James Leininger makes Eagle Scout

James Leininger makes Eagle Scout

November 13, 2013. Such a proud day for Bruce and I! What an honor to have James achieve the rank of Eagle Scout, and for his father to have been the scout leader who helped him every step of the way for 9 years.


18 Responses to “James Leininger makes Eagle Scout”

  1. fpdorchak Says:

    Congratulations, James (and family)! Nice to see some updated posts!

  2. Paul & Charlene Says:

    This is wonderful news! Our congratulations to James and his proud parents. You all look great. 🙂

  3. akwugm Says:

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  4. Tanya .Marono Says:

    What an amazing story! Wish the best to James and family!
    Lots of love from Brazil! ^^

  5. Barbara Larsen Says:

    Congratulations on becoming an Eagle Scout James. I just finished reading the book today March 3….. Fascinating… thank you so much for writing this book. It has helped me in many ways.

  6. Alex Jones Says:

    Great achievement, well done.

  7. Shanni Says:

    Congratulations James.That is a great photo! It’s Good Friday 18 April 2014 and I just finished reading the book that Bruce and Andrea put together at hour ago. Thank you …because it is helping me to move forward without fear in my own life and in my 2 daughters’ lives too. I wish you all good things. Cheers.

  8. Shanni Says:

    Congratulations James.That is a great photo! It’s Good Friday 18 April 2014 and I just finished reading the book that Bruce and Andrea put together, an hour ago. Thank you …because it is helping me to move forward without fear in my own life and in my 2 daughters’ lives too. I wish you all good things. Cheers.

  9. Janice Evans Says:

    The movie, “Heaven is Real” has just come out. It is a great story, but yours is even more phenomenal. You must turn “Soul Survivor” into a movie.

  10. Hayley Says:

    I find James’ story extremely interesting. I’ve watched all sorts of videos on this topic and read a lot of books(including yours). I was wondering if you guys have an email address I can contact you or James at. I’m the same age as him I want to hear what he still remembers(if he does remember anything) and about his plans for the future. I understand if you aren’t okay with that and I completely understand why you wouldn’t be. This story is amazing and I strongly believe that there should be more scientific research on this topic(because it is so common). My little brother was the same way. We never figured out all the details like you did, but I remember the stories he told us. I just need someone to talk about it with who has experienced it first hand. Thank you. By the way, you have a beautiful family 🙂

  11. SGT Kristopher W. Adams (ret) Says:

    James, this has changed both my and my wifes life. I knew it!!! We are both Iraq Vets……but I KNOW I died in 186-….I think 2 (damn near sure it was in Maryland). Sorry to sound crazy. Just had to hit you up. Born and raised in New England sir…btw.

  12. Richard Klaus Says:


    Congratulations to your family. It’s always good to see a young man develop and engage in productive pursuits.

    I left this comment on another post on your blog…would love to continue to our dialogue began years ago.

    Five years ago I wrote Bruce a nine page letter setting out an explanation that was rooted in a form of demonic deception. This was an attempt to reason about the experience of James from within the resources of a biblical Christian worldview. Bruce graciously responded that he had received my letter but we did not have any significant interaction over the content. A few years ago I shortened my nine pages to about 2-3 pages and put a review on Amazon. It can be found here along with interaction in the comments sections.


  13. Rinaldo Freitas Says:

    Sorry my english. I just want say be important contact James Pilot Family and friends and ask them for knowledge of any desease or body mark. Then, you could investigate if your son has the same thing. Example: A left hand problem or mark. Because, it can hapen in reencarnaiton. I am a spirit doutrin studant. I am 37 years old and live in Recife, city of Brazil. Forgive me for say that here, but believe my interest is only to increase the prove of the reincarnation. I am finding out how can i buy your book here in Brazil.
    Thanks for share you story. Good wishes for New Year

  14. Marty Noonan Says:

    Bruce, Andrea, and James,
    I just finished your book, “Soul Survivor” and was very impressed with your family’s story. I was wondering: Has James showed any interest in learning to fly? I am a former USAF pilot, Vietnam veteran and retired Airline pilot. I related to the Reunion phenomena and look forward to my Vietnam Squadron reunions each year. Combat is a bonding experience one never forgets. I highly recommend flight training to all young men and women James’s age. Especially as an Eagle Scout. My son, Ryan is an his Eagle Scout, graduated from college in 2000 and joined the USAF in 2002 and became an F-16 pilot in 2003. He left the AF in October 2014 and started with United Airlines as a pilot in January 2015.
    It would appear that James would be a natural as a pilot.
    Something to think about. Good luck!
    Marty Noonan
    Long Beach, CA

  15. Wagner M. Silva Says:

    Hello! Loved the book!
    Well, I would like to congratulate you for the extraordinary effort to bring well-being to your child.
    I am spiritualist, and so comprehensively understand the whole story. And I believe that with the help of Spiritualism you perhaps even more reconfortariam because reincarnation is not for some but for everyone. Not at all the Doctrine codified by Allan Kardec is anti-Christian, on the contrary, brings light to the teachings of Jesus.
    I think that may have come to you. But I felt the need to write.
    And why not remember our previous lives ??? The answer is in the question of Andrea, “and if he is a murderer, a rapist, an individual low-conduct?”
    If all individuals have access to this information the world would be in chaos. How to love a child who was a crude afterlife. How to forgive a person who did us so much harm?
    That is why God in His infinite goodness brings this veil of forgetfulness, that we should love and forgive. And with that grow toward greater spirituality. We are bound to it.
    The case of James is a permitted exception, precisely because his character be good, mild. Maybe it was an example to overthrow ceticistas barriers.
    I know it’s difficult for the text reaches the Leininger family, but twist to one day read. It is a simple text, but I hope to contribute in some way.
    Big hug to all family and a kiss in their hearts.
    Jesus sustain us today and always.

    Wagner – Brazilian

    • Wagner M. Silva Says:

      Hello! English seems to be no specific nomenclature
      for the Doctrine of the encoder Allan Kardec.
      I’m just not espiritualist, am Spiritist
      (adept at Spiritist Doctrine, codified in the 19th century)
      If not yet interaram on this doctrine, seek
      iterating, it gives foundation for faith.
      One begins to have faith grounded in reason.
      “Unshakable faith is only that which can meet reason face to face, in every age of mankind.” Allan Kardec

      Wagner – Brazilian

  16. Vanessa Auatt Says:

    Hello Bruce , Andrea and James .

    My mother and I read the book that recounted the experience of reincarnation of the little James .
    The story is beautiful, and what makes us happiest is knowing that is true .
    We came just leave a message with love for you .

    And if possible we would like to maintain some contact, because we are of Espiritism family and emocionamos a lot from the story of your life.

    Big kiss,
    Vanessa Auatt – Daughter
    Ivalda Pessanha – Mother

  17. Barbara Larsen Says:

    Would love to hear how the family are doing… Haven’t heard from you in a while.

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