James II and James III


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  1. becky robertson Says:

    oh my God, this is sooooo interesting. And especially when he said that he chose you guys as parents. very interesting. i am so enjoying the interview on Coast to Coast

  2. Barbara Wright Says:

    There is no doubt in my mind that James certainly chose the right parents. They are sensitive and open minded enough to partner with little James on a journey which has benefited him and countless thousands as well.
    As someone who had some previous life memories as a child, this story fleshes out much of what I experienced and shared a little with my parents (who I always felt I chose to be with).
    I am pleased that the Leiningers are Christians like myself and like them, James III story further strengthens and enriches my spiritual exploration while answering so many questions. Thank you for the courage, strength and time you spent in getting this story out. I listened to the great interview on Coast to Coast as well! Best wishes, B. Wright

  3. bill d Says:

    i was surprised on how much i liked your interview. a lot of this stuff i a lready know and at times di don’t catr. by that i mean that i do care and try to tell people about it but they are so shallow and self absorbed with themselves or their problems. i heard it mentioned about abortions. the soul does not come into the fteus until all of the life path issuses are reviewed and agreed upon on the ‘other-side’. a person i read and has wonderful books, although out of print, is the author”lobsang rampa”. a tebtian that was responsible for bringing much of this info to ‘the west’. very kewl stuff as well as some richard bach.(johnathon living seagull)
    i would love to discuss this more.
    it was great story and very touching. it proves what i believe. i wish more people would wake up. time is short-live karmically pure. you won’t regret it.

  4. Tony Giacobbe Says:

    I loved your book “Soul Survivor” so much, and being interested in WWII Aviation & reincarnation, I read it twice. It was truly amazing.
    You made 1 mistake, however. On page 200 you state that the engine cowling of the plane shown in the background of the group picture on page 50+2 was unmistakable. It’s a Corsair. It could not be a Corsair, because a Corsair’s wings fold upward, and the plane in the picture has wings folded backwards & parellel with the fuselage. Only the Grumman-designed Navy planes folded their wings this way, & it is m ost likely a TBM Avenger. Incidentally, the FM-2 Wildcats were built by Eastern Aircraft , a division of General Motors, in Linden, NJ. My father worked there during WWII. The TBM’s were made in West Trenton , NJ also by Eastern Aircraft. The Navy had a pecular method of naming its planes by the manufacturer. Thus, a wildcat made by Grumman was an F4F-2, and the same plane made by eastern Airtcraft was called an FM-2; The same with the Avenger: TBF when made by Grumman; & TBM when made by Eastern Aircraft.

    • Amy Conrad Says:

      Hi Andrea. It’s Amy again. I am just wondering if what this gentleman is saying is true about the Corsair picture. I looked up Corsair pictures online and compared them to yours and to me it does definitely look like a Corsair (pg200). But then I am not an expert on planes.

      • andrealeininger Says:

        Dear Tony and Amy,

        The group photo of the VC-81 officers on Page 50 + 2 was taken on the deck of the Natoma Bay and the plane in the background is a TBM Avenger. No Corsairs were ever flown from Natoma Bay, which was Bruce’s trump card to the reincarnation theory since James always insisted that in his previous life he had flown a Corsair. The photo we are referring to in the passage you stated was a group photo taken of Huston when he was in squadron VF-301 when they were testing the Corsair for carrier use. That photo was not included in the book, but instead we used the photo on page 50+5 which was taken at the same time. I’ll see if I can find a copy of the other photo and post it. Thanks!

  5. charlotte duncan Says:

    hi i just read your book it was the spirit of james that you son was hearing it was not a reicarnation it if it was a reicarnation you could not put him to rest it was a good book and your son will see more i hope you will not go off the deep end i’m 55 year old and i have seen spirits a lot some time hear them say hi my ganson tell to some one by the name of bob and some time and bill he’s been seeing spirit when he was 2 year old and he is 4 now and some time he cry at night i just hold on to him when they come that all any one can do. and talk to him to unstand what is going on. i did like the book just that it was a spirits have a nice day

  6. Joan Says:

    I have long held that reincarnation was a true “fact of life” and struggled with it as a Catholic school-child back in the late 50s and 60s. After much researching, reading and soul-searching through the years, and after reading this stunning book, there is not a shred of doubt in my mind that the soul of James Leininger resided in the body of James Huston Jr. in its previous incarnation, just as it will reside in yet another body after James Leininger’s life is over–many years from now. I also firmly believe that when Christ Jesus said that we would not enter the Kingdom of Heaven “unless ye be born again”, He was NOT talking about a sudden awakening of “knowing” Jesus Christ; what He was talking about was, plainly and simply, REINCARNATION. We must be born, live and die many times over to fulfill our Karma, to finally “get it right”. When we do that, and ONLY when we do that, are we permitted to stay in Paradise. As hard as it is to think about coming back here to this world, nearly all of us will have to, so we might as well get used to the idea! I can’t wait to question (carefully, of course) my 2 1/2 year old grandson to see what he has to say, if anything, about his past life. I believe all my older grandchildren’s past-life memories have been buried in the day-to-day living of life by now, unfortunately.

    Thank you so very much for an amazing book. I was the first person to get it from our local library~~~now, naturally, I will have to OWN it! God’s blessings and my prayers to the Leininger family. Let nothing stand in your way of professing the Truth!

  7. Leslie Says:

    I loved the book, fascinating story. One question though…does anyone else see the physical similarities between James II and James III? I looked at the pictures before I read the book and I thought, “Geez, they even look alike.” But it doesn’t really mention it in the book. Am I the only one who thinks this?

    • andrealeininger Says:

      Hey Leslie!
      Yes – I noticed the resemblance right off when Annie sent us that first package of photos. It’s still un-nerving! I think they look so similar. There are a number of things that took place that didn’t find there way into the book – that’s just one of them. With as many people who put their two cents into the project, and working with a writer, it gets very complicated. Still, I like knowing that as compelling as the story is, there’s still more out there that didn’t get covered!

  8. Devlin Rugne Says:

    Hi, I just finished the book and I couldn’t put it down. Little James just captured my heart. I have always believed in reincarnation and have relived one of my own. Thank you for sharing your son’s past life with us all. My favorite part in the book was when James said good-bye to James Huston Jr., I cried along with him.
    Question: In the book, it didn’t really convey James’ excitement in seeing Jack Larsen for the first time, but that picture of them both..says otherwise. I just love that picture, his smile is priceless!


    • Bruce Leininger Says:


      James thought he was really meeting old pals. At one point he expressed some sadness. When asked why he responded,” They are all so old.” He remembered young men.

      But he truly loved the time he was with them.


  9. Maíra Vargas Says:

    Hi, Andrea & family… I had also finished the book right now, and I am still excited about it all!! I´ve always believed in reincarnation, and studied it. My oldest brother, when was a child always said that he dreamed about planes on fire, later he forgot these dreams but began to say that he would be a pilot. Now he is a co-pilot and a very sucessful one, but one thing really get our family surprised: at his first time on England, he visited a flight museum (I can´t remember the name now, sorry) and he has the same experiences James related on the book. He felt that he known that plane, and told us: if I want to, I´d take this plane off the ground at that time.
    Amazing book, thank´s for sharing your experiences and history of search for the answers. I also noticed physical similarities between James II and James III, really fascinating.
    Hope that James is doing well, and so the hole family!


  10. Almerinda M. M. Wanderley, Brazil Says:

    Dear Andrea, Bruce and James

    I just finalized reading the portuguese translation of your book: how fascinating it is! I do believe in reincarnation and I think that this book brings one more prove of it. James just captured my heart! I could see that he was suffering to end his last life’s history. And he got! With your unconditional support! Congratulation for that! Continue to be very supportive parents to James. God bless you.

    PS: try to read something about Allan Kardec’s literary composition

    • Bruce Leininger Says:


      We are pleased to hear of how much you enjoyed the book. glad that James has captured your heart; he as captured ours as well.

      Bruce Leininger

  11. Marina Vieira Says:

    Hi Andrea and Bruce!

    I’ve just finished reading the Portuguese translation of your book too, its an amazing history! I was born in a family that has the spiritism as religion (its a religion based on books written by French educator Hypolite Léon Denizard Rivail under the pseudonym Allan Kardec), we all believed in reincarnation. There are lots of people that follow this doctrine here in Brazil.
    I want to congratulate you for writing this book, it has real proofs that reincarnation exists. It’s really important for people that don’t know in what to believe yet, its an opportunity for people that are looking for answers about it.
    Keep going like that!! When we are looking for the truth, there will be people in our way to stop it. Never be sad with censures about it. Jesus will always protect us for the things that cause us sadness. God Bless your family and your quest!
    Sorry for the bad English, I’m still learning.

    • Bruce Leininger Says:


      Your English is great. Having people get in my way has never stopped me from pursing things that are important. In many ways they are motiviating. Pushing against resistence makes one stronger.

      God Bless you as well. Enjoy the eternal journey that you travel.

      Bruce Leininger

  12. Ray Cole Says:

    Hi Bruce & Andrea,

    Thank you for that absolutely riveting story. I got the book yesterday morning, and, unable to put it down, finished it in bed, last night.

    You guys certainly underwent an amazing experience, but what is almost as amazing is the way you responded to it all, measuring up to the task. Most people would not have logged the number of hours and miles that you did, in researching and bringing the whole thing to fruition.

    All day, today, I found myself thinking things like, “Could that really be true?!” “There’s just too much factual content, there, for it not to be true.” “What does it all mean?” I just couldn’t get it out of my mind, and, obviously, still can’t.

    Like you, Bruce, I have tread the rather hard-core path of the skeptic-turned-believer, only after personally experiencing what one could call a couple of paranormal events in my own life. Science and no-nonsense objectivity have been the mainstays of my life, as I was a physics and chemistry teacher. I am now retired.

    As a small boy, I used to watch whole formations of those Corsairs, as they flew, wingtip-to-wingtip, over our house. It seemed like the whole ground would vibrate to the drone of their engines. The Sand Point Naval Air Station, in Seattle, Washington, was only about ten miles from where I grew up. The neighbor who lived just across the street from us was one of the pilots, and he would occasionally do a low fly-by, which be the high point of my day, of course. And my father was a civil service aircraft electrician, who worked at that naval station on those same Corsairs.

    Today, I tried to find a list of the Natoma Bay’s crew members, and was only able to find a short one, on-line. It was a list of those who had submitted their names, but, obviously, was far from complete. The reason I was doing this was to see if my step-father was on board. I remember him having an old oil painting of a small carrier that he served aboard, during WWII, and am quite sure it was the Natoma Bay.

    Once again, congratulations on a wonderful book, but most of all, for being outstanding parents. I guess James really did know how to pick’em.

    • Amy Conrad Says:

      Hi there Andrea and Bruce.
      I have never posted on a blog before and so I don’t know if I am doing this the right way. Anyhow, the book is super. However, I couldn’t help but wondering if before the nightmares had started.. whether your house or James’ room was filled with model airplanes and such. From the book I got that he did like little toy planes and liked to break off the propellers so I was wondering. I was also wondering if at the Cavanaugh Museum (in which there is a model Corsair) whether he could have overheard or been told what each World War 2 planes was called. This could have come up later when asked what plane he flew in. If you tell me that you never told him the name of the plane at the museum, I will believe you. It’s just that this Corsair thing has been bothering me too only on a different level. It is part of the skeptic in me too I guess and I know how kids are as they can and do pick up more around them then we realize.
      I do really love the book however and I will try to understand if you choose not to respond to this post but I am not trying to be one of those people who flatly discount everything at face value.
      Thanks.. Amy

      • andrealeininger Says:

        Hi Amy!

        I decorated James’s room with a Lighthouse theme from the time he was an infant. It had lots of items from the beach and was very tranquil. We had no airplanes or books on WWII at the time James started having the nightmares. We had a lot of books about the Civil War, since my husband and I had been doing a lot of research on our ancestors who served in the Civil War, so we figured if James was having the nightmares based on something going on at home it would have been Civil War related. At the time Bruce took him to the Cavanaugh Flight Museum James was 21 or 22 months old. They did not have a Corsair on exhibit at that time. Since James was just a baby, Bruce pretty much just let him roam around and pointed out basic things like propellers and tires and such. He was too young to understand deeper details. At that age you’re still pretty much saying things like “look at that big tire! What color is the big tire? How many tires are there?” and that sort of thing. Of course we wracked our brains at the time trying to find a logical reason for how he came up with certain pieces of information, but we could never find out how he came up with the Corsair reference or the million other things he talked about. After a while, we just gave up on trying to find a logical explanation. He didn’t start having the nightmares till about 3 months later. I figured if the trip to the Cavanagh had triggered the nightmares, it was far-fetched that it would have occured over 3 months after the event. I hope that helps!


      • Amy Conrad Says:

        Yes it does make me realize further how really out of the blue that really was for you both. Thank-you. I had an experience with something that was perhaps reincarnation as well. I am a teacher and I was doing a Kindergarten term position and there was this little blond cute boy name Harrison who was 4 at the time. He was absolutely fascinated with Egypt. Everything was so intense (regarding Egypt) you had to practically pull him out of the school library and he would get extremely upset if told that he had to sign out a book for hometime that wasn’t about Egypt. BUT the story gets stranger as his Mom said that he had trouble sleeping as he had told her that he was talking to a ‘lady’ from Egypt all night. His Mom said that he called her Radi or something like that.
        Then later when I had a one- on -one center time with Harrison he brought it up to me as well. I thought it was very interesting. I tried not to lead him into anything. I asked him who was Radi and I believe he said that it was the lady from before. I asked from when? He said from thousands of years ago. I asked him how he knew her and he said that she was his friend. He also said some other freaky things that I can’t paraphrase for fear I will get them wrong as I did not write them down. However, I do remember incorrectly telling Harrison the wrong name of an Egyptian god and he corrected me. It was a very obscure god at that.
        Now I was somewhat unnerved by this and Harrison was rather mature for his age, with an otherworldly nature but I kinda wrote that off as he was just building stories for himself with all the books he had poured over and he had poured over many. If a big skeptic heard this story I know that they would easily take me apart as he did know all the gods names and such. However, there was this fierce weird intensity about it all. Even the other Kindergarten teacher would not talk about it as she seemed scared or freaked out by something that to her she didn’t understand.
        The Egypt intensity fade out over the next year or so which does seem to match Carol Bowman’s timeline too.
        Thanks again Andrea…

  13. Kely Says:

    Olá, sou brasileira e amante dos livros sobre reencarnação. Quero deixar meus elogios ao livro, e meu respeito e adimiração pela familia Leininger, pela belicima história de vida. Um abraço especial ao James e dizer-lhe que virei sua adimiradora numero 1, e adoraria tê-lo como amigo. Faço um apelo: (James mim escreve por favor, você mim faria muito feliz, um grande beijo meu querido. Fique com Deus, e que ele continue lhe abençoando. Até breve! ass: Kely.

  14. Luciana Almeida Says:

    Hi Andrea and Bruce!

    I am Brazilian. I live in Rio de Janeiro. I LOVED the book! I am delighted with the story and his beautiful family!
    James is a wonderful spirit!
    Congratulations for writing this book, and have this wonderful son who is the James!
    Andrea you are MUCH beautiful, James and Bruce are lucky!
    This story would become a beautiful film!

    Very pleased, I would pay my respects to this wonderful family!
    Please answer me and excuse me for english, I’m learning.


  15. Kathryn McBride Says:

    Hello there Bruce and Andrea,

    I absolutely love your book. Your son is adorable and he is probably much more grown up looking and handsome now. Anyway, the book got me thinking about the book Beyond the Ashes by Rabbi Gershom. In this book, Rabbi Gershom talks about how reincarnation IS fully respected in his sect of Judaism (orthodox I think). This book also talks about the reincarnation of people from WWII abeit from the perspective of people who are Gentiles who feel they were Jews killed in the holocaust in a past life.
    The reason I am mentioning this is because I figured Bruce might be interested in seeing further how prevalent and lasting the concept really is in some faiths. I was surprising to me to see reincarnation in Judaism and Jesus was a Jew and was mostly likely raised with much of that orthodoxy around him. I shouldn’t presume though.
    Well, anyway those are my thoughts. Any plans for a follow up book?
    Perhaps you might find yourselves helping other families research similar reincarnation evidence–and perhaps you are!
    Huge Regards,
    Kathryn McBride

  16. Al Maestro Says:

    Hey there.
    I really like the book but could your son have been told about the Corsairs at the museum that he went to with his father when he was two? Is there a Corsair at that museum? Often parents point out and label things for their kids and then forget what they told them. But if you tell me that you and your son ‘just looked’ at the planes then yes I will be impressed with him coming up with the name Corsair out of the blue. Thanks.

    • andrealeininger Says:

      Hi Al,

      I posted a reply to a similar inquiry from Amy. At the time Bruce took James to the Cavanaugh when James was about 22 months old, they did not have a Corsair on display. The planes in the museum rotate out frequently as they are included in numerous air shows around the country. It would have made our lives a lot easier if there HAD been a Corsair on exhibit, then we would have had the logical explanation we were looking for! The reason we started all of our research was because we could not find any explanation for our son’s knowledge. And if it had only been one detail, like the word “Corsair,” we would have just blown it off as “one of those things.” But it was dozen’s of details coupled with the nightmares that led us on a 6-year journey to discover what our son was experiencing.

  17. Chris Says:

    I like to think of myself as an open-minded person who neither believes nor disbelieves anything, but as I read the book (Saw the TV episode too) my feeling turned towards scepticism. I think the story concentrated too much on all the research and passion of the father, and his interest in vintage aviation, and not enough on the boy or the extrordinary implications of the presumption of the mysterious workings of the universe. It was all done a little too matter-of factly, or something. The father was the star and not the boy.

  18. Joan Says:

    As time goes by, I’m wondering if young James is looking more and more like his previous physical incarnation. I am not on the website right now, but have you posted pictures lately? Has he said any more about his previous life-time? Thank you again for this marvelous book.

  19. Alex Jones Says:

    Does James remember anything of the past life now?

  20. Michael David Says:


    Honor and Blessing to you during this veteran’s day for your past heroic actions during WII flying your corsair. God bless you and your family in Christ.
    I have experience fighting a war, we commend you for your bravery and courage for justice and true peace in the (JOA) airborne division. 😉



  21. Chuck White Says:

    Just finished reading your book and found it very interesting–but it didn’t convince me that reincarnation is real. Something “mysterious” is definitely going on, but I’m not sure exactly what. Why would the disembodied spirit of a man killed during WWII wait 60-plus years to somehow enter the life of a young boy? If the WWII pilot James Huston died flying an FM-2 Wildcat fighter plane and his surviving crewmates all said that Corsairs never flew off the Natoma Bay, then wasn’t the little boy James incorrect when saying Husted died in a Corsair? Or did I miss something? Wouldn’t a “reincarnated” James Huston know something this basic? It seemed liked this was never sufficiently answered in the book, but was just ignored.

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