of the Buddha and it has been experienced by people like James. In
    Buddhist Psychology there is detailed description of how death and rebirth takes place and what elements of the mind are transmitted to the next life and future lifetimes.

    I am just profoundly happy for James III and the two of you Bruce and Andrea for your courage, deep love and wisdom for your child. Bleas your hearts and may you have a peaceful and happy family life as well as a wonderful future for James. I would like to make a request that you continue writing about James and his growing up. It will be a wonderful life for us readers to observe and celebrate with the two of you and James.

    By the way I am a dhamma teacher and have founded a smalll Buddhist center in California.

    All the best and much love

    Thynn Thynn

    • Bruce Leininger Says:


      Your message is profound. Thanks for your kind words. My conjecture about what has happened to my son is limited because the facts speak so loudly i have no need for conjecture.

      The publishing of this book seems to be a new stage on the joiurney of spiritual enlightenment for many folks. Contemplating that journey and your active role in nurturing your soul in order to develop it is prompted by this book.

      We plan to contiue chronicling this journey.

      Peace to you my friend.


  10. Janice Cannon Says:

    I believe in life. Period. We all are currently experiencing a (one) physical life. But…think about this. Were every individual to remember past live experiences in detail or even only in part, from current birth to death, there would likely be no sane individuals! It is difficult enough to deal with today’s problems without having to worry about yesterday’s (even worse, yesterlife’s) problems.) I believe that is why few individuals can remember a past life. However, on occasion, a person (such as James) does remember and provide details that can be documented and verified. I very much look forward to reading his story in the book, Soul Survivor! Incidentally, I was raised with Christian beliefs and values which I still maintain, but I, personally, have always believed in reincarnation and eventually stumbled across the work of Edgar Cayce, which to me, validates reincarnation. I personally have no past life (lives) recall, but I’ve no doubts that it is fact. I have been waiting for a story such as James’ to come along and can’t wait to read it!

    • Bruce Leininger Says:

      Glad to hear what is on your mind. The story is the story – the journey is one that each of us are traveling. James gives me a sense of peace. His story lends to answering a riddle that each of us must answer.
      We certainly can’t wait to hear your feedback once you have read our book.


  11. Sandra Says:

    i just finished the book, I liked the story but it failed to captivate my attention. It seems to me that the book was more about the parent’s quest than this amazing WWII pilot and his crew-mates. I believe in past lifes but I would have liked much more details from both James(II and III) to be included. Thank you

  12. Philip Wilson U.S.U.P. Says:

    This is in response to the women claiming that James was not reincarnated, but that he was haunted. That maybe a true. However is it really a stretch to consider that reincarnation is a possibility? IF you are going to the conclusion that the ghost of James Houston was hanging around this 2 year old boy. Then why is it so difficult to believe that some souls incarnate more then once.

    As someone who spends his weekends in other peoples houses looking for ghosts. I too believe that it maybe a possibility That james Huston’s spirit was haunting little james. However that does not explain how eerily similar the two james’s look. It also doesn’t explain how james felt he knew Annie when he met her.

    I think it sound’s like a clear cut case of Reincarnation

    I haven’t read the book yet. I just bought on my Kindle today. But I heard the family interviewed on Darkness radio. I was intrigued enough to pick up the book. I was skeptical at first but I think the pictures are what convinced me. The way the two people look so similiar. Now this might be a giant hoax and the pictures could have been phototshoped. But somehow I dont think so. Maybe I want to believe that this is the case.

    As someone who in the past has had past life memories. This story really resonated with me. And I think that we are stupid if we pretend to know what happens after we die. We see through a dark glass clearly. We see little snippets of the afterlife. But we never see the whole thing. It is arrogance to think that we can.

    • Bruce Leininger Says:

      Your are correct we really do not know what happens after we die. Our story about pour son gives but a glimpse of the dimension we are dealing with. There is a universe of unknown out there. Our son has come back to divulge one aspect of that unknown.


  13. Indupati das Says:

    Krishna explains in the Bhagavad-gita (2.13):
    “As the embodied soul continuously passes, in this body, from boyhood to youth to old age, the soul similarly passes into another body at death. A sober person is not bewildered by such a change.”

    The details of the science of reincarnation are all available in the Vedic literatures, of which Bhagavad-gita is the essence.

    Reincarnation is as real as birth, old age, disease and death.

    The question is, what is the purpose of life? The answer is also given in the Vedic literatures: To re-establish our eternal relationship with the Supreme Lord, a relationship which we have forgotten for a long time during our soujourn to find happiness independently from Him.

    Another verse from Bhagavad-gita (7.19):
    “After many births and deaths, he who is actually in knowledge surrenders unto Me, knowing Me to be the cause of all causes and all that is. Such a great soul is very rare.”

    For more info, please read Bhagavad-gita As It Is.

  14. Patrick Says:

    I just read the brief bit from Ken and I am confused about one thing. Were there Corsairs on the Natoma?

    • andrealeininger Says:

      Hi Patrick,
      No, there were no Corsairs that ever flew off Natoma Bay. And that fact is what kept Bruce convinced that all of James’s statements were some bizarre coincidence. It wasn’t until I found James Huston’s sister, Anne, and she sent us a package that included photos, that we discovered Huston had flown a Corsair. In that package was a photo of James Huston standing in front of a Corsair. Through records Bruce obtained from the National Archives, Bruce discovered that immediately before being assigned to Natoma Bay, Huston was in squadron VF-301, an elite squadron assembled to test the Corsair for carrier use. So while Huston didn’t fly a Corsair off Natoma Bay, he did have extensive experience flying that particular airplane. I hope that clears up the confusion.

    • Bruce Leininger Says:

      Further to Andrea’s response.
      Some people have said that James claimed he was shot down while flyng a Corsair. That is not true. He only said he flew one. This confused me because of Andrea’s post.
      In talking with Brad Therrell and Bob Greenwalt, two squadron mates who are still alive, from VF-301 and VF-302. Both squadrons worked together test flying the Corsair and sailed to Espirito Santo together in May 1944. They felt they had been demoted when these squadrons were disbanded and they were assigned to VC-81 aboard NATOMA BAY.

  15. JoAnn Chernikovich Says:

    No one could have made this story up. Thank you , for being brave enough to tell your story,and stand up to the nay sayers. That takes nerve
    Now for any one who say the are a Christian and do not beleive, do as I did. I went to Google and Typed in,” What the Bible says about reincarnation” You will be amazed. I had found some of these scriptures years ago, and reading yourstory I went back and reread… Amazing. I beleive it is true, as what ever was, will be, and what ever will be,was…read it.

    • Bruce Leininger Says:


      You are correct. The amusing theory about making up this story is just that – amusing.
      If anyone out there truly feels that way please know you are welcome to come visit us. You can spend the next six months sifting through the mountain of information on tape and in paper binders to sort this out for yourself. It is all in one place on about 12 feet of book shelves.


  16. Doreen Ziegler Says:

    Dear Bruce and Dre,

    I am JoAnn’s daughter. I have been wondering about a story so similar to yours. Years ago I was listening to Coast to Coast AM. A Christian woman called in on openlines and told about her grandson. The tyke started to tell her stories about “when I was big with you before.” He started describing things that only her first husband would have known. He was a World War II vet who she had divorced, because he was a alcoholic. She did always love him. He passed way just before the grandson was born.
    When I first heard you on the TV, I thought it was the same story, but it was not. The one thing the little guy insisted upon was the yellow dress of grandma’s. Grandma did not have a yellow dress. He looked all through her closet, upset that he could not find her yellow dress.
    One day they were looking through old pictures and lo and behold Grandma pulled out her prom picture of her and her first husband. There she was in her yellow dress!! The lad of course was, “I told you so!”
    I am wondering if this woman has ever contacted you? I think it would comfort her to know that other Christians have taken this same journey.
    Has Coast to Coast contacted you? George Norrey and Ian Pundant are wonderful hosts and will make you feel comfortable….you should do it!!
    Gotta run for now…have a great and blessed day.
    Doreen Ziegler

    • andrealeininger Says:

      Hi Doreen,
      I have not heard the specific story you mentioned above, but if you go to Carol Bowman’s forum (there is a link on this website – go to blog and the pull down menu called links will come up. Click on that) you will read hundreds of stories about children and adults who have personally experienced past life memories. And we have not done Coast to Coast yet, but are working on that right now. We’ll be sure to make a posting about it on this website when we have a definite date and time. Thanks again for sharing that story with us. It’s so nice to know we’re not alone with these experiences!


      • Russ Says:

        I have had dreams/memories of a similiar experience as James 3….I too have been obsessed with aircraft from a very early age….I remember being severly injured having been shot down in a P-51 and crashing in the water, I could see my injuries and the cockpit filling with water and saying out loud in a matter of fact way “this must be it”, there was no fear. I’ve been a professional pilot for many year now, I just wish I could remember more from that lifetime.


  17. Christine Says:

    Thank you for having the courage to share your story. Several years ago, when my daughter was 5, she matter-of-factly spoke to me about the other person inside her skin. She told me that when she died she would come out of another stomach, and that sometimes kids are sad because they miss their old parents.

    Our family’s attitudes correspond to Ken’s, as do those of pretty much everyone around us in our blue-state secular rationalist coastal metropolitan area. I don’t believe my daughter had been exposed to the notion of reincarnation. My immediate thought, when she spoke of this to me, was “Well, I guess that’s why Hindus and Buddhists believe in reincarnation. Their children told them about it and they listened. How wise of them.” Subsequent Internet research revealed how common our experience was.

    We may have different beliefs about what this all means, and this may have been a more revelatory experience for me, as an atheist, than for you, as Christians. But I consider that we and others who have experienced this personally are very fortunate to have such personal confirmation that something so unexplainable through current science is real. Whether anyone else believes doesn’t really matter.

    (That being said, I found the Skeptico blog humorous. It’s hard to imagine the author has been the parent of an 18-month old!)

    • andrealeininger Says:

      Thanks for your post. I have to agree that, had I not gone through this experience personally, I would be skeptical about it if someone mentioned it to me. But I think there is a lot to learn about what happens with our spirits, and that is why Bruce and I wanted to tell our story. Obviously there are many incidents of this phenomenon with children, and if all parents took the time to write down their childrens remarks, we may eventually gain a better understanding about the journey our soul takes through time.

      And Skeptico…Is he the guy who thought James was sneaking out of the house and reading military books at the library when he was two? Ha ha ha! I have to laugh, too. If you can believe a two year old can sneak out of the house, get himself to the library without anyone noticing, and spend hours researching military history, then reincarnation doesn’t seem like such a stretch of the imagination!!

    • Bruce Leininger Says:

      Skepticism is good and healthy. If everyone is thinking the same way then no one is doing much thinking and we become like Lemmings running over a cliff.
      When skepticism turns to cynicism it is unhealthy and destructive. If Skeptico remains skeptical that’s great. If he turns cynicial we’ll stop talking to him – no need to ruin a good day.

  18. Bella Says:

    I just finished reading the book SOUL SURVIVOR. Loved it. Do I believe in reincarnation? No, but I know we have all lived before… many many many past lives. No need to prove it either. It’s like asking someone to prove that cars exist or that birds fly. You can either observe these things or not. So the disbelievers? Eh… If you know you have lived before then you don’t have to ‘freak out’ people who can’t recall their past lives. But guess what? All they have to do is die and they’ll find out.
    ‘Nuff said.

    Anyway, consider this. Let’s just suppose that people not only lived before but as a result of this being common knowledge, we’d be very much aware of the fact that ‘we reap what we sow’.

    Make the world a better place as part of your daily activities? You’ll come back to a better world. Act like your actions don’t matter? You’ll come back to a difficult life. No need to believe. You’ll find out when your current body dies.

    But the good news is that when you don’t have amnesia about your past lives you can use all of that knowledge to change conditions for yourself, your family, your country, etc.

    And that just might be the beginning of how we achieve world peace.

    • Bruce Leininger Says:

      You have a refreshing approach to all of this. We wrote our story to tell people exactly what happened. The reincarnation debate is fascinating regardless of what folks believe. You are correct – if our awareness of the eternal journey sinks in then our view of the world we live in should change and how we live our lives with it.

  19. Jeff Mangan Says:

    Happy Father’s Day!

    I’m a 47 year old father of three girls, who never fully believed in reincarnation until a couple of years ago. However, my experience doesn’t directly involve my daughters as it did with your son James.

    I was raised in a large Catholic family of ten, and attended parochial elementary school. As a child, I openly questioned much about the tenets of the Church (e.g., immaculate conception, sainthood, etc.), wondering why these concepts were presented as fact – with no physical proof – and was criticized and punished accordingly. They told me I had no faith, and was spiritually bankrupt.

    I find it intriguing that many people believe in these religious concepts, but completely reject the possibility of reincarnation without any further consideration. For me, the whole idea of one life, one death – the result for which is your soul goes to either heaven or hell – never made sense to me! Life is too vastly complex for this simple construct.

    Bruce and Andrea – I would like to correspond with you further via email versus blog. If you’re interested, please send me an email. My short story is this:

    In high school, I studied French and had such a knack for it that I got A+’s without trying and received an award from a local university. Learning the mechanics of the language was second nature to me, but the real drive was my passion for the history (especially World War II) and culture of France. I wanted so badly to join AFS, and live with a French family, but my parents couldn’t afford it.

    At University of Wisconsin-Madison, I majored in French and Business, and I spent my Junior year in Aix-en-Provence. It was there that I had my first slight feelings of having been there before, which I dismissed. During that year and many times since (my wife worked for the airlines), we traveled all over Europe, and despite my love of history, I always declined an opportunity to visit a battlefield of any kind. It seemed too heavy, morbid and depressing. Instead, I opted for bars, art museums, skiing in the French Alps and the beaches of the Mediterranean.

    About three years ago, I was visiting a longtime fraternity friend and noticed a shadow box with a folded American flag, pictures of his father, and medals. He said his father served in the Army and was a Warrant Officer during WWII. I looked closer at one of the medals and saw the word “Normandy”. He said his father never liked to discuss it, and passed away many years before. We pulled out an old box of his father’s military mementos which had been stuffed way back in his attic – photographs and field reports (typed on military onion paper and stamped “CLASSIFIED”), the first dated entry being “June 6, 1944”. Combing through all of this historic material I said, “Tom, we’re going to Normandy.”

    Tom and I attended the 63rd Anniversary of D-Day – June 6, 2007, never anticipating the wave of emotion that would pour over us – like it does for all Americans – but with a conviction, upon arriving at Sectors Dog Red and Dog White at Omaha Beach, that I was killed there in battle, leaving behind a wife and children.


    • Bruce Leininger Says:


      Sorry for not writing sooner, but this book has moved our lives into a fishbowl. It’s all good but challenging.

      You should follow your memories. While this may sound impossible – there is a good chance you could find who you are remembering. Most men killed in WWII were single – never married. With a wife and children (meaning more than one child) you have narrowed your search to two beaches, married with multiple children. I bet there are less than 50 people who will meet that description.

      Keep a journal. Whenever you remember anything jot it down.

      That is a good start.

      I’d be happy to brainstorm with you on this.


  20. steve Says:

    Being a successful Alaskan placer gold miner I can detect b.s. but will wait till after show to post comment.

  21. Patrick M Says:

    I’m listening to the show on Coast to Coast right now; loving it!

    This is a very compelling story. I have had a similar experience in my life – nothing nearly as in depth as yours, but it really does make one wonder.

    ‘There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio than are dreamt of in your philosophy.’

    • Bruce H Says:

      I’m listening to the show on Coast to Coast right now also. It does make one wonder how stupid people are. Between the two parents with all the you knows and but ums one can tell it’s a bunch of BS.
      This is very compelling story that they use the Christian faith to add credibility. Where has concept been seen and done before?

      Free thinking people need not apply but buy the book for a good laugh.

      • Bruce Leininger Says:

        Bruce H,

        I am glad you feel that you are able to recognize what is hooey and what is not. Unfortunately,your comments do not impress but you are entitled to them.

        No one feels any one is stupid based upon what they believe of do not believe. One can only measure stupidity by what one says or does. One might add you have demonstrated this to be true. if you are confused please go to the first word in chapter ten – it describes your message.

        I can prove what happened. If you wish you are welcome to spend what ever time you wish going through what I went through to try and disprove what was happening. I failed miserably to disprove that a past life could be true.

        You are entitled to your minature diatribe. If you had been around when Copernicus had his say you would have probably burned him at the stake too.

        Bruce Leininger

  22. Robbie Reilly Says:


    I heard you both on Coast to Coast this evening. Fantastic show. Really impressive and I loved your heartfelt, and very convincing accounts.

    Furthermore, the happiness you have given to those survivors and families of the men from that mission and that vessel is something that should not be overlooked. Bravo.


    • Bruce Leininger Says:


      You understand!! the healing that took place amongst the families of those men lost in service of our country are part of the magic of this book. I deeply appreciate what you have taken time to express.

      Bruce Leininger

  23. Alan Tubbs Says:

    When are you coming to Oklahoma or North Texas for a book signing? We would love to meet you in Lawton,Oklahoma. Great book! I could not put it down and my friends are begging for it!

    • Bruce Leininger Says:

      Not sure where we will be. But if this journey comes yor way we’ll be sure to let folks know. Thanks for your enthusiastic message. We are planning a book signing in Dallas / Plano.

  24. Gerry O'Donnell Says:

    Riveting!!! I am a retired Navy Pilot (Korean War; 8/53 to 8/57) Flew F6F in Advanced training. Flew the Corair while in
    vc- 4 AT NAS Atlantio City, NJ. Grew up R. Catholic in Kansas.

    Riveting!!! I am a retired Naval Aviator (8/53-8/57) Flew tje F6F in Advanced Training and the Corsair while in VC-4 at NAS Atlantic City, NJ. Grew up in Hartford, Kansas (near Emporia) Had similiar experiences while growing up. Listened to radio aviation programs in the early ’40s. (There was no TV) When drafted, joined The Naval Aviation Cadet program. Have 198 straight deck carrier landings. Read Edgar Cayce’s Books in the 70’s and 80’s, and struggled with reincarnation for about 30 years. Cant wait to read the book!!!

    • Bruce Leininger Says:

      GO NAVY!!!

      Have just read the biography of Edgar Cayce. Incredible things he did.

      With 198 carrier landings the rest of your life must be a piece of cake.

      We hope you enjoy our book.

      I am delving into Cayce. His philosphy is very similar to my thoughts.

    • Bruce Leininger Says:

      I have read a book about Edgar Cayce. Amazing. I will speak to A.R.E at their annual convention in February 2010 in Virginia Beach.

      • Ed in Pgh Says:

        Hi Bruce,
        I am happy to learn that you have come to read some of the life of Edgar Cayce. He was America’s own prophet. Many prophets were murdered in the past to quiet their message. Edgars life stands as a monument to show us the power of God to answer prayer and to deliver us from our tragedies.

        Edgar Cayce was a very humble man with a powerful willingness to help people. As a child he went off into the woods and prayed that he might be able to help people get out of their suffering…most especially the pain of small children. An angel appeared to young Edgar and told him his prayers were heard. This was a Divine confirmation just like the one that was given to the shepherd boy, David, by the prophet Samuel and the angel which appeared to Daniel.

        Edgar’s treatments and the language he used while he was in trance astounded even medical authorities with the clinical terms he described unknowingly and precisely. The awareness which participated through him was able to look clearly inside peoples bodies to see what was going on and after which he provided a precise treatment. In most cases, these were people who had been to many doctors and whom doctors had expended all their knowledge on and whom had considered their condition “uncureable.”

        One of the most amazing and well documented cases is one in which a local contractor , who knew of Edgar… had his knee horridly damaged. He was told he would never walk again. Amazingly, Edgar gave detailed instructions of how to surgically rebuild the knee. The reading of this account is fantastic.

        In Daniel we have the revealing angel telling Daniel, close the book Daniel and quit writing. These things ARE… sealed for another time.

        “but at that time, you will be there standing in your appointed place to see all of it come together.”

        As obedient and trusting as Daniel was, he was not to be regarded through his personal nature…but Daniel was necessary for God to reveal his far reaching plan only as HE saw fit. It was not especially crucial for Daniel to understand at this point in time.
        Daniel’s present time was not what God was revealing. He was disclosing a time for humanity’s fulfillment in the distant future which would be marked, characterized, by these words… provided to Daniel.

        “when knowledge and transportation ( sending back and forth) will be greatly accelerated.”

        Daniel’s reported righteousness was not sufficiently adequate to entitle Daniel to any more than was seen fit by the spirit of God.

        This is, to us, a clue …as to what is meant by God NOT being a respecter of persons.

        I would like to provide some extra information for you to examine about another man who comes to us from from China, a Dr. Zhi Gang Sha. And his teacher, Dr. Guo



        Book exerpt can be read from Amazon’s “read inside” offering:


        I am reading a small book written by Dr. Sha entitled, LIVING DIVINE RELATIONSHIPS.

        If you will take the time to listen unbiased to that message which he provides, you will realize more profoundly WHY these things must be revealed now in what he calls this Soul Light Era.

        Mark with your hearing, the sincerity of this man in regard to the importance of service to suffering humanity. For a small book it contains MUCH. He speaks of virtue being the coin of Heaven’s realm and shows why most of us have very little of this currency in our heavenly account. You will hear him speak of “lifetimes” as a GIVEN realization to understanding the many things which Jesus wanted us to hear, but which it was premature to explain to those who ultimately carried on what remained of Jesus’ legacy teachings.

        The spirit of God calls us to recognize that there IS… a synagogue ( an influencing teaching in the guise of religious ethic) ..of Satan… that is practically undetectable ..which renders us… INEFFECTIVE.

        We are being given an ancient prophecy that the door to DIVINE UNDERSTANDING will be CLOSED… by the undertakings of religiously sponsored men. ( it is …MEN …who shut that door)

        The instructing spirit promises that those calling themselves “JEWS” (saved/ chosen ones) will be made humble before those ones who are willingly entering GOD’s “OPEN DOOR. ”

        He says..”THIS… DOOR”…NO MAN …can shut!

        The DIVINE teaching is safe and accessible …but only to those who are qualified.

        The access to understanding has been barred by man’s activities through the course of time!

        That influence originates from…
        …the synagogue of Satan.

        It will be a religious intention which will obstruct our understanding…..

        BUTthere will be… another DOOR to understanding…it will come about as the Holy Spirit is invited to enter in and cohabit in our mental arena!
        This is one door … that NO MAN …can shut!

        What else?

        God holds the KEY of DAVID within… HIS AUTHORITY. It is not in the possession of men to control… by their decisions and their intellectual jurisdiction.

        God says,
        I have set BEFORE YOU…. an OPEN DOOR.

        The “KEY (clue) of DAVID” keeps this open door accessible to people who understand exactly what this KEY of DAVID means. And under the power and strength of this key, no man …can take and close off THIS DOOR!

        And other clues ……are also given

        To whom… is this message handed?
        It is given… to the ANGEL of (the church) …the called out ones of “PHILADELPHIA.”

        Here in Pennsylvania..we KNOW that Philadelphia means… the city
        ( commune-ity) of “BROTHERLY LOVE.”

        The spirit of GOD says
        “I KNOW of…. your PAST… deeds!

        You actually have..a little power. My own words you have been adamant in holding fast. You have not…denied “MY name.”

        Bruce and Andrea, I pray for every blessing from Heaven’s great Goodness for your family. Your hearts are being preciously led with a great kindness, that will ultimately show many this lit path which will lift us out of our self made prisons. Our Gratitude and our willingness to kindly bless each other …. without personal discriminations… are key.

        Your openness because of James’ innocent leading into this adventure is providing an expansion of your own consciousness which will be beneficial for many others as well, in the far reaches of your quest to understand.

        Later, the questioning will all drop. The anxiety “to know” more will taper off into a peaceful quiet. The words of Jesus will speak plainly to you each time you listen to them once more, free of the biases and intellectualisms which had been implanted upon them like the tares cynically planted in the Sower’s gardens.

        RIGHT NOW… is… the appointed time of HARVEST when these “plants”….which were not planted by the Father… were intended to be plucked up.

        You are living in this time of revelation. You are part of this great adventure when the work of your Savior is being realized in its practicality.

        In this kingdom, his instruction will take the place of all the weeds which were keeping our race chained to intellectual tyranny.

        “I have placed before you …an OPEN DOOR…which… NO MAN… can shut!

        Ed in Pgh

  25. Marlene Says:

    I love this! I have always been a believer in reincarnation because I have always known about this – since before my birth. Yeah, I have some amazing stories of my own, and early birth memories to confirm my belief. I’m thrilled that James has the same name, has come back and has expressed himself through drawings. I am a professional artist and from what I saw in those drawings, there is enough detail in the images to tell me there is a knowledge of those aircraft that no little boy could have through everyday 21st century living.

    • Bruce Leininger Says:


      We would love to hear the stories about your youth. This is a mystifying experience, but my faith has only grown.

      When he drew the pictures he would layout all the pieces and then, like a tape playing in his head he frantically would start drawing lines, flames, explosions until the page was filled with battle.

      His detail is compelling. Thanks for your support and enthusiasm.

  26. Ivan Bishop Says:

    Bruce and Andrea, Your book is sensational. I was very moved in reading about your son. It leaves me with some unanswered questions about life and perhaps after life. Ken Gross did a fantastic job in writing and you did a fantastic job of reaseach. Please tell me that you have read “Flyboys” by James Bradley, 2002, Back Bay Books. If you have, you must know how lucky your James Huston was to die in his plane. The shot down pilots that lived at Chichi Jima suffered a fate worse than death. Bradleys book is well researched and I believe accurate about the fate of those brave pilots.

    • Bruce Leininger Says:


      Yes, I have read “Flyboys” The depiction of the ritual cannibalism performed on the pilots turned my stomach.

      Bradley did a great job on the book. He is an impressive writer.


  27. steve Says:

    I don’t buy the story. Sounds like the parents are out to sell books and coached their child. Reincarnation is blasphemy, plain and simple.

    • Bruce Leininger Says:


      You are entitled to you opinion. PLease tell me if you have a child that is or ever was two years old. Then we can intelligently disucss your amusing conclusion.

      Bruce Leininger

    • Bruce Leininger Says:


      Never heard from you. One would have expected a response based upon the emphatic all knowing response you left for us to read and contemplate.


  28. dutch Says:

    Complete Hooey.

    • Bruce Leininger Says:


      Welcome to what I thought through much of my journey. Please do not read the book. Facts may get in your way of ability to make such erudite conclusions based upon whatever proof liguor you are imbibing.

      Most respectfully yours,

      Bruce Leininger

    • Tom R. Says:

      Having just read the book, I have to admit to still being a skeptic, but I am a skeptic in the true sense of the word. That is, I am not ready to say I believe this is a case of reincarnation — but I am also not ready to say it is not. I do love the humor and appropriately defiant tone with which you, Bruce, dispatch the comments of those who only come to ridicule. One wonders whether they have nothing better to do. Incidentally, I would describe myself as a secular humanist, though I do concede there is much we don’t understand.

      • Bruce Leininger Says:


        Remain a skeptic as I have remained throughout this journey.

        Those who ridicule without a critical examination of the issue are entertaining and it is free!

        Secular humanism requires tangible things we can put our arms around.

        The stuff we do not understand should carry you and I forward in a journey to discover answers.

        I deeply appreciate your intellectual honesty an dwould like to continue the dialog.

        Bruce Leininger

  29. Eric Prim Says:

    Congratulations on being on Coast to Coast AM last night. I didn’t get to hear it but have it ready to download into my podcast for a listening tomorrow.

    Any suprises last night? Hopefully it was beneficial in sharing your story over the air one more time.

    Let us know.

    • Bruce Leininger Says:


      Coast to Ccast seems like eons ago. Sorry to be catching up for message 8 weeks old.

      Our story is what really happened would be interested in hearing from you about what you think after reading the book.

      This story has literally circled the globe. Fascinating to see the reception we have experienced. It seems our story has touched many lives which is truly humbling.

      Bruce Leininger

  30. Christy Says:

    I try to be an open-minded Christian, which is one reason why I am a regular listener to Coast to Coast. I do not doubt your testimony either. However, I can not see how you can embrace Christianity AND reincarnation too. They repel each other like oil and water. The very message of Christianity is that Jesus saves sinners, that we can not EARN heaven – not in one lifetime or a million. That’s why we needed Jesus to be our savior. It’s only by His righteousness that we can stand boldly before the throne of God. For you to have accepted reincarnation, you have had to redefine Christianity – water it down to fit your new perspective. You mentioned that Jesus won’t come back in the air for all to see, but more likely through another reincarnated birth instead. This totally contradicts the Bible. Also, God does not become what we need Him to be – that seems more like idolatry to me. God is Who He is – He IS reality and He wants us to know Him as He truly is, not what we imagine Him to be. Your son has described heaven in one way, and the Scriptures in another. Your choice is to decide which testimony, if any, is correct.

    I think it would be more honest for you to reject Jesus Christ altogether and the Bible rather than distort it – though it’s a very common thing for people to do. You have passed on to us what you have seen and heard. I have no problem with that at all. This world is full of complexities and mysteries that we can not fathom with our limited finite minds. However, when Christianity is distorted to fit in with other worldviews – that is when I must protest. If we can earn heaven through improving ourselves, then no one needs a savior. Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross becomes meaningless – the delusional act of a crazy human.

    I too am a lover of truth and do not want to reject phenomenon just because they may seem to contradict my previously held convictions. But if reincarnation is true, then Christianity is false and Jesus Christ is no one’s savior. I know that there are those who call themselves Christians who try to embrace both views, but from my studies of Scripture, they are being unfaithful to the written texts. I find it sad when people are afraid to denounce Jesus upfront and directly, but choose rather to redefine Him instead – totally contradicting how He described Himself. I am NOT saying you personally have done this, but too many others have. I still like you all and appreciate what a challenging road you are having to walk…

    • Danielle Says:

      From your reply I would guess you were a Baptist. This is the typical answer that they give when you ask them about rencarnation. I do not know why people can not leave others alone and let them believe what they feel is right for them. The Leininger family does not post a negitive comment on your site so why do that to them. I think that most So called Christian will get a big surprise when the die and find out the truth is what ever you feel it is in your heart to be. Does it not say in the bible not to judge others. Why are you trying to force your views on them and judge them to be wrong. No one is 100% sure of that is really going on in the universe. So why bash people for what they believe. I see your view and most Christian’s views as putting limits on God’s wisdom and power. I find it no more unbelieveable to be born many time as to being born at all. We are all here to learn and try to assend to a higher level of happiness and understanding. I feel sorry for people who want to judge others and not try and find happness for themselves. Maybe if you would do some research on the subject you might learn something.

    • Ed in Pgh Says:

      Christy, you stated:

      if reincarnation is true, then Christianity is false and Jesus Christ is no one’s savior.

      Christy, that’s a politician’s way of using negative logic to destroy anyone’s attempts to get to the bottom of anything. Use a fear producing threat to get your point established.

      It makes no points for you as a self styled seeker of truth.

      What you seem most interested in is validating your own perspective of being a saved Christian because you believe just like you were solicited to by the selected authority in your life.
      Anyone else who sees something different… in your esteem… is a liar and is dishonest regarding Jesus and their affliliation with him.

      Like many Christian devotees, YOU… have swallowed a camel while straining to get the gnat out of the drinking water.

      Jesus himself will tell you plainly about reincarnation.
      …if you will allow his words to stand…

      The real truth is you are not interested in hearing Jesus but intent on hearing what your misleaders are willing to sell you instead.

      You have willingly turned on a deaf ear so you can be counted in with the bleating flock.

      Jesus said with no stammering, or exemptions that John the Baptist, his cousin, was the return of Elijah the prophet.

      He carefully framed his words from Heaven with this admonition.

      “If you have the ears to hear it”….heres who Elijah is.

      Jesus also cautioned those who followed in his footsteps:

      hold fast to “MY” words.

      Heres where the “washed in the blood” camp …“swallow the camel”… while straining at a gnat.

      The so called CHristian intellectuals take a reply from John the Baptist when he was asked by the authorities…are you Elijah?…and John said no.

      Here you can see a contradiction which is not supposed to exist if you listen to the legalists and acknowledge their spin on the scriptures.

      One of those 2 voices testifying in regard to reincarnation would have to be discounted or given another version so end the contradiction.

      Guess who they picked for the final authority???

      They held fast to the words of John the Baptist…. in order to compromise the testimony coming from …..Jesus.

      That’s the flimsy ground your anti reincarnation bias/ taboo/ fundamental disbelief rests upon.

      One very glaring lie at the bottom of a host of other attempts to put OTHER words in Jesus’ mouth …that plainly were not there.

      Every seed which my Father has not planted ….will be plucked up!

      John 16:13

      13 Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into …ALL truth:
      for he shall not speak from himself;

      but whatsoever he shall inwardly hear,
      that shall he speak: and he will shew you things to come.

      14 He shall return glory to me:
      for he shall be able to receive THAT which is mine,
      and he shall shew IT unto you.

      This reveals that we have NOT been shown the real authentic things of Jesus…. but instead we need the assistance of the Holy One’s voice to bring to us those things which were hidden from us…..which belong to Jesus.

      In all truth, Jesus voice was the inward voice of Eternity which was uttered through his mouth.

      That voice will not be quieted or made to mean something else no matter how many theological degrees the mis-leaders may lay claim to or how many centuries of tradition they have in their claim of holding down the chair of ST Peter.

      And what did Jesus say about John’s credentials in the Kingdom?

      He said the least one in the Kingdom of Heaven… is greater than John.

      So there you have the beginning of the sowing of the weeds(tares) among the good seed that must be plucked up in the harvest time.

      This is so clear beyond question…. yet is has been obfuscated by fancy theological footwork and swallowed unhesistatingly by the zealous belating flock.

      Christy, ask yourself if the disciples questioned Jesus regarding his declaration about the Elijah-John return.

      Did as single one of them even offer a counter question concerning the FACT that John was Elijah??

      It is most positively a resounding NO.
      It was settled right then and there…. until the antichrist entered the scene and created his distortions.
      Then he made a point to insure that reincarnation become a hiss and by word, a complete and utter taboo through circular reasoning that Jesus did not really mean what he said.

      Now… these clever ones… think they are able to put other words in Jesus’ mouth because he has been silenced …as far as they are concerned…. for now.

      John 16:7
      7 Nevertheless I tell you the truth; It is expedient for you that I go away: for if I go not away, the Comforter will not come unto you; but if I depart, I will send him unto you.

      8 And when he is come, he will RE PROVE the world of sin,
      and of righteousness,
      and of judgment:

      9 Of sin, because they believe not ON “ME”…

      10 Of righteousness, because I go to my Father, AND …
      ..Ye SEE ME …no more!

      So Christy, if you are so sure Jesus is wrong in his statement about Elijah’s reincarnation……

      whom is it YOU…. believe in when you say reincarnation has no place in CHristianity?

      A) Billy Graham?
      B) His Holiness… Pope Benedict?
      C) Oral Roberts?
      D) Jimmy Swaggart?
      E) All of the above!

      ED in Pgh

    • Bruce Leininger Says:

      Thanks for your input.

      I have no plan to reject Christianity. I also do not believe that reincarnation is exclusive to one who is not Christian. I believe this is a mystery and remains one. My faith in God has only grown with this experience.

      Ed in Pgh said it quite eloquently.

      There is very little we really know about all this. I have told you what happened, where it happened, how it happened, when it happened – but I cannot tell you why it happened. the basis of what I believe is my Faith. Sorry if that disappoints you.

      Bruce Leininger

      • Ed in Pgh Says:

        Hi Bruce and ANdrea,
        Most people do not like to hear what is contrary to their heavily invested spiritual beliefs. Their reactions are involuntary because the preserved ego reigns unhindered in the human thought process.

        People little realize that their programming has been to conform to the mass mind of whatever version of theology they cling to.

        Jesus calls us to forgive freely and to not be divided with our mind’s frail judgements. Jesus, THUS…His FATHER, ALSO…remains inclusive and not bent on dividing anything in God’s great stream of Life.
        Jesus assured us that … the Father JUDGES..NO MAN!

        This world situation as it develops, is never about us.
        it is all God’s outworking and what Isaiah calls God’s “STRANGE WORK” which he SHALL perform in the final chapter of mankind’s unfolding.

        We are well into that great outworking phase right now. He calls us to be humble and tolerant, yet aware of what we hold in our hearts or what we REFUSE to hold in our hearts.
        Being always as gentle as doves.

        Peace was the nature Jesus held in all his personal dealings with the exception of the money changers.
        He He said: Go and do likewise…forgive seventy times seven..which is without end.

        Personal attacks upon your unusual experiences are based on what people greatly fear. Their party being called off …and another replacing it.

        This is why the high Priests plotted to kill Jesus.

        ANd while holding to our own darkness in the world, WE also, keep our own fears alive and close at hand. This realm has been called the valley of the shadow ( the spectre)of Death.

        That SHADOW shall be withdrawn and people will be given a greater vision by the ourtworking of the Holy SPirit in the near future.

        You have been permitted to play a big role in these developments.
        You could have kept your intellectual safe ground and stood staunchly against what was revealed from beyond this life.
        Instead you exhibited a small willingness to be shown what God prepared for your uplifting and further realization.

        You were strengthened instead of confounded. SO will many others be strengthened as a consequence of your writings and your eventual surmounting of ancient beliefs that were held in contempt of God’s revealing voice through Jesus and HIS will being done in this world.

        Every seed which the Father has not planted shall plucked up and no more permitted to sprout from the ground.

        James was thrilled to find you both for his parents. He saw from a higher perspective that was yet unrealized about your own heart’s awakening as a consequence of James’ arrival in your lives.

        Reincarnation is not the ultimate realization.

        It is part of what has been occuring in the lives of mankind, while they little realized its meaning.

        Read what Jesus said when he was approached by the Roman Centurion for a healing for his dying servant. I think Matt 8 possibly.

        In the midst of a remark about the great faith in this Roman soldier, Jesus abruptly redirected his comment to say:

        “and this I promise you, Many shall come from both the East and the West to sit down and take their place at the table of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob
        but it will not be so simple, remaining there.
        The “CHILDREN” of the “KINGDOM” shall be CAST OUT…
        … into the outer, the darkened place where there exists much weeping and the anxious grinding of their teeth”.

        This earthly realm is the fearful place of our nightmares: the valley of the SHadow of DEATH. Here our weeping is given ample fuel for expression.

        Jesus said we must ultimately discover that the flesh is only what the flesh is prone to fall victim to as a consequence of ego desiring to express humanity’s weaknesses;
        but the SPirit of ETERNITY is THE ALL in ALL.

        We are encouraged to overcome our desire to remain in the cycles of worldly birth and death ….and WHEN we finally overcome the world…. we will be given a new name which no man knows and a white stone shall be placed in our hand. We shall become a pillar in the temple of God and ….
        …we shall no more GO OUT.

        Jesus gave this instruction to John the revelator in his letter to the seven churches of Asia.

        None of this is any great secret. It is all printed in plain english in black and white and sometimes red.

        The MYSTERY we seem to be confronted with is the part where the accuser of mankind has entered to confuse and pit one man against another for the sake of personal ego continuation and aggrandizement .

        DOnt we all still embrace this futile endeavor to some degree even while striving to be like Jesus when we get hit with a curve ball from life?

        When someone carelessly makes a foolish lane change with no use of turnsignals, nearly causing a collision while holding a cell phjone to their ears? DOnt we easily play our serenade of complete innocence on our part?

        SO it is with our holding to a flesh identity which we claim we orchestrate independently of God’s presence.
        WHatever happens…it is never really about …us.

        It is about how deeply immersed we are in our cherished system of aquired beliefs.

        AT last we are ramping up on the learning curve by the extreme Grace of God’s Holy SPirit, that is meant to abide with us forever.

        Know that you have been greatly blessed by HIM who lives and Breathes in YOU.

        Ed in Pgh

      • Alex Jones Says:

        I would like to add comment on the debate of Christianity against reincarnation.

        I say that Christianity and reincarnation can exist together.

        My logic is simple.

        Here we have evidence of James Leininger who has stood up to scrutiny. If the case of James cannot be explained or dismissed then he is hard evidence of reincarnation.

        Against the evidence of James is the Christian Bible, to which all Christians refer for their faith and to argue their case.

        The problem with the Bible is that it has been corrupted by human hand, hence the Bible version most Christians refer to is not totally reliable. To start with the writers on Jesus are writing about him many years after his death. Then there is the large number of transcript errors as the Bible is translated from language to language. Then there is the politics that caused the church to delete, change or add to entries. Then there are the huge arguments between the early Christians under St Paul and those of St James. Lastly, the Bible was put together in a series of meetings of the church elders near 400 years after the Death of Jesus, including one at the Synod of Hippo in 393, which determined what and what would not be included in the Bible, resulting in lots of scriptures being left out.

        Since as you see the Bible is in my opinion corrupted by human hand, all Christians need to become historical detectives, and question what they read. Since the Bible is not totally authentic this gives Christians the opportunity and freedom to re-examine their faith in the light of the evidence of James Leininger.

        God gave everyone a brain, so they should use it to question and re-examine everything they read and see, only the fool would accept anything on blind faith.

        From what I know so far (I will read the book soon) James Leininger passes my scrutiny with flying colours. But in contrast I can blow huge holes into the Bible as it currently exists.

    • Bruce Leininger Says:


      I cannot find a place where this experience is contray to Christianity.

      No one real knows what happens when we breath our last breath. As a Christian I am spending my whole life chasing Salvation through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

      I am judging what is happening by the fruit this tree bears. Read the post by Marcio from Brazil – an Agnostic who is re-examining his belief system because of this story. If this book takes him on the journey of discovery to the Salvation Jesus offers to us then one person redeemed is enough.

      Case closed. thanks for your opinion.

      • Ryan in Seattle Says:

        I don’t know whether this blog is being monitored any more for responses, but I recently learned of this story from the Discovery Channel. It reminded me of some material by Arthur Burk of the Sapphire Leadership Group dealing with what he calls “Alien Human Spirits”. Arthur is a Christian and was surprised when he started running into these spirits because they did not match his beliefs at the time. The explanation he describes is consistent with Christian beliefs without discounting the experiences described by the Leiningers and others. I’d encourage all readers of this blog to check out his material at http://www.theslg.com

  31. Ed in Pgh Says:

    For the skeptics:
    We have been programmed through a western mindset and modern christian dogmatics to shun any thoughts on reincarnation. As a Catholic, I truly was, also. I challeneged my beliefs. I wanted to know more and to discover if my beliefs were truly valid or not. ANd the place I went was the Christian scriptures.

    There, hidden, were proofs that reincarnation was also a sore spot with the Jews, (even Jesus disciples) in Jesus’ day. It remains a centuries old theological taboo held in place by christian mouthpieces who have only learned what they were told to hear.

    Jesus affirmed that John the Baptist was indeed the reincarnation of Elijah.

    Narrowminded clerics still water down Jesus’ testimony in favor of a non affirmation by John himself ….as if John knew better… than Jesus. Beyond this, there are many more special incidents where the subject is breached but downplayed by theologians for the sake of their nay saying clerics who still refuse to hold fast to the words of Jesus… as he commanded.

    ANd nearly every disciple of Jesus expected his return in their own lifetimes because HE TOLD THEM DIRECTLY…YOU …will see these things come to pass. ANd they still will, even thought they previously died.

    WHat they didnt count on was Jesus would not force them to believe anything they were against. He just put it out there and went on his merry way.

    Mark 16:14 KJV

    Afterward He appeared unto the eleven as they sat at meat, and UPBRAIDED them for their UNBELIEF and HARDNESS OF HEART, because they BELEIVED NOT …them which had SEEN HIM… after He was risen.

    Christianity has been hijacked by those who hold the words of Jesus subject to their own personal interpretation and place limitations on what he spoke plainly…inserting many buts and counter arguments to keep their beliefs intact. ANd this legalistic sleight of hand is levered against any authentic question that reveals their close mindedness.

    I wish I could speak personally with the Leiningers concerning the many clues and revealings that I have found to answer the many questions that arise in regard to why reincarnation does not easily dovetail into CHristian indoctrinations.

    Those questions have long been resolved for me.
    There are answers today and James is one of them. INTELLECTUALLY we hold things… in place …and insist with our limiting beliefs that they must be inviolate because they are tied into other necessary politically correct belief postures.

    God has a plan to release the TRUTH in this day. It has been prophecised. He uses a tiny child to lead them.
    If you are willing to see more, you will be shown today. If you refuse to move off your place of comfort you will be allowed to keep your bias but it will become ever more uncomfortable in the gaps of understanding which you will be forced to keep, hoping that somehow magically your mind will transform itself from confusion to peace.

    If Bruce or ANdrea read this… feel free to contact me at any time if you would love to have your questions answered and to know why James picked you to be his parents.

    Is 28: 9
    “Whom shall he teach knowledge?

    And whom shall he make to understand…. THIS MESSAGE and WARNING?

    Them that are….. weaned from the ( the childish) milk …..and drawn from the breasts (they are used to feeding upon).

    James is blessed in your care.
    Ed in Pittsburgh

  32. Danielle Says:

    I have believed in Rencarnation for about 20 years. It makes me feel good to know that there are people out there like you that are sharing your experiences. Most Christians that I know reject the idea of rencarnation and say that there is no such thing and it is not in the bible. Mostly Baptist say this. I know that the unknow is a scary subject but what is wrong with thinking we can come back if we want to. I am very open minded and think anything is possible. I applaud you for sticking with your faith and see that this experince only makes you faith stronger. As for littie James I think he needs to be able to deal with this on his own trems and when he gets old be might want to look into it more to try and understand it. I pray that people who don’t understand what he has been thought do not try to make him feel wrong or bad about believing in rencarnation. Everyone has their own truths and it is not anyone’s right to question what others feel and think. I was listening to the program that you did on Coast to Coast AM. When you said that James told you the God was neither a man or a woman he was whatever you needed god to be. I cried. I have felt that way for many years. It maked me feel so much better that someone else has comfirmed what I felt all along.

    • Bruce Leininger Says:


      I know this reply is way overdue. We are curious about our son. It will be interesting to see what he does with this once he is old enough to make all his decisions. We have always believed it is our job to support him in any way necessary to have him work through his experience.

      We appreciate your openness.


  33. Risa Gross-Dillon Says:

    I must start out by stating I am a believer,even though Ken Gross is my father,I have always believed in past lives,reincarnation,deja vous and things you just can’t explain very easily.
    I’m a believer and I am a world war 2 buff,so this is a book I probably would have been interested in regardless of the contributor.
    I could not put this book down(twice),I loved it,in reality either you pick up a book,you start reading it and you get lost in it or you start reading it and it loses you and you put it down,never to be picked up again.
    This was a great story,I applaud you for coming forward and telling James’ story,I think he is very lucky to have parents like you.
    As for the people who stand in judgement in an unseemly way,they will always find something or someone to throw stones at,just make sure you duck!!!
    Best of luck and congrats on the book,
    Risa Gross-Dillon

    • andrealeininger Says:


      Oh my gosh, thank you so much for posting! I’m so happy you enjoyed to book, and I have to say I really loved working with your Dad; he’s a lovable curmudgeon! He and Bruce are very similar, so it was a very interesting process to work with the both of them. I’ve met your brother Max on several occassions; he is so funny – I always have James sit next to him when we go out to eat since they get along so well. LOL! Thanks for your advice and good wishes. I hope to meet you soon.


      • Risa Gross-Dillon Says:

        (by the way my middle name is Andrea,there are alot of Andrea’s in my dad’s life these days.)You are welcome and I thoroughly enjoyed the book,writing a book is an exhausting process,it’s a huge accompliment to have gotten through it.And wow there is someone like my dad!!My brother and father are very funny it may be a Gross trait,my kids are,I live in South Florida,if you are ever down this way please email me,again it was a pleasure and I’ve told everyone I know how much I enjoyed it.

    • Bruce Leininger Says:


      I am working through all blog postings to make sure each person receives a response. Thanks for your input. We love your Dad, his diligence was very important and his refusal to believe this is part of what helped him in or effort. We would love to meet you. Where in Florida do you live?

  34. Rich Graesser Says:

    Thank you for having the courage to write this book. It is almost impossible to put it down. The love for your son comes through loud and clear. Please let all of us know if there are any new developments.

    • Bruce Leininger Says:


      We will certialy keep the world posted on developments. “Soul Survivor” is keeping us very busy. Thanks for your comments.
      there were times where I thought I was crazy but we are glad we stuck with the journey. This story means alot to countless people who are reading the book. We are grateful that this has happened to us.


  35. Marlene Says:

    I forwarded your website to a friend and, remarkably, he told me he has an 84 year old uncle who flew in this same mission or location. He is looking into whether his uncle knew James Huston. What a small world this is!

  36. Patrick M Says:

    In a prior comment I guess I was called stupid. It is sad that people talking to each other for the first time have to resort to name calling just to say they disagree with what is being said by so many.

    When I was 4 years old, my world consisted of Dr Seuss, Mr Rogers, Sesame Street, playing with my dog, drawing….rinse and repeat.

    Each morning at breakfast, my mother would ask me about any interesting dreams I may have had, what I planned to do that day, etc. I guess she was helping to build my communication skills and wanted to see what was going on inside that head of mine.

    One morning that I remember pretty clearly, I told her about the dream where I was an older man. The dream always started with me in a field with quite a few other men, we were armed with muskets (I knew that at 4!) and were waiting for the British to come.

    My mother, having come from England, pushed me for more.

    I told her about the ensuing battle; the British troops advancing toward the bridge we were trying to hold and the fact that I think I died there.

    I also told her – and my father later that day – how to properly load and fire a musket. At 4 years of age.

    When my mother asked why I thought I died that day, I told her that in the dream I was able to get off two shots, and always woke up as I was reloading for the third.

    I say ‘always’ because I had that dream three times before then – and prior to my 10th birthday or so, I had it several more times….and I always woke up as I was reloading for the third shot. No variation at all; same field, same enemy, same everything – despite of course that I was aware of more through history classes in school.

    Now – can I say with any conviction that I am the reincarnation of a colonial soldier? Not really; there are so many details I don’t know, such as what my name was, where we were fighting, what year it was, etc.

    But I also know that it is quite, er…intersting to think that someone that young would know any of the details that I DID come up with.

    Anyway – that is my story.

    • Bruce Leininger Says:

      Fascinating story. We have discovered that your experience along with that of our James i snot unique. We are gld our story helped quell the thoughts you had about “stupid”.

      It is not true. All the vdery best to you.


  37. harry Says:


  38. Anita D. Says:

    Like thousands of people, no doubt, I have found James’ memories of an earlier incarnation compelling.

    So I will cut to the chase: Would you be willing to provide the date, specific time and place of James’ birth? (James Leininger, that is, not Huston.)

    For a number of years I have been working with the astrological birth charts of individuals with an eye toward understanding something of the particular nature of the journey they are on, as souls. [The transcript of a talk I gave at a National Council of Geocosmic Research conference on this topic can be found at: http://www.integralbeing.org/integralbeing/Partners_of_Heaven.html%5D

    Since James’ situation provides seemingly irrefutable evidence of the fact of reincarnation, his birth chart would reveal whether or not the working theories of astrologists exploring this vein have any validity. I’m hoping that you’ll be inclined to support further research in this area by providing James’ birth info, of date, time (important), and place.

    Thank yout.

    With warmth and all best wishes to your family in the time ahead,
    Anita D.

    • Bruce Leininger Says:


      OUr son James was born at 6:00 PM on 10 April 1998 in San Mateo, CA.

      James M. Huston was born on 22 October 1922 in South Bend Indiana – no birth time is available.

      Would be glad to see what you derive from this info.

      Bruce Leininger

  39. Stephen G. Says:

    Hello Bruce.
    I am a WWII history nut and pilot of a WWII airplane. When i first heard the story, i was immediately interested. I also consider myself to be agnostic or atheist, so i investigated your story with a very jaundiced eye.
    At the end of the day i can say this: either you spent a mountain of effort coordinating and elaborate hoax or this story represents an unknown well documented mystery. I don’t believe in reincarnation, i don’t even believe in God, but this story has converted me to the belief that there is a connection between James Leininger and James Huston Jr. I do believe in quantum physics which says all things are connected thru the fabric of space/time and temporal relationships are not what they seem on the surface. From the story, i don’t believe James Huston Jr. had unfinished business or was reborn in your boy, but i do think his mind and that of your son’s became connected and according to quantum mechanics, time does not matter. As you may recall it was General George S. Patton who claimed to have fought in scores of wars through out the centuries.
    There were only two parts of the story that troubled me, as well, contrived and those were the three pilots who met James Huston Jr. in “heaven” and ” that’s why i choose you” comments. I am not saying i dispute them as fact according to your book, i just mean to say those two comments seemed trite, but what do i know. I do applaud your tremendous research into the Natoma Bay and i have noticed your efforts on the website putting forth further research on the vessel. I have to say can thank you for being a skeptic, for reasons opposite of mine, in that this story disturbs your christian beliefs and disturbs my atheist ones. I am convinced now that that you genuinely investigated this story with the intent to disprove it and by no fault of effort were unable to dispute what was put before you. By this story, i have what i believe to be a real tangible evidence that there is more to life, or consciousness, than meets the eye. I don’t know what it all means exactly, but it gives me cause to keep looking for the truth.

    Be Well,


    • Bruce Leininger Says:


      No hoax. Why would I subject myself to such effort. It happened as described and documented. I was fastidious in my search and confirmation of facts.

      The issue of trite is interesting. James never put any flowers around what he said. It was a three year old voice telling us of things that dumfounded and perplexed us. Reading the book is a linear experience, but the journey was not linear so answers to questions were seldom immediate or direct.

      My only hope is that you remain disturbed in your beliefs and search for answers that take you to your destination.

      Read C.S. Lewis’ “Mere Christianity”, he was an agnostic and this book will challenge you.

      I would like to continue this dialog once you have read that book.

      My e-mail is bruceapr@cox.net

      Hope to hear from you.

      Bruce Leininger

  40. Joel Says:


    I would like to start with what led me to your book, as it is not what I would usually find myself reading. I have been with my girlfriend just short of a year, and she has always just accepted my fascination with “older things” as part of what makes me…well…me. And, honestly, I have never really given it much thought either.
    When I say older things, I mean my house is full of things generally from around the early 1900’s to about 1950. Everything from tools, lamps and firearms to a collection of “antique” Gillette razors. The latter being the only method of shaving I use.
    Very recently I found myself glued to the TV watching 7 hours of Patton 360 on the History channel(again, not unusual for me), and she just asks: “What is it with you and ALL this stuff?” My answer was simple and required no thought: “ I always thought I should have been there, or was there….not as a great General or other leader, just a gunner on a battleship.” Her eyes lit up and she said “I have a book for you to read!”

    That was just a few days ago, and I just finished the book. In short I found it well written, I thoroughly enjoyed the depths of your research (and the results), and overall found it utterly believable. I should mention that I am a hard core, left brain, fact and logic kind of person. I am usually pretty close minded when it comes to explaining anything with less than all the facts and research required to make a valid (irrefutable) point.

    So did your book make me a believer? I honestly don’t know. I can say I went from a 110% skeptic down to about 5% in just 2 days. Maybe the book had such an impact on my perception because it mimics the same era I am drawn to. Again, I don’t know. I would love to think it explains some of my attachment to the “Antiques” I surround myself with, or my voracious appetite for knowledge and historical facts of that era.

    If I had any memories such as your son’s, they have long been forgotten. As I am in my 40’s now, I certainly don’t expect to have any new ones!

    I thoroughly enjoyed the book, and I thank you for cracking open the door to my otherwise closed mind.

    Kind Regards,


    • Bruce Leininger Says:


      It is good that there are skeptics who challenge the process. If I had not lived through this I would find this story difficult to believe.

      Keep an open mind – remember that you are in control of it.

      F. Scott Peck once said, “… It is when I am most confused that I am able to be enlightened.”

      Keep pondering. Just remember your soul is on an eternal journey. Nurture it.


  41. Leslie Says:

    Haven’t read the book yet, just about it. Am intrigued because my husband, a WWII buff, has had the strangest deja-vu experiences when seeing specifically a Bavarian-style Nazi eagle wood-carving in the West Point museum and also when walking by a state fair pavilion with German/Bavarian decor and music. He was born in 1951. He also has a deep empathy for professional soldiers (as opposed to the political regimes behind war), greater than I’d expect from a person of no military background at all.

    • Bruce Leininger Says:


      By now we hope that you have read our book. We certialy would enjoy to hear your feedback.

      We have found that numerous people responding to our blog have had past life memories. This phenomena is not specific to my son.

      Perhaps your husband had a past life.


  42. Barry Says:

    Fascinating story. Still, the “science” remains unexplained regarding spirit transfer, or how “picture memories” are sent across 60 years of time.

    I recently read that Jesus was a ‘mystic’, and that the beginning 200 years of Christianity included teachings in reincarnation. But it was beaten and burned out of the Gnostics, and rejected as heresy by the early churches.

    I don’t understand what happened to these two James’, or why, but I reserve judgement until the next book, and the next phase of James 3’s spiritual ‘education’.

    • Bruce Leininger Says:


      There is much that is unexplainable in this world.

      Science may or may not provide answers.

      I do not really understand what happened either. I do know that this story has has a signifiigant impact on may peoples lives.


  43. David Shippee Says:

    I have several questions:
    1. What is it that moves someone to post this site, BEFORE they’ve read the book ?
    2. Wouldn’t it make sense to simply leave out the “fundamentalist Christian” posts ? Religion has a very limited role to play in this discussion, I think. I say that knowing that Bruce’s main resistence to the idea of a prior life was originally based on his faith, as he understood it.
    Having said that, this is a beautiful story, that went through some very hard, bumpy stretches in the living it, and in the telling of it. The wat the waters finally settled down is the clincher that makes ones belief in reincarnation unimportant. Whether you believe or don’t believ, in the end the story, and the stubborn facts of what actually happened are all that matters.
    For me, the most poignant line in the book is when James 3 tells his dad he feels sad that everyone at the reunion has become so old.
    In the soul, there is no age. At night when I lay down in my bed, in the dark, alone in my personal existence, the observer who lays there is no different than the one who lay there when I was 5…and I’m 72 now.
    So thank you for the book….my very best wishes to all concerned, and I will continue to follow your story here on the web.

    • Bruce Leininger Says:


      On question 1: I am not sure what moves one to post on the blog prior to reading the book.

      On question 2: We allow all posts. People have need to have a voice. I appreciate the fundamentalist Christian posts and understand where they are coming from. One hopes they challenge them selves to the journey I took.

      James said many things that were profound. He still makes comments that grab you.

      Bruce Leininger

  44. Joan Says:

    As an unmovably-firm believer in reincarnation, I can surely appreciate and sympathize with Mr. Goss’ struggle with the astounding account of James Leininger’s past life memories as James Huston, Jr. When I was young, I remember being incensed at the unfairness of life—why do some people live an entire life well into their 80s or beyond, in a whole body, with family, friend and advantages, while some people die as a child or younger, or are born with deformities/handicaps/serious illnesses and must live with these w/o ever having (for many) the blessings that so many of us take for granted?? It was so UNFAIR! So, when first delving into past-life regression and reincarnation, I had my Eureka! moment. Of COURSE! As mind-boggling as it may be, we ourselves chose the course, long or short, of our present~~and past~~life! I believe that humans who suffer with courage in this life and see it through to its natural end are rewarded with NOT having to come back again. Or, coming back for a life without the hardship of whatever trial they chose before.

    I found it totally amazing that young James told of having “chosen” you, his parents, when he, as James Huston’s spirit, saw you together in Hawaii. It reinforced my own belief that we choose parents and family units into which to be born in an effort to fulfill karmic responsibilities as best we can. After all, we’re only human!

    Do you still find yourselves in awe over what you witnessed with your son and his soul’s memories? Your book generously gave all of us readers the encouraging, wonderous consolation that we are not “finished” after one time around, that Life goes on after Life, that we are indeed reunited with loved ones after crossing over. Have you read Jeffrey Keene’s book regarding his past life as General John B. Gordon during the Civil War? This is another astounding book, and Mr. Keene’s resemblance to Gen. Gordon was nothing short of mind-blowing, as is young James’s resemblance to James Huston, Jr. It’s my guess that this is intentional.

    My own husband is so fond of the Civil War and firmly feels he was a soldier, fighting for the South, though he wants to leave it at that. He, his father, his uncle and his grandfather were all firefighters and when a nephew found and presented my husband with a photo that he discovered in an antique shop in another state, we were flabbergasted to see the face of my husband looking back at us and wearing the gear of a firefighter from the early 1900s!!! Yikes! I myself tried past-life regression, but the regressionist couldn’t get me under, for some reason, darn it.

    Many, many thanks for this volume, a trip into the unknown for many of us and a confirming “I knew it!” for the rest. God’s blessings and love to the Leininger family and all veterans of all wars (including my husband–Vietnam/Navy). Is Anna still living or has she passed on?

    • Bruce Leininger Says:


      I appreciate your touchingly genuine comments.

      Yes, we remain in total awe of this experience. Our son is a very special person and his story is not finished.

      Yes, I have a copy of Jeff Keene’s book an dhave spoken to him on a couple of occasions.

      We’ve learned that past lives are common occurances.

      It is a most astounding world that we live in.

      Bruce Leininger

  45. Pip Threlfall Says:

    A friend recently alerted me to your book through an e-mail, and I found your story and that of your son most interesting.

    It happened to coincide with something I had been reading on the internet where a local bible believing fellowship had written in their Statement of Belief that a non-believer does not get a second chance after they die, and they were quoting Hebrews 9:27 as proof of their statement. I had never felt happy with this interpretation of this verse since it seemed to run contrary to many accounts in scripture where people had been raised from the dead and had consequently died more than once, and so I decided to search the internet to see if I could find any further revelation in this regard.

    Eventually I came across a website that says that this verse (Hebrews 9:27) is very often taken out of context and is in fact , in the original translation, not talking about all men which is usually implied, but some particular men that is, the Leviticus priesthood, and as such should not be taken as a text against reincarnation. However if one differentiates between reincarnation and past lives – one is past, the other future – then these verses 21-27 make perfect sense of both reincarnation and post lives.

    Until one is ‘born again’ they are under the law which includes the Lavitical covenant of dying many times for our sins in the attempt of hopefully doing better next time. However once we have put our trust in the redemptive work of the Lord Jesus there is no more reincarnation because spiritually we have passed from death to life, but of course that does not expunge our past lives only our need for reincarnation.

    In Hinduism reincarnation is seen as a curse, something to overcome, to break the circle of birth, life and death. What good news it would be to a Hindu to realise that in Jesus we can indeed be born again of the Spirit of God and once and for all break this hellish cycle, knowing our sins are forgiven both past present and future.

    Thanks for having the presents of mind to be lead by the Spirit and not be swayed by religious dogma.

    Pip Threlfall

    • Bruce Leininger Says:


      Faith and religoius dogma have little in common. Faith requires openness. Religious dogma is generally restrictive and constrictive.

      My journey with this story has only reinforced my Faith. It is a blessing that God has allowed me to have this experience.

      Your comments are reflective of a person with a well developed faith. Keep growing.

      I would appreciate having the opportunioty to communicate with you on a regular basis. My e-mail is bruceapr@cox.net.

      Bruce Leininger

  46. David Shippee Says:

    …Enough of the bible…ENOUGH ! Things either happened or they did not without biblical support.

    • Bruce Leininger Says:


      In my mind having people engage in the dialog no matter what they believe or espouse gives me an opportunity to learn how they think and what they believe. Most folks posting on this website have a strong interest in understanding this phenomena better.

      Quoting the bible is much easier than living it. Each of us is on an eternal journey. My prayer is that each of us reach the intended destination.

      I have a much more difficult time with those who appear to have no belief system. In my opinion it must be a lonely place to be.


  47. David Shippee Says:

    To Bruce……sorry I lost it there on the Bible. It’s just that I have had it with the true believers that have been in the public eye for the last 9 years. A president who was described as “christian” and who took us to war on two continents needlessly…..has caused thousands of deaths, both military and “collateral”, so many more maimed, and through it all he clings to his Christianity……and that really has nothing to do with James and your family, and your story…….so again, I’m sorry for having gone off like that/ This is not the place……( and I’m telling everyone I know to get this book…HA! )

    • Pip Threlfall Says:

      Dear David

      I see from your previous post that you are 72 years young. It saddens me when I see religion being confused with anti-social acts committed in the name of religion.

      As per Wikipedia the etymology of the word religion is “to reconnect” and using that root idea I would have said this story has everything to do with religion.

      I agree the “fundamentalist Christian” posts can be unhelpful since they have already had their minds made up for them as to what they should believe. I am a “fundamental fundamentalist” which in essence means I endeavour to understand what makes a fundamentalist a fundamentalist.

      I am personally convinced that the whole of life can be summed up in love and understanding. Perhaps it would be more helpful to endeavour to love and understand people like ex presidents or terrorists leaders, and see them in terms of returning souls working out their destinies. This can, in my opinion be quite helpful.

      Incidentally “true believers” is an oxymoron since the definition of believe is “that which we deem to be true”

      Yours in Christ

    • Bruce Leininger Says:


      Short sighted people amuse me to no end. One hopes they have an opportunity to have the same experience I did. It changed my world and would change theirs. Most of us learn through the pain of experience.

      The vast majority of folks responding to this story are profoundly moved by it. It is a humbling experience to see their reactions.

      Bruce Leininger

  48. traeh Says:

    I read the book, and found it fascinating.

    I think I would have liked even better a first person account, coming from mother or father or both. That would probably have been more persuasive to me, because then I could have gotten more of a direct sense of the personalities involved.

    I do think reincarnation is a plausible and even probably a true notion. I also think that reincarnation can go together with a Christian interpretation that is very different from the older ideas of reincarnation. A Christian interpretation, for example, would probably not apply reincarnation to the Christ. Insofar as Christ is God, that incarnation would have happened only once, as a sort of central pivot of human and earthly evolution. The Christian way of looking at reincarnation could also differ from the ancient way, in that the ancient way of looking at reincarnation did not take full account of evolving individuality. Time for the ancients was understood more as a circle of repetitions, and often, the idea was to get off the merry-go-round and stop incarnating. Often, the idea was to dissolve the individual self into a kind of divine abyss, and never come back, because the individual was considered an illusion. Or the individual undergoing initiation was understood as taking on afterward a cosmic identity, as when every pharaoh became an Osirus. A Christian, after initiation, does not become some deity, but attains to his own spiritual “I,” in union with Christ. The ancient way of looking at reincarnation was perhaps a necessary way in ancient times, but it is arguably not a Judeo-Christian way of looking at it. The latter way takes history and time as real, and the individual as real. Christianity does not seek to escape a wheel of repeating existence, or to return to some eternal beginning, but to incarnate in an unrepeatable, unique history so as to redeem the cosmos, nature, and society in a process of spiritual evolution. Reincarnation in the modern sense, then, is perhaps not repetition, but a truly new life. Thus your James could perhaps look back on the earlier James as being almost as distinct a person from him today as any person is distinct from any other. In any event, the purpose in a Christian view of reincarnation is not to lose the ego and stop reincarnating; he purpose is to strengthen the spiritual ego and enrich it and ennoble it for the sake of others, and to come back when it is right to come back, in order to keep working to redeem the world and bring it closer to the kingdom of heaven.

    All that said, the skeptic in me — an incorrigible type — at the end of reading the book, had me wanting more of a sense of the people involved. I found myself thinking there were two possibilities in my mind about this case: either this is a genuine case, an astounding and amazing case, or the family or some part of it is engaged in an elaborate scam to make a bundle from a book, tv, etc. I don’t mean to give offense. I hope Bruce, as apparently an incorrigible skeptic himself, might understand an outsider to this case feeling this way. I find the position of the writer on this case rather peculiar though. He says he is not a believer in reincarnation, even after witnessing this whole story closeup, yet he expresses no skepticism about the family’s story and its integrity. I don’t see how one can have it both ways. I don’t see how he can fail to be convinced by all the reported facts, if he takes them indeed as facts, rather than as mistakes or deliberate lies set up by the family. Well, maybe I do see. He might take all these reported facts as neither mistakes or lies, but as a series of very unusual coincidences. But that is hard to believe, at least for me. How could so many astounding coincidences all congregate together in this case, merely by chance? So I find myself wondering if the writer thinks the family is deluded or is lying…Again, I hope I can be forgiven for indulging these speculations, which might hurt the family, especially if the case is legitimate and it all happened exactly as reported.

    I probably would have ended up less on the fence if the book had been a first person account. I tended to believe Carol Bowman’s accounts, and Brian Weiss’ accounts, though I admit there remains lurking in my mind even with them the question of whether perhaps I’m being played somehow. There is so much money that can be involved in this subject. I think some of Weiss’s books must have sold a million copies or more. Unfortunately for the people to whom these experiences happen, they are rare, so that many others cannot help but doubt, having never experienced the thing for themselves.

    I think reincarnation is likely though, for several reasons:
    1) The human body seems to have been evolving for hundreds of thousands or millions of years;
    2) The soul and individual spirit, the “I”, seems to be intimately related to the very form of human anatomy. Thus it seems probable to me that the spiritual “I” has also been evolving for hundreds of thousands of years. I feel sure, from what I currently understand of my own experiences, that the “I” is not a mere electro-chemical process in the brain, that it is a spiritual reality related to the brain and body, yet distinct from them.
    The intimacy of the spiritual “I” with the peculiar anatomy of the human body is shown for example in how the human body is the only evolutionary form that is mostly unspecialized, i.e., universal. Its “universality” is essential to its ability to fully incarnate an “I” — i.e., a complete little universe, a microcosm reflective of the whole macrocosm.

    Animals are too specialized in their forms, too set into the ancient grooves of their particular reflexes, too restricted to specific domains of particular kinds of physical environments, to become each a self-contained little universe in itself — a fully self-conscious “I”. On the contrary, the animal is one with its species and its environment. This is reflected, for one thing, in the fact that the spine of the animal is more or less parallel to the surface of the earth. The human spine, by contrast, is at right angles — directly opposed to — the surface of the earth, and thus serves as a sort of anatomical bridge between earth and the infinite periphery. The animal spine is in that sense encompassed and contained within the sphere of the earth. The human being becomes anatomically a sort of vertical line maximally opposed to the surface of the earth, depending on the earth yet reaching equally toward the infinite periphery beyond the sky as well. Man is a being of the stars and beyond the stars. Standing upright also frees the hands. They become superfluous, freed from mere utilitarian function. Man’s anatomy embodies a kind of superabundance, an excess over the merely necessary. That is anatomically so in many ways. How did this human anatomical situation come about? It surely had to come about in tandem with the evolution of individual consciousness, the spiritual evolution of spiritual “I’s” over the course of eons. The human body in its forms is too much an expression of the “I”, the ego, to be thought of developing on its own by a purely physical process separately from the I. It would be like imagining that gloves developed by themselves, and were not made by hands in order to cover hands. And if the human body has been evolving for hundreds of thousands of years, it seems to follow that individual egos have been developing the human body as a cover or sheath for hundreds of thousands of years. But unlike a mere glove, the human body is also an expression of the “I” and a teacher of the “I”, an aid to its development, a physical mirror in which it can come to see itself and realize itself more and more fully.

  49. traeh Says:

    Well, I’d like to update my last post. I’ve just watched the youtube interviews by Cuomo with Andrea and Bruce, and I found Andrea and Bruce convincing. They seemed simple and honest. The professional skeptic Paul Kurtz’s attempt to debunk the whole thing seemed to me unpersuasive, assuming that all the coincidental facts presented in the book took place as the book presents them. Seeing the interview with Bruce made that seem believable. I suppose I’ve become more or less a believer in this case now. This experience of watching the two parents tell their story, in the first person, to Cuomo, reinforces for me my idea in my earlier post above where I said that the book would have been more persuasive if told in the first person, not by an outsider looking on.

    • Bruce Leininger Says:


      The story is as it was written. I remain a skeptic and will remain so.

      The book is a linear tale; but there was nothing linear about the experience. There were many places where I was stymied and ready to just stop the whole thing. The issue of coincidence kept rearing its ugly head. My original goal was to debunk all this. It now seems foolish to me that such a thing could have been possible.

      The story presented several challenges in how to write it. Three of us were involved so the mechanism we choose worked. Three first person accounts would have been exceedingly difficult.

      Hope you understand.


  50. RON WHALEY Says:

    I loved the book especially the part about James 3 Picking his parents. I remember reading once of a soul sitting on a split rail fence across from a house where his body was being born. I have studied reincarnation for years. It was included in the bible but removed except.one small part in the book of matthew . Most people can’t remember former lives because if they did they would have the same likes and dislikes as in the previous lives, defeating the purpose of coming back . perhaps James is about his fathers work now.

    • Bruce Leininger Says:


      The incident when James told us he picked us and went through the details still raises the hair on my neck and arms.

      We remain in the dark about why he came back and came to us. Perhaps James knows more than we do.

      Bruce Leininger

  51. Bryan Says:

    I have never believed in reincarnation. The mathematics of it made no sense to me. I bought this book because I needed something to read on vacation and it looked a little interesting. I have always been fascinated with World War II and the Corsair on the cover attracted my attention. I found it funny that I looked at the pictures and saw the Natoma Bay and told my friend the cover artist was an idiot because Corsairs didn’t fly of escort carriers. So the link between the Corsair and he escort carrier kept me interested. I got chills in places, I cried in others. I was sitting in the hotel lobby trying not to let anyone see me tearing up when young James returned to the scene of the crash and broke down himself.

    After finishing this book, I bought and read Carol Bowman’s book that you mentioned as a major resource for you when James was having his nightmares. I have gone from skeptic, to open minded, to thinking it all makes sense in a very short period of time.

    What a great and moving book. I am so glad I stumbled across it.

    • andrealeininger Says:

      Bryan, Wow. Your letter touched me so deeply! Thank you for sharing your story with us! It’s very rewarding to hear about someone who is as skeptical as my husband, and finds that in the process of opening up their mind they find they’ve also expanded their horizon’s. All the best to you!

    • Bruce Leininger Says:


      Corsairs did fly off of some Escort Carriers, just never off of Natoma Bay.

      When Franklin was hit by Kamakazies at IWO JIMA several aircraft including Corsairs were diverted to Escorts.

      James return to the site of the crash remains one of the most compelling events of my life. I remain in awe of him and just what must hav rushed through his mind. His emotions told a tale of sorrow as deep and profound as the ocean.

      Glad to have your feedback.

      Bruce Leininger

    • Bruce Leininger Says:


      Here is some obscure but very interesting info that has not found its way into the history books. I forgot to include this info in my earlier post.

      James Huston transitioned to FM-2 Wildcats from Corairs. He was reassigned to U.S.S. Natoma Bay and VC-81 on Sunday 8 October 1944 along with Bob Greenwalt. Both men were members of VF-301 which was disbanded in August 1944.

      VF-301 test flew the reengineered Corsair off U.S.S. Gambier Bay, an Escort Carrier, in April 1944. It was as a result of their succcessful effort that the Corsair was carrier qualified and used extensively by the US Navy. I have pilot log books from Warren Hooper and Bob Greenwalt that attest to this fact. In addition, VF-302 a sister squadron of Corsairs also participated in this effort. I have the log book of one of their pilots Brad Therrell that also attests to this fact.

      Both squadrons were transported to Espirtu Santo in May 1944 aboard U.S.S. Steamer Bay, another Escort Carrrier, where they ferried numerous aircraft into the battle zone.

      When disbanded and assigned to fly Wildcats all the pilots felt as though they had been demoted. How do I know this, because Bob Greenwalt, Brad Therrell, and Warren Hooper told me. All three men flew Corsairs and were reassigned to Wildcats.


      Bruce Leininger

  52. Gampa Z Says:

    If James III trained in Corsairs when did he transition to Hellcats to fly off the U.S.S. Natoma Bay?
    Great Read!

    • andrealeininger Says:

      Bruce would be better suited to answer your question since he’s the detail guru. But I do know this: James Huston served in VF-301, an elite group of pilots assembled to test fly the Corsair for carrier use towards the end of WWII. The Corsair was not well suited for carrier take off’s and landings, so engineers kept making modifications to the plane, and the pilots kept trying out the modifications. Huston’s service in VF-301 was immediately prior to receiving orders to report to Natoma Bay. I am guessing maybe 6 months after he came aboard Natoma Bay he was killed? I’m not sure. I know it was less than a year. He came aboard with another member of VF-301, Bob Greenwalt, whom James recognized at the Natoma Bay reunion. From what I’ve read, the Corsair was THE plane to fly. I guess I’d compare flying the Corsair vs the Hellcat to driving a Ferrari vs a Chevy. My son, even at his young age, is elitest when it comes to cars. He knows what’s hot and fast and he points it out to me every time we drive. If this is characteristic of James Huston’s personality, I’m not at all surprised that the Corsair carried the more profound memory!

    • Bruce Leininger Says:

      Grampa Z,

      Glad you liked the book.

      Here is some obscure but very interesting info that has not found its way into the history books.

      James Huston transitioned to FM-2 Wildcats not Hellcats. He was reassigned to U.S.S. Natoma Bay and VC-81 on Sunday 8 October 1944 along with Bob Greenwalt. Both men were members of VF-301 which was disbanded in August 1944.

      VF-301 test flew the reengineered Corsair off U.S.S. Gambier Bay, an Escort Carrier, in April 1944. It was as a result of their succcessful effort that the Corsair was carrier qualified and used extensively by the US Navy. I have pilot log books from Warren Hooper and Bob Greenwalt that attest to this fact. In addition, VF-302 a sister squadron of Corsairs also participated in this effort. I have the log book of one of their pilots Brad Therrell that also attests to this fact.

      Both squadrons were transported to Espirtu Santo in May 1944 aboard USS Steamer Bay, another Escort Carrrier, where they ferried numerous aircraft into the battle zone.

      When disbanded and assigned to fly Wildcats all the pilots flet as though they had been demoted. How do I know this, because Bob Greenwalt, Brad Therrell, and Warren Hooper told me. All three men flew Corsairs and were reassigned to Wildcats.

      Bruce Leininger

  53. NewNightX09 Says:

    “But I have no reasonable explanation for James Leininger/Huston.”

    I do. It’s witchcraft. There is NO reincarnation by the Living Word of God. What we have here is two parents being overtaken by witchcraft.

    • andrealeininger Says:

      Two parents taken over by Witchcraft?! Obviously, you didn’t read the book. Oh… You’re a member of the Living Word Fellowship. I find your reply odd, since the founder of Living Word, John Stevens, had his first experience with God when he was miraculously healed. John believed the Bible stories about healings, and asked that “hands be laid upon him” by a visiting preacher and he was immediately restored to health. His second meeting with the Lord happened when he was 14 during an all-night session of prayer, when he received the Holy Spirit and saw himself—in a vision he said lasted for several hours—speaking to many people in many languages and in many nations. He said in this experience that the Lord commissioned and anointed him into his ministry of speaking the Word. You can beleive one child had all these experiences with God, but a child experiencing a past life memory is somehow the subject of parents taken over by witchcraft? If you read the book my might be enlightened, and maybe even start coming to your own conclusions regarding your faith rather than having someone else interpret the bible and tell you what you’re supposed to believe and what you’re not. All the best to you.

    • Bruce Leininger Says:

      Why not use your real name.

      I am easy to find. Come visit we’ll show you the secret room filled with chicken bones, shrunken heads, lizard tales and pentagrams.

      You are amusing, but like most folks of your ilk afraid to identify your self.


  54. Ed in Pgh Says:

    Hmmm, calling the outworking of the Holy Spirit in an unbelieving Christian age…witchcraft?

    There is only one sin mentioned by Jesus which is …unable to be reconciled. All other sins which men sin… even murder…. are to be forgiven.

    And that unforgiveable sin… is blasphemy of the Holy Spirit.

    If you have difficulty conceiving that people return to the world after their physical death… you must ANNUL the very words of Jesus when He said….

    ”If you have the ears to hear it…. John the Baptist was Elijah who was promised to return.”

    It was the Holy Spirit speaking through Jesus Who qualified His revelation to the disciples because NO ONE had a clue about who might be the old testament prophet Elijah.

    Even John the Baptist, himself, had to send his own disiples to ask of Jesus if Jesus was the one promised to Israel.

    No one KNEW…. except Jesus …through the authority of the Holy Spirit making the revelation.

    Now… if the Holy Spirit can reveal past lives and say who it is who enters into the EARTH …as the scriptures plainly establish with the testimony of Jesus… to those whose ears are open to hear it….

    How can anyone…. claiming to stand on scripture…. say that the Holy Spirit’s revealings ….are the work of darkness?

    “many shall come from the East and the West to sit at the same table with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob…but the “children” of the Kingdom..shall be CAST OUT… into the outer where there is darkness and gnashing of teeth . Matt 8:11-12

    “And some of the good seed fell along the “wayside.”

    “And THESE …upon whom the Word of God came, when they heard it, immediately Satan enters their mind and it is this Satan which makes sure that the word is withdrawn from their hearts where it was meant to be sown. ( the birds of the air came and DEVOURED the WORD of God)

    And the Word of God also fell upon HARD stony ground…
    And THESE…are ones who immediately with eagerness received that Word…but because of their “HARDness”…the Word found no real rooting in their inner being,.so it endures for only a while.
    And afterward when trouble or conflict arises, over the Word’s lack of rooting, THESE ONES… immediately are given to OFFENSE. ( the sun scorched the Word and it withered away)

    Ed in Pgh

  55. Eric Says:

    I’ve been reading about reincarnation for over 35 years. This book is one of the best I’ve read with the extreme research. There are numerous “authentic” books about reincarnation out there; certainly Edgar Cayce, Dr. Brian Weiss books, Jess Stearn books, etc., etc.

    I’ve taught adult Christian Sunday School and it took me 14 years of reading to accept reincarnation 100%. The great book by Thomas Sugrue, “There is a River” talks about struggle of Edgar Cayce accepting reincarnation. You have to have an open mind and read about the Gnostic Gospels and early Christianity to discover this.

    I would also recommend, “The Messengers: A True Story of Angelic Presence and The Return to the Age of Miracles, by G. W. Hardin and Julia Ingram. This records the reincarnation of Paul of Tarsus from the Bible. Profound. The first 100 pages are slow, but the transcript is profound.

    I would also recommend, “They Walked with Jesus,” by Dolores Cannon. This is another profound book about reincarnated lives during the time of Jesus that a hypnotherapist came across by chance. This book has the most heartfelt description of Love which emulated from Jesus.

    Almost everyone can experience their reincarnated lives by looking up Past Life Regression Hypnotherapists in the yellow pages and making an appt. If you can be hypnotised and allow a hypnotherapist to do past life regression on you … YOU’LL BE A BELIEVER. This is the next step for both Andrea and Bruce (to see who they were!), and when James 3 gets older (and hypnotised)you’ll get even greater detail about James 2!

    My niece went from sceptic to believer in reincarnation in 1 – 1 HR. setting of past life regression from a hypnotherapist.

    To both Andrea and Bruce – I salute you! – Eric

    • Bruce Leininger Says:


      One day perhaps we will do as you suggest. One reason for not doing that now is that I do not want those folks who are struggling to believe this to think we are wholesale into this whole thing because we are not.

      We are all on a journey through eternity and need to nurtue our souls.

      God has provided us a wonderful gift of eternal life. Having people with doubt embrace this story will help carry them along on an improtant journey of discovery.

      I was one of them so I am sentitive to the plight faced by each of them.

      Hope you understand.

  56. Jack Rosenblum Says:

    Bruce, Andrea, & James,

    Thanks for sharing your amazing story. It’s much more approachable to American readers than the Ian Stevenson research, which consists mostly of Asian case studies. I don’t know whether your curiosity extends to between-life phenomena, but if it does, I heartily recommend Michael Newton’s two books: “Journey of Souls” and “Destiny of Souls”.

    • Bruce Leininger Says:


      We appreciate your comments. Ian Stevenson was a profound man and his successor Jim Tucker will have all of the facts of our story to keep at Virginia Tech.

      I will look into the books you cite. Thanks for the tip.

      Bruce Leininger

  57. Gampa Z Says:

    I read the “book” in one setting and I confuse I didn’t want it to end! I wanted more or it to continue and now I’m getting that “more” in your Blog. I look forward every morning to reading that “more.” Yes, I believe I have lived before but have no recollection of past lives, however my dad did during WWI in France and he also believed he lived before.
    Thank you for answering my posting above. Yes, Corsairs were hard to land on carriers. I believe some of the planes were given to the English and they perfected a method of landing on their carriers. My cousin flew Corsirs in the Marines and swore by them. Looking forward to “more.”

    • Bruce Leininger Says:

      Gampa Z,

      Yes, the British, Aussies, and New Zealanders flew them and it was them who actually figured out how to land them on Carriers.

      I sent you another post with some interesting details to add to your knowledge base.

      Glad you are enjoying the blog.

      Bruce Leininger

  58. Pip Threlfall Says:

    Hi Bruce and Andrea

    I have just finished reading your book and loved it. I couldn’t put it down, so much so I have ordered another three copies for my nearest and dearest.

    I note that Bruce has been involved with the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International, and had this thought ‘I wonder if he will be invited on their after dinner speaking circuit (ha ha!)’ It seems to me truly the work of the Holy Spirit and considering the number of peoples’ lives as a family you have touched; you deserved to be counted as some of the “Happiest people on earth”.

    Pip Threlfall

    • Bruce Leininger Says:


      I am not anticipating an invitation from the Fellowship any time soon.

      Yes, the Holy Spirit is at work with our story. I have had at least two athiests indicate they must rethink their belief system because ofhtis book. I wonder when the Fellowship last converted an athiest?

      We are humbled by the number of lives we have touched.

      Our book is now in Portuguese, Japanese, Italian and soon in Dutch.

      God’s work is being done. How amazing!!

      Bruce Leininger

  59. Margie Gudeman Says:

    Just finished reading your book. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences. I will share my book. Your book had a different propective from others I have read. Bullie for you Bruce for keep on exploring. Looking forward to reading your next book.

    Margie Gudeman

    • Bruce Leininger Says:


      Thanks for your kind words. Our perspective was to tell the story- no need to bully-pulpit people. Each soul is on its own journey. We hope this book helps people along their journey.

      If you visit the blog section where people with similar experiences are sharing their story you’ll see that this past life/reincarnation experience is not unique to our son James.

      I am working on book number two.


  60. Joseph P. Quinn Says:

    Dear Mr. and Mrs. Leininger,

    I have just finished listening to your recent interview with George Noory on COAST-TO-COAST, and while I do not believe that it is possible ever to prove reincarnation, I think that your son’s experiences are as circumstantially strong as such evidence can be. I do believe that James Leininger is indeed James Huston, but beyond that, I think that your son is a very lucky boy in this life, since he seems to have such grounded and protective parents.

    I think that you have gone about as far as you can go with your son’s experiences, but all of your personal effort to date would be wasted if you merely stopped here. You already know what most people never suspect, and I am happy to see that you are already starting to take the next tentative step forward. If your son is a reincarnated entity, then there must be thousands, even millions, of such entities, and you can help to publicize THEIR stories. You can do your share to advance the work of THE ASSOCIATION OF PAST-LIFE THERAPISTS, and you can help to introduce the doctrine of reincarnation, shorn of its Oriental trappings and terminology, to mainstream American people.

    And do not be afraid that your advocacy of reincarnation will threaten the metaphysical and moral foundations of Christianity. If you read Elaine Pagels’ THE GNOSTIC GOSPELS, you will begin to see that Jesus almost certainly taught the doctrine of reincarnation according to the law of karma. Indeed, unless you accept a reincarnationalist perspective, so many of His words sound like gibberish or even madness. Jesus said that goodness leads to happiness and that wickedness leads to misery, a situation that is manifestly untrue if we live but one life on this earth. But we live many lives, and what we sow, we reap — sooner or later, for better or for worse. The reincarnationalist perspective turns Jesus’s preaching from arrant nonsense into cold, hard, common sense. And in presenting the doctrine of reincarnation to mainstream America, you are doing His work.

    Regards and best wishes to you all,

    Joe Quinn
    Washingtonville, NY

    • Bruce Leininger Says:


      I was secheduled to speak at the regression therapist gathering in October but it has been postponed to next year.

      I will certainly pick up Elaine Pagels’ book “The Gnostic Gospels”. You are indeed correct; we are just beginning a new phase of the journey.

      Thanks for your comments – we are doing His work and are grateful and blessed to have such a privilege to do so in His name.

      God Bless You.

      Bruce Leininger

  61. Shot Down In Flames « The BS Historian Says:

    […] not looked further than one of their fellow co-authors, who despite claiming to be a ‘rationalist secular skeptic‘, is iobviously not familiar with the relevant literature and has developed a […]

  62. Russ K. Says:

    Hi, Bruce and Andrea (and James “3”) — Thank you for making me fear death a lot less than I used to. This is easily the most inspiring and unforgettable book I’ve ever read in my life. I read it in one sitting all day, with breaks just for eating and nature calls. When I got to the end where Annie explains about the twin portraits, my eyes swelled with tears and I could not hold them back anymore, so I started crying for James 2 and everyone else in the book — Billie, Leon, Walter, and everyone else who didn’t make it through the war, plus all of the relatives and friends who lost their loved ones. I would love to see a PowerPoint presentation if Bruce used one in his Natoma reunion lectures or anywhere else. Is it possible to post that on here? Thanks and KUDOS on a masterpiece! I told everyone in my family and circle of friends about this book. =RUSS=

    • Bruce Leininger Says:


      The story still touches me in many ways almost every day.

      One beautiful result of this effort has been the healing that took place amongst the families of the 21 men who were lost serving on Natoma Bay. Most allof them only had info that their loved one was killed. That was it. No details only a cold telegram.

      We gave them closure and many of thse families remain our friends.

      I vowed to never forget them – there will be much more about all of them to read.

      The story is timeless and we appreciate your sincere comments.

      Cordially yours,

      Bruce Leininger

  63. Steve F. Says:

    I just wanted to say thank you for writing the book and having this website. I truly applaud Bruce’s diligence in his research and I applaud the fact that you both published this book at all. I’m sure you have heard from people on both sides. Not all children come in with the information that your child, James has but for some reason he was given this gift of memory for at least a few years.. I think, if you haven’t already figured it out.. one of the reasons might be to help others open to the possibility of reincarnation.. in fact now that I said that I’m sure that’s exactly why you have published this book. I think if even one more person wakes up to that possibility you and James have done a wonderful service to the Earth.
    There would be so much to say to you all if I had a chance but.. not the time or the place. Again, thank you and hold strong and allow James 3 to grow in which ever way his soul determines best for this life.

    Thank you (Bruce and Andrea) and thank you James 3 for the information and chance to share in this beautiful experience he has brought with him.


    • Bruce Leininger Says:


      Thanks for your kind words. Writing this book and telling James 3 story was an enjoyable but challenging experience.

      We published the book for several reasons.

      1) There was much play on the internet about our story once it aired on ABC Primetime; but it was fragmented and in many way just plain wrong. We had the facts and felt since it was about our experience the only ones who could really do it justice was our family.

      2) For many reasons we felt this may help others come to grips with what they may have experienced. Over the years we have received several calls from people thanking us for helping them come to grips with their “past life” experience.

      3) Yes, just as I was pig headed about this as not being possible we felt it might enlighten others about the possibilities.

      4) I felt that my Faith grew because of my own struggle with this experience. It enriched my Faith in God and the Salvation I seek.

      There is much I do not understand about all of this but I accept it and embrace it.

      Once again. Thanks

      Bruce Leininger

  64. Kenneth Ryan Says:

    I found the book on a table in Barnes & Noble in Vegas where we had stopped on our way from Mexico to Canada. I’ve studied the paranormal for years. I can’t say I’m all that knowledeable, but after seventy years, I can say I’ve seen and heard some very unusual things.
    I must admit I struggled with the first part of this book. I realize it was a heavy load for the mother, but feel it was overemphasized, as the book after all, is of the son. The father deserves a medal for stuborness!!
    I’ve read most of the entries on this blog. Reincarnation is referred to over and over and many people including the father, seem to have quite a religious struggle with it. Are we sure this is a case of reincarnation or is it something quite different. I’m not educated enough to clearly explain my concern here, but I feel there are many people heading down the wrong road here. Forget the religious connotation here. Who cares about religion here!!! It’s far too early to consider reliigion when there is so little information coming forth. Why don’t the theologists just back off a bit and let some of the experienced paranormal specialists speak out. I would like to hear any comments regarding this book from Ingo Swan and a few like minded people.
    I’m not anti religion or anti bible, but there are many things this old world has seen that are either not mentioned in the bible, or not mentioned clearly. There are, in my mind, many items in the bible which aren’t understood by ANY of the religions.

    • Bruce Leininger Says:


      This experience moved me beyond my Faith. It was unsettling and fearful in many ways.

      Truly our book is not about religion it is about a Spiritual journey that our son took.

      The fact is that a spirit came back and came to us in our son.

      Each of us will need to reconcile the journey of their spirit with what they believe. Sooner or later we will take that step into eternity.

      Much in the bible is mysterious and unsettling – but it tells a story that holds each of to the truth.

      For me this story only reinforces that truth.

      Bruce Leininger

  65. Kristen Betts Says:

    Mr. and Mrs. Leininger,
    Hi! My mom and I just finished reading your book recommended to us by some close friends. We recently went to dinner with the group of ladies to discuss the book. At dinner my mom pulled out her book to a highlighted section using the bookmark. One of my mom’s friends commented on the bookmark, an Aviator playing card Joker with an airplane on the face. A friend asked where she got the card in which my mom replied, “It came with the book. Didn’t your book come with one also?” We all thought it was a little strange. Are you aware of any books coming with the playing card as an added bookmark? We all believe in James’s story and loved the book. Thank you for sharing his story.


    • Bruce Leininger Says:


      We have no idea where the cards are coming from. More than one person has tolds us this. Another mystery.

      We are glad you enjoyed the story and hope all of your friends embrace it.

      Nurture your soul – it will carry you to eternity.

      Bruce Leininger

  66. Ed in Pgh Says:

    Hi Bruce, Andrea,
    I just finished reading the BS Historian’s strainings to minimalize the account of James memories. Rather than waste time addressing his insults, you would do much better with non reaction, forgiving his attacks, completely.

    When the spirit of God provides a messenger and a message ..it is not for the purpose of converting hard line skeptics. A seed will not grow where it falls on hard rocky ground. It requires a prepared soil before anything can grow. The message exists for those who have an ear to hear it. For the others, there is no proof that will ever be adequate. It was because of such willfulness that Jesus spoke in parables to those who refused to hear.

    Ed in Pgh

  67. Bill Nagle Says:

    I am a retired AF veteran. I was very deeply moved by the stubborness of Bruce, the faith of Andrea, and of course the innocence of James. Face it…it is a mystery that actually transpired and the fact that we cannot fully explain it presents future challenges for us. I would hope that as James gets older he offers us more insight and that a follow up book will ensue. Thank you.

    • Bruce Leininger Says:


      Thanks for your great input. We can’t explain what happened we can just tell you what happened.

      Embrace the journey that your spirit is taking.

      We believe James is not finished and when he his ready to speak his mind it will be incredible.

      Bruce Leininger

      P.S. Thanks for helping to keep us free to have this dialog. We appreciate each veteran.

  68. BOB HEADRICK Says:

    I just finished your book. I read it straight thru at one sitting. I was acutely interested in your efforts to reveal the truth about James and the circumstances you has witnessed. Thanks to your dogged determination, James becomes another testiment for the grace of God.

    The ultimate desire of God is that we choose to be one with him again as it was in the beginning. When he gave us our free will, we chose to inhabit this earth and pull away from him. Our experiences in our earthly lives, the choices we make, and the way we interact with one another acts to gain or loose in our soul development. That is why the Heavenly
    Father sent His Son to us as an ideal example of how to live our lives to attain oneness with the Father. Our journeys in and out of this earthly plain allow us to further our soul development. It is not God’s desire that any soul should perish. It is only our rejection of God thru our free will that enables this.

    I do not profess to be an authority on Christianity or any religion. I seek the truth and enlightenment. This book should serve as a testament to the faithfulness of God. James II life was cut short during a very difficult time in human history. His reappearance on earth only confirms that he has unfinished business here and possibly in his soul development to become one with the Father again.

    Thank you and your family for the courage to share your wonderful live events with us and may God bless all of you.
    Bob in OKC

    • Bruce Leininger Says:


      Thanks for your feedback. The journey was a real challenge and writing the book put it all in a perspective that is easily read.

      We have received many e-mails like your an we appreciate it.


  69. Kristen Betts Says:

    Bruce and Andrea,
    Thank you so much for writing this book. It was amazing to hear of James’s experience.

    Are you aware of any special packaging in which the book was sold with an Aviator playing card? While reading the book one fell out of the center of the book.


    • andrealeininger Says:


      You are the second person to post this about an Aviator playing card. There was never any special packaging or supplements added to the book. This is very curious and I am actually taken aback by this! Our Publisher and Editor said that nothing like this was included in the book. Where this came from, I have no idea, but I’d hang onto that card if I were you, because…..just because!! I’m still shaking my head…


      • Kristen Betts Says:

        Thank you for your response. Do you happen to know if the date December 29, 1942 means anything in the research you found? We are trying to research the card found in the book and this date has come up.


  70. Lisa Becker Says:

    Dear Bruce and Andrea,

    Thank you for having the courage and insight to write this book. I couldn’t put it down. At 3 years old, my daughter asked, “Where’s my skates?”
    When I asked what kind of skates, she rolled her eyes like I was stupid.
    “My ice skates!” she demanded. I tried to explain to her that she’s never
    had ice skates and she grew very impatient with me saying, “How am I gonna skate on the lake without my ice skates?” Baffled, I asked where the lake was. She put her hands on her hips and looked at me like I had two heads and said, “Outside, by the trees!” She had some connection to snow and was
    very disappointed that it didn’t snow on Christmas day. I explained that
    it doesn’t snow in Southern California but she didn’t want to hear it saying,
    “It can’t be Christmas if it’s not snowing.” She’s almost 7 now and hasn’t asked for her skates for awhile. I never pursued her past because she didn’t
    have nightmares and wasn’t haunted by it. She still makes statements in an
    unequivocal manner like, “I have kids.” When I ask how many, she says, “Three, two boys and a girl.”

    What I love about your book is that it completely opens us up to what is possible if we listen and respond to our children instead of react and
    discount their claims. And in doing so, we can discover another element
    of the human condition, that our souls can travel beyond our current life

    I live in Los Angeles and have spent 14 years in feature film production.
    I think SOUL SURVIVOR would be a perfect feature story for a docu-reality
    program on reincarnation. Imagine the families that could bring peace and
    closure to their kids struggling with past-life memories/nightmares. Most
    people don’t have your tenacity but still want to help their loved ones.
    If there’s a better way to reach you to discuss this further, please let me
    know. If this doesn’t interest you, then please know that I was deeply touched by James’ story and impressed with your dogged determination
    to tell it the way you did. Thank you for putting your heart on the page.

    Lisa Becker

  71. stephen g Says:

    OMG the internet is not in the bible, it must not exhist! The religous types need to give it a rest. no where in the book is there a reference to religion except to state that Bruce had a great struggle with what was happening to his son as it conflicted with his previous religious dogma. if your beliefs are so rigid and fragile as to be questioned by the story of a little boy, then those beliefs must be on very thin ice to start with.
    Bruce, i am a navy aviation historian and i can’t find out why Wildcats were being used that late in the war by the navy. i know the marines got all the hand me downs, including Coursairs, but the Navy had gone to hellcats by then, any information on that? Was it because it was a Jeep carrier?
    Now that your son is older i understand he has had less intense of an experience, any thoughts why?
    By the way according to String/M/Brane theory in physics, there are multiple parallel universes all persent at the same time with everything that has happened and will happen still happening. I think of it as watching a DVD, the whole movie forward and back is on the DVD and real, just you are the observer of a particular point at a particular time. the James’s may have crossed observation points so for a moment both were watching the same frame across time/space.
    did enjoy the book, kinda slow to start. thanks for taking the time to pass the story on. and for those who think the Leiningers are getting rich from the book, believe me they are not. i have written and the best i can say is a book like that will not earn you enough to go to lunch on. be well and thanks again stephen

  72. Mary Beth Says:

    I, too, have shared similiar experiences, of reincarnation and the afterlife, with my own daughter. Our story was published in a book entitled, “Good Teachers Carry On…Lessons from the Afterlife” (2003), and telling our story was a decision I will never regret. I know the courage and determination it took for you to tell your story. “Soul Survivor” was absolutely marvelous and I don’t know when I’ve enjoyed a book more. May God continue to bless your very special family.

  73. Barry Says:

    I am writing more as an update, from a previous writing, after reading Soul Survivor, and after also reading “Many Lives, Many Master’s, written by a PhD Psychiatrist.

    I found Soul Survivor in the Barnes and Noble, in Saginaw, MI, in the New Age section. I came back weeks later, and it was sold out. I came a week later, and was told it was on backorder. I came today, Aug. 18, and found three books near the entrance in the new nonfiction. I would say that is a step up from New Age, and demonstrates, at least our local interest in reincarnation.

    Like others, I’ve found this subject intensely interesting, but both books, Soul Survivor, and Many Lives, offer no explanation for how this process of “non physical” phenomenon actually works. While I’m college educated, and understand the scientific process, I’m beginning to doubt that any science will ever explain spritual belief and how human spiritual “intention” translates into the transmigration of souls from one body to another. There apparently needs to be a new paradigm of non-physical reality created, one that science can live with. And while we can create models to explain the bio-electrical thinking side of how the mind works, and how our abstract ability allows us imagine thinking about thinking, we still don’t really understand the transcendent powers of the mind to imagine itself into another dimension. Interestingly though, we can “go” there through meditation, and machines now exists to register brain functionings in these altered states. Work is obviously being done in the brain, but it’s final output and realization, is somewhere else.

    What is so amazing to me is the idea, the possibility that Officer James would wait some 60 years to enter the consciousness of an 18-month old boy, of the same name. And, in Many Lives, (1988) the female patient, indicated many times, a period of rest and waiting between lives, periods beyond time and space, I suppose, but also, only a few minutes while in therapy, and her apparent “choosing” to enter each of her reported 86 lives was important in the migration, and that before entering the next life, she was required, by the Master’s, required to have a reason to enter and a mission to accomplish. I wonder for what possible reason would older James enter this child; why wait 60 years, and what is his “mission”? I can only think, after Many Lives, and now that the young James is remembering less and less of old James’ life, that it was to be affirmed, and remembered, and to carry his soul to the next level of “improvement”. I see nothing scientific here yet, beyond the very human-soul-desire to improve, learn, and reach perhaps to the Godhead.

    • Bruce Leininger Says:


      First of all thanks for your effort to find the book.

      The experience of confronting what my son said and my wife believed to be a past life challenged my spirit and faith.

      I still do not have an explanation for why it happened or how it happened. However, I do know what happened.

      Waiting 60 years is baffling – but I believe James Huston came back because he had to finish something.

      My son continues to demonstrate a joy of life that goes beyond what an 11 year old would normally do. He savors each moment as though he is a visitor and knows this lifely journey can abruptly end.

      I am firmly of the belief that part of the reason he returned was to make sure that men like him who sacrificed their lives for us are not forgotten. Our experiences with the veterans is a tangible component of this.

      Believing in what happened to him still requires faith on our part about our lives and spiritual journey we are all on.

      Thanks for your feedback.


  74. Pip Threlfall Says:

    Hi Barry

    I felt led to answer your email. I also have read “Many Lives, Many Masters” some years ago and thought it an amazing book.

    I have been interested in reincarnation and associated phenomenon for more than half a century, and although I would not consider myself an expert on the subject I have read widely in this area.

    In my twenties I became fascinated with what Dianetics and Scientology had to say with regard to the human mind and its capacity to shape our reality. It is my understanding that we might take a new body similar to the way we might change our worn out motor vehicle for a new one, and equally it takes time to get used to our new model, the only difference may be that we have to ‘grow it’ from a single cell and cannot just go and get it ‘ready to go’.

    As for the gap between lives, my friend Peter Spink (the Omega Trust) speaks about ‘the summer lands’. This is the place we first go after physical death. It is basically a world of our imagination where what we believe will happen happens. Here we will stay until we realise we are in fact living in our thought world at which time we will move on to other realities. I suppose it is a bit like taking a ‘gap year’ after leaving school/college and before going to university.

    It would seem that our primary purpose is expansion back to the infinite viewpoint that we were originally created to enjoy, at which point we will once more be back in oneness with our creator where we in truth never left, accept in our minds.

    I hope some of the above will be helpful.

    Pip Threlfall

    • Barry Says:

      Hello Pip:

      Thank you for your insights and thoughts regarding reincarnation and your readings in the subject. Your analogy of the “worn out motor” was interesting, and that the soul endures and “grows” through a series of divine educational quests.

      I will look into the “Omega Trust” and google Mr Spink. Intriguing that we may hang out in “summer lands”, in a “thought world” of imagination. Perhaps it’s a “collective pre-consciousness”, a place, where soul-thoughts and intentions mingle, before entering another lifetime.

      A book I just started, “Paranormal Experience and Survival of Death”, by Carl B. Becker, appears to be a scientific analysis of the available data, going back to the 70’s, it has 51 pages of notes and citations! I’ll let you know what I find out. Another scientific study on understanding physical and emotional healing is “Infinite Mind”, by Valarie Hunt. She developed bio-electrical equipment that can detect the body’s “subtle energies”, micro-volts of EM energy, which indicates how “healing energies” positively interact with the body’s physiological systems. She also discovered the combined average of the brain’s 3 waves, the alph, beta, and theta waves, nearly equal the earth’s EM cycle/pulse rates, and that without the earth’s EM waves, and/or adjacent electrical equipment, the human mind loses it’s orientation to time and space, and ceases to follow normal functional sequences. She determined this using a research room where the room was shielded from all EM transmissions. It seems we are being bathed in earth’s EM waves, and our very brain functioning, our humaness, if you will, requires these electrical waves, and it would seem, they actually maintain our ability to have a consciousness. Interesting, eh?

      Thinking on your points that we are possibly each on a mission back to the creator, with a purpose to return to the place of the “infinite viewpoint”, after expansion, learned through our human experiences,…so, one of our soul’s purposes, is to be ‘educated’, perhaps to give and accept love and understanding(?) It would seem too easy to say we must ultimately return to God to tell what we’ve learned, that is, if God is all knowing…I’d like to think the mission is to give to others our soul’s mission: to be God’s love, and to return that love in some great circle of being.

      I’ve read wide, but not deep, and I’ve formulated a few ideas related to reincarnation: that, as living beings, we are connected to a vast “highway” of infinite universal knowledge; that our life experiences travel through energy waves of thoughts and memory, through eternal time and space, and can be “tapped” with certain paranormal skills, and hyno-regression therapy; from Soul Survivor, that the human will and consciousness survives death, perhaps as a soul-entity, and can be directed to certain receptive persons; and that the time “in between” is likely a time of “soul searching”, not only for the new body, but for the intent of the soul to find its meaning and realization in this world, as well as the next.

      I’ve never considered your thought before, that we will return to be one with our creator, and that we never really left, except in our minds. Perhaps we’ve confused our sacred connections, and assumed the mind is so individualized, by nature of our education, and ego, and from some hypothetical existential ideas…perhaps we’ve never left. And like the Gnostics believed, we are all children of God; it’s a question of revealing our connections through gaining knowledge of our eternal sacredness with God, who dwells within, always and forever–to reveal what has always been there…

      Thanks, Pip. Take Care.

      • Alex Jones Says:

        The “summer lands.” This reminds me of the ancient Celtic tales of Britain who believed in such a land. There is the tale of Bran the Blessed who after being mortally wounded in a great war against Ireland, withdrew from the world with his surviving companions, and they returned to the real world around a 100 years later.

        The Druids who in effect were the intellectual community of the Celtic world also believed in reincarnation. Julius Caesar said: “The principal point of their doctrine is that the soul does not die and that after death it passes from one body into another” Other writers have linked the Druids to the beliefs of Pythagoras who had developed some advanced theories on Transmigration. Pythagoras I will need to study.

        There are two questions that I have asked about Reincarnation. The first is how does a soul decide which new body to enter? When I was aged about 13 I asked myself that question, and I had the idea that a new life and the soul are both singing a song, and if they match, they come together like a glove to a hand. The theory still holds for me many years later.

        The second question is about memory. Like a vase the soul is managing to contain the memories of a dead individual, and is then able to pass it into a new born body. This question intrigues me because currently three great British personalities are having their memories erased by Dementia, indicating memory is in the physical brain. Maggie Thatcher (previous Prime Minister of Britain) and Norman Wisdom (actor) are now in the advanced stages of Dementia, and I believe they no longer recognise who they are. A major British writer Terry Pratchett is fighting against Dementia. This causes me to ask how then does the soul hold those memories and pass them into a new body? I usually have an answer to most questions; I am at a loss on this question.

        One last observation I have about James Leininger is that his case is unusual in that the Greeks say that when a soul passes back into the real world its memory is erased by a certain river it crosses, James at a young age had very clear memories of his past life.

      • Ed in Pgh Says:

        Hi Barry,
        Regarding some of your comments…that:

        “one of our soul’s purposes, is to be ‘educated’, perhaps to give and accept love and understanding(?) It would seem too easy to say we must ultimately return to God to tell what we’ve learned, that is, if God is all knowing…I’d like to think the mission is to give to others our soul’s mission: to be God’s love, and to return that love in some great circle of being.”
        These ideas have been taking shape in men’s consciousness from the early 60’s. There was a song out back then called …“ All My Life’s a Circle.”

        When you say it seems “too easy” …to return to God and tell HIM what we’ve learned…

        There is far more than the simplified view of …one life/ physical death and then everlasting judgement held by Christian ministers who insist upon dogma in their own self dignity, while forgetting the words of the apostle James that…

        “God’s MERCY… TRIUMPHS over judgment! James 2:13

        Much of this idea of a single life’s gambit stems from a tiny reference in Job …that…
        it is appointed men ONCE… to die.

        Job is probably one of the oldest writings in the Bible and no one even considers that this statement may have been a common colloquial expression often repeated without having any basis of “divine utterance.” Such long ranged, hard lined, tenacity over such a singular statement is itself curious when there is far more evidence that remains in scripture overruling this tiny “comment” in Job. Revelation is a continuing process that renders Job’s comment insignificant in light of the words of Jesus that speak directly of John the Baptist being the old testament prophet Elijah.

        Once the harshness of punishment fades from our concept of God. A new revelation comes into being that replaces our age old ideas for “SELFISH AMBITION and
        ( bitter) CULTURAL JEALOUSIES” which stew in men’s hearts, unhampered by their self styled spiritual aspirations.

        James 3:15 calls these unregenerated mental postures…FALSE WISDOM…which does NOT come down from GOD…but it is EARTHLY ( arrogant and a LIE against the TRUTH). He calls them DEMONIC influences. “Where these things exist…there is DISORDER and every EVIL thing.
        Wisdom from ABOVE is peaceable, GENTLE, WILLING TO yield, full of MERCY, and STABLE, bearing good fruit. ..sown in PEACE.

        Here in one chapter we see the encroach of man made doctrines replacing the testimony of God.

        We ALSO get a bigger glimpse of GOD’s plan for humanity. God’s plan is our continuing SELFLESSNESS as we set aside and yield our SELF posturing. All our self importance finds its justification with individual consciousness of the intensity of offenses and wrongs and various inequity.

        Scripture clearly describes GOD’s WILL ..as…

        “OUR” immersion (self abandonment/ a sanctification) in HIS OWN Spirit.

        Forgiveness is our antidote… necessary to be planted as a seed in our hearts …that we may YIELD to all seeming unfairness….because GOD is always working out our destiny ( HIS WILL) through the darknesses which we “recognize” …held IN OUR OWN.. consciousness.

        James 2:4
        Have you not made… DISTINCTIONS…among YOUR-selves…and become JUDGES with EVIL motives????

        Judge not… and your JUDGEMENT will not be pressed upon you!

        In our own consciousness UNEQUITY must DIE before OUR willing embrace of GOD transpires. The expanse of consciousness is necked down into individuality (and the denial of GOD’s eternal presence) in our DARKENED awareness which feeds individual selfish pride. This worldly conditioned awareness is not from ABOVE according to the instruction of James.

        Mark 8:34
        If a man wishes to follow in the example I am providing, then HE MUST DENY HIMSELF, recognize his own “cross” (understand what precipitates his suffering) and bear it willingly and THUS… follow after me.

        This speaks little about religious pretenses and much about self realization (watchfulness) as a means of following after Jesus as his disciple.

        Be assured that our ideas… trying to wrap themselves around the process of rebirth… have always gestated with difficulty particularly within a consciousness raised under fundamental Christian dogmas and man made doctrines. GOD’s revelation found strong opposition among the Jews of Jesus time, even among the disciples.

        Jesus prefaced his words, imparting them with extreme care saying:

        ”For those of you …who have the ears to hear it!” or..

        “But, THIS… I say unto you” and …”Verily” or “in Reality”

        These were signals to us today that those particular statements were not easily met by the “conditioned “ ears of his own tribesmen.

        However, rebirth was not so hotly contested in Asian lands where Vedantists and Buddhists were prepared for life to develop within a more gracious and forgiving idea of humanity.

        As a serviceman in Thailand in ’72, I experienced a tolerance and graciousness from the Buddhist monks of Thailand that is only equaled in our term… “southern hospitality.” It was profound how much their consciousness was carried in a peace and nonjudgmental quality.
        Barry wrote:
        I’ve never considered your thought before, that we will return to be ONE with our creator, and that we NEVER REALLY LEFT, except in OUR minds.
        (This is the disenfranchised mind of SELF-LIFE which obscures The GOD awareness EVER SHINING UPON US…the LIGHT which is in EVERY man who “comes into the world.”) John ch 1
        Perhaps we’ve CONFUSED our sacred connections, and ASSUMED the mind is so individualized, by nature of our EDUCATION ( conditioning), and EGO (entrenchment) and from some hypothetical existential ideas ( DOGMA)…perhaps we’ve never left.
        This entrenchment of EGO doctrine is what James calls the demonic influences.

        In Revelations this is called the SYNAGOGUE of Satan.
        ( in the message to the church of Philadelphia Rev 3:9..

        ”they claim they have been chosen inheiritors of the promise (JEWS)..
        YET THEY embrace a LIE”).

        Amos 6:7
        ….They will be exiled at the head of the exiles!”

        This “going into EXILE” is the plan of God where “the blind having kept their darkened awareness peaked”…. RETURN… once again to their worldly crusades and still attempt to lead the blind into embattlement with EVIL.

        ..until they plainly see that their ERROR keeps the entire world in War and SUFFERING under the direction of unyielding EGO.

        When Jesus said, “ I am from above”…

        He was not calling attention to himself… as an exclusion… to all of us. In the gospel, JESUS plainly gives us HIS meaning ….UNDERLYING the words…. he… speaks ….under the INFLUENCE of …the HOLY SPIRIT:

        “ If I testify to… MYSELF ( a personal identity of SELF origination)…My words become an utter FALSEHOOD.”

        THIS IS CRUCIAL TO REALIZE… before… any progress can be made in realizing Jesus’ complete DENIAL of self ambition and his willingness to YIELD to the VOICE of God speaking through his lips and leading him in all his ways.

        The SPIRIT… speaking through… Jesus …was always UNIFYING..not dividing…NOT.. as men have interpreted his words through filters accommodating our own SELF- originating importance.
        And most of the churches following Jesus have done the SAME, perpetuating the synagogue of Satan…which keeps ego as the victor over evil.

        Didn’t Jesus say: contest NOT against EVIL for it is a food or a fuel for darkness… to survive?

        So, Barry, you can see that the significant MESSAGE given to mankind through Jesus…loses its SALT, once men continue to place divine direction under the auspices and authority of selfish intellectualisms. It is about overcoming the worldly image of division among humanity in whole.

        It is about enlightenment to the LIGHT from above through loss of self pride.

        And like the Gnostics believed, we are all children of God;
        ( God’s Holy Spirit indwelling mankind ..IS from ABOVE..that is where our reality rests)
        it’s a question of revealing our connections through gaining knowledge of our eternal sacredness with God, who dwells within, always and forever–to reveal what has always been there…
        Not so much, Barry, about gaining knowledge….or gathering intellectualism. That is the activity of self enhancement.

        REALIZATION ( the deep experience) of what THIS “WE”(self originating individuality)… is up to with its dreaming of self grandeur.… in its persistent tries at reincarnation in a world of self made STRIFE….THAT is what we are meant to SEE…. past the darkness we surround our minds with. We will come to see that God is never WITHOUT us.

        GOd is not a respector of personalities.

        Instead HIS heart is upon such as these…

        Those, who worship HIM alone.. in Spirit and TRUTH, because that is HIS own nature…not our individual esteem for the self constructed identity which is unaware ( darkened to ) of the INCLUSION of ALL LIFE in …the ONE living awareness…hidden in the awe of the words….
        “I..AM” .

        Our exile or estrangent from HIS Divine Goodness..IS… a SELF originating …delusion.

        That is what Jesus came to… SHOW us.

        It was a DEMONSTRATION of the victory over self delusion …. to REVEAL “What”… stands ready to embrace the point of awareness holding ALL of LIFE… in the ONE.

        These things which come..it is necessary for our realization that they do come.

        Be always in HIS Peace. (Let not your heart be troubled, neither be ye afraid)
        May God succed where we have utterly failed.
        …. in standing beyond this small tiny self erected identity for the sake of our self ambitions.

        Ed in Pgh

    • Bruce Leininger Says:


      The last paragraph of your note says it all. I appreciate your feedback and the clarity of your ability to describe your beliefs.

      Bruce Leininger

  75. Almesino Says:


    I was happy with all positive comments here. Just wanted to share my own knowledge on the subject. Actually, there is wide body of scriptures, which analyses these essential topics to minute details, explaining everything – how souls transmigrate, what is relation between soul, mind and body, and so on and so on. It is vast base of knowledge, one lifetime would not be enough long to study it. One commentator already mentioned – Vedic scriptures. So, if we have good trust, apply some serious criteria to distinguish, whether it is trustworthy source or not, then we do not have to struggle so much to create new theories or to struggle with our own ignorance about the subject – God gives us all knowledge and Earth is very good place to apply it in our own life and to strive for perfection of the soul. Just it is so, that the fact that all such knowledge is already there, is not widely known. But that is natural, because any good scientific knowledge is also limited to those who studied in best universities or had put great endeavour to be knowledgable on some subject. Others may just be unaware of possibilites to learn and of scope of libraries and credible information.

    I’d like to adress comment of Christy, because ussually I am interested how to reconcile Christian knowledge with what we meet in other spiritual systems of knowledge.

    “The very message of Christianity is that Jesus saves sinners, that we can not EARN heaven – not in one lifetime or a million. That’s why we needed Jesus to be our savior. ”

    In Vedic scriptures we find, that sure, all souls need a savior, and God Himself or through His intimate servants is our savior and teacher. He teaches from inside – beeing the Teacher in the heart (caitya-guru), and from outside – through scriptures and saints. Souls are reincarnating, transmigrating through different bodies and different types of planets in universe – hellish, earthly and heavenly – till they fully learn absolute truths of spiritual existence, and reaching highest spiritual love they go to Eternal Abode of God Himself, which is higher than even heavenly planets in this universe.

    “Also, God does not become what we need Him to be – that seems more like idolatry to me. God is Who He is – He IS reality and He wants us to know Him as He truly is, not what we imagine Him to be. Your son has described heaven in one way, and the Scriptures in another. Your choice is to decide which testimony, if any, is correct.”

    Well, there may be some contradictions between different accounts of higher experiences and higher knowledge, but that is normal, because, after all, those realities cannot be fully adequately explained in limited words of our earthly sphere. So, yes, in bona fide scriptures it is also revealed that God makes a relationship with His devoted souls according to desire of a soul. Because God is absolute, He has unlimited expansions of Himself, who are Himself also, but there is also difference of qualities and form. Spiritual variagatedness. Bible does not reveal so much, but that is because recipients of Bible were not so ready to receive so much.

    “However, when Christianity is distorted to fit in with other worldviews – that is when I must protest. If we can earn heaven through improving ourselves, then no one needs a savior. Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross becomes meaningless – the delusional act of a crazy human.”

    With so many protectors, it is doubtfull that Christianity can be “distorted”. But that also hinders development and progress. Jesus sacrifice can never become meaningless – it stands high as mountain, deepest proof to our hearts of great mercy of our spiritual saviors. Even if we are not believing or acting harmfully, still they come and enlighten us. Otherwise, we are just changing and changing bodies, without getting to spiritual destination – and here we are always suffering births, desease, old age, again deaths, and so on.

    “But if reincarnation is true, then Christianity is false and Jesus Christ is no one’s savior. I know that there are those who call themselves Christians who try to embrace both views, but from my studies of Scripture, they are being unfaithful to the written texts. I find it sad when people are afraid to denounce Jesus upfront and directly, but choose rather to redefine Him instead – totally contradicting how He described Himself.”

    Living God is more than written word. To understand spiritual meaning of those words in scripture, we need a key. Because the meaning is locked – one who has experience of reality which is described by those words – he knows, others not. So putting faith in our own interpretation of written text and putting faith in saints, who can really explain it, is different.

    My wishes for all us now on Earth, that we would not become satisfied with what we know now, but seek more and more, and go further and further, learning along the way new portions of Truth, new revelations and new wonderfull happenings. All good luck 🙂

    • Bruce Leininger Says:


      I am impressed by the depth of your conviction and passionate sharing of your opinion.

      My faith is simply based.
      1) I believe that Jesus is my Savior. God gave his son in sacrifice to show us the way.
      2) My faith is based upon an edification of Jesus who, as the Messiah, demonstrated the gift of eternal life for us.
      3) Number’s 1 and 2 involve a life long commitment to the spiritual development of that faith.

      I don not find that to be completely contrary with other religious views.

      Faith is not a static condition it is dynamic and the journey through eternity permits my spirit or soul to experience that opportunity for growth and being with with my Creator.

      My decision to challenge what my son was experiencing was a personal challenge to what was a static belief.

      I remain baffled by it but know what happened. At the end of the day my life is spiritually much richer.

      Thanks for your feedback I learned something from it.


  76. Alex Jones Says:

    The story of James and the stories of three other children who had stories of reincarnation won me over to the idea reincarnation exists.

    I have dismissed all evidence of past life under hypnosis, as people under hypnosis are suggestable, and the mind tends to make things up to fill any gaps. I also rejected all the evidence from various religions as “faith”. I rejected all the adult cases as I tend to be cynical about adult claims. But, small children is a different issue together, small children could not make all that up, and in so much detail as James had. I am unable to dismiss the story of James. I shall be buying the book.

    Although, seeing the astrology chart on this site, I do not believe in astrology.

    My regards and thanks to all the Leininger family, as you have provided one of the few examples of hard evidence of life beyond death.

    • Bruce Leininger Says:


      Welcome to the converted skeptics club. I was adamant that a past life was bunko. Fortunately, I was found wrong.

      We look forward to your feedback once you have read our book. Many thanks.

      • Alex Jones Says:

        Hi Bruce

        It is Sept 11th and since your book mentioned that date a few times I thought I would put together an initial response on the book today.

        I managed to get the book on Sept 9th from Amazon, an annoying delay caused by the first copy beng lost in transit, the second copy was sent to me by Amazon free of charge.

        I have reached chapter 19 and this book is addictive, I keep returning to it for small chunks of reading during the day.

        How spooky it must have been when all those strange poltergeist-like things happend when you did not want to answer the question over if you believed in reincarnation or not. I find as I read the book that it raises more questions than answers, and I guess I will have to face the frustrating conclusion that I will never be able to get answers to some of my questions.

        I sympathise with you Bruce, as I watch your position getting shredded as the book progresses. I have been in positions of total certainty only to see my invincible position crumble in front of my eyes in disbelief and frustration.

        You and Andrea come across as caring and down to earth people in the book.

        Apart from the reincarnation side of the book, I also love the idea of two time periods coming together through your son, something that appeals to me. I live in the ancient capital of Britain, Colchester, a place where 2000 year old Roman walls merge into parts of homes and shops, where a Norman castle sits on an ancient temple and is now home to a museum, and where the ruins of a 2000 year old church is adjacent to a police station. I have a great love of history, and in my town the past and present both merge to give the town a special character.

        I will write again when I finish the book.



  77. Maggie Says:

    I remember when I was between the ages of 3 and 5 that I had vivid memories of “somewhere else”.

    I am a second generation American of Italian heritage who grew up in the Northeast.

    But between the ages of 3 and 5, I remembered something and somewhere else.

    In the memories, I was a young woman with curly red hair standing on a cliff wearing a long skirt and my name, I am sure was Catherine.

    I had often thought, in my adulthood, that that cliff was in England.

    I have always felt very comfortable in England and have always been an Anglophile in every respect. Some say it is because America shares the English language but I speak two languages an in addition to English and language-wise, I am equally at home in Italy or Germany.

    But I am most at home in England.

    I am also very afraid of heights-not when I am contained in a building or a plane but cliffs, balconies, rooftops frighten me. I always feel very insecure on same.

    I truly believe that I once did live in England, possibly sometime in the mid to late 1800s and that I had some sort of accident on that cliff.

    The memories faded when I was five.

  78. Ken Lonewolf Says:

    What I have experienced for many years of my life is similar to what the little boy named James has experienced and from about the same age of two years of age onward in my middle age, before it concluded.

    My nightmares and sreaming in my head at night while asleep, involved flying in World War One. I think that I was killed in aerial combat in that war.

    The nightmares were frightening, indeed!

  79. Edward Safranski Says:

    It’s an excellent story and there are a few items I would like to add for discussion. Time is an illusion. As such there are no “past” lives, only other lives that we are living even as we live this one. Think of it as a DVD video. Beginning middle and end are all in place simultaneously. It is only where we choose to enter the disc that determines which scene we are viewing. In the same way, all of history, past, present and future are here now. It is only our focus that determines which aspect we are aware of.

    I remember snippets of numerous other lives. Some from the “past” such as being a soldier in the U.S. Civil War and some so weird I can make neither heads nor tails of them when I awake. And of course I also have some flashes of these memories when I am walking around in day to day life, not asleep and dreaming.

    It really could not be any other way. We are parts of God and God is infinite. Therefore we are also infinite, though we can forget our infinity and think that this life here and now is the only one. God, or Infinite Consciousness as I prefer to call it, or Infinite Love, expands as you and I. As such we each have infinite other lives that we are living. Most but not all of the awareness of other lives comes in the form of the dreams we experience. Just because each of us is infinite does not mean we overlap and become each other. For example there are infinite even numbers and infinite odd numbers. In between each two digits are an infinite number of fractions. Even though odd and even are infinite, they never become each other.

    Regarding James Leininger and James Huston Jr. being the same soul in different lifetimes, I would suggest it is entirely possible that James Huston is also having dreams he does not understand. He could still be a young boy having dreams that he does not remember when he wakes up because he does not understand them. He could dream he is sitting in a closet and playing with a make believe aircraft cockpit made of materials that have not been invented yet in his 1930’s youth. He could have dreams that he is sitting in a car seat in the 1990’s putting on his pilot’s headset. That’s my take on the book. Edward Safranski.

    • Alex Jones Says:

      I would like to comment on what Edward Safranski has said.

      Time is far harder to work out than Reincarnation, firstly it can be fast, slow, stop, or be suspended altogether; secondly, there are those who say Time exists, and some say it does not. Trying to get to grips with time is hard, there is still a lot we do not know, and my head hurts getting round it. My opinion of studying time is that 1. it moves in a linear direction but in a spiral motion; 2. time travel is possible backwards, but anything that has been fixed such as the death of Lincoln is not possible to change; 3. you can travel back in time and die; 4. ghosts are possible if there is a weakness in time, but they are no more than images in time; 5. Intuition suggests to me Time seems like a substance or force, rather than a dimension. 6. Chaos from which the Universe was fashioned by God can break down Time, and makes miracles possible, since Chaos suspends all normal rules. 7. Future lives are not possible because we have Free Will, and our soul can only exist in one fixed position in space-time at a time, and what we do now sets the course of a future outcome, and Time cannot exist in future, as Chaos from which it is fashioned has not been acted upon by God as yet. My head hurts!

      I apply three general principles to things like Reincarnation, Time and things like the Theory of Evolution: 1. They must have a logical set of rules. 2. What has been observed has been duplicated elsewhere 3. That “most” of what is observed can be matched up to all other information, if there is a conflict of evidence, then there is a problem.

      The Universe sits on a sea of Chaos, it is through the action of something – reasonable to assume God – is constantly acting on Chaos to keep it from ripping the Universe apart. Under certain circumstances according to Chaos Theory, Chaos can on a temporary basis take hold, but the Universe always returns back to harmony any situation subject to Chaos. Everything tends to move from a simple to a complex form in a cycle of chaotic reorganisaton, which runs counter to the Second Law of Theromdynamics (that law needs updating). Thinkers from Pythagorus to present day Quantum physicists note that the Universe is built on numbers, if God had a special language, it would not be hard to imagine it would be mathematical in form. The Universe is also seen in nature and by many across art and science to be always moving towards a natural state of harmony, beauty, rhythm, cycles and symmetry, with random but temporary fluctuations caused by Chaos. The E8 theory for the “theory of everything” by a surfer(!) called Garrett Lisi has taken the world of Physics by storm, and it is both awesome and beautiful, which I hope the Haldron experiments will confirm.

      What I am saying is that the Universe has rules and a model can be created of everything, which should match all situations. So I can say for instance that the Theory of Evolution is wrong because it does not take into account Chaos Theory, and the Harmonic nature of the Universe, and the theory runs counter to what the Universe is doing, so there is a weakness that will eventually destroy that theory. On the other hand, James currently matches my model on the information I so far know about his case study.

      Of dreams of past lives, one has to be careful here. Firstly, dreams by their very nature are weird and not easy to decode, what can be presented by the mind as a past life, may in fact just be a dream representation of a present situation. Dreams generally only deal with events and feelings of the last 48 hours in an individuals life. Secondly, in adults the mind gets loaded and corrupted by tons and tons of information (memory) that is stored from life year by year, and it therefore corrupts any memory of past lives. Thirdly, it is noted that most children with memories of past lives, start to forget them from around 8 years old, so an adult remembering past lives in any detail is running counter to that rule. Fourthly, the human mind will always fill in any gaps it does not understand, with make believe if needed. In summary, whilst adults may remember past lives in dreams, and Plato suggests we can remember past lives in dream, I will be very sceptical about the accuracy of such representations in dreams as past lives, for the four reasons I have given. In the same way I also tend to be sceptical about past life memories recovered under hypnosis, and become hostile to any suggestion of a future life memory. Hypnosis also has a fifth problem of suggestibility.

      Small children who have dreams of past lives have minds and brains that are less corrupted than that of adults, so I am more likely to believe the evidence of Reincarnation from children. Alas, I must reject most evidence of past lives from adult dreams and hypnotism as there are too many corrupting factors.

      • Ed in Pgh Says:

        I would like to throw some light on these comments, Alex.

        You write: ….”My opinion of studying time is that….”

        Alex you provided a vast stream of personal opinion and a warning about …being careful what a person …believes to be true or… factual. That SOME ideas are not reliable.

        Isn’t that what everyone moves in and out of…. their own mind with? ..a collection of acceptable BELIEFS?

        These are either ecclesiastically correct religious beliefs …or

        ..scientifically correct scientific THEORY…or

        .. the conjuring of specific DATA based on personal examination and interpretation of certain data collected.

        The announcement of the world being FLAT was just such an accepted… theory.

        The accepted religious belief that the Earth was the center of …THE UNIVERSE..was scientific …..THEORY…. at a certain period in time.

        We are no more farther FROM these same points of ….interjected BELIEF…. just because we stand on scientific development and invention.

        These are points of assumption and perspective…. and they are anchors in the mind to make determinations for our own postures and for our individual thinking processs which we wrap around our personal projections.

        Political Correctness is dependent upon who is issuing the guidelines and upon whose ears they influence.

        our BELIEF is always conditional.
        OUR PERSONAL CONCLUSIONS filter everything that comes into our discriminatory system of thought.

        In the scriptures, the apostle James speaks of our ego system …of our own determining what is… and he also speaks about …what “our” wisdom is based upon.

        In the epistle of James ch 3 he states that there is a wisdom that is from above and a wisdom from below. He speaks much about our discrimination and our self righteous judgement upon others with evil motives hidden behind those assessments.

        He claims that our self nature is self possessed and it circumvents heaven’s wisdom, even claiming our selfish ambition and our stiffness against compromise and against any moment of Peace derives from this worldly nature
        (which “we” have contrived from …“our” minds) and it is demonically influenced.

        Yep…James says it is the source of all CHAOS and of EVERY EVIL.

        “6. Chaos from which the Universe was fashioned by God can break down Time, and makes miracles possible, since Chaos suspends all normal rules.”

        “The universe was formed from ..CHAOS?”

        …THAT is merely a personal posture…. And…. an opinion….not a fact …or an explanation.

        “7. Future lives are not possible because we have Free Will, and our soul can only exist in one fixed position in space-time at a time, and what we do now sets the course of a future outcome, and Time cannot exist in future, as Chaos from which it is fashioned has not been acted upon by God as yet.”

        These are said with much certainty for what
        ( admittedly ) in the beginning… in your post ….IS your “opinion.”

        Future lives …are not possible?

        This is spoken with a lot of authority.

        “The Universe sits on a sea of Chaos,”

        Your universe? Or mine? ….Alex

        Are they both exactly the same universe… in YOUR mind?

        ….How inconvenient ..for ME that “your universe” prevails for my circumstances!

        “it is through the action of something – reasonable to assume God – is constantly acting on Chaos to keep it from ripping the Universe apart.”

        He is quite a busy “GUY”… this God character…since he put that crazy system in operation!

        “Under certain circumstances according to Chaos Theory, Chaos can on a temporary basis take hold, but the Universe always returns back to harmony any situation subject to Chaos.”

        SUBJECT to CHAOS”
        Wow…what an awesome power..it must be… Divinely fashioned!

        Tell that to suffering people who are in constant pain…that they just have to wait…because things will get better on their own. No godliness is required from those around them.

        “So I can say for instance that the Theory of Evolution is wrong because it does not take into account Chaos Theory, and the Harmonic nature of the Universe, and the theory runs counter to what the Universe is doing, so there is a weakness that will eventually destroy that theory.”

        This theory…that theory…if not one…perhaps another.

        Wisdom ( the TRUE WISDOM) comes from …ABOVE.

        That wisdom does NOT come in theories but… in the same certainty that was with Christ when he spoke.

        And this same wisdom from ABOVE was what Jesus promised from the comforting Spirit of Heaven.

        That wisdom… is COMFORTING.

        James says, it is PEACEABLE and the MAKER of PEACE. It is resolving of differences and YIELDING, compliant and not seeking its own.

        Personalities have little to do… with THIS… wisdom. It has a GENTLENESS about it.
        It is both sent TO us and it must be sought by us from GOD who always wishes for us to be under HIS leading.
        God is not the author of our FEAR.
        He is not the author of CHAOS.
        He has established US…. from ABOVE …and not from below. NOT from the will of flesh ..or because of its sense of desire and self ambition.

        Everything festering and gestating in our personal minds is the limitation we have accepted in our self will in order to determine for ourself ..WHAT MUST BE!

        Jesus said:
        come out of “HER” …my people.
        That “HER” is the seducing consciousness of the world’s allure..its personal thought systems …its…personal deductions…its personal JUDGMENTS.
        Let that mind be ..in YOU which was so kept in Jesus…urges the apostle, Paul.
        Blessed be the Peace-makers.

        “And when the Spirit of TRUTH comes he will reprove ( correct) ….THE WORLD on 3 things”…
        ITS ( the worldly) concepts of SIN, of our own RIGHTEOUSNESS, and of our own JUDGMENT.
        -Gospel of St John 16:8
        We ALL will become humbled of our mental postures. Our BELIEFS ..will fall.

        Ed in Pgh

  80. larry Says:

    Just finished the book, Thank you for sharing this amazing story. It was very moving. The book moves along very well, and then the last sentence on page 199..WOW !! Chills ran up my spine. The John Richardson segment
    was..I don’t know why i am babbling, you know all of this ..you all lived it, so once again thank you for sharing..Your story.The Natoma Bay, and the men that served, and their family members you wrote about will always be with me..


  81. Bruce Leininger Says:


    I have no Idea what that date may mean. Natoma Bay was not built until late in 1943.
    VC-63 and VC-81, two of the three squadrons that served on her were not formed until after the date in question. The only squadron that existed at that time was VC-9 which also fought in the Atlantic – sinking German submarines. From December 25, 1942 to January 4, 1943 they were on U.S.S. Bogue sailing through the Panama Canal to take up operations in the Atlantic.

    It ma be a personal message involving someone who had an expirence on that date. If I ever come across anything I will contact you.


  82. Edward Safranski Says:

    This is in response to Alex Jones on my original comments. The laws of physics are only laws because we accept them as such. That which we call miracles are actions performed by individuals who suspend the laws of physics at least during the performance of that action. This universe which we have been led to believe is real is a hologram. All “solid” material like iron, steel, rock etc. are composed of atoms. The atoms are as far apart from each other as are stars in interstellar space. If you take the atoms in a piece of iron and expand them to the size of a grain of sand, those grains of sand will be miles apart from each other! And we call that solid? In addition, if you look inside one of those atoms, there’s nothing in it! It is just a wave form of energy. How can we build a solid world using empty building blocks that are as un-solid as you can get? The answer is we can’t. All that we perceive as solid is just a dream, a hologram. In this hologram we call reality, time is just a convenience. If we experienced infinity all at once we would be overwhelmed. Thus we have a perception of time so we can learn things gradually. Past and future do not exist. There is just one moment, “now.” That “now” is eternal and encompasses all possible past and future experiences. Thus what we remember as a past life is just an alternate version of this one.

    If you are a master computer programmer you can create a fantastic computer game. Let’s just say you create the best game yet. Anyone playing that game has to play according to the rules you set in the source code. However any other programmer who has access to that code can change the rules. That which many call God wrote the source code for this universe. I prefer to call God, Infinite Consciousness or Infinite Love. There is nothing else that exists. Infinite Consciousness expands Itself as you and I and every other living entity. As we grow we gain more understanding of the source code. Thus we can perform “miracles” by suspending the “laws” of physics.

    Any understanding of what is possible or impossible has to fall by the wayside as one realizes the nature of reality. “Reality” as we have been taught to perceive is, is not “real” at all. “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” – George Orwell. We are constantly being lied to in every possible circumstance by the “powers that be.” They do not want us to remember who we are. Thus they lie to us in school, in the media, through religions, through science and more. We are like small fish swimming in the ocean and the sharks tell us that the ocean is made out of sand instead of water in order to confuse us and keep us as docile prey. Just a small example of how we are fed innumerable lies is that many religions insist that reincarnation is impossible. I don’t wish to sound pedantic or arrogant, but I will anyway. Many people have taken some baby steps do to the story of James Leininger and his past life as James Huston Jr. They now believe in reincarnation whereas before they thought it was impossible That is great! But take a few more steps. Almost everything we believe about this universe in which we live is false and based upon false misconceptions. That is not an accident. We have been systematically lied to for thousands of years. If I were a Christian I would say that Satan is behind such colossal deception. And maybe he is. But I just advise everyone to have an open mind because when you start to get a glimpse of what this world is made of and how it operates you will practically faint at the shock.

    911 Was An Inside Job!

    • Alex Jones Says:

      A reply to Edward Safranski. and Ed in Pgh

      Ed in Pgh: I humbly accept that all I say is only opinion, my opinion. We all attempt to construct a secure explainable world around us using Religion, Science and personal experience, I am no more different in this, in trying to build around me something I can explain and understand. Some may agree, some may not to my opinions, I can only offer my take on things. However, nobody, no book, no science, no religion has all the answers, and to have such an attitude is to move into the realms of pride.

      Edward Safranski: I like some of your ideas, the Universe can appear to be holographic in nature. I am aware of the idea of a holographic Universe, although I have not read up on it, it seems to be an idea akin to the Matrix films.

      I take my ideas of the Universe from Plato, Aristotle and Pythagoras, I then build around those ideas borrowing from Religion, Science and personal experience to construct my opinion of the Universe. The Chinese creation myths describe a beginning made of pure chaos, and the appearance of a blazing light, that divided chaos initiating creation. Pythagoras has a Universe that started from a Monad, that emanated outwards to create a Dyad, and a Universe of numbers, shapes and divisions like ripples from a stone thrown into a calm pool of water. Science has their Big Bang, where God decided to explode creating time and space. From all these various sources I see the Universe as an enormous bubble floating in a sea of chaos, at the centre of the bubble is God, who is holding the Universe together. In a bored moment I decided to see if I could locate something like a centre of the Universe in the fields of Cosmology: one finds indeed Science talks about the Universe inflating; that a shape emerges from Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation; that it has an axis called “the Axis of Evil”; but the centre is harder to find. An interesting possibility of a centre for the Universe is an area between constellations of Centaurus and Vela in which something called the Dark Flow is occurring, something that is not happening anywhere else and defies normal rules. Working out the centre of the Universe is made difficult as the Earth can only view the Universe from its own location in the Universe.

      The ancient Greeks had the idea that the Monad emanated a mind, called a Demiurge, which acted as the source of all the laws of the Universe, as well as setting the Universe in motion. A rough equivalent to the Demiurge in Christianity would be Jesus Christ, but the Gnostics had other ideas, making the Demiurge into Satan, causing huge arguments between the Neo-Platonist and Gnostic thinkers. It is from these Greek thinkers that all the misunderstandings and the ideas in Religion and Science has arisen in the West. You may have guessed I am allied to the schools of Plato and Pythagoras, in which Reincarnation is accepted.

      I am of the opinion that the rules of the Universe are set by God and any attempt to change them would result in failure or disaster for the fool who tries. The rules can however be suspended, but only on a temporary basis. The book Soul Survivor gives an example how the rules of the Universe can be disrupted, on page 116 Bruce was dreading being asked if he believed in Reincarnation for a TV production, every time the question was asked the filming equipment suffered a mishap or a television turned itself on. One or all the the Leiningers was responsible for causing this “miracle” to occur. The “miracle” was purposeful in that avoidance of answering the question was the aim, and incidents occurred only when the question was asked. One sees in Bruce a tremendous amount of emotion (some anger) about answering the question, and because all possible answers were tantamount to walking into a bonfire for him, an avoidance strategy was being looked for. As you suggest Edward, the Universe is made up of energy, and energy can be interfered with. Take an example of a magnet and see how it creates a magnetic field that can influence electrons. Add in emotion and occasionally strange things can happen. Someone said every action, word and thought echoes into eternity for good or bad. Most of these so-called “miracles” are subconsciously created and then are attributed by people as being caused by something “out there”.

      What you call “Infinite Love” Edward, I call the Form of Good (Plato), Christians call Grace (Love too) and Islam Bounties (Mercies). I am still working on what this “Infinite Love” means to me.

      These lies you refer to Edward is more to do with misunderstandings and lack of knowledge. The pool that is knowledge and wisdom for which mankind draws his ideas is in constant flux, sometimes we get it wrong, for instance the idea the Earth is flat, and sometimes we get it right, for instance belief in Reincarnation. Some false and harmful ideas are now under attack, and James Leininger is only a small part of a huge wave of challenges to fixed thinking in Religion and Science that is going on, I am honoured to witness and perhaps even to be a part of the renaissance that is coming.

      • Bruce Leininger Says:


        I believe we are in times that many thing will become known to all of us. It is my sincere belief that this story and the circumstances surrounding it are part of a wake-up call.

        I a not resting on my laurels but am eagerly working to learn more about what has really happened.

        You have develvved into much that I have not. It would be great to have some diverse thinkers come together to discuss this subject.

  83. Gampa Z Says:

    For whatever it’s worth, the aircraft that are in the background of the VC-81 Squadran picture are either Wildcats or Hellcats. Grumman Aircraft designed these two aircraft winds to pivot and fold back along the fuselage to provide a less overall footprint to facilitate storage area on the carriers deck, as the picture shows. These two aircraft were the only ones, that I know of, that had that design feature.
    The Corsair’s “gull” wings folded straight up and inboard. The fold line was outboard of the landing gear.
    I bought the book to read and pass on, but I just can’t let it go. I just might have to buy some more books to pass on to the grandkids.

  84. Sarah Grusin Says:

    I noticed the book because of your last name: Leininger. My grandfather, William H. Leininger (originally from Pennsylvania and then raised in Oklahoma) flew in WWI. He loved flying and actually was instrumental in Charles Lindbergh’s career. If you’re interested in this Leininger lineage, I’ll look up the family tree.

    Interesting story and enjoyed the book. Hope everyone is doing well now.

  85. Judy Collins Says:

    What an amazing journey your family has had! Thanks for your faith, love, and research in writing this story of James I, James II and James 3.

  86. Alex Jones Says:

    A final message just to say I have finished reading the book Soul Survivor, and to confirm I am now convinced on reincarnation. Thanks for sharing your story with the world, and I wish all the Leininger family the best for the future.



  87. Bob Salt Says:

    Thank you for your courage in telling your story. I loved the book. I myself did not believe in reincarnation until I read “Many Lives, Many Masters” by Brian Weiss 15 years ago. Since then I have read over 20 books on the subject and even give presentations to Early Childhood Educators about children who talk about their previous lives. I have been presenting for about 10 years on this subject and almost always have people in my audience who tell me a story that is similar to James’ story. Skeptics should know that there are thousands of researched cases around the world of children telling their stories of previous lives.

    I especially like the part in the story when James talked about picking you two as his parents. I have read a number of such accounts before and it is intriguing to me.

    I was most moved at the section where James cried over the spot where James Huston died. Such a touching story.

    Reading these types of stories led me to want to study world religions and see what they had to say about death and reincarnation. I became an interfaith minister as a result of my studies. I believe that all religions are different ways to remind us to be the eternal spirit we truly are: to be compassionate, to be brave, to have integrity, and to love all other beings to the best of our ability. I have seen these qualities in
    Bruce and Andrea’s struggle to help James. I have also been touched by your loving comments to the writers here on this blog. Thank you for all you have done!

    Rev. Dr. Bob Salt

    • Bruce Leininger Says:

      Rev. Dr. Bob Salt,

      Thanks for your touching comments. We’ve discovered that this book has become a touchstone for people seeking more answers.

      As a Christian my life has been spent chasing salvation. This experience has had a profound impact on my faith.

      God has a promise for each of us. The words “seek and ye shall find” have a whole new meaning for my faith.

      My goal is to respond to each post. Each soul is on a journey. If my words or Andrea’s help them along their journey then the tree is bearing the right fruit.

      C.S. Lewis’ book “Mere Christianity” had a big impact on me. It is truly humbling to think that our book may touch people the same way.

      Bruce Leininger

  88. Gampa Z Says:

    Thanks Bruce for taking the time to answer my query and straighting me out about the Wildcats and Hellcats. It slipped my mind that indeed the Avenger was also made by Gurmmen Aircraft. I’m looking forward to your next book that you mention. All the best to you and your family!

  89. Deborah Says:

    I recently came across the story of your son James, via the posting at Youtube of the video of the ABC Prime Time show. I must admit the story was compelling and I found my skepticism melting away. But then I read some very good contrarian points made by the owner of the blog skeptico.blogs.com. One of the most crucial things he noted was:

    According to the ABC special, the child “was only watching kids’ shows… and they weren’t watching World War II documentaries or conversing about military history”. Really? Yet somehow they forgot to mention the WORLD WAR II AIR MUSEUM he had visited. Sheesh!

    So that the arrow on my skepticism meter can be lowered a bit again, can you rebut this particular observation, and any other (from skeptico.com or elsewhere) too? I’d greatly appreciate it, even more so since we do live in an age — evocative of artist Andy Warhol’s famous phrase along the lines that everyone is seeking, and will receive, their 15 minutes worth of fame — where it’s difficult to not be both skeptical and cynical.

    • andrealeininger Says:

      Hey Deborah,
      If you read the book, you will discover that yes, my husband DID take James to the Cavanaugh Flight Museum in Dallas when he was around 20 months old. The flight museum has refubished planes in it from WWI, WWII, plus the Korean War, Vietnam, and then more modern military aircraft. There was no Corsair on exhibit at the time, and there were no videos of burning or crashing planes. Just large hangers with the aircraft from each era sitting out on display. It was about 4 months after the trip to the museum that James had his first nightmare. When the whole night terror thing started, we briefly considered the trip to the museum as a cause, but since he had been just a very young toddler, so much time had passed (four months is a long time in toddler years!) and none of what he was telling us could be traced back to that museum visit, we eliminated it as a possibility. Skeptico’s posts were made in 2005 and 2007 based on small details of our story that were taken out of context and picked apart. His post, and others like his, were one of the reasons Bruce and I decided to write our book There are far too many details in the story to be covered in a 10 minute broadcast, and only when you read the story in it’s entirety can you begin to understand how all the little fragments create the big picture. If anyone else on this blog who has read the book would care to elaborate on this, please feel free. I don’t mind people being skeptical – my husband was the biggest skeptic of all! Our purpose for telling this story was to share something extraordinary that happened to my family; whether or not people choose to believe it is entirely up to them. Thanks for your reply.

  90. Deborah Says:

    Andrea, thank you for your reply. Assuming you and your husband haven’t come across things like the following (per below), I’ll post them just in case.

    Although the situation with your son James involves — or, since he’s now 11 years old, involved — a very young person, and the stories found at the links below involved adults, I’d be very surprised if the phenomenon found among certain children and those people who are much older wasn’t one and the same:

    The above video details the experiences of 4 women in Australia, and 3 of the 4 have rather compelling stories. However, the case of the third of the 4 women examined is rather unconvincing.

    Closer to home, this example of the phenomenon in question (of reincarnation?) is anything but unconvincing and non-compelling:


    The story of Robert Snow/Carroll Beckwith, which I’ve been aware of for a few years, is the main reason I give a lot more (way more) benefit of the doubt to what’s described by people like you and, of course, young James than I would have in the past.

    However, in general—-meaning I apply the following to everyone and anyone, so I’m not singling you out—-I’m also aware that in the vast boundaries of the human race, there always will be a percentage that likes to play mind games with people and prey on their weaknesses, including gullibility, and certainly make a quick buck off of them. So a part of me will naturally harbor doubt and skepticism when encountering any story or event that’s so amazing, so unexplainable, so lightly (or never) covered by most serious researchers and the mainstream media.

    Closer to your son’s age is the person described in this video:

    However, some of the specifics relayed by the young boy didn’t end up correlating with the actual details, and crucial questions weren’t asked and answered in the documentary—a major one being was the person whose memories the boy supposedly was reliving no longer alive? So I’m more leery about the validity of that case.

    It will be quite interesting if your son in the future, when he’s fully grown, is put into a state of regression hypnosis. And it would be the height of irony, or a case of an enigma wrapped in a riddle, if he turned out to be different from Robert Snow or the women in Australia and didn’t remember anything related to a previous existence, or certainly anything that was very disturbing to him starting from around the age of 2.

    So a potentially very interesting chapter 2 in your lives — certainly if it strengthens or somehow verifies what’s already known — may be upcoming!

    • Alex Jones Says:

      My response is to Deborah.

      I agree that we all must treat all information that is put forward of a supernatural nature with caution, hence I treat any stories from adults remembering past lives with deep skepticism, as in practice past life memories will be forgotten by people in childhood in nearly all cases. I understand that most adult past life memories have come about due to hypnosis, which I think is flawed and I have dismissed. Hypnosis adds suggestability, and also encourages the mind to express any kind of “rubbish”. I would be totally against and somewhat upset to hear any attempt to subject James to hypnosis, as it is a form of tampering with the mind, and that is one mind that should be left alone considering the nightmares he had to face as a toddler.

      I am aware of Cameron (Scotland) case, and he appears genuine despite the documentary not coming up with neat answers.



  91. Citizen Deux Says:

    James is seen playing a WWII flight sim in one of the video pieces. Did anyone in the house play WWII sim games while he was growing up? What tangential exposure to WWII information and history was about during his fomrative years?

    Frankly, I find the book emotionally interesting by factually unconvincing.

    • Bruce Leininger Says:

      No there were no such simulators in the house until he expressed such a strong interest .

      Neither was there tangential exposure of WWII. He initiated the comments when he was two.

  92. lee smith Says:

    i just finished the book and you have one heck of a kid in James. i think you and your wife should get parents of the year. Thanks again if y’all are ever in Boston let me know and I will give you a tour of the city yours truly lee smith

  93. Jana Broglin Says:

    I enjoyed your book very much. I’ve always felt there has to be *more* out there, and James’ past life reflects just that.

    There is one bit of information which I do dispute. On page 166, a search of “Ancestry.com and pulled up the 1940 census record for Lynn Conner in Eufaula, Alabama.” I did this same search and found it is the 1930 census for Eufaula, Alabama. The 1940 census will not be released by the US government until 2012 – 72 years after the census, due to privacy.

    • Bruce Leininger Says:


      We have spend a lot of time in Eufaula, AL. We have photos of Leon’s childhood home and spent a full weekend with a Cousin and Niece. There is also a church we visited where a memorial to Leon is located in the sanctuary.

  94. Robert tate Says:

    Sad news on Jack Larsen; here are parts of the obit that was printed in the Nov 24, 2009, Ft Worth Star Telegram:

    Highland Village – Jack Larsen passed away Thursday, Nov.5, 2009.

    Memorial Service: 3 PM Thursday Dec 3, in Dallas-Fort Worth National Cemetery and will be open to the public.

    Memorials: In lieu of flowers, donations may be made in the name of Jack Aubertin Larsen to the National Kidney Foundation…

    A retired World War II veteran, he served 22 years in the United States Navy. His distinguished military service included a career as a naval aviator. He flew missions in the South Pacific and in Korea. He achieved the rank of Lieutant Commander and was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for his heroism.
    Once retired from military service, Jack worked 20 years for the California State Board of Equalization as a tax representative supervisor. He retired from the state in 1982 and spent much of his retired life in Springdale, Ark. In 2005, Jack moved to Texas where he lived for the past four years…

    In the interest of privacy I will not list the survivors.

    God Bless you Jack, and thank you for your service to our country.

    • Bruce Leininger Says:


      A VC-81 fellow pilot of Jack’s is named Dean Tate. Do you know whether or not you are related to him.


      • Robert tate Says:

        Hi Bruce.
        In response to your question about VC-81 pilot Dean Tate, no relation. My Dad’a name was Harrell Tate; he was in the 114th Signals Intelligence Company, attached to the Headquarters Group of the US 12th Army, under General Omar Bradley. Dad had one sibling, a brother named Raymond….and once I’ve said that, there is not too much more info from my Dad’s side of the family.
        Thank you so much for sharing your son’s story…God Bless you and your family, and have a wonderful Christmas. Maybe we will bump into each other around Keller or Ft Worth one of these days…we know a really great TexMex place in Keller…El Paseo, but if you want the best TexMex head over to Houston and try Molina’s Mexico City Restaurant, on Westheimer.

    • Bruce Leininger Says:

      Give me some way to contact you. Next time I am in Dallas I will make it a point to visit with you. Tex- Mex is good – we miss it it Cajun land.
      My e-mail is bruceapr@cox.net

  95. JoAnn Chernikovich Says:

    I am wondering how James 3 took the death of his old war buddy Jack Larson? Wasn’t he the red headed toy doll he had? It had to affect him.

    • Bruce Leininger Says:


      Jame and I were returning from a Boy Scout winter Camping event when we learned of Jack’s death. Jack was not one of the dolls – he was the veteran that James remembered who flew with him.

      He and his wife Dorothy became good friends with James and all of us. We would visit them on some trips to Dallas.

      When James heard that Jack died, via cell phone from Andrea, while we were driving home. I pulled off the highway and he cried deeply for quite a while. He had lost a good friend.

      As he recovered we discussed how losing a good friend makes us sad – but he finished with statement of acceptance by saying “Jack is in heaven with all of our buddies”.

      James is 11 in our years, but is going on eternity with a statement like that!!!


  96. ginni Says:

    Thank you for your wonderful book. I am a believer. I am saddened
    though, by the grief the child has had to suffer from infancy and why
    can’t his soul gain peace?
    I first learned of your story of James on Good Morning America. I was
    anxious to learn the fate of James Huston’s widow after GMA aired a
    brief interview with her in recent years.
    Yet the book did not carry any notice of the widow and her interview
    with James as discribed on GMA.
    Please update me on the widow. Thank you.
    Ginni Chaffin, Phoenix, AZ

    • Bruce Leininger Says:


      It was hard to see James experience what he did. But it is part of the journey he chose. One time he said that it was up to him to make the decision to return. This was a profound statement. Perhaps the most profound statement ever made by him.

      Ponder this – as a Christian I have free will here on earth to believe or not believe in Jesus Christ as my Savior and God’s gift of Salvation delivered via His Son.

      It appears that freewill continues on in Heaven – choices remain.

      James Huston was a bachelor when he was killed and no widow. His sister Anne is 91 and will go to 100+.


  97. Phil Bromley Says:

    Dear Andrea, Bruce

    I made the comment below the ——- lines about a week ago, but my computer locked up while I was submitting it, so I am sending it again.

    I have some good material regarding Christianity and reincarnation, but I do not have a scanner; I would therefore need to send you photocopies – could you give me a postal address to send to? The first item is a superb lecture given in London by Leslie D. Weatherhead, a leading English Methodist minister, which he called ‘The Case for Reincarnation’. If you find that useful, I have further writing on this topic by Friedrich Rittelmeyer and Pietro Archiati.

    Kind regards, Phil Bromley


    I think your book will make a big impression, and only the prejudiced would be able to dismiss it as fantasy.

    Christianity has already been deepened by a widespread knowledge of near death experiences, pioneered by George Ritchie’s “Return from Tomorrow” and Raymond Moodie’s “Life after Life”. I think your book may be a similar pioneering work which will deepen our understanding of Christianity through an awareness of reincarnation. Would a paper back edition enable it to be sold at a lower price, and therefore achieve more outreach?

    For me, what is so good is that you just modestly report your experiences, and do not try to interpret them. The section on the three GI Joes and the lives of Leon, Billie and Walter is truly wonderful, and your comment about the first group of people who listened to your story “they all had their own little paranormal markers” is quite brilliant.

    For a second edition, you might consider some of the following as possible improvements:

    1. My overall impression of the book was that from chapter 8 (page 51) onwards the story unfolds quietly and elegantly, and that makes it very powerful. Slight understatement always works well. But up to that point the tone seems a bit forced, as though you are trying too hard to make an impression.

    2. At the start of the book there was too much detail about everyday household life, about the ‘Scoggins girls’, and the sister’s visit and her extreme reactions. In the second part of the book there is a nice economy of style which makes for easier reading, and I think you could try to trim and tone fown the first section to match the second.

    3. The ‘stage-star good looks’ and ‘he got the gorgeous dancer and she got the big handsome corporate executive’ should probably be omitted, as it gives the impression that you are a bit full of yourselves.

    4. On pages 10, 30 and 47 you relate what James said: “Airplane crash, plane on fire, little man can’t get out.” The first referred to his dreaming, and the second to a conscious recollection. The third seems to be a repetition, and could perhaps be left out.

    5. With such a sublime message being imparted, it is quite jarring to see four letter words used, even though they were used at the time. Could you perhaps just use ‘….’ instead?

    6. Does the Iwo Jima, Chichi Jima question need clarification? On page 91 James looks at a photograph of Iwo Jima and says that was when he got shot down – had he seen Iwo Jima as well in that earlier life that he could recognize it? On later pages it explains that Chichi Jima was the place where he was actually shot down. However, on page 224 it speaks about James having shown on a map where he went down, but that was a photograph of Iwo Jima and not a map of Chichi Jima, and he only said that that was when he got shot down, not where.

    7. The sentence on page 98 “There was the glaring and even more improbable detail that the particular World War 2 pilot they were talking about had been killed before his own father was born” is quite confusing at first glance, and could perhaps be left out.

    8. In the book James says several times that someone’s plane is going to crash – that is quite a negative part of the story, and perhaps just one occasion would be sufficient.

    I hope you accept these as constructive criticisms – I think the book is an outstanding effort on your part, but that it could become a real classic if it is trimmed and polished.

    • andrealeininger Says:

      Dear Phil,

      Thanks so much for all of your comments. While I agree with many of your recommended edits, I must first explain to you how this whole process worked, because it will explain a lot. First of all, it’s a very difficult thing to write a book with three people doing the writing. The way the process worked was like this: Ken Gross, our writer, came to Louisiana and spent a week with us doing interviews, looking at all of our documentation, getting to know us and our town, etc. Then we all came up with a time line for the book. When it came time to start writing, Ken would send us an e-mail every morning saying something like “Okay, lets start with the nightmares. Each of you write your own account of that first nightmare, then send it to me. I’ll read both of your accounts, then I’ll combine them and re-write them into a third-person account.” The next day, Ken would email us what he had written so that we could check it for accuracy, answer questions he had, and then do re-writes until we were all happy with it. There were many many arguments back and forth over what each of us wanted, didn’t want, liked, and hated. At one point Ken and Bruce were so at odds they wouldn’t talk to each other for a week and I had to mediate! We did this every day for a year. Then the manuscript went to our Agent, Al, and he read it and made a bunch of edits, which we haggled over and came to compromises on. Then our Editor got it, and SHE made a bunch of edits, which Bruce, Ken, Al and I had to fight over and come to compromises over. She actually took out one entire CHAPTER! Every time an edit was made, we had to go through the book again and see if that edit effected something else in the book resulting in another edit. It’s was very time consuming and confusing. That process lasted 6 months. Our contract had a deadline for finalizing the manuscript, and we reached a point where we just had to say “this is it.” Then it went to type setting. Once the manuscript is type set, it is very expensive to make changes. The cost is $5.00 per word, and if the word changes cause a paragraph to increase or decrease, it cost’s an additional $25.00 for each incidence. The changes you are suggesting would result in the entire book having to be re-typeset, and it would cost us a fortune. Plus, we would have to get all the other parties to agree to the changes first, and frankly I just don’t have the energy for that again!! There are some things in the book I’m not crazy about either, especially your 2nd and 3rd suggestions, but we already fought over those issues and lost. I wish there was a way to go back and make certain changes, believe me, but unfortunately there isn’t really anything we can do with it now. I’m glad you liked the book, though, and want you to know I appreciate your taking the time to share your thoughts with us. Have a great Christmas!

  98. Alex Jones Says:

    I just wanted to add observations to the recent postings here on the book Soul Survivor. Soul Survivor ranks amongst the three most profound books I have ever read, and has contributed significantly to my ideas, and also my belief that there is a God, a Heaven and a soul. The other two books are Dibs in Search of Self by Virgina Axline and The Green Isle of the Great Deep by Neil Gunn.

    Such is the importance of Soul Survivor to me that I have looked very carefully to make sure I am not being tricked, by looking at all the reviews, videos, interviews and other sources to see if I could catch any sign of deceit. I have found none. I usually am very good at spotting a fraud and this book and the Leiningers appear to be authentic. Too many people come forward with such extraordinary stories and most of the time they prove to be false, but in this case the Leiningers appear to have integrity and authenticity in their story. I would be absolutely gutted if the James Leininger story proved to be a fraud.

    I note from the Hatchette Book Group video interview with the Leiningers that James Leininger suggested he could have written a book with considerably more information than was in the Soul Survivor, and from his own point of experience. I also note that much has been left out of the Soul Survivor. So, I would be interested if there is any plans to provide additional information or a further book on the James Leininger story, which would expand my knowledge and theories on reincarnation, God and Heaven.

    In short, a great book.

    • andrealeininger Says:

      Hey Alex,

      Thank you for your very lovely comments. I can tell you in all honesty that James’s story is 100% authentic. We still don’t know why any of this happened to our family, and deciding to tell the story took a lot of time and deliberation because of our concern with how it would affect James’s life both now and in the future. Our decision to write the book largely was decided because there were many people out there who were blogging it based on the limited information that was in the public domain after we appeared on Good Morning, America.

      As far as James’s interview with the Hachette Book Group, that was a real shocker to us. James has always insisted that he does not remember anything. Yet in that interview, he was asked if he thought HE would ever write a book of his own, and he said something like “I may want to write a book myself someday, because I do remember some things, but I’ve never talked my parents about that.” I can’t remember what he said word-for-word, but I remember it was something to that effect. Bruce and I were very surprised to hear that, but we respect James and his need for personal privacy. If he was ready to tell what he remembered, he would. We have never asked him about it since. Right now he is moving forward with his life as James Leininger, and that’s what he should be doing. If and when the time ever comes when he wants to delve back into his past life memories and share any additional information, that will have to be his decision. All of the information that Bruce and I got from James is detailed in the book. Not to say that I have not had my moments of curiousity! I just know that all this has been a lot for an 11-year old boy, and I have no plans to put any more pressure on him than he already has. Thanks for taking the time to write, and for your interest in our story. I wish you all the best!

    • Bruce Leininger Says:


      Ditto on the great response to you from Andrea.

      We appreciate your comments. You are on an eternal journey – embrace it.

      In order to aviod being redundant please see my response to Phil Bromley.

      Have a Merry Christmas.


  99. Phil Bromley Says:

    Dear Andrea, Bruce

    Thank you for explaining the complicated, arduous process you had to go through in creating your book. You have suffered much!

    It is costly to make changes to the typeset manuscript, but hopefully good sales of the book will enable a second edition to be financed at some point – then you will be able to make any changes which you think appropriate. If you ever want a revised manuscript to be checked over for balance and consistency, I would be more than happy to do that for you.

    Email me with a postal address if you would like some interesting material on reincarnation and Christianity. My life story has in a sense been the opposite to yours, Bruce. From an early age I had the strong feeling “So you’re here again, to learn some more lessons from life”, but I had no actual memories of earlier lifetimes. Although I went to both the Methodist and Anglican churches, what the ministers had to say made little impression on me. I began to doubt the whole idea of Christianity and stopped going to church while still a teenager. I delved into some Eastern streams which seemed more sympathetic to the idea of reincarnation. However, these actually had very little concrete to say about how it worked, other than that you had to perfect yourself and quieten down your thirst for existence, so that you wouldn’t have to come back again. In a sense they affirm reincarnation, but say that you need to stop it happening! Destiny later on brought me in touch with an esoteric Christian stream which affirms reincarnation and, to my mind, speaks concretely and satisfactorily about it.

    Regards, Phil

    • Bruce Leininger Says:


      Andrea did a great job answering you. There will be more written. Right now I am in the process of working on the book I have promised to my Natoma Bay friends.

      There is no doubt that reincarnation happens and there is little that we truly can pin down about how it happens. Just as there is little that one can do to understand exactly what happens to make a flower. Scientists can explain the process but is there really an answer such a simple question. We can see, smell, and touch the flower. Most importantly we can enjoy the experience of the flower because of the impact it has on our senses.

      Faith is something to be embraced. It is an experiential thing event. to be clear, this means one can only enjoy it by doing it.

      My hope is that people embrace the phenomena of reincarnation by understanding they are on an journey and then embrace that journey by living in a new way. A way that honors the gift of Salvation that we can embrace.

      Hope I am making sense.


      • Phil Bromley Says:

        Hi Bruce,

        Thanks for your response – you put it so beautifully.

        Feel free to edit this comment out if you feel it is too much of a plug for Anthroposophy. But what I say here is about my own personal experience, and is not a conversion exercise. I do not belong to any society or group.

        I agree that faith is a living, experiential thing. And it can be augmented by knowledge which is given to us, provided we go through the process of testing it and seeing whether it agrees with our own life experiences and satisfies our sense for truth.

        Knowledge about reincarnation and life after death has been given by Rudolf Steiner. Edgar Cayce gave gifts of healing and knowledge through a sleeping clairvoyance, and Steiner gave similar gifts through a fully conscious clairvoyance. Steiner and Cayce were both modest, unassuming individuals.

        Steiner was Austrian by birth, and lived from 1861 to 1925. He wrote several books and gave many lectures on the results of his spiritual research. These have been published, but have not gained widespread acceptance. I think this is largely because they require an openness of outlook and a fair amount of energy to grasp. The basic books ‘An Outline of Esoteric Science’ and ‘Christianity as Mystical Fact’ need to be worked through before one can understand the lecture cycles.

        I have always had a deep interest in reincarnation, and had just turned thirty when someone lent me ‘An Outline of Occult Science’ (since retitled ‘An Outline of Esoteric Science’ because of unfavourable connotations associated with the word ‘occult’). I thought it strange that a western person could have anything much to say about reincarnation, but decided to give it a try and spent four months working slowly through the book – it is stuff you really have to chew on. Steiner had a lot to say, some of which I could agree with through my own life experience but to most of it I just had to say “Well, I can’t yet make a judgement about that.” It was all quite interesting and concrete, and I felt that either he able to perceive these things spiritually, or else he was making it all up. So I read more of his books, looking for contradictions and inconsistencies. I found there was great consistency in everything he had to say, and so, many years later, I am still studying and meditating on his work. And he has brought me back to Christianity.

        I previously mentioned Friedrich Rittelmeyer and Pietro Archiati; their work on reincarnation and Christianity is written out of their own insights and biblical research, but is based on Steiner’s spiritual research. Archiati is a lecturer who works independently of the Anthroposophical Society (the society which was setup to establish Steiner’s work in the world). Leslie Weatherhead, who gave the lecture ‘The Case for Reincarnation’, was a Methodist theologian with an interest in Buddhism.

        Regards, Phil

  100. Pip Threlfall Says:

    It is now several months since I read Soul Survivors and I have followed the blog with great interest ever since. I find the majority of comments heart-warming, and even the rest interesting. I am full of admiration for how gently Bruce and Andrea respond to what is posted on the blog, and to me it embodies the line in Proverbs “a soft answer turneth away wrath; but grievous words stir up anger.” Proverbs 15 v 1.

    As a born-again bible believing Christian I am very aware that for fundamentalists the very idea of reincarnation is a no-go area, but personally feel that to disregard it, when globally it is so widely accepted, is to ‘bury ones head in the sand’.

    For many years I have differentiated between what is true and what is real. Just because something is real it is not necessarily true. That which is true never changes, in fact it is ‘the same yesterday, today and forever’. That which is real is in a state of constant change.

    Because the human mind is continually changing although it is very real it is not true, only that which is eternal is true, for by definition the eternal lies outside of time and space.

    Regards, Pip

    • Bruce Leininger Says:


      Blind Faith is not something I believe in. Faith requires an active effort that is not convenient. In a way I am grateful for those that challenge this story or have genuine concern about just how such a thing can happen.

      There is no simple explanation for explaining what happened and what we witnessed. But we believe it happened because it happened to us.

      My effort to disprove this occurrence was an abysmal failure. It is left to each of us to contemplate the journey that each of us travels. Bu tI have no doubt that is it an eternal journey.

      Have a Merry Christmas. Jesus is the reason for the season. For all of you that celebrate the belief that is true to your faith please enjoy the holiday.


  101. Phil Bromley Says:

    Hi Pip,

    That is an interesting comment.

    By ‘real’ are you meaning various manifestations of truth? I agree with you that truth is eternal, but that manifestations of it change over time. For example the near death experience has only comparatively recently become a widespread occurrence. And I believe that James’ conscious recollection of a previous life is the beginning of a wave of similar experiences which will occur more and more frequently in the west – this sort of thing seems to have been happening for some time in Eastern cultures.

    It is quite exciting, really, the way things are continually on the move.

    Regards, Phil

  102. Pip Threlfall Says:

    Hi Phil

    Thank you for your reply. Yes truth is eternal by which I mean it is not dependant on space or time. One step away from truth is belief. A good working definition of belief is “that which we deem to be true”. If what we deem to be true is agreed upon it then becomes reality. That which we agree about is real.

    Near death experiences, because they are very subjective come in the realm of belief, hence they are very varied and very much subject to the belief system that the person holds to. Since all of us have been immersed in time for a long period, past lives memories are a very common occurrence, but will depend on the agreement within a particular culture as to whether it is realised or not.

    As you say, in the East it is accepted as part of reality whereas in the West perhaps because we are more materialistically minded it does not enjoy the same popularity.

    I agree we are living in exciting times.


    • Bruce Leininger Says:


      Thanks. Exciting times are now. The future is even better.

      I blessed to have found some folks on this blog that are spiritually ground like you and am gathering a small group of you that temper my spirit and support my effort to grow. I would sincerely like you to be part of that group. We have important work to do.

      My e-mail address is bruceapr@cox.net.


  103. Deborah Says:

    The most puzzling omission in the book — and a sign the author who worked with the Leininger’s wasn’t coordinating all the details as well as he could have — is young James telling his father of the antenna on one of the airplanes presumably piloted by James Huston being located in a way that caused inconvenience for a person boarding the craft. That’s one of those a-ha! moments that makes the notion of James’ reincarnation more plausible.

    To offset all the hard-core skeptics out there and those people who will struggle with pangs of skepticism at certain moments when Twilight Zone-ish topics are being discussed, a book like “Soul Survivor” needs all the verifiable a-ha! moments that can possibly be inserted into it.

    As for reincarnation and its impact on Christianity, or religion in general, the story of James, if anything, actually makes me far, far more humble about the universe and the nature of God. People who are atheists or certainly agnostics could formerly say their belief system was predicated on a lack of respect for the nebulousness of “it’s a matter of faith.” But when stories as powerful or startling — and mystical — as the one involving James Leininger and James Huston exist out there, the truly complicated secrets of the reality around us progress to a point located beyond being just a matter of faith.

    On this day after Christmas, my respect for religiosity in general and for Christianity in particular has moved up several notches. I now realize the supernatural — and religion, after all, tries to give full, proper meaning to the supernatural — is a very legitimate part of the world as we know it, or as we should know it. In other words, when something that not long ago would have been dismissed as fictional in a “Twilight Zone” type of way apparently is closer to reality than previously ever thought possible, such an outcome means that people who continue to be cynical about the supernaturalism of, for example, Jesus Christ, are hard-headed to the 10th degree and the ultimate form of Doubting Thomas.

    • Bruce Leininger Says:


      It is easy for folks to castigate or try to minimize and dismiss what happened. Most people dismiss what they do not understand or accept. The difference between them and you, Pip or Ed is that folks like you three are not mentally or spiritually lazy.

      At the beginning of this journey I dismissed all this a a bunch of bunko. I had to struggle with what I discovered when the answers confronted me.

      I am a better person with a much more profound spiritual life that is God and Jesus centered.

      We are given the keys to the kingdom of Salvation and the door to that kingdom was cracked open by my son James.

      It is for each of us to walk through that door someday.

      My prayer is that each person finds the keys to the Kingdom so they can accept the gift of salvation when their mortal bodies gives up its spirit.

      No one really knows what happens when this occurs. It requires choices and tose choices have resulted in a stronger faith for me. Much richer and more peaceful a reality.

      Hope I have made some sens to you.

      Bruce Leininger

  104. Pip Threlfall Says:

    Hi Phil

    I came across Anthroposophy when I lived in East Grinstead, here in England. I visited Emerson College and knew several people that had studied the writings of Rudolf Steiner. Something he said was ‘that unlike us who are born into time and leave our moment of birth behind as we move forward in time, Jesus did not, He moved and continues to move in the ever present moment of now’.

    This was very real to me when I was “born again” some 30 years ago, then I realised that “Jesus is alive today”, a statement that would have made no sense to me prior to my conversion.


    • Phil Bromley Says:

      Hi Pip,
      So you lived nearby Emerson College in East Grinstead? I was born in London, and came across Steiner when I lived in Durban, South Africa.

      That piece from ‘A Course in Miracles’ is pretty wishy washy. “There is no past, no future, and the idea of birth into a body has no meaning either once or many times.” I mean, come on!

      Zen Buddhist masters, when their pupils asked silly questions or made silly statements, would say nothing, but simply give the pupil a sharp blow on the head. Statements like this would have earned a very sharp blow!

      Regards, Philip

  105. Pip Threlfall Says:

    For me this piece from A Course in Miracles is the most insightful word on the subject of reincarnation I have come across.

    From the Manual for Teaches, Pages 60 and 61.


    “In the ultimate sense, reincarnation is impossible. There is no past or future, and the idea of birth into a body has no meaning either once or many times. Reincarnation cannot, then, be true in any real sense. Our only question should be, ‘Is the concept helpful?’ And that depends, of course, on what it is used for. If it is used to strengthen the recognition of the eternal nature of life, it is helpful indeed…….”

    It goes on for another five paragraphs, but this gives a feel for what A Course in Miracles has to say on the subject.


    • Bruce Leininger Says:


      I will attempt to continue your thought.

      Once I accepted what had happened to my son I needed to internalize it.

      One criticism made by some of my Christian brothers and sisters is that we die and are judged. As such coming back to have a “do-over” smacks against this notion. They getting hung up on Judgment and this negates reincarnation.

      My thought is quite different and that has profoundly changed my faith and the way I live.

      To illustrate, when people choose a career they generally want to excel at it and want to be as good at what they do as soon a possible. They do this so they can be good at what they do for as long as they possible can.

      On to reincarnation – I believe I will live forever and this gift of eternal life prompts me to want to be as good I can be for as long as I possibly can. Living my life in a meaningful way both enriches my spirit and helps others enrich their lives. Otherwise, I am squandering the Gift.


  106. M Khan Says:

    If you think that you will die and that is the end of it then wait till you read this. You will be surprised to learn that the religious contention that man will rise from the grave is not just a myth or wishful thinking but is based on real scientific principles. Rising up from the grave and coming back alive can happen simply with the reversal of time.

    The world (but not the universe) can end because of earthquake, tsunami, meteor strike, nuclear war, supernova, and some other
    natural or man made disaster. These are however just local ends that have nothing to do with The Day of Judgment. End will also not happen on any arbitrary date like December 2012. The end of the universe is an entirely different phenomenon that is built into the laws of the universe by the creator. The contraction of the universe with reversal of time and gravity will commence the beginning of the end which will last for thousands and possibly millions of years. We will be removed from the regressing effects of reversed time as we come back alive in our own time. We will the be taken across many dimensions to beyond this universe. A beautiful natural mechanism that is based on the laws of physics will cause all that to happen. This real end has nothing to do with wishful thinking and predictions of priests or shamans.

    • Alex Jones Says:

      I would like to add to the post of M Khan.

      M Khan: “…reversal of time.”
      Time does not exist.
      Challenge a scientist to prove “time” and they may struggle.
      Time is a human invention to create an illusion of control over the Universe.
      Clocks made by man is not time, but measures a man-made interval.
      Time measures change in human terms. I write this post now, it is posted onto the internet in an “x” number of minutes, it is read by M Khan in an “x” number of hours.
      CONCLUSION: Seeing a Universe without Time allows an individual to see things in a different way.

      M Khan: “The world…”
      There are two worlds: the human world and the natural world.
      In the human world bears are cuddly cute creatures; in the natural world bears will kill and eat you.
      In the human world the prediction is that the earth will be destroyed by man; in the natural world humanity will become extinct and a new dominant species will replace humanity on the earth in “x” number of million years.
      In the human world the militant atheist Richard Dawkins rejects reincarnation as “superstition”; in the natural world Dawkins will die and will reincarnate as a slug (I made th slug part up, but he will reincarnate.)
      In the human world journalists criticise the Russian authorities because of an idea of “freedom of press”; in the natural world critical journalists are murdered by the Russian authorities.
      CONCLUSION: Seeing there are two types of world saves a lot of pain and trouble.

      M Khan: “December 2012”
      It is a shame that humanity is obsessed with the negative and “the end”.
      How about concentrating on living and solving world probems?
      Bad news: paranoid Russians and a provocative NATO nearly caused World War 3 in November 1983, thank in part a cautious Russian military official called Petrov (spelling may be incorrect) and a double agent codenamed Topaz who prevented disaster.
      Good news: the world will not end in 2012.
      Personal predictions:
      Olympic Games in London in 2012
      Sun predicted to cause an electromagnetic storm that will badly disrupt power grid, electronics and communications in 2012.
      USA and UK in political, social and financial meltodown due to public debt running into and beyond 2012.
      Russia, China, Brazil and India establish themselves as the new world super powers due to mess in the world.
      Consumerism is in collapse in 2012.
      James Leininger is a teenager and grows up in an interesting new world from the 1930’s and 1940’s!
      CONCLUSION: As M Khan suggests humanity does not know when the end will come. I quote James Leininger where he says something along the lines of “Life is precious… it just blows away.” I say death will come to us all eventually, so cease worrying about predictons and enjoy life.

      • Bruce Leininger Says:


        Well said.

        Bruce Leininger

      • Bruce Leininger Says:


        Please do not think I was being perfunctory in my response to your post. You have obviously thought long and deeply about what you have written.

        Truly the worlds of perception and reality are quite different.

        My journey of discovery about James reincarnation experience is an excellent illustration of the perception vis-a-vis reality.
        My perception was that this could not happen or “Bullshit.”
        The reality was that reincarnation is a true thing.

        Quite frankly, the word reincarnation conjures up many different but fixed perceptions based upon beliefs.

        If folks get hung up on the experience that James demonstrates they would need to live in a new way. Change makes people uncomfortable.

        James made the profound statement you cite on the Fox segment that was aired in Cleveland in May. It can be viewed on our links.

        His experience and his ability to articulate how he feels about it is profoundly instructive. I would add to it a quote from the movie “Shawshank Redemption” Morgan Freeman, “Get about living or get about dying.” My son James is an excellent example of this and he has profoundly affected my life.


    • Bruce Leininger Says:

      M Khan,

      I may be too simple in my understanding of what you are saying but you make sense to me from my own spiritual perspective.
      I am a Christian.

      I believe in the gift of Salvation and eternal life that God gave us through His Son Jesus.

      If the life of our spirit is eternal then the issues of time evaporate.

      As such, God’s gift of Salvation takes us beyond time.


      • Alex Jones Says:

        This is in reply to Bruce Leininger

        Bruce, I appreciate that you have taken the time and effort to reply to the postings of myself, and to the posts of others on your blog. I also appreciate that you have provided an opportunity of your web site and blog to allow everyone to share their opinions and experiences on the subject of reincarnation. I sense that this blog is a continuation of your personal quest to find answers to the experiences you have had with your son James. I hope that this site continues to exist for many years to come, to provide information to others on their journey of discovery involving the subject of reincarnation.

        Indeed, there are two worlds, one of “bullshit” and the other of reality, the challenge being to work out which world is which. I have worked hard to get to the reality of things; I attempt to go behind the words: does this brand, business, politician, religious person… practice what they say? Do the words match the actions? Does the person show integrity and authenticity?

        Just as an example in my town a knight called Sir Thomas Malory was imprisoned in our town castle. Sir Malory wrote a significant Arthurian work called the the Morte D’Arthur some 600 years ago, which had a profound impact on British royalty, knights, arts and literature all the way to the present day. The Morte D’Arthur promoted the idea of chivalry and good deeds that persuaded many knights over the following centuries to aspire to. Sadly, Sir Malory failed to live up to the message of his book as he was accused of murder, rape, theft, kidnap… and was imprisoned in my town castle for horse-stealing (he escaped).

        Words are empty buckets in my opinion, it is what is in the bucket that counts. Anyone can spin together words like “reincarnation” and give to it different meanings. Many are those who on hearing the word “reincarnation” react with doors closing in their minds, especially amongst Atheists, Christians and Muslims. Many are those who having been subjected to so much “bullshit” about people associated with the word “reincarnation” in the media who happen to also to be “crackpots” that they take a negative position against all those associated with the word. The word “reincarnation” has got so much wrong and negative publicity that in my opinion James has been a breath of fresh air on the subject.

        Best regards


  107. Lori Says:

    A different slant but very apropos to the topic of survival of the soul can be appreciated in the writings of Robert A. Monroe – start with Journeys Out Of The Body

  108. Ed in Pgh Says:


    I‘ve studied the Course in Miracles and I hold its information in high regard, as I do the gospel words of Jesus, the Gospel of Thomas and many others. I’ve managed to do so without “throwing the babies out with the bathwater” when contradictions arise.

    People often want to be exclusive for the sake of clinging to a BELIEF and find it impossible to see why there are conflicting ideas which are saying different things.

    Divine instructions are WORDS brought from the SPIRIT into an “arena” of error..into THIS WORLD.. and then those words are managed by men who are also full of their own egos because they have not gotten realization of the core teaching.

    We must ALL …die to self ….before we can learn WHO we really are.

    Buddha taught it.
    Jesus taught it.
    The Course in Miracles teaches it to an extreme.
    There is a reason WHY this teaching is in common among the religions.

    When the Course in Miracles provides what it does saying reincarnation is impossible , it is giving THIS… from a higher perspective.

    From an understanding which is firmly PLANTED in the foundation of ONE SPIRIT.

    This WORLD ARENA which we apprehend …is ILLUSORY and the mind of man is CAUGHT UP in HIS OWN conviction of self separation from his Creator.

    Yet the naked “heathen” tribes of the Amazon have this realization..that…we are CONNECTED to EVERYTHING…
    however, our world tells us otherwise with the witnesses given for the IMAGINED self in its own prodigal search. It is this nature of a prodigal son ( the son of Perdition) which we have managed to adopt as our lifetime ally and press agent. It is finally time for this son of Perdition to be unmasked.

    Hear this quote from an 80 yr old Shuar tribesman in the Amazon, who converted to Christianity:

    “The way we see it… LIFE and DEATH are the SAME.”
    “When we die our (individual) soul is let go of. It is actually ONE with all else…the universal “dreaming.”
    “You see again… this is… as Christ teaches!”
    “Shuar and Christians, TRUE Christians, BELIEVE the very same thing.”
    “We are ALL CONNECTED..all brothers and sisters in the DEEPEST possible sense.” (IN THE ULTIMATE SENSE)
    “We are all “hatched” from a common egg.”
    “We are part of EVERYTHING we touch, taste, smell, hear and even what we FEEL with our SIXTH SENSE. Christ KNEW that.”
    “We are part of even the spirits and we can feel them as Christ did, but sometimes it is difficult for us to SEE them.”

    ONENESS is the ground of TRUE understanding, yet it has been made an alien realization brought before our striving self- nature which is dreaming of its own grandeur and self made elevation.

    Quantum physics states emphatically that we are all part of a sea of transforming energy/substance continually rearranging its patterns according to the WAY we respond to the inputs which are provided to us even at DNA protein levels.
    Depending upon how our minds are postured, it has an influence on these energies even overriding what has long been believed to be our inviolate inherited parental DNA influences.

    THOUGHT has tremendous INFLUENCE in the circumstances we find ourselves subjected to.

    That is the lesson we MUST LEARN ( experience) …rather than… to insist what we BELIEVE and what we DISBELIEVE.

    Thought MISDIRECTED is the source of all our conflict and the ever-changing context of our realities which we mentally strive against to find balance in what we call …OUR lives.

    When the Course in Miracles says.. “In the ULTIMATE SENSE, reincarnation is impossible…”

    It is emphatically meaning …a sense… ( in the ULTIMATE sense) .. in which ETERNITY takes its TRUE place ….in our conscious realizations.

    So you have a “defined sense” or a characterization in which the utility for reincarantion… must YIELD ….before a greater realization TAKES OVER. Jesus also informed us of this in Rev 3:12

    That is different from a complete disavowal based on true and false for this aceptance of our mental illusions.

    It is our CONVICTIONS.. from which the mind KEEPS its own contracts in place for its own melodramas…. through which it does its learning and realizing finally the WHOLE (of which it is merely an aspect).

    For most people, we do NOT live…. in that sense of Eternity reflected upon in the Course of Miracles. We remain in “this world of our intellectual judgments and our self based transactions”.

    We are caught in a “world of the self” chacterized in all its biases, judgements, convictions, greeds disdains and fears. Religious belief is papered over this crude man made mental structure and we live in our HOPES for the FUTURE… not KNOWING the ETERNAL NOW.

    Reincarnation IS PART of the drama we have to work through to finally break into the NEW AWARENESS of NON_SELF… chacterized in Christ and Buddha…and OTHERS..and THAT is given to us …as an example to reach for.

    This is how the Course in Miracles characterizes THE ULTIMATE SENSE…

    “There is …NO PAST ….or FUTURE,


    the IDEA… of “birth” into… a BODY… has …NO MEANING
    either once… or many times.”

    (what is born of flesh cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven)

    In TRUEST reality, there is NO DEATH…

    yet we see death being a finality in the physical realm …and we lose perception of our beloved when they depart….
    …and (through our separated ego) it is WE …with our minds THOUGHTS/BELIEFS …. who give death…IT’S MEANING.

    And WE do the very same thing for birth..INTO this world of splintered mind.

    THAT perception is part of the world’s illusory structures through which intellectual mind reinforces BELIEF.

    So the worldly ARENA has an illusory perception that has been ingrained into our ideas and belief structures and we say these ARE “realities” for us …HERE…and man made traditon urges us to KEEP them. There is a taboo in place HERE …to open up thought before the instiutions of the WORLD would yield their power over the LIFE so CAPTURED in its own restraints and shackles( BELIE

    So, while we are “in the world” we use the world’s CONCEPTS to explain why things SEEM the way they do HERE …and we CONTINUE to “express” ( return once again) continuing the unfinished chapters of LIFE … to learn forgiveness and blessedness while coming to realize the ONENESS we reject..so that we…. as separate CREATIONS …might perpetuate our mind’s dreaming nature in DESIRE and acquisition for the sake of a personal kingdom where we aspire to be a KING.

    The Course in Miracles provides an overview of God’s plan for humanity:

    “The awakening of God’s Child from the NIGHTMARE OF FLESH
    Is the light of resurrection breaking through the dark night.

    In Christ’s pattern of triumphant LIFE …the belief in death is transformed into the LIVINGNESS of God Life ( inclusive).

    Christ is not born in the flesh, HIS arising is in THE SPIRIT.

    His (the Child of Heaven’s) response to GOD’s LIFE ends the captivity by the ego…
    and stops the dreary dream of death,

    Now, God’s Arms enfold weary hearts that shivered in the winter’s cold.
    Now, “the World” is finally OVERCOME. (Rev 3:12)

    Look ONLY at Him ( CHrist’s Nature) … and the earth is made NEW and SHINING in the hope of LOVE and PARDON.”

    In this season of Christ’s Light triumphant over the worldly illusion of judgement and darkness, may we all find the courage necessary to stand against our own witnesses manufactured for the fragile self and to challenge our HELD beliefs that we might ultimately discover a Reality in the SPIRIT of One CREATION…and embrace a forgiving compassion that the ego can not accept.

    Ed in Pgh

    • Bruce Leininger Says:


      You continue to take me to a new place. Its a good place and I appreciate the depth of your conviction.

      There is no way for us to truly prove what happens. Our recent appearance on Larry King taught me something. I listened to Chopra, Sanjay, D’Souza and, yes, Shermer. They all had an opinion about what happened and those opinions are based upon the belief or faith that each of those men have developed.

      We did not promote an opinion – we told people what happened – our conclusion is based upon our experience.

      I live with a much deeper faith and belief in Jesus and God as a result of this experience.

      My prayer is that each of us encounter such an opportunity to learn and grow. It appears our book is doing this for some folks.

      For those challenged by reincarnation let them remain challenged but let them also embrace the journey that each spirit is taking through eternity.

      If they get about living with that understaning they will be on the journey to Salavation that God promises and Jesus demonstrated.

      Living is not based upon opinion it is based upon experience. One hopes that each of those who reject our story get about the experience of nurturing and cultivating a relationship with God and Jesus if they have not done so already.


  109. Pip Threlfall Says:

    To say that “time does not exist” is quite a bold statement. The best definition of TIME I know of is “change of position of particles in space”. If the hands on the clock don’t change their position on the clock face either the clock has stopped or time is standing still.

    If I were to show you a photograph of a lady smiling and to ask you how long was she smiling it would be impossible to say. However if I were to take a series of pictures at something like 7 frames per second then you could TIME the length of the smile. If nothing is changing its position in space then time is not occurring. Equally for matter/energy to exist it must be in the process of change, hence at absolute zero because all motion would cease it would cause the cessation of matter, therefore MATTER/ENERGY, SPACE and TIME are inextricably dependant on each other.

    As for Richard Dawkins, the god he is rejecting is ‘an elderly gentleman that sits in the sky on a big white throne who spends his time attempting to make us feel guilty for having fun’. If I thought for a moment that was “the one true God” I also would joint the ranks of the atheists. As for him reincarnating, it will probably take him a thousand years to work out why he is dead and still conscious of being dead!


    • Alex Jones Says:

      In reply to Pip Threlfall on Time.
      Pip defines Time as: “change of position of particles in space”
      Your observation is correct that particles in the Universe are in constant change and movement, however this does not prove Time, you have just observed change and movement in particles and then create a notion called Time to explain and measure the changes. The notion of Time is a clever invention of the human mind that gives us some illusion of control over the Universe, by doing so we can then perform all manner of intellectual feats like measuring Time, “controlling” Time, creating elaborate theories like the multiple universes of Schrödinger’s Cat, create stories and theories of time travel and so on. But all this is just mind games and inventions on the level of that annoying man Zeno and his paradoxes who gave the ancient Greek thinkers a hard time (Arrow in Flight; Achilles and the Tortoise…)

      Pip, you appear to be trying to explain the motion and change of particles (all matter and energy are mere particles) by the action of an outside agency called Time. The Greek thinkers made extensive efforts to explain what causes motion and change in particles. From what I understand some of the ideas by the Greek thinkers run along the lines of the Universe is a “reflection” of the mind of the Source (aka God/Monad) and that all the particles are attempting to return back to the Source (evolving) giving them that dynamic motion. Hence, rather than Time causing the change and motion, it is something within the particle driving it back towards God.

      I am going to create a metaphor of how I think the Universe moves: the human body. The Universe is the human body; every particle is a cell in the human body. It is noted all the cells in the human body are in constant change and motion; it is also noted that every cell has a purpose in supporting the human body (liver cell, blood cell, nerve cell…); it is also noted that cells are running according to instructions in their DNA; it is also noted that if one cell does anything other than its purpose it will cause chaos (cancer…); it is also noted a cell that is not functioning according to its purpose is usually attacked by the rest of the body and destroyed; it is also noted that every cell is interdependent upon other cells; it is also noted that the action of one cell causes a reaction in another cell, hence motion and change; it is also noted there is a deep need in a human body for life, to grow and to replicate. Accordingly, I consider the human body as being equivalent of the Universe: what holds the Universe together is God, what holds the human body together is Soul (my theory.) In the Universe every particle has a purpose, is evolving, is interdependent, nothing is separate, everything moves together, working together. Nothing is destroyed: every particle changes, moves but will always exist. A particle, soul, body that moves away from its purpose “dies”.

      Is your brain hurting? James Leininger has always existed, will always exist, but he is subject to the rules of God; hence he will be evolving towards God, changing, growing, moving. The spark, the goodness, the soul that is James is what is driving change and motion within James and the Universe, not Time.

      I will also make other bold statements that Hell and Space does not exist (a human invention), but that is another “essay.”

  110. Pip Threlfall Says:

    Hi Phil

    This practice of giving pupils a sharp slap when they open their mouths before engaging the mind reminds me of ‘Dad Army’ and Captain Mainwaring addressing Pike as “stupid boy”. However this statement from A Course in Miracles is part of a complete system where our natural way of thinking is turned upside down (right way up). St. Paul repeatedly tells us in the Bible that we must renew our minds, I have always found it helpful when I don’t understand something to be willing to ‘stand under it’ until the ‘penny drops’.


    • Phil Bromley Says:

      Hi Pip,

      Thanks for that.

      ‘A Course of Miracles’ says “… the idea of birth into a body has no meaning either once or many times.”

      Are you in any doubt that you have been born into a body? If not, do you think that this being born into a body is without meaning? What are you here for? It is a bit of a worry when some of these mystical books start to let logic go completely – we need to strengthen our thinking, not weaken it and waft gently off into the distance. People who have had near death experiences report that they were then in an ultra-awake state of consciousness, there was nothing dreamy about it.

      Can I recommend that you work with something like Pietro Archiati’s book ‘Reincarnation in Modern Life’, which is an absolute gem. It can be ordered online from the website of Skylark Books: http://www.skylarkbooks.co.uk

      Regards, Phil

  111. Pip Threlfall Says:

    Hi Phil

    The Course in Miracles starts from the view point that we are all asleep dreaming this existence of being separate from our Creator, when in truth we have never left heaven. The Bible confirms that “we are seated in heavenly places”. Our true nature is SPIRIT, we ‘become a living SOUL’. Jesus says “be in this world but not of it” so no, I have no doubt that I have been born into a body, but that is quite different from BEING A BODY. My purpose for being here is to WAKE UP and to recognise that the whole human experience is at best a dream and at worst a nightmare.

    As for the importance of logic, I am reminded of what the Bible says “Has not God made foolish the wisdom of the world?” 1 Corinthians 1 v 20.

    With regards to near death experiences most people confirm that when out of the body everything was “more real” than when in the body, but my personal belief is that they are still bound by their minds and what they are experiencing is what they ‘deem’ to be true.

    I Googled Pietro Archiati and read part of his book “Reincarnation in Modern Life” and found what he had to say interesting. Please don’t think I do not believe in reincarnation, all I am saying is that in an ultimate sense it is not true.


  112. Pip Threlfall Says:

    Dear Bruce

    If by “internalize” you mean “to make sense of” I am right with you.

    I believe in “the inerrancy” of scripture so I have had to make sense of REINCARNATION. The verse in Hebrews – 9.27 – which bible believing Christians quote to refute reincarnation may well be being taken out of context.

    For many years I have been unhappy with the usual interpretation of this verse because in the King James bible it says “it is appointed for man to die once” which I figured would mean that if anywhere in scripture a man died more than once or indeed did not die then it would violate God’s appointing. Indeed as I am sure you are aware there are several occasions when a man dies more than once and at least two where a man does not die. This got me looking for another interpretation.

    My first thought was maybe it was referring to “the fall” where certainly it was appointed for man to die spiritually and after that came the judgement Genesis 3:17-19. For a while this made sense to me, then one day I cam across this site on the web, AFTER DEATH THE JUDGEMENT. (we tried to send the website but my post was discarded, but click on ‘heraldmags’ site on Google and it will come up)

    For me this has finally made sense of this verse although to date I have not been able to get any agreement with my Christian friends, but I would love to know what you make of it.

    You will, indeed, live for ever as will each of us. To “squander the Gift” is not to share the truth of eternal life with everyone we meet, as a Carmelite Friar once said to me “everyone is saved, but not everyone has appropriated their salvation”.


    • Bruce Leininger Says:


      I am no philosopher but here goes my view on Hebrews 9:27. This verse has been thrown at us on more than one occasion in radio interviews.

      Dying but once. Hmm!

      The old testament, including prophets such as Isiah, indicates there will be a Messiah. It is my understanding that the reason the Old Testament is part of the Christian bible is because:
      1) It provides the lineage of Christ.
      2) It tells us of the promise of Jesus as delivered to us by His Father – God (Which went unrecognized by most, but not all Jews.)
      3) The God of Israel is the same God of Christians. Both Old and New Testament are joined to tell the complete story of the Promise that God kept by delivering His Son.

      In the Christian world, the Evangelical movement (born-again advocates) embrace Jesus by embracing the the adoption of the born again credo. Which is good. Christians spend their lives chasing Salvation. To be born again means one must die in the sense that you give your spirit to Christ and it is a life changing event.

      Why is this quote in Hebrews 27 such a nail to hang our hats on? Because the disciple was telling the Hebrews the secret is to give up the life you live by adopting Christ as the Savior (Messiah) promised to them. One cannot hold to the belief that keeps one trapped in this life, but must adopt Christ as the Savior that was promised them. That is the Judgment we risk if we do not accept. If we do not consciously make that choice then the ultimate determination is made when we have forgone that choice.

      What is truly in my heart – the moment I truly embraced Jesus as my Savior – my life changed because my spirit – by conscious choice embraced the eternity of Salvation through Christ.

      How is it that a murderer on death row can give his/her spirit to Christ and then enter the gates of heaven? On what basis does God permit this. Answer – the moment one gives their spirit to Christ there is a transformation – by free choice.

      I believe Judgment means that God truly examines our Spirit and makes a judgment of our conviction. At that moment we have Salvation. We keep the Ten Commandments because they are the rules, that if broken risk Judgment and being cast into hell. God judges our hearts but tempers that Judgment by how we live.

      Now for reincarnation, past lives, or whatever we want to call it after our spirits give up the current earthly body.

      I do not believe that choice to act somehow disappears when we are granted access to Heaven. Why should choice suddenly disappear – but the choices are different?

      One item that did not make it into our book was that James once told us there was really a heaven and that you could come back if you want to (The reason this did not make it was that there were many edits and this particular item was deleted and we missed it because it was included in a chapter that that went through an extensive set of revisions. When revisions are made numerous details get rearranged or deleted. It is a very difficult thing to keep track of whats left in and what is deleted.)

      In short, no one on this side really knows what will happen. But we must on act on Faith and live in a way that is prescribed by God. However, nothing happens until we give our life to Christ by choice. We become new people when that occurs.

      James’ story demonstrates what I believe to be just one manifestation of what can happen.

      I hope this provides some of what you were asking me about.


  113. Deborah Says:

    I liked Carol and Steve Bowman’s approach to the Bible. Steve says:

    “To get things started–and a little more focused–I’m posting an excerpt from Carol’s book that outlines the early history of reincarnation in the Christian church. Actually, this is a section I researched and wrote (Carol gave me the hard parts to do) My primary source was H.G. Wells The Outline of History, but I had help from some tracts written by church historians as well.

    This is a short section from Chapter 14, Adults and Their Religions. The rest of the chapter explores how religion-induced fear prevents Westerners from talking about reincarnation; it includes a section on reincarnation and Judaism too.”

    They have a forum where people have talked about this in depth titled Dogma Bites Man – it might be of interest.


    • Bruce Leininger Says:


      I went to the link provided and read your post as well as the early christian movement. Profound. Those same formal religious authorities believed the earth to be the center of the universe and castigated Copernicus and Galileo as heretics.

      Jesus warned us about religion – It all makes sense.

      If we have the individual freedom to choose Christ then why do we need the intermediary of organized religion?

      Simply we do not need an intermediary to accept Jesus Christ.

      Reincarnation is simply true.


      • Alex Jones Says:


        I have ambivalent feelings towards the “early christian movement”

        For the first 600 years of Christianity the early christians attempted to organise their religion through a series of Church councils (synods). In the early years the pagan Roman emperors persecuted the Christians and there were some Church leaders who gave up Christian scrolls (scriptures) to the Roman authorities to be burnt, and who also betrayed their fellow Christians who were then killed. When Christianity was accepted officially in Rome the traitors (traditores) who had done such great harm to their fellow Christians were allowed back into the Church leadership, alongside people of suspect morals. A movement in Africa called the Donatists challenged the promotion of sinners and “traditores” to the leadership over their flocks, saying the church should be lead by saints not sinners. The Donatists appealed to Constantine the Great who called the Church Council of Arles in 314 to discuss the issue, my town sent one delegate to that Council (Synod). The “organised religion” decided against the Donatists in favour of the hypocrites and traitors.

        My view on organised religion can be contained in the following personal experience:

        In my town there is a beautiful park called Castle Park to which I travel through or visit on a regular basis. Nearly every day there are two evangelists from the Church of Latter Day Saints in smart suites, with black shiny lapel badges who hunt and waylay visitors to the park to talk about Jesus. These people know nothing about those whom they approach who may already be devout Christians or followers of other religions, who are being pursued to be “saved” and have Christianity forced upon them; personally I found them insulting and annoying, having twice been cornered by them last year, thus making me hostile to organised religion. I did not stop to waste my time with those evangelists.

        In the same park one day I encountered a grey squirrel which was mindlessly playing with a stick, it was having great fun and other squirrels were gathering to watch and share in the play. I stopped at this rare event and at that moment was enraptured by this little creature who did more for me to appreciate God and his creation than ever did those evangelists.

      • Pip Threlfall Says:

        IS REINCARNATION TRUE? I find myself reminded of Pilots question some 2000 years ago when he is purported to have said “what is truth”. John 18:38

        If we were to go into a court of law to give evidence it is customary to affirm that we will tell “the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth”. However the best that we can ever hope to do is tell ‘what we deem to be the truth’ which is actually what we believe to be the truth. Finally when all witnesses have had their say and the professions have made their summing up a verdict is declared.

        The verdict is based on at best the sum total of all the witness statements plus hopefully a large amount of “common sense” and this is now said to be REALITY, but is it TRUE!

        Judging by the fact that a verdict can be challenged and possibly overturned indicates in an ultimate sense it can never be more than REALITY based on nothing more sound than AGREEMENT. Truth in the ultimate sense can be challenged but it cannot be overturned because it is “…..the same yesterday, today and for ever”. Hebrews 13:8


  114. Pip Threlfall Says:

    Hi Ed

    I thoroughly enjoyed your post “Is Reincarnation So?” In fact there was so much meat in it I needed to read it through several times.

    Just one point I am not clear on, you refer to “throwing the babies out with the bathwater”. Did you mean babies (plural) or was that a ‘typo’.

    This is the season when we celebrate the birth of one particular baby. Emmanuel – God with us. Surely all other babies find their Yes! and Amen in Him.

    Seasons Greetings

  115. Pip Threlfall Says:

    Hi Alex

    Sorry I may not have made myself very clear on the subject of time. What I was attempting to express is that time is an apparancy as opposed to an actuality, that it does not actually exist, and that it appears to exist because of the fact that particles are always moving. So I would agree with you that TIME IS A CONSTRUCT IN THE MIND.

    I certainly do not see TIME as an “outside agency” but as an integral part of MATTER ENERGY and SPACE.

    I would feel pretty comfortable with the idea that the Universe is a “reflection” of the Source. (In the beginning God created …..). Just as God can create out of His fiat (word) so we can postulate a world into existence which, when agreed upon, becomes REALITY.

    I think that Buddhists would maintain that in truth there is no James Leininger, or Pip Threlfall etc. these are just expressions of universal awareness or in Christian terms the one Son in infinite expressions of manifestation.

    I do hear what you say when you write that “Hell and Space does not exist”.


    • Alex Jones Says:

      Hi Pip

      I agree with what you say about Time.

      I recommend reading up on Plato because he adds so much to what you are saying. The Theory of Forms by Plato suggests that what is expressed or seen in our reality is only a reflection of a more perfect form. To Plato the ultimate form is the Form of Good (God?). Plato used a well known metaphor called Plato’s Cave to explain his ideas. Plato believed people should only use reasoning based on Forms, but the problem was as Aristotle and others observed, how does one know that an action or thing is the perfect Form, but rather its shadow? I personally have adapted Plato’s Theory of Forms into some of my problem solving with some success.

  116. Alex Jones Says:

    I refer to the Larry King interview mentioned in an earlier post.
    I have had the opportunity to see the section of the Larry King interview with the Leiningers on YouTube.
    I may be wrong but James Leininger appears to be uncomfortable and unhappy in this interview. James is totally different from other interviews I have seen, he looks irritated, upset and threatened; when James answered questions he stumbled and was not flowing.
    To me James is either very tired or something was happening that was irritating him.
    YouTube URL:

    The graphics in the interview are horrible; switching between multiple studio faces rapidly and hitting the viewer with rapid fire bits of information.

    • andrealeininger Says:

      Hi Alex!
      Your post made me laugh – you are very observant! Here’s why James seemed unlike his usual self: We did the taping in Baton Rouge, about an hour away from Lafayette. We were in a big, empty studio used to tape newscasts. There was a sound man and a camera woman. We were each given an ear piece and were miked for sound. During the interview itself, we could HEAR the host and the members of the panel, but we had no monitor on which we could SEE anyone. When we had to answer questions or talk, we just had to stare into the camera and try to look engaging, which was disconcerting even for me. The real trouble was that James’s ear piece wouldn’t stay in his ear, and when it’s not in correctly, you can only hear every other word or so. Because of this he was having trouble keeping up with the conversation. Anyway, during the cut away, we tried to fix it, but it just didn’t want to stay in. So we told the host, Jeff, that James’s ear piece was malfunctioning and to just keep the questions coming to us because he was only hearing every couple of words. So that’s why James looked irritated – it was the strange set up and the technical snafu!!

      • Alex Jones Says:

        Hi Andrea

        That explains a lot. The Larry King team sure seem not to make their guests comfortable who appear on their show.


  117. Phil Bromley Says:

    Hi Pip,

    Thanks for that. This business of the ‘ultimate’ is quite interesting, really.

    Ultimately, we were one with God and will at a later point again become one with God. But only after we have gone through the necessary evolutionary experiences in space and time – it will be a long, slow process.

    I don’t think we can simply dismiss space and time as being without meaning – they provide the necessary framework within which we can progress and evolve. At some later stage, space and time may no longer be necessary, but at this point in our spiritual evolution they are realities with which we have to reckon.

    Christ incarnated and was crucified at a particular moment in space and time, and those events were real and meaningful. Similarly our being incarnated now in a physical body is real and meaningful. The choices we make and the things we do are concrete steps which we are taking on the great journey, and will certainly count for something in the overall scheme of things.

    You make logic sound somewhat unwholesome! Just as there are logical mathematical truths, so there are logical higher spiritual truths – a spiritual wisdom. The “wisdom of the world” in Corinthians refers to earth-bound wisdom, not spiritual wisdom.

    On the Skylark website another book I can recommend is ‘Scientist of the Invisible’ by A.P. Shepherd, which is both a short biography of Steiner’s life and an introduction to Anthroposophy.

    Well, the year has almost done its dash – may 2010 be a fruitful one for you. Nice to be in touch.

    Regards, Philip

  118. Pip Threlfall Says:

    Hi Philip

    I Googled A.P. Shepherd and read a review by Bobby Matherne of the book “Scientist of the Invisible” were he quotes from the book “Perhaps the most challenging item of this new knowledge is the definite assertion that man – and the physical world – had a spiritual, not a material origin, and that both have a spiritual destiny”. I found that quote very reassuring.

    You say “ultimately, we WERE one with God”, but surely if God is everywhere in truth we cannot be separated from Him, except in our imagination. “As a man thinketh in his heart so he is”.

    There is an interesting statement in “A Course in Miracles where it says “the sole purpose of time is to facilitate learning, when all learning is done time will be no more”. It seems to me that the same statement could be applied to REINCARNATION if, indeed, being in a body here on earth is a lesson that needs to be learnt, then we should get on and learn it so that we can move on to a ‘higher class’, that would be logical to me.


    • Phil Bromley Says:

      Hi Pip,

      The ‘ultimates’ are very much a big picture abstraction – we start from God and we return to God. The separation came about through the “fall of man” and it will be a long road back again; but we will have evolved into independent beings in the process, so it’s all good. I’m glad to see that you also like things to be logical!

      Archiati’s profound book on reincarnation is also available from Amazon for $19.95 – why don’t you treat yourself to a new year’s present?


  119. Pip Threlfall Says:

    Hi Alex

    Thanks for your reply. Re Plato’s Cave, yes the problem is how does one know the difference between ‘the perfect Form’ and the ‘shadow’ and of course this also applies to REINCARNATION.

    Many philosophers have concluded “all truth is relative” and that God is unknowable, but Christianity refutes this position and says No! God is knowable through The Lord Jesus Christ (the perfect form – the word made flesh).

  120. Chaz Hitz Says:

    I wanted to let you know that I found your book while I was at Barns and Nobel tonight waiting for a movie. It was very captivating for me on many levels that I almost missed the movie tonight 😉

    First, I love research and have written my own non-fiction book at http://www.sitka2.com.

    Second, I have a friend who lost his uncle in the skies above Chichi-Jima close to the end of the war and was courious if he was apart of that raid (long shot I know).

    Third, I am in the processing gathering ex-vets stories either living or dead during World War II. Along with the narratives, I want to include the records to backup and tell their story. So the work you have done is impressive and some of the work is excatcly how I have researched in the past. Not to mention some very good tips I had not thought of.

    Fourth, I like the questions that were asked in this book for I too am a Christian and have gone through my own process on a similar subject – past lives. Although I have not remembered them in dreams. I have seen them through hypnosis. I have always thought of them as metaphors to the issues my mind needs to heal and grow on. There have been many but one stands out that is similar to this book. I was a marine on a landing craft heading to the beach on Saipan. The landing craft was zeroed in and a direct hit destroyed it. Along with this marine. The weird thing is I remember the name and found this name on the casuality lists of that day. I have yet to investigate this further.

    Fifth, as is said, I too am a Christian and have been so since my time in Young Life. It has been a journey. But I am realizing God is a part of the bible but also more. We are mere men who are just understanding his ways more than we can imagine. Jame’s book does show this and adds one more reason to grow more in faith and understanding how creation works and was created even when we don’t understand.

    Thank you for writing this and was the best two hours before a movie I have ever had 😉 Has James started to fly yet and I am sure he would breeze through ground school and solo in no time 😉

    • Bruce Leininger Says:

      In response to your post in serial order.

      1) No doubt about that. You have to wade through tons of stuff to get what you are looking for. Research has its own rewards when you find whatever it is.

      2) If you have a date of the his loss of the uncle of your friend that would be helpful. Chichi jima was subject to numerous raids. Huston was killed on 3 March 1945 which was toward the end of those raids.

      3) Glad some of what I did has helped. The National Archives have recently lifted the restrictions of who can obtain military records of WWII vets. When I was doing most of my work the archives would not release info on specific vets to non-family. This is no longer true. As such it is making my job easier to write book number 2 because it is possible to obtain individual records that have been unavailable to me.

      4) Ditto on 3 above – you can obtain his record – at $50-60 per person. It is incredible that you had the name and could find him on a casualty list.

      5) Exactly, this book should carry one further along the path that Christians follow in chasing the Salvation they seek. I am glad to hear that our book has contributed to this.

      I sign all my books the following way:

      “Nurture your spirit – for you are on an eternal journey.
      God Bless, Bruce”

      I’ll sign off the same way with you.

      Nurture your spirit – for you are on an eternal journey.
      God Bless,


  121. Phil Bromley Says:

    Hi Bruce,

    Here are some thoughts by Pietro Archiati about Hebrews 9:27, which throw further light on the question. They are from the third of his five lectures in ‘Reincarnation in Modern Life’. Here is the first page and a half from that lecture :-

    The Christ Event and Repeated Earth Lives

    If it is true that human beings live more than once, and if this is not a matter of secondary importance but on the contrary a fact of decisive significance, then every human being who calls himself a Christian will be extremely interested in finding out what the Gospels have to say concerning this important theme.
    The first train of thought we might follow is this. If we were in a position to point out that in the Gospels there are statements that clearly and distinctly speak against reincarnation, then Rudolf Steiner’s spiritual science would be in a difficult if not hopeless situation, for the very reason that Rudolf Steiner regards the Gospels as texts written by initiates and which therefore can only contain the truth. There are, however, no such statements in them. But so that you will not think I am concealing anything I will tell you straight away that in the Epistle to the Hebrews there is a passage which runs: ‘And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgement: So Christ was once offered to bear the sins of many …’ (Hebrews 9:27,28). This sentence is often quoted as a statement refuting reincarnation. Yet it is the only one to be found in this connection. Anyone hearing or reading it ought, however, to ask himself the following. If the intention of Holy Scripture is to prove that reincarnation is not a fact, why does it contain nothing more on this most important theme than this one short sentence?
    Apart from this, in the instances when this sentence is quoted people do not take into consideration that nowhere in the whole of the ninth chapter of the Epistle to the Hebrews is reincarnation under discussion. The question as to whether a human being lives once or more than once is answered neither positively nor negatively in the ninth chapter of the Epistle to the Hebrews, for the question is not even raised! All that is said is that the human being dies only once. And I ask you: even if a person were to live more than once, how many times in each life would he die? Only once each time!
    If the question as to whether a person lives once or more than once were unmistakably the theme of the ninth chapter of the Epistle to the Hebrews then we could very well consider this sentence the answer to the question. But this question is not the theme of this chapter of the Epistle to the Hebrews. Therefore it is inadmissible to try and prove anything in this direction by tearing this sentence out of its context where it obviously applies to each single life. Even if we had a hundred lives we would only die once in each one of them and not several times.
    However, the fact that nothing is said against reincarnation in the New Testament does not automatically mean that anything is being said in its favour.
    Over and over again someone will up and maintain that reincarnation is quite clearly mentioned in the Gospels. This is not so. The Christians of earlier generations would have been very stupid if they had not noticed something stated clearly in Holy Scripture. In no way can we say that reincarnation is spoken of in the Gospels so plainly that everyone can see it, or that the Gospels clearly confirm reincarnation. What is far more characteristic of the Gospels is that the mystery of reincarnation is alluded to in a more indirect way.

    Archiati then looks at St John’s Gospel and the man born blind, the woman taken in adultery, the question of the miracles, Christ saying ”I go unto my Father”, and how these all point indirectly to reincarnation. If you are interested in looking into this, the book can be ordered from Amazon at a cost of $19.95.



    • Bruce Leininger Says:


      I’ll look it up and buy it. Thanks.

    • Pip Threlfall Says:

      Hi Phil

      Very interesting! Pietro Archiati comes across as a very genuine person. For me what settles the question raised by Hebrews 9.27 is what is written at http://www.heraldmag.org/bookstore/booklet_afterdeath.htm

      The Bible is written on two different levels expressing both absolute truth and relative truth. This can be seen right from Genesis where the first account is creating (God) chapter 1-2v4 and the second account making (Lord God) Chapter 2v4…….

      We see these same two levels when Jesus says “Our friend Lazarus has fallen asleep” John 11:11 and then “Lazarus is dead…..”. John 11:14. Many people think the Bible contradicts itself but if one views it as both absolute and relative then there is no contradiction.

      Hence REINCARNATION can be both true and untrue at the same time. Just as it is true to say the sun rises in the East and sets in the West, and at the same time to say that the sun does not move.

      Regards to all.

      P.S. Just received your latest post. The last thing I want to evolve into is an “independent being”. It is my understanding that it was the obsession for independence that got us into trouble in the first place. INTERDEPENDANCE yes! INDEPENDENCE no!

  122. Deborah Says:

    To Bruce and Andrea,

    Assuming you haven’t come across it before, I think you’d find the following video interesting:

    It seems to be a variation of the phenomenon experienced by your son, James. Coincidentally enough, it involves another James who also perished in combat during World War II.

  123. Deborah Says:

    When I watch one of the most compelling segments of a multi-part video like this:


    I’m totally baffled how a woman from Australia (who’s never visited Europe before) can treat blueprints from the 19th Century of a medical college in Scotland — archived and hidden away from the sight of outsiders like her and the public in general — with such knowledge and certainty—and accuracy.

    You add up all these pieces of the puzzle and the story of James Leininger starts to lose a lot of its Twilight Zone-ish quality. After awhile, it seems like merely another 2+2=4 aspect of the reality of the universe—sort of similar to realizing that the earth is round, not flat, and that it circles the sun, not the other way around.

    As I wrote previously, when coming upon the growing likelihood that the supernatural apparently is, in fact, rather natural, the people who end up looking naive and silly in this age of know-it-all, seen-it-all technology and cynical, nihilistic sophistication are agnostics and, most definitely, atheists.

    • Alex Jones Says:

      Hi Deborah

      Oh I so agree with you, reincarnation should be accepted as normal and natural as the sun and the moon. It annoys me that people place reincarnation in the same box as the supernatural. The ancient Celts accepted reincarnation as a fact of life to such a degree they agreed payment of loans for the next life.

      All Christians should be aware that a great deceit has been created by the Roman Church which has resulted in the majority of Christians having trouble over accepting reincarnation in the modern age. Before Christianity started to become organised by the Romans the early Christians including the Gnostics believed in reincarnation as a fact. Saint Gregory of Nyssa (c.335 to 394) said of reincarnation:

      “It is absolutely necessary that the soul shall be healed and purified, and if it doesn’t take place in one life on earth, it must be accomplished in future earthly lives.”

      Such beliefs as that by Saint Gregory resulted in conflict with the organised Roman Church and to this day Saint Gregory has been demoted by the Roman Catholic Church from their list of saints.

      One of the major early Christian supporters was Origen Adamantius, (c. 185–254) who considered that after the fall of Adam and Eve human souls are attempting to return to their original state before the Fall through a series of trials (reincarnation… lives). Origen was influenced by Neo-Platonic and Neo-Pythagorean ideas (I am influenced by them too) which created the foundations for his ideas. Origen was a prolific writer and was a major influence on early Christian thinking.

      Origen’s ideas conflicted with that of the organised Roman Church as he also said souls had free will. The Roman Church considered the soul had only one chance which resulted in damnation or salvation, an idea that gave power to the Church, which ideas of free will and reincarnation undermined. The conflict over reincarnation and the ideas of Origen raged for centuries causing huge arguments and Church crisis.

      Emperor Justinian called together the Second Church Council of Constantinople in 553 where the ideas of Origen and reincarnation were declared heresy. Those that continued to follow the heresy were persecuted and executed.

      No Christian should have a spiritual crisis over reincarnation because of the fraud and violence of the Roman Church, which has now placed in Christian minds that reincarnation does not exist.

      The Roman Church makes my blood boil what they have been doing.

      Hypnosis… any evidence of pastlives given under hypnosis should be treated with skepticism, as the mind is suggestable and under hypnosis tends to throw up a lot of fantasy and misleading information.

    • Bruce Leininger Says:

      Deborah, Phil and Pip,

      When we witnessed James past life experiences we were baffled, confused and, I was scared. What we do not understand either scares or prompts us to dismiss it all.

      I wanted to dismiss it all. Oh, well that did not work.

      When folks read our book the linear nature of the story makes it flow, but the actual experience was any thing but smooth.

      For those who are skeptics – I hope they encounter something that takes them to acceptance.

      Learning from the experience of others is Wisdom. Our book has been overwhelming embraced as a demonstration of reincarnation. I spend little time dwelling on those that do not believe it.


      • Phil Bromley Says:

        Hi Bruce,

        Well said. All we can do is present our experiences as accurately as possible, and let the truth speak for itself. It is up to each person what they make of it.

        Regards, Phil

      • Pip Threlfall Says:

        Hi Bruce

        Sorry if this appears to be ‘splitting hairs‘, but in fact you did not witness James’ past life experience, you witnessed him getting upset and also saying some strange things. A past life experience, by its very nature is a subjective experience, since it is happening in the recipients mind. The reason these events can be baffling, confusing and scary is because they lie outside most believing Christians comfort zone.

        Once upon a time it was church dogma that the earth was the centre of the universe along with the belief in one life here on earth followed by heaven or hell or maybe a spell in purgatory. Since Copernicus and then Galileo we now believe that space is much more vast and in fact I recently heard some scientist say that the universe is in the order of billions of light years across. Just as our concept of space has expanded, when the idea of past lives is entertained our concept of time also expands, for the question to ask next is “if we have lived pervious lives then how many of these past lives have we lived?” and if these past lives are in our memories then how for back do our memories go?

        It could be argued that we were better off sticking to a three tier universe, and one physical life, but now Pandora’s box is opened we have no choice but to follow our intuition. As Bishop Fosdyke is purported to have said “Most Christians live in a land locked lake not realizing that beyond the lake lies the infinite ocean”.


  124. Phil Bromley Says:

    Hi Pip,

    Thanks for that.

    I think that the initial independence which came about through the ‘fall of man’ was of a selfish nature, but through Christ’s influence we develop our independance in a non-egotistical manner, and make room in our hearts for others. So independance and interdependance come about simultaneously.

    Regards, Phil

  125. Dave McCaig Says:

    Great article Ken.
    Hi Bruce. I 1st became aware of your son a few weeks ago and I’ve been absolutely amazed by his story. You’ve given me comfort and hope that our daughter Joelle, who passed away from a brain Tumour when she was 14, is still alive. What was the reaction of the Toma crew when James knew them by name? Is there plans for a movie about James’ experience? Thank you for telling his story. I most definately will be buying ‘Soul Survivor’.

    • Bruce Leininger Says:


      Her spirit is in the universe somewhere. Most definitely her spirit dwells in your memories of her.

      The reaction of the crew to what James told them and who he recognized baffled them.

      Bob Greenwalt still has a hard time believing this could.

      Jack Larsen, who has passed on and is with the Navy of Angels had to go talk to his priest.

      But, they universally embraced the story and we continually get letters or calls from various Natoma Bay veterans, their families, or other veterans that are supportive of our effort.

      Hope you enjoy our book. Please provide feedback once you have finished it.


  126. Lori Says:

    I remain bemused by the lengthy platitudes and endless proclamations and posts by several individuals who seem to be “experts” on past-life experiences. There is not one of you here that knows this young boy’s “truth” other than those who were present with him as he expressed those “truths” so carefully noted in the pages of this book. While free speech is certainly everyone’s right, I am moved to say to some here: honor and respect the extraordinary experiences of this family versus diminishing them and making it all about you.

    • Bruce Leininger Says:


      I understand where your comments are coming from. One thing that these lengthly and generally well written posts demonstrate is that there are many people who have well grounded thoughts about this subject.

      I am not an expert, but as you correctly indicated, we told the story as we experienced it.

      Thanks for your feedback.

  127. Bruce Leininger Says:


    On splitting hairs. Point well made, but as we experienced this with James:

    1) Initially I drew no connection to anything spiritual about James nightmares. But seeing a 2 year old violently thrashing about in bed night after night was very disturbing. It reminded me of the scens from “The Exorcist. ”

    2) Confusing is a good word to describe what we felt, because there was no apparent cause for what he did and said. Again, for the first few months his statements and actions were vague in content.

    3) Based upon my limited tolerance for what I thought to be pure “BS” about reincarnation I dismissed it because I was blind to what couold happen.

    Fortunately, I got over it and cured my ignorance but diligent and deliberate effort.

    My wish is that we continue to contribute to “curing ignorance.”


  128. Dr James Paul Pandarakalam Says:

    I had an interest in reincarnation type cases while working in Kerala (South India).In order to trace possible cases of reincarnation I published several articles for popular reading on the subject. The only case brought to my attention was that of a boy who insisted on getting a golden ear ring (restricted mainly to girls in Kerala) in his early childhood and he also claimed a faint memory of a plane crash and people throwing sand on to the plane which was caught on fire. He did not have any imaged memories of a previous life- an unsolved case of reincarnation type. I always wondered why there are so many cases reported in the Northern part of India and hardly any cases in Kerala. Statistically, 56.2% of Keralites are Hindus, 27.7% Muslims, Christians 19% and 0.1% other religions. I wonder whether it is the Christian and Muslim influence inhibiting the recall of previous life memories. Kerala is the most literate part of India. So it could be the “scientific education” having an inhibitory effect. Have you any explanation on this anomaly?
    If spirit attachment is an alternate explanation, the incidence of the alleged recall of previous life memories should be expected to be more proportionate globally (If spirit attachment is a true phenomenon).Moreover children should have memories of multiple lives as spirit attachments may occur in clusters.
    Your book has rekindled my interest in the subject.

  129. Dr James Paul Pandarakalam Says:

    It is immature to assume that all truths are to be found in the Bible and no extra Biblical truths exist. Truths are revealed to human community according to the prevailing spiritual and intellectual maturity. Spiritual realities exist independent of scientific endorsement. The sagacious approach would be to make rigorous scientific research into all the evidences relating to the idea of reincarnation, leaving no stones unturned. A sympathetic attitude towards the scientific concept of reincarnation might help to bring out more authentic cases to the forefront for scientific scrutiny in the Christian cultures as most often such cases are suppressed because of fear of ridicule.
    Even though reincarnation is not accepted by the Christian culture in India, it is still a tea time topic of conversation in Christian families. According to the oral tradition, St Thomas came to the coastal part of Kerala and converted some of the Jews living there engaging in business activities. He also converted 12 Brahmin families (known as Namboothiries) into Christianity. As there were fewer choices of marriage partners, the newly converted Brahmins and Jews, both being excommunicated by the main stream intermarried. The Syrian Christians of Kerala are supposed to be the successors of these families who intermarried with the Jewish converts (the prominent Jewish nose can be occasionally recognised among them).As years went by, more Hindu groups joined them. Christianity grew robustly in the fertile sands of Hinduism and very alive in Kerala. I always wondered how St Thomas managed to convert the Brahmins who would never throw away their belief system centred on reincarnation. It was supposed to be a philosophical conversion.
    The first person who investigated reincarnation type case in India was the Mughal Emperor Akbar. Later Aurangzeb who had strong Islamic views also examined cases of reincarnation and left an open verdict. Dr. Ian Stevenson, an Emperor in parapsychology, who has put a foundation for future reincarnation research, apparently preferred to avoid linking his still rudimentary research with religion but he has set a new way of looking at the existing religious views of reincarnation. To find out the truth about reincarnation, we need to put aside our physical world view prejudices and our spiritual world view prejudices too.

    • Alex Jones Says:

      You mention Islam. Muslims appear to be one group of people that may reject reincarnation. There are the Druze who hold both Islamic values and also to ideas of reincarnation, but the Muslims tend to not accept Druze as Muslims.

      James Leininger creates an interesting case study for me to raise at the annual Islamic conference at Essex University, Colchester, England this coming weekend entitled “Does God Exist?”


      Some sharp Islamic minds will be at this conference. I will report back on what they say.

    • Bruce Leininger Says:

      James Paul,

      I received your call yesterday and your letters are well written and I do not find them critical. We did not write the book to prove anything, we simple wrote the story as it happened.

      Reincarnation is a mysterious and baffling subject and I am no expert. The Christian Bible, as written, does not provide any real answers about reincarnation. It was not intended to be an answer to that subject. But it leaves no doubt that eternity awaits each soul – Salvation – the gift from God.

      I have much to learn about all this and thank you for your thoughtful input.


  130. Peter G. Says:

    Hello Bruce,

    I’d be glad if you could answer a few questions I have.

    When asked about his former friends, did James tell the name “Jack” or did he say “Jack Larsen”?
    And is it right that James Huston was actually not shot down in a Corsair, as the young James stated, but in a FM2 Wildcat?
    Does James still remember his “former life” and if so, have you ever thought about contacting scientific institutes, or has any scientist ever stated interest in doing research?

    Sorry if my English is not the best.

    Best regards,

    • andrealeininger Says:

      Hi Peter,

      This is Dre. I’ll answer these for you since I was there for all of this. 1) I kept asking James if he remembered what his name was, and he always said “James”, which IS his name. I thought he was confused, just being two years old, so I asked “do you remember any one else you flew with? Any friends or anyone?” and his reply – which I wrote in my journal – was “Jack. Long Pause. Jack Larsen.” and 2) Note: Odd how certain things strike you! Dumb, really. I never thought to ask “what kind of plane were you shot down in?” We asked “Do you remember what kind of plane you flew?” He always said a Corsair. James Huston was shot down in a Wildcat. It was Bruce’s big hold out that this was some sort of coincidence. It wasn’t until Huston’s sister Annie sent us the family photo’s that we saw the pictures of James Huston in front of the Corsair. That was a big moment for us.

      James says he doesn’t remember any more. His memory never was really like cognitive memory. Just random, obscure pieces of knowledge that surfaced at any given moment. We have been contacted by many specialists in the fields of reincarnation studies, past life regression, and paranormal research. Lots of people want to find out more about James, but as his Mom, I don’t see how that will positively impact his life right now. He has a life as an 11 year old to live right now. If at some point in time he decides that he wants to delve deeper into this, then I will let him make that decision. It’s not my choice to make. Right now I’m just focused on making sure he doesn’t forget any homework assignments, that he gets to all his soccer and baseball practices, and that he does his chores. I hope that answers your questions!


  131. Alex Jones Says:

    Today I was researching the Greek word “anothen” to use in relation to a project (I decided not to use it) but by chance it did lead me to a bible passage that suggests Jesus beieved in reincarnation. So here is a rare quote from me from the bible:

    john 3.1-17

    Now there was a Pharisee named Nicodemus, a leader of the Jews. 2He came to Jesus by night and said to him, “Rabbi, we know that you are a teacher who has come from God; for no one can do these signs that you do apart from the presence of God.” 3Jesus answered him, “Very truly, I tell you, no one can see the kingdom of God without being born from above.” 4Nicodemus said to him, “How can anyone be born after having grown old? Can one enter a second time into the mother’s womb and be born?” 5Jesus answered, “Very truly, I tell you, no one can enter the kingdom of God without being born of water and Spirit. 6What is born of the flesh is flesh, and what is born of the Spirit is spirit. 7Do not be astonished that I said to you, ‘You must be born from above.’

    Evidently “anothen” as used in the above bible passage means “from above” or “to be reborn” or “again” or “renew”.

  132. motivation questions Says:

    So Bruce and Andrea: and Carole Bowman:

    How much have you made off the appearance and book?

    • andrealeininger Says:


      You must be one of those people who think we wrote our book “for the money.” The only people who get rich from writing are serial authors who have a large following like John Grisham or Stephen King, or famous celebrities, athletes or politicians.

      How much have we made off appearances? Nothing. Television and radio networks don’t pay you for your appearances or time. For our various book lauches our publicists arranged for us to travel for promotional appearances such as Good Morning, America, book signings, and other events. Our publishers pay for our airfare and hotel, we pay for all of our other expenses like meals, cabs, clothing, etc. As for Carol, I’m sure it’s the same for her appearances to promote her books. We paid Carol $1,000 to write the forward. Hopefully it inspired more people to buy her wonderful books.

      How much have we made off the book itself? Well, the book is out in the U.S., the U.K, Brazil, Japan, and is coming out in the Netherlands and Czech. Usually when you sign a publishing contract you get an advance. Then once the book has been on sale for 6 months, if you sell enough copies to cover your advance, you begin getting royalty payments every 6 months. Our advances have ranged from $1,500 to $5,000. Out of that Ken Gross gets a percentage and we pay our literary agent and taxes, so we net around 40% of that. The remainder we’ve used to offset the expenses we incur when we travel to promote the book. Right now what we’ve netted out of the advances has almost covered our expenses. We haven’t received any royalty payments yet, but if and when we do, it will be about $1 a book.

      As unknown, first-time authors writing about an obscure and perhaps controversial subject matter, the only hope we had when we wanted to share James’s story was that we would find a publisher willing to publish the book. The reason we wanted to tell James’s story was to share a miraculous event that happened to our family and changed us forever. We felt it would inspire other people as well, which, after reading so many posts on this blog, it obvously has. We did not, and do not, expect this to be a money-maker for us.

      So how much have we made off the book? Not enough to replace my 1996 Saturn with a manual transmition. I hope this answers your question.


      • Alex Jones Says:

        I wanted to add to what Andrea Leininger said to PNBBen/motivation questions. Less than 1% of authors break even let alone make it big like the author of the Harry Potter books. I am rather envious of my brother who has written a fantasy novel, but he used a vanity publisher to get his work on the market, in other words he paid someone to publish his book; he is happy about his little achievement, he has not made much money on the work, but he enjoys my envy. Not to be out done I have been encouraged to write a some stories involving a Romano-British child to promote my town; an illustrator iin my town will work with me. Whilst some people are saying these stories will be a real money earner, I am not holding my breath; but I will enjoy trying to get one up on my brother. The moral of the story is few people make money from writing books.

        On a different subject, I am glad Andrea that you are protecting James from those who seem to want to subject him to all manner of weird experimentation. The fact is we all have reincarnated, or will reincarnate from what I understand; and James is only different from the rest of us in that his memory of a past life was not erased when born (plainly James did not swim in the River Styx!). Beyond his now mostly forgotten memories of a past life James is just an ordinary normal kid; nothing further can be learnt from his case that is not already known in the book, internet or interviews.

        Also, I have to advise I was unable to attend the Islamic conference in my town today to speak to the Islamic experts abour reincarnation. I am disappointed as I have attended this conference for the last three years. I will however, contact the experts directly via e-mail and provide an update as and when they respond.

      • andrealeininger Says:

        Thank you, Alex, and it’s nice to hear from someone who is familiar with the industry! Anyone who knows the publishing world understands that the ultimate goal and biggest reward is to simply have a book produced that actually makes it to the shelves of a bookstore. This is a HUGE feat! Most people are under the impression that you simply write a manuscript, send it to a few publishers, and wait for a big check and for your book to show up on the shelves. If this were the case, Barnes and Nobles would be the size of the New York public library!

        For would-be authors, the numbers are grim: In the United States only 0.03 percent of all manuscripts submitted to publishers each year actually get published. That means out of every 10,000 manuscripts which are submitted, only 3 are actually published. Of books that make it to the shelves, only 5% will sell more than 5,000 copies. And just because you get a publishing contract doesn’t guarantee that the pulisher will actually PUBLISH the book! We got a contract in Italy before we had even completed the manuscript. They were to have published by September 2009. As of today they have not done anything with the manuscript. Because of the language in our contract, though, we are now open to looking for another Italian publisher.

        Most would-be authors end up going through the self publishing or vanity publishing route, both of which mean you pay for it yourself and have to market it yourself. As Bruce wrote in an earlier post, we submitted a proposal as we did not have a completed manuscipt. We did ultimately get a publishing contract, and our advance was broken into 3 parts. 1/3 when we signed our contract, 1/3 when we submitted the completed manuscript a year later, and the final 1/3 when the book was released, about another year after that. The other advances were similar, in that we got 1/2 when we signed the contract and the other 1/2 when the book was released.

        One of the biggest challenges with writing a book is the marketing of it. If you are lucky enough to get a publisher, you have a publicist who will help you with marketing, but usually only for the first month push that comes when your book is released. After that it pretty much up the the author(s) to continue the marketing efforts. One of the best ways to market is by creating a website exactly like this. It’s expensive to create and maintain, and the authors have to pay for this expense, but it’s quite effective. So far we’ve probably spent about $5,000 developing and maintaining the website. This may help your brother market his book, if he hasn’t created a website already. Thanks again for all of your though-provoking posts!!!


      • Alex Jones Says:

        Hi Andrea

        Thanks for your reply. I am a deep thinker and tend to like to share some of my ideas.

        My brother from what I understand is on his second book of his trilogy. It is a run of the mill fantasy and I think as he knows it will not catch the world on fire. He does it because he enjoys it, he has many other areas in his life more important to him. He is a PhD doctor, coach to a sports team on a major US university, has a growing family and has his finger in a lot of varying projects.

        I was surprised your web site costs are as high as $5000 (£3000). Your main cost must be the web design. I can get away with a cost of between $500 to $1000 for just the domain name and the hosting, but then I do my own web designing.

        Your book I see as a work of love than for profit. The story is one of human warmth involving reincarnation. I noted from some of your earlier posts that in order to meet your publisher requirements you had to include/exclude certain wording and subject matter, something that you were not happy with. However, the book remains authentic.

        Marketing a book like yours is a delicate balancing act, as anything you do or say can have an impact on both the book, your familiy, and upon James. You have a niche in the market as your subject of a small child with past life memories has few rivals. I am hoping that your book will stay in print for many decades to come, as folk like me who are looking for answers to life, the universe and everything find this book useful – your book changes lives. I hope you will reach a wider audience. In marketing your book I feel the Christian community would be the best target market since there is a mutual benefit to be had for both sides from your book; the alternative religion market poses some risks due to the number of “crazy” people in it.

        I have invented a game. For game designers the situation faced is much the same as book authors. The question being, who will publish, distribute and market the game? The game is a work of love. The game should be quite successful. However, I have concerns about loss of creative control, the game being marketed in the wrong way, and I have emotive issues about the game. Hence, I will let no publisher near the game. I am publishing, distributing and marketing the game myself. Immediately one puts their product or idea into the hands of another, they lose control.

        Those like me who will not or are unable to use a publisher have to start off small, locate the market, and get at the market directly. Networking, going to events and linking your product to some issue helps. Hence, by agreeing to join a Roman legion and look incredibly stupid in Roman uniform, I have been able to get useful business contacts and offers to have my game played in the local schools. I noticed at one event an author set up a stall and promoted their book all day, they got a lot of buyers, including me.

        Publicity is the life blood for the success of a product. My belief is that the only people that matter is the people who will buy my game; I will go directly to my market and I will tell them a story, and I will provide an authentic experience; this should be enough to make the sale. I then will rely on word of mouth for further sales, hence the internet is vital, as are having plenty of “postcards” with my contact details. Selected local shops will act as my shop window for the game, but the web site is the all important method.

        Newspapers, radio and television I will TRY to avoid, and if I have to encounter them as it is likely I will keep a tight control of my message and humour them. The problems with such media is they twist the message, get it wrong and cause chaos. They are also too unpredictable and irrelevant since they are unable to hit the people I want to get at effectively.

        My latest experience of the media is to intervene with a letter on a factual error in a newspaper. The newspaper responded by asking for an interview last Friday, they want to take photos tomorrow (Monday) and the article will appear in the next two weeks. During the interview I mentioned the game in passing, so they want to run a story on that as well when I am ready in a few months.

        On the back of the game I will be following through with the planned series of small children’s stories promoting my Roman town, so each feeds off the other.

        I guess the message I am trying to convey to authors would be create an authentic product, retain control of the product (cut out middlemen), know the target market, go directly to that market through networking, events and direct contact, tell an emotive story, provide an authentic experience, and let word of mouth do the rest.

        I hope this latest essay of mine was useful and there is something here that may help you promote your book to a wider audience. Your message is important. I wrote down this quote from James which is a rather good message you are trying to convey:

        “I hope that it helps people understand the meaning of how precious life is, how fast it can blow away. And I also hope that it opens peoples eyes up to reincarnation. … I hope it opens peoples eyes up to the fact that reincarnation can happen, it is a possibility, it is not a lie.”

      • Bruce Leininger Says:


        Our expenses for the website are actually in the $3,000 range, but other activity surrounding marketing of our book adds several thousand more.

        The real joy has come through actually telling an important story. When our book was published we really had no idea what it would mean to people. If the comments on this blog are indicative of that impact; then this book is a great success because it has had a profound impact on thousands of people. That impact falls into several groupings:

        1) “I have been a skeptic but your book has caused me to rethink everything.”

        2) Our book confirms beliefs that already existed and is strong evidence of reincarnation for many readers.

        3) Thanks for sharing – now I know that I am not crazy because I had similar things happen to me.

        All this is much more than I ever expected. For instance, Edgar Cayce A.R.E. has invited me to go to their convention in Virginia Beach in two weeks to share our story with their national meeting. This story has touched them deeply and I feel blessed by the opportunity.

        Money has little to do with it and has never been the focus of our effort.
        If money was the motive then this effort is mediocre at best. It goes way beyond money.

        All the best to you.


    • Bruce Leininger Says:

      The motivation for writing the book – simply – we had a story to tell that we felt was important to share.

      Andrea has shared much more than than necessary, but if we make money off the story what does that do for you?

      Hope you enjoy reading it.


  133. Bruce Leininger Says:


    Yes, our son is not an experiment. If an when he is ready to make decisions about how he will pursue this further is up to him.

    As parents, our natural and ethical duty to our son is to let him be our son.

    My comments about Mr. motivation and money making off books was tempered by my trying to understand what he means. that’s why I asked him the question.

    Not sure what motivates him.


  134. Deborah Says:

    Andrea and Bruce, I greatly appreciate your explaining the details of “Soul Survivor” and how a writer and the publishing industry work. There will always be a nagging suspicion in the back of many people’s minds — including even mine — about various aspects of the publicity surrounding your son James. So every time you verify your credibility is another moment I want to say “yes!” and cheer.

    The more I mull over the story you’ve relayed of James, the more astonishing and astounding it becomes to me—because it apparently is truly authentic. Even though I’ve been aware of stories like the detective in Indianapolis (the case of Robert Snow/Carroll Beckwith), or, more recently, the 1980s video on Youtube of the 4 women in Australia, it is the details involving James Leininger and James Huston that are the topper.

    Taking all the information out there and then tying that together with “Soul Survivor” makes me think of a moment in the life of Helen Keller. That would be the occasion she was outdoors at the water pump, being reprimanded for her final instance of a pre-enlightenment tantrum, when she finally realizes what her teacher, Annie Sullivan, has been trying to get her to understand for a long time. A true epiphany.

    Understanding and accepting the reality of reincarnation is quite a game changer. It means so many other aspects of the paranormal — of our universe — may be, as things turn out, quite plausible and possible. From psychic abilities (ESP) to the specter of energy manifesting in what people refer to as ghosts. I’m only worried that it can make some of us far too prone to naivete and gullibility, and vulnerable to people who prey on that aspect of human nature. That’s the one downside of such a sea change.

    I’ll add that I’ve wondered if James mentioning the time before he was born, in which he described his parents (or future parents) at the pink hotel in Hawaii, wasn’t really a case of his seeing the past (or future?) from, if you will, heaven. I wonder if he actually was showing a bit of psychic ability, in which he was picking up glimpses of memories in the minds of his mother and father?

    Then, too, his describing his former colleagues from the military and naming his GI Joe dolls after them, and saying that he saw them in heaven, may have been a bit of theological ruminating from his previous life (since they were killed in combat before he was) brought into his current one?

    Of course, when reincarnation is a given, all other notions and theories can be viewed as either no less plausible, or no more unrealistic, than anything else.

    Again, if reincarnation is a real thing, we’ve entered a paradigm shift. Everything now has to or should be filtered through that altered, stunning reality.

  135. Deborah Says:

    The fact is we all have reincarnated, or will reincarnate from what I understand

    Alex, I believe you’ve previously expressed skepticism or doubts about the meaning and accuracy of regression hypnotherapy. That people reliving a past life through hypnosis are very likely to have been adversely influenced and manipulated by the hypnotist. I certainly do not doubt that occurs. The notorious example of Bridey Murphy in the 1950s is a case in point. In fact, that story is a major reason a part of me remains quite suspicious about, and on the alert to misinterpretation or out-and-out dishonesty being at the center of, cases involving reincarnation or the supernatural in general.

    I also found it interesting that the hypnotherapist interviewed in this video (about another James who was killed in World War II) claims that only a small fraction of his patients — only one percent — have been able to recall a past-life experience:

    The mind-boggling thing about the reality of reincarnation is it means a lot of the reality as we’ve known it now is sort of up for grabs. So perhaps the ability to reincarnate applies to only certain people in the history of mankind? In other words, maybe some of us will come back, while others of us won’t.

    However, when the very notion of a phenomenon as astonishing as reincarnation is a reality, various other theories and assumptions no longer seem quite as preposterous and Twilight Zone-ish.

    Incidentally, when I see, as one example, the horrors and misery involving people such as those in quake-stricken Haiti or other ravaged societies, or people going through emotionally and physically torturous situations in general, I actually shudder at the thought of returning to this world through the eyes of human life like that. In that regard, God would be rather merciless, if not cruel?

    I recall reading several years ago that some people in a culture like South Korea will claim that children born severly handicapped are being punished for trangressions in a previous life. When the idea of reincarnation still seemed absurd to me, I wrote off such assumptions as being full of superstition and silly mysticism. But many years later, the theory put forth by those in Korea makes the plausibility of reincarnation both fascinating but also intimidating (or even potentially quite unpleasant) to me.

    Another idea to mull over: If the likelihood of reincarnation becomes more widely understood, should the concept of hell — and warnings about it — change from fire and brimstone to the idea of a guilty soul returning to a future life full of horror, pain and hardship? In other words, “hell” no longer will be simply be a matter of faith or theology. Instead it will be a tangible, real thing.

    • Alex Jones Says:

      Hi Deborah

      There is a saying: Not all that glitters is gold. Equally, I should add: Not all gold glitters. Much of what is claimed as supernatural is fools gold. I have no wish to be made an idiot of.

      Arrogantly perhaps, but I consider I can see through 99.9% of any sham or dishonesty. James Leininger passes my tests, so I believe. On the hand, the Bible, I reject as a mere pseudo-history book – the Bible failed my tests. Bruce Leininger will be happy I support James as authentic, he will not be happy to hear I think the Bible is not.

      Evidence of reincarnation from hypnosis I reject 100%. Once you get past the intellectual part of the mind, you can pretty well do with a mind whatever you like; Hitler and others knew that all too well. One famous hypnotist, a British arch-skeptic and atheist called Derren Brown has turned normal thinking people into bank robbers, ventriloquist dummies, and persuaded them to “electocute” a kitten using mind tricks. Hypnosis is useful to make people do things, but it is not great on “truth”. Hypnosis relies on trickery and illusion; reality is not a big issue with hypnosis and hypnotists. Only an idiot would accept any “evidence” from hypnosis as fact.

      We live in a world of masks, of illusion and fantasy; this is true in the incredible trickery going on in the natural world in the fight for survival; and is especially true in the human world. Advertising is designed to get into your head to buy their product; people of religion, politicians, news media and business are all playing mind tricks to control you, and to get you attached to their products. It is my desire to cut through the illusion, to find the true nature of things; this makes me harsh, cynical and negative about what I see; it makes me less easy to control or win over.

      Equally, when I hear “experts” tell me that their reality is fact: Richard Dawkins; or someone like Prince Charles of Windsor tells me global warming is fact; or some televangelist tells me the earth is 6000 years old is fact. I think idiot. An academic offered a riddle: “Why is a raven like a writing desk?”

      A few times I walked accidently into a situation that is a bit “Twilight Zone-ish” so I am not one to reject anything “supernatural” out of hand without having a good look. Reincarnation I regard as natural – it happens to everyone. What is strange about James, is not he reincarnated, it is he has remembered so much of a previous life in detail. Why? “Why is a raven like a writing desk?”

      Being a historian it makes me smile that what we regard as “astonishing” about reincarnation was matter of fact to ancient writers be they Greek, ancient christian, far eastern… The general idea is that at the moment of the big bang everything got thrown out to the far reaches of the universe; the further from the source the more corrupt it became – matter being the most corrupt form of the Universe according to the Greek writers. Everything now wants to return back to the source, but must constantly recycle through life and death in order to “grow” towards the source. One of the basic ideas of Chaos Theory is that “systems” collapse into chaos, then self organises into even more complex forms.

      The “evil” of things like the Haiti earthquake is a natural consequence of what the universe is, changing and growing. The people died in Haiti because they built their homes on a fault line, it was predictable what would happen. Also, people lived in badly built houses; thats why most of the people in Haiti died, as their homes were so badly built it collapsed on them. Haiti is not due to God; not due to Satan; man should look in the mirror to find the answer. An adapted ancient saying is the River feeds you, cleans you, provides you with water; jump in the River with concrete shoes, it will kill you.

      Horror and pain. The organised Church loves the concept of suffering. If you break the rules the Church created then you will burn forever in eternal torment. Nice. A more realistic outcome is if you do “wrong” you get a demotion, if you do “right” you get a promotion. Hitler will be back to the level of Obama in about a few trilllion years. The ancients believed that the only way to grow was via reincarnation. God made the rule mandatory evidently that everyone grows via reincarnation or they vanish into nothingness. No room for slackers in God’s Universe.

      Karma. “Thou shalt not kill”. James Leininger gave an interesting insight into how things work with God. James Leininger as James Houston killed Japanese pilots, in other words he killed people breaking a cardinal law of the Church. As far as I see James is not living in a world of eternal torment; he got the choice of a rather nice mother and father to move in with; he has a very happy life at present. James presents a problem for the Church in that he has killed people in a previous life; and yet he appears to be in a better position than he was before. But not all so. Karma hits across lifetimes. James suffered an experience of flame and torment when he was shot down, his life was ended, and he suffered a repeat of a horrific expereince in dreams as a small child in his next life. James has paid the penalty, now everyone moves on. What sucks about the Church is they claim (wrongly) that you get no second chance for mistakes or “evil” action, you go to hell, forever, period. The Bible has no influence on me, James did. The fear of Karma keeps me from doing anything “evil”.

      “God is whoever you want him to be”. James said something along those lines when his mother asked him was God male or female. That tells me a lot about what to expect about God and what exists beyond this Life. God and Heaven will present itself in the manner that you beleive it to present itself. Hence, ancient Greeks see Hades, Viking warriors see Valhalla; ancient Egyptians see Isis et al; “bad” Catholics get to meet a man with horns and some fire; Buddhists see Buddah. Basically God and Heaven reveals itself in a manner you are used to it being seen; before you are shoved back out of the door into Life again.

      I have noticed that the experience suggested by James of God and Heaven has some comparisons to the human mind. If I bully myself in reality, my mind reverses roles in a dream so that the me that was bullying me is the one being bullied. What I believe and how I treat myself and others tends to be reflected back at me in a dream; and I am sure that may also be the case with God and Heaven.

      In closing this latest essay I would say that you make of this Life what you make of it. If you are suffering, it is your duty of this Life to resolve it. God will send you allies and assistance but he is no babysitter. The point of your Life is to grow. Fail to grow, you will get to do it again. Knowing that I have free will in this Life, and also apparently beyond this Life gives me some incentive to get off my seat and do something about it. Hard work. But, I am happy to come back to this Life again.

      Why is a raven like a writing desk?

      • Deborah Says:

        Evidence of reincarnation from hypnosis I reject 100%.

        Alex, you’re both more skeptical but also more easygoing than I am about the phenomenon of reincarnation. As compelling, fact-oriented and convincing as James’ story is — as “Soul Survivor” is — if there were not the other cases written about or explained in the videos (all involving adults who’ve been hypnotized) that I’ve linked to in my previous posts here, I’d still be on the fence. However, I certainly will not have confidence in the word of a hypnotherapist and his (or her) patients if the case hasn’t been well researched for verification.

        Robert Snow (the skeptic and police detective with a just-the-facts-ma’m attitude) and Bruce Kelly (the man phobic about water) did for themselves what Bruce did for his son James. And the documentary produced by Australian hypnotherapist Peter Ramster indicates he did for his 4 patients what Bruce did for James.

        I like the early strong skepticism of Robert Snow, which makes me think of the firm doubts that James’ father, Bruce, originally had about his son’s reincarnation. And I like the ambivalent, unsure conclusions that Bruce Kelly expresses about his hidden memories (as a submariner in World War II) when he’s questioned by others whether he’s an example of reincarnation or not.

        Unlike you, I’m not sure about the notion that we’ve all led past lives and may (or should) have traces of reincarnation tucked away in the deep recesses of our minds. In other words, just as all of us have different skills and weaknesses, and different physical qualities (of height, gender, weight, etc), the phenomenon of reincarnation may involve some of us, but not all of us. Otherwise, one might just as well conclude we all have the capacity to be outstanding doctors or scientists, or star athletes at the Olympics, superb fashion designers, or wonderful chefs at a 5-star restaurant.

        So perhaps the ability to reincarnate will be no less complex and unpredictable than any other dynamic characteristic associated with the human being.

  136. Alex Jones Says:

    Hi Deborah,
    All I write is only my interpretation and opinion from my attempts to understand the world that I experience around me. I try to search for the authentic and integrity of things. As a person who likes to research all manner of mysteries I have to ask if the source is safe to use and quote to support my interpretation; if it is not I must reject it. An example is the Welsh Triads that are so important to some of my Celtic research, but some idiot of an academic has corrupted the Triads with his own inventions, so I have to reject every Triad that was not on record more than 200 years ago.

    The idea that all have reincarnated and will reincarnate. Certainly an area that is open to debate, since even James has managed to throw a spanner in the works with certain comments in a radio interview that leaves my idea on uneasy ground. I counter by suggesting that since James said such comments at the age of 10, that his past life memories are forgotten, he is just making a blind interpretation corrupted by present life memories, an opinion. But if James really does remember something at this stage and bases his statement on something real, then that will be like an iceburg hitting the Titanic in my worldview.

    I rely on the evidence of all the many ancient sources across all cultures from Druid to Greek to Hindu who all say we ALL have past lives and reincarnate. It also makes sense that we all reincarnate. It seems pointless and illogical if just a few and not all reincarnate; that would make a mockery of how the whole Universe moves, life-death-life-death in a constant cycle.

    Why do some remember past lives and others do not? It is observed as “fact” that the majority of us do not remember past lives, but a small minority of us do remember. It is noted also that those that do remember a past life tend to do so as a result of some traumatic event in a past life; that the memories tend to be negative and a cause of problems in a present life. Past life memory is not a positive survival point, it is useful to survival to have those memories erased in a new life. The Bara child from Scotland was noted to have serious emotional issues when they faced the issue of loyalties to a past life mother and a present life mother. I read of a case that another child started attacking the person who murdered them in a previous life. I do not understand the rules and mechanisms which decide who remembers a past life and who does not, but I get the impression they are not fool proof. I note that in near all cases the child forgets their past life memories by about the age of eight.

    Plato was of the opinion that we could remember our past lives in our dreams. I like Plato but from personal experience I am unable to find the truth of his idea. I keep a dream diary. All my dreams deal with events and experiences of the last 24 hours ONLY, let alone a past life. Since my dreams deal with a limited timescale they provide a useful input in problem solving.

    There is so much that is unclear about reincarnation, the only way that one can know is by dying, I am however in no rush to find out the hard way!

    • Bruce Leininger Says:


      The phenomena of reincarnation is much more complex than we understand. So is the act of breathing.

      I do not have to understand breathing to live it. I just have to breathe.

      Get on with living life as well as possible as soon as possible.

      For me the most important lesson of reincarnation is this:

      By living my life in Christ I achieve Salvation. If I reincarnate then there must be purpose to it. If this is possible – and it is – my son James is instructive. Then I must do well on this earth at this time to achieve that Salvation. The better I do with the choices I make with my spirit now the greater the opportunity in the next life.

      Coming back as a monkey makes no sense.

      Hope I am making sense.


      • Alex Jones Says:

        Hi Bruce,

        A simple motto of mine: experience it express it.

        However, to enhance the experience and express it one should attempt in my opinion to understand the rules. Understand the rules of Karma in relation to reincarnation then one will not come back as a monkey. Understand the rules of breathing then one can breath in a proper way to get oxygen to the brain and body, which improves health; bad breathing causes ill health.

        You and I have met upon a junction in the road. You travelled a different road to me to reach this our meeting point; you will travel on down a road I am unable to go, nor will you be able to travel my road. However, both our roads eventually will lead to God.

  137. Phil Bromley Says:

    Hi Deborah and Alex,

    I enjoyed your discussion – I have to agree with Alex that reincarnation applies to all human beings, and not just to some.

    The basic evolutionary path needs to be one whereby we become wise, loving and complete human beings, and this is simply not achievable in the short space of a single lifetime. In addition, we all make mistakes and cause harm to others, and this necessitates that some karmic balancing has to take place together with those people in future lives. And to become fully rounded human beings, each of us needs to have a broad range of experiences, living as men and women in different cultures and nationalities, and having different life tasks.

    I really don’t think that James committed any wrongdoing in his duties as a fighter pilot – he was fighting for his country, and would not have wished to harm anyone had that not been the case.

    Regards, Phil

  138. Dr James Paul Pandarakalam Says:

    The scientific idea of reincarnation does not include universal reincarnation or transmigration of souls from the animal kingdom. After making 40 years of rigorous research Dr Stevenson found only 3000 cases internationally. Obviously, this finding points towards the rarity of this phenomenon. In order to free the scientific concept from the religious baggage, different terms have been introduced. “Accidental reincarnation” is a term introduced by Professor Banerjee of Jaipoor University in north India. “Information transfer” is another term coined by technically minded scientists. “Repeated life” is another good enough term.

    Theologians have failed to distinguish between generic reincarnation and “higher reincarnation”- reincarnation with a special purpose. In Hinduism this distinction exists but has been very vague. Some of the statements attributed to John the Baptist would suggest that he is a higher reincarnation. The concept of higher reincarnation harmonizes with the Christian folk lore belief that many saintly souls would return to terrestrial existence to prepare the world for the Second coming of Christ. There is a Jewish belief that Enoch who “walked with God” would return to earth- a potential higher reincarnation. Judaism is a religion of the living and not of the dead and very little is mentioned about the nature of life after death. It is certain that the Indian and Jewish traders exchanged religious ideas along with their commercial goods and Jews of Christ’s days began to struggle with the idea of reincarnation. It could be construed that the Jewish intellectuals of Christ’s time had a vague idea of higher reincarnation when they wondered whether “somebody from the dead has risen”. They were longing for the birth of the saviour but wondering how that could be taking place. They probably accepted only the concept of higher reincarnation so as to fit in with the physical manifestation of the promised saviour. Higher reincarnation does not necessarily substantiate generic reincarnation. Bible is silent about generic reincarnation but does not seem to oppose it, and it is for the scientists to search for the truth rapt in generic reincarnation. My contention is that Biblical teachings are indirectly opposed to universal reincarnation but not to accidental reincarnation.

    Christian theologians will always have a cautious attitude towards the idea of reincarnation. For a Catholic theologian who believes in a richer reality and negative realm in the non physical dimension, a discarnate personality should have some positives to merit the mercy chance of another terrestrial experience, and such a person has his credit that he escaped from an eternal damnation. Reincarnation carries a spiritual risk because the reincarnated soul is once again thrown between the choices of positives and negatives in the physical plane while in the purgatory state the soul’s destiny is a t least determined. Terrestrial existence carries more spiritual opportunities when compared to the purgatory existence. If interpreted appropriately, accidental reincarnation highlights the sanctity of earthly life and also points towards the existence of negative realm, or why should people be allowed to reincarnate in the first place? It must be to prevent an extreme suffering and an utmost human tragedy. Accidental reincarnation is a mercy chance illustrating the great forgiveness and kindness of the Almighty.

    Children claiming previous life memories are proclaiming the spiritual nature of human beings and therefore are indirectly fulfilling a spiritual mission. In the past such children used to be held in high esteem in the Hindu culture and sometimes equated as higher reincarnation when they demonstrated unusual talents. The situation has now changed in India. Consciousness is currently considered as an illusion created by the neuro-chemical complexity of material brain. Previous life memories challenge such reductionist model of mind. From a scientific perspective, the idea of reincarnation would be the best scientific proof for the existence of a non biological component in association with brain and for its long term existence after physical extinction. All other evidences such as near death experiences, death bed visions, apparitional experiences, and mediumistic communications do not guarantee a long term existence. For a scientist searching for mathematical proof of immortality, probably trans-century cases of reincarnation would be more convincing. Dr. Charles T. Tart has rightly opined in his recent book review on Soul Survivor, The reincarnation of a World War ii Fighter Pilot that investigating what’s real and not real about our possible spiritual nature is a lot more important than curing the common cold….”(Journal of Scientific Exploration, volume 23, number 4,p550-554, 2009).

    • Alex Jones Says:

      This is in reply to Dr James Paul Pandarakalam

      I am thinking science gets over complicated over reincarnation. The riddle comes to mind:

      Why is a raven like a writing desk?

      I am thinking of reincarnation in simple concepts as follows:

      1. Reincarnation is universal for all things including sub atomic particles.

      The fact only a few cases are recorded is because the mechanism that erases past life memories has been suspended or has broken down in those people who remember a past life. The issue is rectified as by age 10 near all the people have forgotten their past life memories. Many many cases are never picked up and recorded.

      2. There is only one form of reincarnation.

      3. Nothing is accidental in this Universe. Everything has purpose.

      4. Reincarnation through multiple lives is the only way to grow towards God/Source.

      5. At the end of Life a soul gets a promotion, stays the same or is demoted.

      6. Free will exists both in life and after death. Example James selected his parents before his birth according to what he said to his parents.

      I have issues about the following:

      Near death experiences = mechanical problems in the brain.

      Death bed visions = mechanical problems in the brain.

      Apparational experiences = Three forms:
      Poltergeist : a creation caused by an individual (not a spirit or demon).
      Ghost : electromagnetism from environment interferes with brain. (not spirit)
      Ghost : environment by some mechanism retains memories of the place and under certain conditions throws the memory up, rather like a video tape. (not spirit)

      Mediumistic communications : Fraud and tricks. A barrier exists which means spirits are unable to communicate or interfere in the realm of “life” unless they are reincarnated. I believe this barrier to be the same one that erases past life memories when someone is reborn.

      • Pip Says:

        Dear All

        Marvellous thing the Internet. I did not know “why is a raven like a writing desk” so I Googled it and now I do!

        Having been involved with Scientology for many years (confession is good for the soul) I am personally convinced that past lives are never erased, they are all there and manifest as our character. What happens generally when one is remembered is that for one reason or another it has become re-stimulated.

        If something happens in one’s present life that is similar enough to an incident in a past life then the earlier incident can get re-stimulated. I am sure that it could be established that there was an event prior to James’s first nightmare that may well have brought the memory back into awareness.

        Equally it has been found when running a past life, that to ‘run the death’ will usually cause the memory to go out of re-stimulation. For James to have returned to the location of his past death, in this lifetime, and done whatever needed to be done, I would imagine would bring about closure on the incident.


  139. Dr James Paul Pandarakalam Says:

    The reality of discarnate survival is a well preserved secret in science now. Some people think that there only evidences to suspend a disbelief in life after physical extinction and that, there are only as many evidences as there are for the historical existence of Dinosaurs.

    The reality of post mortem existence challenges the rationality of capital punishment- the official murder. Government has the responsibility to protect the society from criminals. But the deceased criminal might reincarnate or stay as an earth bound spirit and could continue to disturb the tranquillity of the society. Ideally the convicted criminal should undergo rigorous rehabilitation and may be given the chance to repent and die naturally. Through suicide, a person is only changing the location of his or her sufferings. While in the physical plane trapped by space and time, we are in an advantageous position to induce changes where as in the timeless state, changes are sluggish and personality development would b much slower. To use a simple analogy, capital punishment or suicide is like destroying the shell of a pupa and forcefully freeing it in a premature state. Such a pupa will not be able to fly around like a butterfly and enjoy the beauty of God’s creations. By an act of forgiveness, Governments are also teaching the citizens the value of forgiveness. Violence breeds violence and has very little deterrence value. Gandhi was opposed to capital punishment. He stated that if all the people follow the principle of “eye for an eye” the whole world would become blind! There are forty countries practicing capital punishment in the world and India is one among them. India seems to forget that it is Gandhian philosophy of non violence that is holding the country together. The first step towards world peace would be achieving a global banning of capital punishment.United kingdom has set an admirable example to the rest of the world.

  140. Deborah Says:

    The mind-boggling thing about the story of James Leininger and, in turn, James Huston, is that so much of the paranormal goes from being a matter of nonsense to something quite plausible. A matter of life imitating art.

    I’ve mentioned that there is a Twilight Zone-ish quality to the story contained in “Soul Survivor.” However, there was another TV show from the era of Rod Serling that supposedly was not based on pure science fiction but on actual accounts of the supernatural. That show was “One Step Beyond.”

    If it weren’t for the reality of, among other accounts, James L and James H, I’d have assumed the two following episodes from that 1950s show could be written off as wildly exaggerated, even hokey, and probably mostly pure fiction. But who can say that nowadays?

    Who can say that if the innate energy of a person (his soul) killed in World War II can somehow remain intact and transferred over 50 years later to another person, that there now isn’t a wide number of possibilities that go from being nothing but guesswork — and certainly more make-believe than truth — to real, tangible and authentic?

    As I was watching this other episode from “One Step Beyond,” the 3 dolls of “Jennifer, Rose and Mary” — or their actually being a manifestation of 3 girls killed in a fatal accident in the 1920s — reminded me of the 3 GI Joes of “Leon, Walter and Billie.”

    Is analogizing one paranormal phenomenon with another one ridiculous? Absurd? An overly broad leap from reality?

    As far as I’m concerned, not anymore.

  141. Dr James Paul Pandarakalam Says:

    The average interval between death and re-embodiment in Stevenson’s cases has been calculated as two years and one third of them have unusual birthmarks or birth defects (Stevenson Ian, Reincarnation and Biology, 1997). Stevenson also had investigated trans-century cases like that of Edward Ryall of Essex (E.W. Ryall, Second Time Round, 1974). A.J Stewart (A.J. Stewart, King’s Memory, an autobiography, 1978) did not subject herself to Stevenson’s interrogation.She once told me that Stevenson’s interview was that of a medical doctor and she did not enjoy it.One could say that it was an appropriate reaction if A.J.Stewart who had the apparent memories of a king found difficulty in becoming the subject of a scientific investigation. In James’s case, the intermission has been 60 years and there is no manifestation of unusual birthmarks or birth defects corresponding to physical injuries in the physical body of previous life. In these respects, James differs from the generic cases of reincarnation. It is interesting to note that James’s unusual childhood experiences have reinforced the Christian faith in his parents. There is a common link between all healthy spiritual experiences. The Sanskrit axiom “Ushnam ushnena shanty” means extreme heat is to be balanced by comfortable heat: sick spirituality is to be healed with healthy spirituality.
    The Christian scholars in general have a number of confusions with regard to the idea of reincarnation, particularly about the doctrine of reincarnation. Reincarnation warrants pre-existence of soul. The celebrated Origen, the disciple of Clement of Alexandria whose teacher was St Peter, seems to have promoted a belief in the pre existence of soul before physical birth. Pre existence of soul does not necessarily mean that generic reincarnation is true but reincarnation warrants pre existence of a soul (Stevenson Ian, European cases of the Reincarnation Type.2003). Nobody can comment on the process of incarnation or reincarnation. It is wildly conjectured that the incarnating soul makes contact with the potential embryo right from the beginning of conception but occupies it only later. Emperor Justinian declared Origenism derived from Platonic views as heresy but not necessarily the eastern views of reincarnation. It is doubtful whether Origen taught any form of classic reincarnation.

    In fact, it is the doctrine of karma associated with reincarnation that has made it unpalatable for Christian theologians. Dr Stevenson has challenged the wisdom of retributive karma and replaced it with developmental karma, thereby shaken the Brahminic Hindu philosophy if not the Vedic Philosophy. Collective karma and redemptive karma have to be incorporated with the idea of reincarnation to complete the equation. Redemptive karma also would include the crucifixion of Christ and also the innocent sufferings of many human beings for their fellow men. Retributive karma has been abused by the high caste society of India to exploit the poor and escape from their responsibilities of looking after the disadvantaged. Gandhi recognised the folly of retributive karma and addressed the lower caste people as “Harijans” meaning God’s people and such a terminology tally with the Biblical beatitudes when Christ proclaimed that the disadvantaged are close to God and they will inherit the kingdom of God.

    • Alex Jones Says:

      Forgive me, as I know I have posted a lot here, this subject is addictive.

      I reply to Dr James Paul Pandarakalam.

      I agree, James Leininger is an unusual case, but based on the hard fact he remembers so much detail compared to all the other cases.

      Andrea and Bruce are such loving people they are hardly the type to drag James H’s family and veteran friends down a very emotive path for any personal gain.

      I love taking apart spiritual fraud and superstition, but the Leiningers are solid.

      Hence James presents to me some hard truths:

      1. There is life after death.

      2. People can return to earth from death via reincarnation.

      3. God exists.

      4. An unclear version of heaven exists.

      5. Free will exists in this life and the beyond.

      6. God and probably heaven manifests in a form you would like it to do.

      7. A suggestion karma exists.

      8. Spirits can visit you after death (I am not happy about spirits poking their noses into my privacy)

      9. Spirits have an uncanny ability to select those they want to be their mum and dad, with the exact attributes they like, even before something happens. Can they see into the future?

      All the above holds true if this is no fraud.

      I will add a number 10. : James Leininger is on a special mission.


      He has selected mum and dad. He hit bullseye : This is one pair of loving parents. He is different from most reincarnation cases that he remembers so much detail. Again, bullseye : His parents do not dismiss his childish nightmares; a quest begins, his parents write a book. There is an intelligent design behind all this. So what is the mission of James? Perhaps his mission is achieved by getting this book into the open.

      There are all manners of dominos and chain reactions going on from this book. Certainly for me, I was losing my faith in all religion and moving to athesim until James changed my direction – so now I am agnostic. I am still an arch skeptic with some interesting ideas.

      If ever I come into a lot of money to afford it, I will invest in scientific studies with peer review in reincarnation. I am interested in what is beyond this world. James is one of the few to cross over and return to give some details of what is out there, a bit like Christopher Columbus finding America. I would also love to know how the memory mechanisms work that allows some and not others to remember past lives.

      I am fairly sure James Leininger has now completed his mission, and he gets shore leave to spend the rest of his life as he sees fit.

      • Lori Says:

        You contradict yourself; in one breath you say you are “presented…. some hard truths”, one of which God exists. In the next you say you are agnostic.

        I will offer up an author to you that you may find intriguing and may possibly open up a new avenue of thought – Robert A. Monroe’s Journeys Out Of The Body.

      • Alex Jones Says:


        Sorry, I meant I am gnostic (not agnostic).

        I will check out your source : Robert A. Monroe’s Journeys Out Of The Body.

        Thanks for the feedback.

    • andrealeininger Says:

      Actually, even though James was born 6 weeks early via C-Section, he was born with what looked like brusing on and around his left eye. It took about 3 weeks to go away. After that he had recurrent eczema on his left eyebrow area and on the back of his left calf. We’ve had to use Cortosteroid cream on it for 10 years. Since James Huston was killed in a plane crash and his body was not recovered, we will never know what injuries he may has sustained when his plane was hit and crashed in the water. I’ve always wondered whether there was some connection. Surpringly, though, these recurrent rashes have not reappeared since the book came out. Very strange!


  142. Dr James Paul Pandarakalam Says:

    There can be cases of reincarnation without any apparent memories eventhough James has vivid memories of a previous existence.It is not necessary that all people who come back to the terrestrial existence, to remember their previous lives. Dr. Ian Stevenson who has analysed the maximum number of reincarnation type cases says that some persons reincarnated, may have no imaged memories of their previous lives but nevertheless may carry over from such lives important residues of behaviour learned and practised during them.

    Dr. Stevenson has two important types of observations in favour of his assumption. In the first place, the experiments on posthypnotic suggestion have given us the knowledge that a person may carry out instructions to perform a certain action while at the same time having complete amnesia for the fact that he has been given such instructions. The subjects in the post-hypnotic behaviour is not aware of the real cause of his behaviour. Similarly, we know how to walk but only few people remember the days of infancy when they learned to walk. In the second place, the subjects of cases of the reincarnation type vary greatly in the number of imaged memories of the previous lives, they claim to remember. While some subjects remember a few details only, others are capable of almost total recall. So also, there is a wide variation in the amount of unusual behaviour related to the remembered previous lives. These related behaviour persist many years after the subject has forgotten the imaged memories of the previous life. With these two types of observation, Dr. Stevenson assumes that some persons may have had previous lives of which they have no imaged memories, but from which nevertheless they may have derived important ingredients of their characters.

    John the Baptist apparently did not have any memory of his life as Elijah. The following biblical verse reveals this curious fact.
    “And this is the witness of John, when the Jews sent unto him from Jerusalem priests and Levites to ask him, who art thou? And he confessed and denied not, and he confessed, I am not Christ. And they asked him, what then? Art thou Elijah? And he said,” I am not”. “Art thou the prophet?” And he answered, “No”. They said therefore unto him, who are thou? That we may give an answer to them that sent us. What sayest thou of thyself? He said, I am the voice of one crying in the wilderness, Make straight the way of the Lord, as said Isaiah Prophet.” (St. John 1:19-24)

  143. Howard T. Says:


    Soul Survivor” with great interest and, I hope, an open mind. It really has opened some doors in my mind!

    This maybe because I experienced a visit from a long dead cousin, during a medical crisis a few years ago. I was experiencing a heart rate crash after a near heart attack and at first put it all off to a low blood to the brain explanation. As the attendent was shooting me full of various things, I was ignoring him and chatting with my cuz. He asking me later, what I was saying and why I wasn’t responding to him. After my explanation, he quite forthrightly told me, “You know, I see that more often than you’d think.

    But I found later that the things he had told me were true… and like James, had no way of having known. Hmmmmm….

    SO some thoughts and questions have occurred to me….

    Did James mention anything in particular about Heaven?

    Has he knowledge an educated pilot would have known? I mean, like being able to read and write, swim, solve Rubik’s Cubes etc…? Things he might have known in the previous life>

    Gotta go. darn..


    • Lori Says:


      Your description of your visit with your long dead cousin is in line with near death experience. I just happen to be reading a book entitled Evidence of the Afterlife just recently released and written by a radiation oncologist, Dr. Jeffrey Long. I think you may find it fascinating. Dr. Long also has a website – http://www.nderef.org worthy of visiting and perhaps you can add to his research!

  144. Jack Kellogg Says:

    Hi Bruce and Andrea,

    Thank you for being just the individuals and parents that you are. Your commitment to diligence in the quest for facts, openness to alternative explanations, and guidance by rational thought are (by definition) qualifications for the path of enlightenment. Though, I don’t believe many achieve that end in our current form, we can all continue to reach for pieces of the rock with varying degrees of success.

    Your contributions to James, to others with vested interests, and to the greater community are to be admired and commended. They have and will continue to produce positive effects even in the face of predictable disbelief. What is real is real, and how one interprets meaning is subjective.

    My wife and I just read your book after a friend had recommended it. Now, we will recommend it to others for whom we care. The subject of reincarnation and awakened spiritual thought is not new to us. It was Dr. Brian Weiss’s book “Many Minds Many Masters” that opened our eyes 20 years ago, followed by Dr. Michael Newton and so many others who utilized hypno-regression in patient therapy. Coincidence and correlation… there was just too much to ignore. Your story, however, is more of a first person account as you participated in your son James’ experiences.

    It is a tragic and now beautiful journey of James which is still unfolding. And, as in any positive story, I never want it to end. However, I was left with an empty feeling on James’ encounters with his sister Annie. Your treatment of this subject left a lot to be desired. Though your care not to push James into conversation and thought may have been the intent for brevity, I had a feeling that at least Annie must have had a whirlwind of thoughts and dialog (as I would) which was omitted. I don’t presume that you owed your readers protected content, but I think most of us would have wanted more details of that paramount portion of this whole story.

    I have read a much of your blog, though I could not read it all with its size. So if you have previously offered more of this detail, I apologize for asking. And, I get that you are very respectful of all of your book participants. I am also very sorry to read in a prior blog comment of the death of Jack Larsen. Before his last move, he lived about 20 minutes from me in Springdale, AR and I would like to have met him after reading your book.

    Thank you both, and a special thanks to your son, James.

    • andrealeininger Says:

      Hey Jack,

      Thanks so much for your comments, and I’m so happy to hear that you enjoyed the book! About not having included enough detail about Annie: I have to say that we have a wonderful relationship with Annie to this day, but she is a woman who keeps her cards very close to her chest! She has not shared with us extensive details on how she internalized and processed all of this information as they story unfolded, so we really didn’t HAVE much more content to write about with that regard. The other thing I will do is tell you to go to a post I wrote to Phil on 2009/12/15 at 3:48. I goes into detail with how the book was written, edited and published. This should give you additional insight into both the writing process, but also the lengthy EDITING process, which plays a huge impact into what ends up in the book after all is said and done. If you have any more questions after reading that, please let us know and we’ll be glad to answer as best we can! Thanks again,


  145. Dr James Paul Pandarakalam Says:

    Robert Monroe’s trilogy and his epoch making extrasomatic experiences have been an inspiration for particle physicists. The Austrian clairvoyant visionary, Maria Simma’s encounters with poor souls and her references to the three planes of purgatory contain a parallel with the “three rings of Monroe”. Reincarnation may be re-sitting the exam with a new syllabus whereas purgatory is re-sitting the exam with the old syllabus.
    The best proof for different forms of discarnate existences, the existence of God and historical existence of Christ, can be found in the recent scientifically investigated Marian apparitional experiences. Mother Mary has been manifesting on a daily basis in the little village of Medjugorje (Bosnia), nearly for the last 28 years, the longest Marian apparitional occurrences in history which is described as the event of events by believers (Laurentin Rene and Joyeux Prof. Henrv. Scientific and Medical Studies on the Apparitions at Medjugorje, Dublin, Mount Salus Press,1987;Bubalo Janko, O.F.M. A Thousand Encounters With The Blessed Mary in Medjugorje Friends of Medjugorje, c/o Fr. Serafin Vistica, O.F.M., and 4851 So. Chicago: Drexel Blvd, 1987; Connel Janice T., Queen of the Cosmos. Orleans, MA 02653: Paraclete Press1990; Craig Mary, BBC Reporter, Spark From Heaven Notre Dame, IN 46556: Ave Maria Press, 1998). The world-wide call for conversion that Mary has achieved over the last 28 years by way of Medjugorje was already emphasised well when her apparitions there began on the day of St. John the Baptist –24th June 1981.Like the idea of reincarnation, Marian apparitional experiences also links science with spirituality.

    The concept of universal reincarnation undermines the basic tenets of Christianity. By and large, Oriental philosophy follows metaphysical monism whereas Christian philosophy is based on metaphysical dualism. In Christian philosophy, God being the creator and sovereign of human society, ultimately he is the one who should punish the evil as opposed to an impersonal law of Karma. If the Vedic doctrine of Karma and universal reincarnation is acknowledged, God becomes a passive, powerless and helpless spectator of human misfortune, “a watchmaker God”. The doctrine of Karma excludes the negative spiritistic component of human misdeeds. There is no value for repentance and the Divine forgiveness in retributive Karma. Reparative and rehabilitative Karma whereby one can heal spiritual wounds in terrestrial or post-mortem dimensions has no place in the current doctrine of Karma. Belief in universal reincarnation may affect one’s motivation for living a moral life. It also undervalues Christ’s redemptive sacrifice for human failures. Wheel of rebirth and retributive Karma also tries to exclude a possible eternal damnation for those who continuously break God’s order and such an omission can be deceitful. In the light of Stevenson’s meritorious research studies and a new evolving concept of Christian reincarnation, the doctrine of reincarnation warrants reviewing to accommodate developmental, collective and redemptive, reparatory and rehabilitative karma.

    In Hindu culture, reincarnation is not glorified. Bhagavat Gita says: “Those who leave the world in light do not return; only those who leave the world in darkness return”. I would like to add that higher reincarnation where people leave the world in light undergo re-embodiment may be an exception to this statement. Bollywood lyricists have over mystified the idea of reincarnation. “I am the story of your love from a previous life; make me yours in this life also” (Film. Mera Saaya, 1966). Songs of this nature have made the idea of reincarnation part of the national culture of India. The research field of reincarnation is an intellectual quicksand and is vulnerable to pseudo scientific theories and false doctrines.

  146. Paul H. Says:

    Do you have pieces of handwriting from James Huston Jr.? Look at this case:

    Wouldn’t such a comparison be interesting in James’ case?

    regards Paul

  147. godrealized Says:

    Reincarnation is the most grossly misunderstood concept of Hinduism! Wikipedia dictionary defines reincarnation as rebirth of the soul atman in a new body! How can that be? When the soul atman is indestructible… how can it rebirth in a new body?

    As per sacred Bhagavad Gita of Hinduism… every soul atman manifests the human form to work out its karma… remove dross impurities within! For a soul atman… the entire life cycle of 8.4 million manifestations is one single span of life!

    Body after body… manifestation after manifestation the journey of life continues uninterrupted for every soul atman! After death of body the soul atman simply manifests another life form based on residual balance of karma! Death carries no meaning in spiritual world… in the world of souls’ atmans!

  148. Hubbardianen Says:

    I have ordered the book and will read it with great curiosity. M.D. Ian Stevenson did a lot of research in this area too.

    As a Scientologist I believe in reincarnation and Hubbard talks about a very long time track of at least 60 trillion years for most of us, reincarnated life after life. He talks about a thetan (soul) with no place in time or space but with the ability to postulate and decide. That thetan is the person itself while the body is not. The thetan leaves the body after death and takes a new body at birth. Hence you choose your parents.

    The idea of auditing is to find postulates and decisions from earlier lifetimes that have diminshed our abilities during these long time spans.

    Unfortunately these days, one has to differ between the Church of Scientology and the the philosophy of Scientology – two different things. Where the Church needs to calm down and fire the top management, stop some abuses, some lies etc, I find the philosophy very interesting and it discusses these things in great length.

    There are some Scientologist at the top level (OT VIII) who claim they basically have whole track recall. Pierre Ethier (former top auditor) claims he remembers at least his last 40 lives for the last 2000 years.

    Link to his webbpage about it: http://www.upperbridge.org/buried.html

    The Scientology journey seems to be very personal though. Some didn’t get much out of auditing while others calls it priceless.

  149. Alex Jones Says:

    Feedback welcome on the problem below.

    The problem is to do with memory. James Houston a pilot is killed in the 1940’s. For over 50 years the memory of James Houston exists in a place called X. In the 1990’s James Leininger is born with the memories of James Houston. The memories of James Houston are lost from the memory of James Leininger by the age of 10.

    Memory is usually held in the physical brain, but in the case of James Houston the brain is gone, there are only bones in the sea where he is located. How can memory exist without a brain? In James Leininger memory is formed by his brain through experience, yet his brain, which is supposed to be an empty slate, is full of the memory of James Houston.

    Here follows my questions:
    1. Without a brain how are memories of James Houston being stored?
    2. How are the memories of James Houston getting through in a new brain of James Leininger?
    3. Why is it some people remember past lives and not others?
    4. Why is the past life memories being lost by the age of 10?
    5. What are the mechanisms and laws involved in memory transfer between brains?
    6. Can this be replicated in an experiment, but involving computers rather than people?
    7. Is there a commercial application for this?

    • Deborah B Says:

      #1 #2 #5

      Some physicists suggest that the universe is a hologram, or holomovement that contains both matter and consciousness as a single field. They suggest that all matter is inseparably woven, enfolded throughout the totality of the universe. Physicist David Bohm went so far as to say that all life and intelligence are present in time and space, that they are woven within the entire universe. In other words, every portion of any object contains the whole, and every portion of the universe enfolds the whole.
      If reality is holographic, and time and space a construction of consciousness, my memories were showing me that memories were also holographic. So I combed through many books and tried to comprehend the vast studies of modern physics. I found some interesting theories, but the best was the work of Karl Pribram, a neurophysiologist at Stanford University. He first started researching memories in the early 1940’s and it wasn’t until he found the work of Bohm and the hologram, that his research regarding memories began to make sense. Karl Pribram arrived at his conclusions separate from Bohm, and although they were working in two very different directions, the concept of the hologram brought to light multiple meanings and implications scientifically regarding consciousness and matter. Their holographic studies showed that memories also affect consciousness. Memories are then viable portions of the hologram!

    • Pip Says:

      Hi Alex

      You say ‘memory is usually held in the physical brain’. In over 50 years of taking an interest in differentiating between brain and mind, I have not yet heard one convincing argument to support the idea that the memory is contained in the brain.

      From my point of view the brain is basically a very sophisticated switch mechanism, similar to the hard drive in a computer, which is quite separate from the programs that are activated the hard drive. Then there is the programmer that produces the programs in the first place, hence we have spirit – the programmer, soul/mind – the programs, body -the hard drive including the brain. The mind/memories is the interface between spirit and body.

      Here follows my answers to your questions.

      1. The memories are stored in the mind not in the brain.
      2. When a person dies the soul leaves the body taking the memories with it, hence when the soul ‘takes flesh again’ the memories are still in the subconscious of the returning soul.
      3. To remember it is necessary for a memory to be re-stimulated. If a person is rendered unconscious and is then moved to a completely alien environment, they will often wake up with no memory of where they are or who they are.
      4. As we collect more and more memories to do with this life time the attention of the person becomes more and more fixed on the current life, unless something happens to re-stimulate a past life.
      5. Memories are not transferred between brains, only between minds (beware the company you keep)
      6. Yes! We are constantly exchanging programs between computers, but it still needs people to do the exchanging.
      7. Yes! It is called counselling, therapy, and usually costs quite a lot of money. However I prefer to seek out understanding and loving friends who are willing and able to listen, and where appropriate to ask the relevant question that will encourage me to look in areas of my memory that I may not be fully aware of, and this can be a reciprocal arrangement. A win win situation.

      I hope that helps


      P.S. I found this quote:- The brain powers the body and the mind powers the soul.

    • Hubbardianen Says:


      I’ll try to answer your questions according to Hubbards ideas:

      1. Without a brain how are memories of James Houston being stored?

      As Pip says: In the mind (the picture bank). There have been vague experiments where people who have died has been weighted and a drop of about 21 grams has been noted at the time of death. (These experiments are very questioned by the way.) Hubbard Quote: “If motion picture film were 3D, had 52 perceptions and could fully react upon the observer, the time track could be called a motion picture film.”

      The mind (picture bank) have a tiny weight in the physical universe while the thetan (soul) has not.

      2. How are the memories of James Houston getting through in a new brain of James Leininger?

      Memories are stored in the mind, not the brain.

      3. Why is it some people remember past lives and not others?

      It seems that, according to Ian Stevenson’s work, people who had a dramatic past life death seems to remember more. Also, I’m thinking if the body participates in the memories somehow, some kind of connection making them easier to remember. There could also be some kind of mechanism that prevent memories from being watched.

      4. Why is the past life memories being lost by the age of 10?

      See Pip’s answer.

      5. What are the mechanisms and laws involved in memory transfer between brains?

      Stored in the mind all the time. (Radio- and TV-signals can obviously be stored and travel the air invisible to the eye.)

      6. Can this be replicated in an experiment, but involving computers rather than people?

      Don’t know.

      7. Is there a commercial application for this?


      Regarding the picture bank, it is theoretically possible that all the memories are stored “within” the spiritual being (thetan) with no place in space or time, but when the thetan watches the pictures they “mock-up”, i.e. tiny mental image pictures are created from the memories that later “un-mocks” when the watching are finished.

      We all have memories we can look at with sight, sound and emotions stored, at least that we can agree with.

    • Deborah Says:

      Hi Alex, all any of us can do when trying to explain a phenomenon as mysterious and bizarre as reincarnation is, as they say, shoot the breeze. Even today, when reading about people like young James, etc, I still have to pinch myself and ask “how is this possible??!!”

      1. Without a brain how are memories of James Houston being stored?

      I’ve sometimes wondered if the images and memories being detected by those who apparently are reincarnated may, in reality, be reading the memories of living people. So was young James displaying ESP abilities — which is amazing enough in its own right — when recalling details known only to his parents or the sister of James Houston, or pilots from World War II? In other words, things known to living, breathing human beings?

      2. How are the memories of James Houston getting through in a new brain of James Leininger?

      There is the famous saying that energy can be neither created nor destroyed. So are the electrical impulses at the heart of the human brain a form of energy which will exist forever? If so, is that energy floating through the atmosphere in a manner not too different from the invisible energy that allows you to hear through your cell phone voices originating from miles away, or watch on your living room’s television set images sent from a broadcast tower sitting on the other side of town?

      3. Why is it some people remember past lives and not others?

      Have you noticed how amazingly different people can be in terms of their interests, skills, attitudes, aptitudes, personality, etc, etc? So just as not every person — no matter how hard they try — is able to be a prize-winning scientist or star athlete, might not a similar type of major divide exist between people who have reincarnated and those who have not?

      4. Why is the past life memories being lost by the age of 10?

      I would be quite skeptical about the idea of reincarnation if only very young children were revealing signs of a past life. So if adults, hypnotized or otherwise, could not discover hidden bits of memory from a past life, and if those bits could not be verified, I’d really struggle to take reincarnation seriously.

      5. What are the mechanisms and laws involved in memory transfer between brains?

      I’ll sidestep your other questions and say one reason a tiny bit of me remains baffled by (or even still somewhat skeptical about) reincarnation is because of the daily experience virtually all of us go through during the state of sleep. This description applies to young James too, who, after all, or even more in his case, was being tormented on a regular basis by his mind when it was in a REM state of sleep. Tormented by extremely unpleasant, even cruel dreams, otherwise known as nightmares.

      So if the core of the conscious mind does have a lot of prowess and adaptability as, for example, suggested by young James when he talks about things like seeing his military comrades in heaven (or the afterlife) or being able to select his parents after observing them on a beach in Hawaii, then why is it often so fractured, timid, uncontrollable, paralyzed and vulnerable when going through the nightly dream state?

      When I’m experiencing extremely unpleasant, peculiarly claustrophia-inducing, frightening or weirdly horrible dreams, those are the moments when I cannot believe the mind has the ability to transcend much of anything, including the here and now. At the same time, when my mind has forced some very unpleasant dream states onto me, I believe not only is it a truly cruel master, but it’s one that can easily force its owner into a form of purgatory.

      (My definition of purgatory, if not hell: having the type of nightmare that a person suffers through and wants to desperately wake up from but cannot, and that nightmare going on and on, and on, forever more.)

      So if the essence of a person — if his or her sense of self-awareness — has no ability whatsoever to control even a fraction of something as basic as the dream state (otherwise known as REM), then how can it control something as dynamic as dying and coming back years later in another person’s body?

      Incidentally, I’m not the same Deborah who moderates a forum devoted to reincarnation.

  150. Phil Bromley Says:


  151. Deborah Says:

    In the past, I would have watched shows like the following and discounted them. I would have written them off as originating from overactive imaginations, too implausible to be taken seriously. Sheer coincidence at best.

    But if the story of people like the 2 James (Leininger and Huston) is grounded in reality, that pretty much changes everything. Now everything has to be looked at in a new light.

    Of course, the entertainment industry does take artistic license with a story. Then again, I do recall reading in “Soul Survivor” that young James, after sleeping quietly for several days, on one occasion suddenly had a bad dream. A nightmare experienced during an evening that apparently coincided with the exact same month and day when James Huston was shot down in WWII, or was born (or something like that).

    Truth now can be stranger than — or as strange and eerie as — fiction.

  152. Howard T. Says:

    I’m still wondering if James showed signs of skills and knowledge from his previous life?

  153. Matt Says:

    Dr Pandarakalam,

    What evidence can you present for spiritual realities?

  154. Theta Healing Says:

    Theta Healing can empower people to move forward in life more positively. It is important to remember though that conscious chatter needs to be checked and where necessary re-framed, as a person will of course get into habits of negative thinking over time which need to be rectified.

  155. Alex Jones Says:

    It must be now a year since this book came out. I would like to thank the Leininger family for both their book and this website. It is just a delight to be able to say I have found you to be the most truthful, authentic and family, a people of great integrity. You have been honest and open, answering all questions from enquirers. In nearly all matters that fall outside of the rational I will always see the flaws and will rip it to shreds, nothing in your case.

    I would loved to have known more about the place and experience of James Leininger between his two lives as all he gave was a tantalising glimpse of something beyond death. The situation of James Leininger is a bit like Christopher Columbas who visited and returned from the New World, suddenly the whole world grew bigger and knowledge expanded of this new undiscovered country. James Leininger however apparently remembers little of the undiscovered country beyond death and that is so horribly frustrating.

  156. Theta Healing Says:

    Theta Healing can empower people to move forward in life more positively. It is important to remember though that conscious chatter needs to be checked and where necessary re-framed, as a person will of course get into habits of negative thinking over time which need to be rectified

    • Alex Jones Says:

      It is unhelpful that you have spammed this blog with some four or more messages of your services at different times. I am also unsure how your contribution advances the debate on reincarnation. Your services are just another name for NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).

  157. Flavio Zanetti Says:

    Bruce et al,

    First of all, thank you so much for sharing and agreeing to publish both the 60 minutes and also this amazing book…

    I must say, that even though I believe in reincarnation, always have, from its scientifically and reasoned aspect (please see works of Dr Ian Stevenson, Edgard Cayce and others), also on its philosophical side, taught at some religions like Spiritism, Buddhism and others…

    What struck me the most, was that your son’s reincarnations were so close to each other… It even was possible for him to meet some folks he flew with, met while he, himself, was a pilot… This was the most amazing part…

    Reincarnation per se, there is no way to deny it anymore… For the skeptics out there, much – i mean MUCH – has been published, and to me the best way to explain all this is through Spiritism, or modern Spiritualism as some would call in the States.. Allan Kardec’s works present the most dynamic and comprehensive anyone could ever ask for… The Spirits’ Book, The Medium’s Book, Gospel According to Spiritism, Genesis, Heaven and Hell among others, explain to us, in details, important and evidential things that we must have a reasoned faith, and not only believe on what others tell us…

    I really recommend his works, can be downloaded via the Internet on many websites, like The United States Spiritist Council – http://www.spiritist.us/ ; Spiritist Society of Baltimore – http://www.ssbaltimore.org, or the group in Boston, MA I regularly attend to study and to practice God’s teachings or Jesus’ gospel according to Spiritism – http://www.akssma.com

    May God bless us all, giving us opportunities to learn and get to know more about the Universe…


    Flavio Zanetti

  158. Scott Macdonald Says:

    wow – love this story – thanks for sharing your experience. You know – there is many professionals that back up your experience. For example, Many Live, Many Masters by Dr Weiss, Raymond Moodies Life after Life and NDEs research, etc. The list goes on and on.

    I do not know why so many people insist on nothing more than 1 existence. THere is no proof at all that we live 1 time and than nothing. Likewise why do so many people believe that God only gives us 1 life – that makes no sense either. What about babies that live for only 1 month. Do they never get a chance to experiece life. I think not!!!!

    Once again – thanks for your experience.

  159. Felicity Dalton Says:

    Dear Bruce, Andrea and James,
    Sending this to you on Good Friday from Glastonbury, England with Easter greetings to you all. I found your book Soul Survivor in our local library last week by pure chance and could not put it down. I am in my late 40’s now but have been convinced of reincarnation ever-since I can remember, having also been a child who had recurrent nightmares, and memories/knowledge of events in history that were beyond rational explanation. Thanks for taking the reality of reincarnation more to the forefront by accomplishing your mission of telling Jame’s story in such meticulous and painstaking detail. Tonight, I have read through some of the blogs and noticed that as a family, your dedication to revealing the spiritual truth behind James’s experiences has had a profound impact on many, many people. I am about to order a copy to send to my father in Australia, now in his mid-seventies, who is a die-hard sceptic but I have a hunch that your story may be a balm for his soul. Top marks to you Bruce and Andrea for showing us how as parents of incoming souls who have so much to teach us about spiritual realities, we have opportunity to open our hearts and minds to their forthcoming gifts. On this Easter weekend, we send you all thoughts of support and encouragement from across the Atlantic – look us up if you are ever this way, and feel free to email me for further chats online – as I am not normally a blogger. My husband and I are readers of Rudolf Steiner’s revelations and James’s story takes Steiner’s mission of Karma and Reincarnation research that one step further. Love, thanks and best wishes to young James – may you have a good and fulfilling life this time around – we salute you too!

  160. Conway193 Says:


  161. corbenic Says:

    Hello everyone

    It has been a year since I last posted here.

    How is James Leininger doing?

    As I continue to delve into the subject of reincarnation it is surprising how many cultures support this idea:

    1. Buddhism
    2. Hinduism
    3. Druze
    4. Cathars (Gnostic Christians)
    5. Vikings
    6. Ancient Celts (Druids)
    7. Ancient Greeks (Neoplatonists)

  162. Flavio Abraao Carosio Zanetti Says:


    Even within Christianity, there are a lot of branches and philosophies that study reincarnation…

    As I posted earlier, Spiritism, as codified by Frenchman Allan Kardec – http://www.spiritist.us

    Anyways, lots of folks believe in reincarnation for sure, including scholars like Dr. Ian Stevenson, etc…

  163. club penguin Says:

    good advice

  164. mary anderson Says:

    Hi to all!

    I just finished reading the book. I bought it for my granddaughter Helena, who is the same age as James, for her birthday. Helena remembered her past life as well, and I thought she might enjoy it – though it may turn out to be not age-appropriate. If she does read it and has any comments, I will post them.

    Helena was born at home after a 42 minute labor and was a very good baby except for one thing. Even as a baby she seemed to be experiencing nightmares that made her scream and awaken. However, her mother found that as long as Helena could put her head on her mother’s stomach she would quiet – not a problem since she and her older brother shared a family bed with their parents. During the day she needed to have her head on mama’s tummy too, and as likely as not when I would drop in for a visit my daughter Jane would be sitting with her pants unzipped and Helena’s head on her stomach. Or else she was eating – it seemed like she was hungry all the time and became frantic if meal time was put off even for a few minutes. She was also afraid of strange men, loud noises, and flies, and I don’t mean afraid in a “normal” child way, I mean she would scream in terror.

    Then when when she was about 2 1/2 my daughter told me that Helena had said the strangest thing. She said that Helena woke up crying and said, “Mamas dead”, to which Jane replied, “No honey, I’m right here.” And Helena replied, “Not YOU, my other mama” – in the same tone that James used when he replied “the JAPANESE” (you dummy) – “I went to her and put my head on her stomach but she didn’t move…she’s dead”. (Like so many children that remember past lives, Helena was speaking far beyond her age at that time. I gave her an on-line test and she had the vocabulary skills of an eight year old.)

    In the next few weeks Helena told me that “a bad man” had come and tied her parents up and shot and killed them. It seems that she had an older sister, Anya, who seems to have been murdered as well, but Helena never spoke of her death. But from what she told me, I feel that she was alone with only a family cat till she died from grief and starvation. I believe that her fear of strange men is obvious and her fear of flies is related to the flies that the dead bodies and blood would have drawn. When she told me about the sound of the gun that shot her family she put her hands over her ears, and in fact long after she had lost her memory of their deaths the family could not attend 4th of July celebrations because it was too frightening for Helena. Within weeks of telling of her families murder she began to forget, however she seemed to keep a pleasant memory of her sister Anya for several years. In fact, it was taken fro granted that a place would be set for Anya at special times such as birthday celebrations.

    There is one thing that is just not possible to get across when a parent (or grandmother in my case) tells of these things that these little ones say, and that is their presence and tone of voice. It is as though time is collapsed and in their mind these events just happened yesterday and they are of the age that the events occurred. When Helena told me of her parent’s death, it was as though she had just run across the field to tell me. They are stuck in that moment because they died before there was an emotional release.

    And finally, I really could understand how James cried and cried when he finally said goodby to his past life, and I strongly feel that his parents handled it perfectly. My daughter told me of a similar experience with Helena, and she had a similar mindset. But that is not to say that if in adult life one finds oneself with unresolved conflicts one need not consider past life situations. Perhaps one day, that will be quite the norm!

  165. Dr. M. Says:

    Don’t forget Judaism! You have the concept of reincarnation or “gilgul”. This is a mainstream Jewish idea. In addition, you can have a second soul attach itself to the first. “Ibbur” is a good thing: a holy soul might need a body to do a “mitzva” (good deed). This is a temporary situation, often done with the consent of the host. The “dybbuk” is typically not a good thing: it the soul of someone who cannot get into “heaven” because of some sin and wanders the world looking for a host and a way to “repair” the sin that condemned the soul to wander. Occupying a body is more comfortable for the soul than the exile of wandering. If the soul can accomplished its “tikkun” (repair), it will then typically leave the host body. But sometimes the dybbuk won’t leave. This is where Jewish “exorcism” comes in. There have been many recorded cases of famous rabbis forcing a dybbuk out of another person.

    In the case of James, we are almost certainly talking about a gilgul. No biggie. It happens all the time. 🙂 Most souls are “old”. When we say that we were at Mount Sinai and received the Torah, we mean it. We actually were there! Who are the people who feel such a strong pull to convert to Judaism? Well, many times they are actually Jewish. For example, almost everyone of Spanish backgound has some Jewishness in them because the the Jews that hid from the inquisition and ended up intermarrying and sharing their blood with the Spanish non-Jews. But what about those who almost certainly don’t have Jewish blood? Well, their souls were at Mount Sinai. They may not have been born into a Jewish body, but their soul is Jewish and that individual converts to become complete in him or herself.

    The special difference with James is that he has been given the awareness of his previous life.

    Good luck to James and the family.

  166. Corbenic Says:

    Dear Leininger family

    It has been a few years since I read your book, and it has been inspirational. I encourage others to read this book which I see as a strong source of evidence of reincarnation outside of mere theory.

    The dust has settled and your story is no longer the major subject it was in your lives. I hope the book remains in print, you have inspired a lot of people.

  167. Lance Payette Says:

    I am a far-from-fundamentalist Christian and a paranormal “experiencer,” and I have also spent 40+ years seriously studying paranormal phenomena. There is remarkably good evidence for almost anything you’d care to believe, which I find slightly unsettling. I find that, at this point in my journey, I have almost come full-circle and find myself wondering if perhaps the wacky fundamentalists don’t have it right after all – i.e., all of these phenomena are indeed “demonic” (whatever that may mean) deceptions intended to divert attention from the truth. I would undoubtedly have a hard time entertaining this possibilty if I were James’ father – but, if he is a staunch Christian, I wonder if he HAS entertained it?

  168. Tim Says:

    Been aware of your story for a long time by keeping up via the internet. Finally read the book……in one sitting. Your story has been very important in helping me develop a belief system. I notice you haven’t posted for quite some time, I hope your family is doing well, and the publicity hasn’t caused any permanant damage.

    Thanks for you courage.

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    Hi Bruce and Andrea !
    My name is Murilo
    i’m from brazil, Im a Pilot, and im flying here in brazil, a type Boeing model 737-700/800NG
    and i have read your book, indicated by a commander who flew hith me and i whant to tell you to that history is very exciting and ive started to believe and i was born 04/20/1984 holly friday just like james, and i loved trucks when i was kid! umbelivable! today i’m a pilot, congratulations
    best regards !

    ( sorry my bad english)

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  178. JT Marie Says:

    Thank you so much for having the courage to support your son’s truth and for sharing it with the rest of us. I believe James’s experience will greatly help us in our understanding of the complex human and spiritual journey. We have so much to learn!

  179. Chrissy Says:

    Thank you Bruce, Andrea and young James for having the courage and conviction to share with the world your experience. I have just read your book and picked it up as a believer in reincarnation, so thoroughly enjoyed. I also believe and love Jesus, although I have moved away from fundamental Christianity as it is what man in his own thoughts has made from the life of Jesus and the knowledge of God, (starting with the Roman Empire) which we all do, but that does not make Christianity right over everything else. The bible is full of reincarnation and it is treat to read with fresh eyes and see that Jesus did indeed teach it, as the prophets also spoke of it, and others after Jesus also. I believe things open up to us when we are ready, and this is true with the bible. Probably the most standout verse is the one given to John in his spiritual vision in Revelation “Him that overcometh will I make a pillar in the temple of my God, and he shall go no more out…”. The journey of our soul is a very long one and ultimately, for the perfect expression of us as creators (made in the image of our Creator) in a multitude of life experiences, with the end result as perfection. When I think of this magnificent, intelligent plan I am always gobsmacked at one thing…..HUMAN MAN HAS NO CONTROL OVER IT AT ALL, and that makes me smile, because man always tries to control the fear of the unknown with solid, earthly, logical, touchable proof. I truly wish the best for your family, and you are part of the awakening of spiritual Truth all over the earth. We live in very exciting times. Blessings.

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  181. Quantum Weirdness Says:

    Bruce and Andrea
    I know that is isn’t likely that you will respond to this comment, but if you do, can you please tell me whether or not you all took lie detector tests? If you did, you would certainly cause more skeptics to be more openminded on reincarnation. (provided that it says you are telling the truth)

  182. Ian Dupret Says:

    Hi Bruce and Andrea,
    I have just finished listening to the remarkable story on CD. I was totally blown away by the amount of detail that emerged from your son’s recollection of the past events that occured. I can’t help thinking that you were chosen to bring rest to James Houston and a sense of closure to all his friends and relatives. Hope everyone is doing well. Thank you for sharing.

  183. Mark Says:

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    Thanks for helping me…..

  184. Ben Zuddhist Says:


    Just a quick one from France. I find this story fascinating and very wonderful. But what I don’t understand is why the author would proclaim so clearly that he does not believe in reincarnation. If he has no direct experience of reincarnation, fine. But why the need to take a stance, to “believe” in it, or to not “believe” in it. Surely this is the basis of so much that is wrong in this world: because I am a christian I “believe” such and such”, because I am a democrat I “believe” in such and such”. It’s kind of absurd that we need to build up these personas, these identities, that we then cling to at any cost. Humanity and life itself is so diverse, why do we need to formulate all these views and opinions that ultimately just divide us?

  185. John R Says:

    I wish I had found this sooner! I have had hypnotic past life regressions and was also a WWII fighter pilot flying a P-40 who was shot down by a Japanese Zero. All of this did not match my original beliefs. Everything that I have seen has checked out, but I wish I had ALL the details like James! Thank you for telling us about your experience.

  186. Trevor Says:

    When I was a kid whenever anything about WWII in the Pacific came on TV I got this awful feeling I could not explain and I just didn’t want to watch it and would often find an excuse to leave the room. I was less than 10 years old and knew almost nothing about WWII. When I was 8 or 9 I remember my mom telling me that we were going to my grandmother’s to meet this Japanese lady who had been my grandmother’s college roommate (before the war) and had come over from Japan to visit my grandmother. I remember dreading the trip and having these horrible feelings of guilt and wondering ” how I am going to face this woman after all of the terrible things we did to the Japanese people during the war”.

    Why did I have these feelings of guilt? I was born 27 years after the war ended, and I was JUST A KID and I did not know anything about the firebombing of Japanese cities, Hiroshima or Nagasaki, etc. I can’t explain it unless I was feeling guilt about things I did or participated in during a past life

    As I got older these feelings went away and I could watch documentaries about the war.

  187. Karin Weldon Says:

    After reading many stories and weighing the options of, religion that people have posted they do forget how amazing our God is, all things are possible. I was just wondering how many other people have had these visions? I do know somebody, but as he puts it “people will think I am crazy” I for one totally believe his story about being a ship gunner.. thats all, it is all so real and vivid, it has had to have happened to many others..you will remain sceptic until something has happened to you in one way or another..mine was a religious vision and I too think that telling people they just wont understand…and think I am crazy too. Just my opinoin

    • Richard Klaus Says:

      Yes, all things are possible. Five years ago I wrote Bruce a nine page letter setting out an explanation that was rooted in a form of demonic deception. This was an attempt to reason about the experience of James from within the resources of a biblical Christian worldview. Bruce graciously responded that he had received my letter but we did not have any significant interaction over the content. Last year I shortened my nine pages to about 2-3 pages and put a review on Amazon. It can be found here along with interaction in the comments sections.


      Just one more possibility to consider.

      • Tim Says:

        Demonic? Really? Wake up.

      • Richard Klaus Says:

        Hi Tim,

        Yes, really. Reincarnation researcher Jim Tucker in his book “Life Before Life: Children’s Memories of Previous Lives” recognizes the possibility of the demonic as an explanation. Now he doesn’t end up adopting this explanation but he didn’t rule it out with a dismissive wave of hand or a sarcastic comment. I raised the possibility of the demonic because one of the authors (Bruce) held to a form of evangelical Christianity. I asked him to consider the possibility that resources from within his religious worldview may help provide an alternative explanation as to what happened to his son. My understanding of the demonic explanation was not the Hollywood version (e.g., “The Exorcist”) but, rather, a nuanced version drawn from the New Testament–an authority that Bruce and I both formally recognized.

  188. Karin Weldon Says:

    P.S. my friends memories started when he was a small boy too..

  189. Charlie Says:

    Has anyone investigated whether familiar spirits could be involved here?

  190. Warren Peace Says:

    NO demons here, Christian child – do not confuse metaphysics with psychophysics. Reincarnation makes send from a scientific perspective because of the scientific evidence of NDE (Near Death Experiences); For some, typically Atheists, Skeptics, Pseudo-psyentists, and debunkers of all things in the subtle energy space, they will never be able to see, nor understand, that which seems intuitively obvious to the rest of us. It used to be believed that the “mind’, a.k.a. one’s ego/ personality, their “consciousness”, perhaps even “soul” was a result of the electrical impulses in the brain; However, science was a skeptic. But observation, data recording, and repeatability would win the day!

    The NDE cases have proven that the mind (consciousness/ soul/ ..) is distinct and separate from the brain, the facts proving that one can SENSE/ Perceive, and remember, when the body is technically “dead”. The case in point – an aneurism patient – was able to see, hear, and feel while she was dead, for quite some time.
    And, she was not the only one!

    Christ was a good guy I’m sure, and he was the son of God. Like we’re all children of the Universe. But reincarnation, like NDE, is in the domain of infinity, and beyond the scope of humanity’s limited understanding. We need to prove our own capabilities as a planetary system to the world encompassing compassion, ethical morality, benevolence and love. PErhaps then, the Universal mind can be seen by incarnate beings. Until then, it works behind the scenes on a sacred mission, not exploiting others for material gain.

    • Tim Says:

      Amazing thing to be awake finally and not know what the hell I am seeing. Read a lot though. Like what you had to say.

    • Richard Klaus Says:

      Hello Warren,

      I’m fully convinced that a version of substance dualism is correct so don’t confuse my comments with those of a materialistic skeptic. I too hold that the soul/mind is distinct from the brain/body.

      I raised the possibility of a demonic component with Bruce since he and I shared a common commitment to some version of evangelical Christianity. I tried to offer a nuanced view drawn from resources from within our shared commitment to the New Testament text. I tried to take into account that his child was in a Christian family and still could potentially be deceived by what the New Testament calls an “unclean spirit.” To see a bit of what I argued you can read my review at Amazon:http://www.amazon.com/review/R22FYMZJMNJTIQ/ref=cm_cr_rdp_perm

      • tmatoman Says:

        Richard K,
        You hold to a radical Christianity… REFUTING that Jesus Authoritatively AFFIRMED reincarnation when he …stated that the resurrected Prophet, Elijah, had been RETURNED to an earthly body as John the Baptist… TO FULFILL the prophecy of Malachi in the old testament.

        You would rather insist, however, that someone else, a child, is being demonically led than to ACCEPT Jesus’ voice telling you the TRUTH. How very original!
        Always attack the messenger.

        Your DEMONIZATION declared against the power of God is a very clear example of how the “spirit of THIS WORLD” is actively deployed through its misled lackeys to DECEIVE many.

        In Revelations, scripture plainly speaks of this “worldly spirit” of Deception , as a drunken SEDUCTRESS who deceives ALL the NATIONS of the world. That’s quite a lot of drunken people, Richard.

        In fact, one verse says that their deceptions would be …so worldwide ( extreme) that if time had not been made short that even the very ELECT themselves would also be deceived.

        We stand now, in THIS time, when all scripture is being fulfilled. You stand arrogantly as an ACCUSER against innocent testimony because YOU hold your own personal bias AGAINST what the Spirit of God says with the mouth of Jesus… This (reincarnation) is the TRUTH… if you can bear to hear it.

        We discover that Jesus spoke plainly to his disciples about the man Elijah, who had been returned to them as… John the Baptist.

        He said..JOHN… WAS… ELIJAH…
        And he further says…THIS IS FOR… THOSE..who have the ears… to hear it.

        Insisting that people are wrong ( demonically influenced) if they will not conform to the DOCTRINES of those in Authority, This all began back when the Pharisees attacked Jesus because their own philosophical bias had placed them in high places in society and they stood as Jesus’ … ACCUSERS.
        You stand in a long line of infamous manipulators of men.

        When the crowds cheered Jesus entering Jerusalem, after LAZARUS was returned to life as a witness, these same “Pharisees” demanded that Jesus silence the crowds who were filled with enthusiasm for him. ….And what did Jesus reply?

        “If I were to hush these crowds, these inanimate stones themselves would cry out as a witness to the Spirit of God.”

        Because Lazarus was a well known person in Jerusalem and lived only a couple of miles from the city, many influential Jews were at his home to witness Lazarus arising in his tomb and his return to LIFE under the command from Jesus. These Jews became powerful witnesses to the Spirit of God…. so much that the Pharisees plotted to murder Lazarus and silence their voices.

        “Stones”… represent something… lifeless! And the words of Jesus ASSERTED that the Spirit of God can make …the lifeless… break forth in speech.

        This is precisely what is going on all over the world today. The Truth of God’s will for humanity, which Jesus brought forth, the truth which the Pharisees have wanted to remain hidden..is now being REVEALED according to the promise in the gospel of John. ” and that which is hidden, SHALL BE… REVEALED.”

        In the gospel of John, Jesus said, “They will put you out of the Synagogs, thinking they are doing… the Father’s will.

        Isn’t this what you are all about? Religious INTOLERANCE, based upon DENIAL and railing accusations according to your doctrines of DENIAL?

        You don’t realize the extremeness of that which you have undertaken…in your own zeal to propagate a worldly spirit of denial…just as your Pharisee forerunners did against Jesus.

        Richard, your need to deny the outworking of the Spirit of God in order to MAKE yourself RIGHT…is in the very same pattern of accusation when the Pharisees denied Jesus while he was bodily in their midst. And what, Richard, did Jesus affirm about a time when he said he would again return?

        He said that those who called ….themselves… “HIS FOLLOWERS”…would be waived aside ( begone from me..I knew YOU not!) ..as the phoneys they have been…all the while they were openly claiming that they “worked wonders in his name”.

        Think now, Richard, if those who were under the impression that they were truly serving God while denying Jesus with their antics… these ones…. WILL BE… REJECTED ( separated from the flock) in contradiction to their own… self righteous CLAIMS.

        Now …would THESE..( the Religiously INTOLERANT) be “THE few” … who were referred to as the ELECT… who were NOT DECEIVED?

        Or, would THESE ACCUSING religious Pharisees…be the multitudes who were…. SEDUCED by… the ANTI- CHRIST ?

        That’s the question you must ask yourself.

        It is enormously important to you to CAST OUT and DECRY those innocent others who do not subscribe to your personal bias…to DEMONIZE them ….as the Pharisees did…to Jesus…

        Pharisees….who wanted the crowds to… BE SILENT… when the spirit of God was heralded, and these Pharisees, who even set upon the murder of Lazarus because he was a powerful witness to Jesus and the power of God, THE GOD..who returned “the dead” back to… their body…
        The clock is running out of time for an apology owed by you to the Leiningers…..

        Ed in Pgh

  191. tmatoman Says:

    Richard, the one thing you have cleverly EVADED with your theories…is that young James recognized CONSCIOUSLY…the voice of his old friend and flight member …and ….INSTANTLY James… knew… his name.
    James simply offered, …. I REMEMBERED THE SOUND OF HIS VOICE.

    YOU also have to acknowledge that young James also CONSCIOUSLY REMEMBERED… the sound of the VOICE of his sister ..ANNIE .from back when he lived his previous life as a pilot.

    Even from when he FIRST spoke with her, he was so endeared to his memory of her …as his sister, that he affectionately called her “ANNIE” as a sibling certainly would.

    ANd then James had the realization that there were 2 portraits which his mother had painted which even Ann had no knowledge of. And that second portrait of ANN was later discovered hidden in the attic.

    For those who live in DENIAL regarding the power of GOD, nothing will suffice to break the hypnotic conditioning which they have accepted as their own..remaining CERTAIN of where the devils in their own life, lie.

    Around this corner… and around that corner …but always whenever people have obtained NEW REALIZATIONS that can never fit inside their own… walls of self righteous DENIAL.

    SO these must be assigned to the category of “the MISLED” and those controlled by…the DEMONIC.

    Sadly these same willful harborings of wicked suspicions placed upon those, whom the ACCUSERS have targetted for their special correction,
    …Those dark accusations have been also laid …upon Jesus …who warned …

    THEY… will do these same things to you… if you follow and keep my word.

    Thats.. “keep my word”…as in.. “hold FAST to my words”.

    .. .and..Do not place YOUR OWN dark beliefs ( wicked imaginat

    when YOU have NOT ….been able to HEAR THEM.

    Much is still needed to be revealed to men of flesh because Jesus said,

    I have many things to tell you…. but you cannot BEAR THEM NOW!

    ANd THIS is what ….. Jesus spoke to…. his closest followers.

    ANd when …the… Spirit of Truth… is come… HE will make known to you the things which are mine. He will BRING THEM TO YOUR MEMORY …And he will give those things to be… yours also. -Gospel of John.

    Consciousness is awakening…. NOW. But for some , their sleep and their mischievous dreams will have to continue while they hold tightly to their beliefs in demons.

    …While they take personal pride in their miraculous ability to lay charges against the spirit of God who is their LIFE and their breath.

    Ed in Pgh


  192. Alfred Smith Landry Says:

    I recall that you lived in Louisiana near my home, and apologize if you have previously answered this, but James must now be about 17 years old and I am curious to know how far he has progressed in school and whether or not he still has memories of the facts on which you reported in your book.

    • andrealeininger Says:

      James is now 16 years old, and a Junior at Lafayette High. He is in the talented guitar program, advanced mixed choir, and is an honors scholar. He currently plans on joining the Marine Corps after graduation

  193. Alfred Smith Landry Says:

    Thank you. I am happy to hear about James’ progress, but you didn’t
    answer the second question.

  194. Franz Feiner Says:

    To whom it may concern,

    I ran into this blog when i used the Google search engine looking for hints that the book “soul Survivor” is just a money-making scam. I also confess that I haven’t read all the comments above. But what caught my eye are the contributers “andrealeininger” and “Bruce Leininger”. So is this the official blog related to the book “Soul Survivor”?
    In case it is, I want to express my mixed feelings:
    1) I dearly hope this is not a scam. For if it were then the feelings of many readers would be deeply hurt and frankly this would be unforgiveable for the topic is too important to be abused by fakers.
    2) If this is no fake or scam, then the book “Soul Survivor” is in my opinion one of the most important reads of all time. I’m a physicist and I studied physics mostly to find out in what kind of “world” we live in. But a book like “Soul Survivor” – if true – opens up new vistas which seem much more important than cosmology or quantum electrodynamics.
    3) But there’s still a nagging doubt about the book:
    a) Mrs Leininger states in the book that the family was in financial dire straits, so such a bestselling book would really help matters.
    b) The initial statements of James Leininger were described as being told to his mother and later repeated in the presence of his father. There were no independent witnesses (well, regarding the circumstances as decribed in the book this is in the nature of the situation, but still…).
    4) There’s also evidence for the truthfullness of the story as told in “Soul Survivor”:
    a) A lot of veterans having served their terms on the aircraft carrier Natoma Bay and having attended the reunions as described in the book must have read “Soul Survivor”. You can’t bribe them all to keep silent. Even if they got their share of the revenue of “Soul Survivor”, there must be more money to make if one of them wrote a book with a contrarian view.
    b) A web search with the terms “‘soul survivor’ scam OR fake” (June 21, 2015) didn’t show any relevant hits.
    So if anybody reading this could comment on this or find links to clues why “Soul Survivor” might be a scam I would really appreciate this.
    Outside of mathematics it is hard to prove something to be true, so you have to look into both directions. I’m sure Mr. Bruce Leininger – being a mathematician – will approve of this. He used the same approach with the words of his son James.

    If the story in “Soul Survivor” is truthfully told, then I want to thank the Leininger family for publishing the book and I wish them all the best. I can’t imagine how it is to live with a revelation like this.

    Best regards from Bavaria near lake Ammer,
    Franz Feiner

  195. My Home Page Says:

    My Home Page

    “Confessions of a Skeptic” | The Soul Survivor Blog

    • tmatoman Says:

      Hello, I understand your shakiness over the idea that scams are all over.
      No one can tell you who to trust in LIFE…except the same one who said,
      “ I am the LIFE, the truth and also the way.” ( you might want to follow)
      He also affirmed…
      And… THAT..( son of God)
      Thou …art also. In this material world ,

      the son of… God’s LIFE.

      We keep and hold ourselves entrapped by being…. what we do.
      the rest is all ..just fallout
      ..( and those choices and actions create residual effects in Karma).

      “He who murders with the sword will be himself KILLED WITH THE SWORD.
      This is the FAITH..and also the PATIENCE EMBODIED In the ..”saints” -Revelations.

      No one can convince anyone of Anything. People are left to their own resolutions to live with…as they make them.
      Looking for proof? What can be really proven?

      Not electric current ..only its effects. Intuition? Serendipity? Telepathy? Your past life?

      Jesus had much difficulty with his own disciples in this matter. He called them… foolish and unbelieving men.

      Peter, despite our current gospel programming, was foremost in his own unbelief. All the evidence was never presented to us by those who held all the cards and ran the churches. They gave us only what they felt they could get away with.

      Jesus said,
      John… ( Baptist) ..WAS..Elijah the prophet ..if you have the ears to hear it.

      That’s pretty hard evidence to refute… but contemporary Christianity does…. in fact refute the words… which Jesus strongly insisted… we hold fast to.

      There is plenty more bits of evidence from Jesus that never got scrubbed and sanitized but only keen ears and eyes will see it standing out like a sore thumb.

      I give much credit to Bruce who eventually was able to overcome his own programming about what we are told concerning one life and death and then the JUDGEMENT. That’s the official “story’ manufactured ..FOR US!
      We are in the end times. Things are getting turned on their head. All beliefs will be held up in the light and all things will be thoroughly scrutinized.

      The time is at hand!
      Read Daniel 12 verses 1 & 2.

      There shall be a TIME of TROUBLE….such , AS NEVER WAS…SINCE THERE WAS A NATION… up to this… Crucial TIME.

      And AT THAT TIME,
      thy people ( Daniel’s People) shall be delivered, whose names (lineage) were found in the book.

      2 And many OF THEM… THAT… SLEEP ….IN THE “DUST” OF THE EARTH ( 3 rd dimensional material sense of Being-ness) ..SHALL AWAKEN from their sleep (unconsciousness)

      … some to EVERLASTING… LIFE… ( as their TRUE Reality)
      and some

      …to ( remain with) their shame and everlasting (continuing) CONTEMPT.”
      This prophecy is fulfilling itself today.

      Ed in Pittsburgh

      • James Pandarakalam Says:

        There is a lot of wisdom in Chico Xavier literature.I think they are complementary to our Christian teachings..Chico, a secondary school drop out produced more than 420 books through automatic writing and donated the whole royalty to charity organizations.

      • warrenscottfentress Says:

        BElieve what you want, but GEEZUS!, Jesus doesn’t need you selling him. That’s the problem with Christians. They evangelize and evangelize until they beat any love out of Jesus” words. STOP!!!

  196. mike Says:

    Loved the book. As a Christian, at first I had a problem with the subject matter, however our God and his ways are unfathomable. And given the overwhelming evidence here, obviously something miraculous happened to your son. We will not know the mysteries of God until we see him when our journey here is over. I can believe this story and my faith remains intact.

    On a different note, I was pleasantly surprised to read of the Eufaula connection. My home town. Thanks for a great read.

  197. Flavio Says:

    @James Pandarakalam, I totally agree with you when it comes to Chico Xavier’s channeling literature and they are very complementary to the Christian/Spiritualist thought and I welcome and invite all to read them… So many books so little time!!!

  198. Gary Tiemann, LCSW Says:

    Hi Bruce and Andrea,

    I’m a psychotherapist in Shreveport and have been using your book to help my clients consider reincarnation and its implications to their lives. Overall it has been well received and very helpful and has helped open the door for some clients to get past some stuck place in their therapy.

    A couple years ago I was amazed when I discovered colleagues in Lafayette knew little of you and your story. Since then, I have done some workshops trying to introduce the evidence of reincarnation and its implications in psychotherapy for colleagues. Your book and story is very helpful with that as well.

    Thanks for all you have done and know that it is making a difference.

  199. Rick Says:

    I just read the book. The biggest question left unanswered was: is “little man” James’ WWII call sign? It would make alot of sense if it was and would certainly tie alot together.

  200. Patricia Says:

    Bruce, Andrea & Ken, Thank you for writing your book. Bruce, I appreciate your scepticism about reincarnation and your need for proof. I met you recently in Palestine, TX and bought your book then. I just finished reading it. I am the lady that shocked you when I told you that I was a Marine who died on one of the ships at Pearl Harbor. I don’t have proof of that. I just know it in my gut. I am glad that I got to meet you. I wish James well in this lifetime.pa

  201. Shanmugam Says:

    I was researching about some scientific evidence on reincarnation. James Leininger’s case seems to be the best one that can suggest the possibility of reincarnation. Since it has been investigated by a psychologist, I can safely assume that reincarnation does exist. I think more scientific research on this should be encouraged so that we can get some empirical evidence on this soon

  202. Science and Reincarnation – Shanmugam's Personal Blog Says:

    […] regarding the case of James Leininger. I couldn’t find much. However, I found this blog article very […]

  203. Richard Klaus Says:

    It’s been almost a full decade since I wrote Bruce about his book. I attempted to provide an alternative explanation for his son’s experiences that were more in line with the Christian theism Bruce affirmed. Here’s the full letter I wrote to Bruce: http://whiterosereview.blogspot.com/2019/06/reincarnation-resurrection-and.html

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