James Leininger makes Eagle Scout

February 4, 2014

James Leininger makes Eagle Scout

November 13, 2013. Such a proud day for Bruce and I! What an honor to have James achieve the rank of Eagle Scout, and for his father to have been the scout leader who helped him every step of the way for 9 years.


Ghost Inside My Child

February 4, 2014

Larry King Live Dec. 22, 2009!

December 22, 2009

Tune in to Larry King Live tonight for a very interesting discussion on Reincarnation and Near Death Experiences. We have a brief appearance on the show, but during the taping it was clear that it was going to be a really good show! Check it out!

A new Astrological Chart Reading!

November 21, 2009

Soul Survivor
An astrological investigation
by Walden Welch

On the morning of June 25th, I began my day as usual by turning on my computer to read my e-mail. Amongst the incoming mail was one sent to me by my friend Sharon Matzinger who is a healer and past life regression therapist. The heading on her e-mail read, “An interesting video. Subject: An unusual case of reincarnation proof.”

James Leininger looks and acts like other 11 year olds but beneath his playful spirit is a deep soul.  He remembers in detail his former family, World War II, his Air Force companions, details of his plane being shot down. He is being called the most documented case of reincarnation ever. This little boy is able to recall over 50 memories from ‘someone else’s life,’ or one might say his life a lifetime ago.  A World War II Pilot’s family believes it is their reincarnated brother based on the child’s memories. The boy’s story is so compelling that it has been published in a new book called Soul Survivor.

In a hurry to get to work, I did not click onto the link to watch the video but saved the e-mail to view the feature at a later time. I soon forgot about it.

Two days later, I received an e-mail from my new friend Julie Hilt who is a member of The Association for Research and Enlightenment (also known as The Edgar Cayce Foundation) of which I too am a member. Julie is Director of Events and she coordinates activities for the California and Nevada regions of The A.R.E.

“Walden, have you heard about the little boy who recalls his previous life as an Air Force Pilot and who was shot down and killed by the Japanese during World War 11? His parent’s have written me and asked if you might look into the boy’s horoscope and give your professional opinion as to what your findings are regarding this matter.”

She continued, “In your opinion, are the persons of James Huston and James Leininger one and the same? The boy was born on April 10, 1998 at 6:00 PM, Good Friday in San Mateo, CA. The pilot he claims to be was named James Huston, born October 22, 1923, in South Bend, Indiana. No birth time available. The family is eager to hear your astrological evaluation regarding this matter and I will forward whatever you have to say on to them should you care to reply.”

I replied to Julie’s e-mail saying that I would be more than pleased to do so. I then remembered the unwatched video clip that Sharon had sent me. Both she and Julie were obviously speaking about the same case of reincarnation. I retrieved Sharon’s e-mail, clicked on it and watched the five minutes video.

As a believer in reincarnation, I was more than impressed. If what I had just watched was true, then the case the Leininger’s presented was unquestionably the most significant evidence ever presented to support the theory that reincarnation is indeed fact.

However, I am old enough to have remembered being equally impressed with the book The Search for Bridey Murphy, originally published in 1956. That case was later fully investigated and the final word was that it was likely a hoax.

So rather than jump to conclusions as I had fifty years ago I decided to take caution, be skeptical and not let what I had seen affect my evaluation. I told myself I would be totally subjective and would carefully astro-sleuth the information I had been given by using my knowledge of astrology and the two men’s horoscopes to come to my conclusions.

Edgar Cayce

The advantage I had in my favor was that I was well familiar with the readings on reincarnation and astrology given by the great American psychic Edgar Cayce. It was not at all likely that the Leiningers were reincarnated, nor were they astrologers.

Although Edgar Cayce was a clairvoyant and not an astrologer, he did hundreds of readings in which astrology was mentioned. The subject of astrology was usually tied to cases he read for which involved reincarnation.

“As the tree falls, so it lies” is stated in Scripture.  Edgar Cayce stated that this means that when we die, we are left with all the knowledge, talents, and good and bad traits that we have accumulated throughout our past life incarnations up until the present moment of our death. As the tree falls, so it lays. When we are reborn into our new body we simply pick up from where we left off and continue on with our lessons which are forever aimed at perfecting our soul until reincarnation is no longer necessary.

“Christ is the example,” Cayce stated time and time again. Cayce said that whatever the Sun’s position was in one’s prior lifetime is usually the Moon’s position in the next incarnation and the Moon’s position in the past lifetime experience becomes the Sun position in the new incarnation. This pattern is typical of the planetary pattern when an individual dies before completing a full life time, as would be the case in accidental death. Otherwise, for a fully lived life, when the bodily death occurs wherever the Sun and Moon positions were upon the day of death become the Sun and Moon Signs in the next incarnation. This sounds like a real brain twister, but in truth, the process is very simplistic…so simplistic, in fact, that I could not help but doubt the validity of these Readings and I did not expect it to work. This planetary pattern would be almost comparable to an ink blot, taking one page of paper on which the inkblot has been printed and pressing it upon another.  It is much like a mirror’s reflection of itself.

James Huston
James Leininger

Suspicious, I carefully computed pilot James Huston’s birth data. His Sun was placed in The Sign of Libra and his Moon’s position on the day of his birth fell in the Sign of Aries. Next, I calculated the boy, James Leininger’s, chart and laid the charts side by side.

Shivers ran up my spine. The hair on the back of my neck stood up. The child was born with his Sun in Aries and his Moon fell in Libra; exactly opposite positions of Huston’s. Even more startling was the fact that both individuals’ Sun and Moon positions were in each other’s exact mathematical degrees. This was the pattern Cayce depicted if a life that had not yet been fully lived and accidentally cut short; it was the perfect ink blot pattern. I had expected something far more complicated than this, but there it was in mathematical fact. These two souls were one and the same.

Unable to contain my excitement, I dashed out an e-mail to Julie. It was so full of misspelled words and broken phases that she must have wondered if I had been drinking. Worst yet, in my enthusiasm I was describing planetary positions she could not have possibly understood.

“Julie, this is fantastic! Leininger and Huston are one and the same soul. No question about it. The boy was born with his Sun in Aries and Moon in Libra. Huston was born Sun in Libra, Moon in Aries, and they were both born with North and South nodes placed at exactly 8 degrees of Virgo and Pisces, which means that Huston had not yet concluded the lessons to be learned in his lifetime and that the boy is carrying on from where Huston left off.”

“And get this: Huston’s Natal Saturn was placed at 23 degrees of Libra and Leininger’s Saturn falls in exact opposition at 23 degrees of Aries! Isn’t that incredible? Huston’s plane was shot down by the Japanese and he died March 3rd, 1945. He reincarnated into the body of James Leininger fifty-three years later. Cayce said that people who die on the battlefield are often times re-born shell shocked. This would explain the boy’s violent recurring nightmares during the first years of his life.”

“If I had never been told this incredible story—if I had only been given James Leininger’s birth chart to interpret—I would immediately have said ‘This boy is born for the Military. He has Sun, Mars, Mercury and Saturn all conjunct in the Fire Sign of Aries.  His Natal Neptune and Uranus in Aquarius are in perfect sextile to his Aries Stellium. He’s a born pilot!’ I would predict that he would have become a pilot the moment I saw his chart. With his Natal Mars in his Eighth House of Death, I would also tell him that he had died during a war in his previous lifetime and that his death would have been caused by bullets, explosives, fire, warfare. I swear this is true Julie! I will write more later.”

Several days after I researched this project, I purchased a copy of Soul Survivor. I had already concluded my astrological evaluation and so whatever I read could obviously not influence the work I had already done.

Soul Survivor is a wonderful book. It is well researched and passionately written. I envision the book as a film, and hope that it will be made into one some day. I would hope that the great film maker Steven Spielbergwould direct it. The story is a thriller. It is awe inspiring, magical and thought provoking. Soul Survivor is a modern day E.T.: the Extra-Terrestrial. The film’s opening credits should have a preface which reads, “This film is based on a true story. It is not a work of fiction. It is dedicated to all of those who believe in reincarnation…but especially for those of you who do not.”

Walden Welch

p.s. I have submitted two links for your inspection. Hopefully the videos you will see will inspire you as they did me.


For Those of you Interested in Astrology…

July 26, 2009

This reading was done by Trish MacGregor comparing the 2 James’s:

James Leininger


6:00 PM

San Mateo, CA

             James’s birth chart is extremely focused. Six out of ten planets are located in two houses – the 6th – symbolic of daily health and work – and the 7th, symbolic of partnerships, one on one relationships. His Aries sun makes him intrepid – a real trailblazer, a pioneer. I think part of this has come through already, given his past-life memories. There’s a certain fearlessness about him. He also has Mars (aggression, survival instinct), Saturn (karma, rules physical reality), and Mercury (Communication) also in Aries, all in the 7th house. This is a kid who speaks what he thinks and doesn’t hold back. He knows what he knows, if you understand what I mean.

             Then there’s a much softer side to him that comes through because he has two planets in Pisces, in his 6th house, and his south node in Pisces, in the 6th as well. I’ll explain the nodes in a second. Pisces is a gentle, imaginative sign. Very intuitive. With Jupiter (expansion, success) there, his work will always broaden his horizons. It’s going to be important that he loves what he does in life; it will have a direct influence on his daily health. The happier he is, the healthier he will be. With Venus in Pisces in the 6th, he has a wonderful imagination that can be used for virtually anything he enjoys. Venus and Jupiter in Pisces may be part of what helped him to verbalize and capture his past-life memories.

             The sharpness of the planets in Aries are also further softened by his Libra moon and Libra rising. The Libra moon makes him a diplomat, a mediator, eager to live within an atmosphere of harmony and peace. With the Libra rising tossed in here, he could face challenges as he gets older when it comes to balancing his needs against the needs of people around him. Considering all your planets in Libra, Carol, I’m pretty sure you know what I mean here. 

            Even without James I’s time of birth, there are some startling comparisons between the charts, which I’ll get into in a second. In astrology, each sign has an opposite sign, and the two form a kind of fulcrum of archetypal energy. Take Aries and Libra, for instance.  Where Aries is an independent trailblazer, Libra is a people-oriented mediator. Where Aries can be blunt and restless, Libra is diplomatic and more patient. Aries is about me, Libra is about we.  

The Planets 

            I erected a noon chart for James I. Even without his time of birth, the planets for that day don’t change – except for the moon, the fastest moving body, which I address under point 1.           

  1. James I was a Libra sun; James II has a Libra moon and rising.

 In astrology, the sun represents the ego, the archetype of the personality. The moon represents the inner self – the inner, intuitive, emotional world.  The rising sign is the portal to a chart, the way others see us. We don’t know what James I rising was. But James I dealt with the Libra archetype in the external world and James II chose to live the Libra archetype internally. This is right in line with one of the components I would expect to see in a comparison of past-life charts.

 Another interesting component: Even though we don’t know James I’s exact birth time it’s possible that he had an Aries moon; James II has an Aries sun.  The noon chart for James I shows a 6 degree Aries moon. If he was born between midnight and 1 AM, his moon would be Pisces. At any other time on his birthdate, his moon is in Aries. So, once again, it looks like we could have a repetition of a pattern – the archetype of the outer self becomes the archetype of the inner self.  

  1. Another interesting parallel. Saturn, which is known as the planet of “karma,” rules the physical laws by which we live. It rules structures. It’s a task master. James I had Saturn in Libra; James II has Saturn in Aries. Again, Aries and Libra are opposing signs, each providing qualities that the other lacks.

 1. A fourth repetition of the Aries/Libra patterns happens with Mars. James I had Mars in Libra; James II has it in Aries.

 1. And again this pattern is repeated with Mercury, the planet of communication. James I: Mercury in Libra; James II, Mercury in Aries.


Five repetitions of the same pattern concerning Aries & Libra. That’s astounding. But that isn’t the whole story.

  (Note from Andrea – I don’t know if this means anything astrologically, but Bruce and I found this repetition of the Aries and Libra pattern very interesting because Bruce is a Libra, and I’m an Aries)

The Nodes

             In astrology, the nodes of the moon are believed to provide information into past lives. In Vedic astrology (Indian, hindu), the nodes are considered to be as important as the moon and the sun signs.

 North Node: the direction we should strive to move toward in this life to achieve our creative and spiritual potential. It’s the unknown, but like the call of the wild. Our souls yearn to evolve in the direction of the north node. Conversely, the South Node symbolizes our comfort zone, the collection of attributes and habits laid down in past lives. What we have mastered, which is why it’s comforting.

  I frankly  expected to see James I and James II have nodes that were opposite, just as we’ve seen with the Aries/Libra stuff above. To my complete shock, they both have a North Node in Virgo, and a South Node in Pisces. I’ll explain the specifics in a moment. Understand, that even without James I’s birth time, the nodes on a given day don’t change, like the moon can. So here’s the second part of the shocker: they are not only in the same sign, but fall within two degrees of each other. James I; 8 degrees Virgo and Pisces, James II 10 degrees Virgo, Pisces. My take on this is that since James I dies at a young age, he wasn’t able to complete what he came in to do. So the soul chose to repeat the nodal pattern.

 The interpretation of the north node in Virgo, in the 12th house is intriguing. First, the 12th house is what is hidden, our personal unconscious, and when the NN is in that house, we must work to make conscious what is buried. The Virgo Node Node is concerned with details, perfectionism. Virgo may not always have the big picture, but Virgo can see all the trees in the woods. Virgo seeks to make things practical and efficient.

 The Pisces South Node in the 6th house suggests that at some point in James II’s soul history, he may have been a healer, a mystic, a spiritual figure of some kind. He feels very comfortable with his imagination, his intuition and instincts, his dreams.


             In astrology, every sign is given an element. Aries is fire, Libra air; Taurus is earth, Scorpio water; Gemini is air, Sagittarius is fire…and so on through the signs. What’s especially interesting about these two charts in terms of elements of the planets (not the nodes, but the Sun, moon, Mercury etc) is that both chart have no earth planets.  Some astrologer believe that when a chart lacks an element, it means the soul has mastered that element in other lives; other astrologers believe that missing element is something the soul needs to develop. My sense is the first theory. I figure the soul knows what’s it doing and if it needs to develop an element, then that element would be prevalent in a chart.


             This planet is known to expand and broaden everything it touches. It’s symbolic of our worldview, our belief system, our successes, our luck. James I had his Jupiter in Scorpio, a water sign. It indicates that he had great instincts, strong intuitive leanings.  James II has his Jupiter in Pisces, another water sign. Scorpio is passionate and often bullheaded; Pisces is softer, gentler, more flexible emotionally. Scorpio gets even, Pisces goes with the flow.

 These are just the elements of the charts that leap out at me. There are probably more, but thank you for sharing this information. It’s fascinating and gives me, as an astrologer, a lot of food for thought.

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June 13, 2009

Dear Friends,

All of your comments are so heartwarming, and for each of you who have shared your own personal experiences with Past Life Memories, I want you to know how profoundly touched I am because I know the journey you have been on. If you purchased your copy of Soul Survivor through Amazon.com or Barnes and Noble.com, please post a review and share your own thoughts and experiences. Keep checking back for updates and more amazing stories from people who have encountered this amazing phenomenon.

In Faith,


James II and James III

June 11, 2009

Fox and Friends Appearance

June 10, 2009

We are pleased to tell you we’ve been invited to appear on the Fox network on their “Fox and Friends” morning show, which will air live on Thursday morning at 6:50. We have also been asked to appear on several radio talk shows, and will keep you updated on appearances as we receive invitations.

Link to Fox news story

June 10, 2009

We’ve gotten several requests for the link to the follow up piece by Suzanne Stratford at Fox 8 Cleveland. I’ve attached it below for anyone who’s interested.

Lafayette, LA Book Signing!

May 20, 2009

We are very happy to announce we will be having a book signing event in Lafayette, LA at the Barnes and Noble Bookstore located at 5705 Johnston Street. This event will take place on Saturday, June 20th from 2:00 – 5:00. We hope all of our friends, co-workers and students will be able to come and support us here in our home town! See you all there!